A Holiday Tale Ch. 03


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Helen’s eyes fluttered open then quickly closed. Lying in her warm bed, she let her brain slowly come up to speed. “What a fucking night,” Helen giggled as the memories of the previous evening began to come into focus. After a few minutes of sweet remembrances, she stretched and chirped “Coffee,” as she inhaled its enticing aroma floating up from the kitchen.

The “need” for coffee and a call from Mother Nature overrode Helen’s desire to stay wrapped in her warm cocoon. She pulled the cover back and was surprised that she was still naked. After completing her business, Helen grabbed one of Gil’s flannel shirts and slipped on a pair of boyshorts. Deciding not to button the shirt at all, she headed off to see what her husband had in mind.

Gil had folded the blanket and cleaned up from the previous night’s “festivities”. He had also set up a card table in front of fire, where he sat reading the morning paper in a robe and pajama pants. She snuck up on him, wrapped her arm around him, kissed his neck, and flicked his ear. “Good morning lover,” Helen whispered.

“Good morning my dear. How did you sleep?” Gil asked.

“Like a log,” Helen responded. “Thank you for cleaning up our mess from last night. So, what’s for breakfast? All that activity last night has made me hungry,” she said with a hint and a wink.

“Pancakes. But, you are going to have to wait a bit so I can cook them. Here’s the paper. I found bananas and grapes and they should hold you over. And I have a grapefruit waiting to be cut,” Gil said handing the newspaper to his wife.

Gil ventured to the kitchen and returned shortly with a cup of hot coffee. “Coffee! If we were not already married I would propose this instant,” Helen said as a thank you to her husband. A few minutes later, just as Helen was finishing the comics, Gil arrived with a short stack of pancakes, syrup, and the grapefruit he had promised. He had even drawn a Christmas tree on the stacks with whipped cream. “Fancy,” Helen exclaimed.

Breakfast was filled with chatter. Actually, Helen did most of the chatting. Gil nodded a lot and added an occasional “U huh” and “Is that so …” In the midst of the chatter, Helen mentioned that their escapades of the previous night left her a little tender, but in a good way. She also mentioned that she had not been this sore in a while. “I want to thank you for making me sore,” she said to her husband.

“It was my pleasure,” he replied. “And I want to thank you from not buttoning that shirt. I must say that my flannel has never looked or moved so good. In fact, just watching you here this morning has … Ummm … moved me,” Gil told his wife.

“Really?” Helen said in surprise. Selecting a banana from the bowl before her, she used it as a pointer. “If just sitting here shaking my boobs at you can stir you loins,” she said, “then what does this do?” Helen commenced to peel the banana in a sensual way that kept Gil speechless. Setting kadıköy escort the yellow peel on her plate, Helen slowly inserted just the tip of the white meat into her mouth and slowly withdrew it. Next, she inserted half the banana into her mouth and then slowly pulled it out. Finally, Helen tilted her head back and ever so slowly inserted the entire banana into her mouth and down her throat.

“That is quite a talent you have there,” Gil congratulated his wife.

Helen stood and took a bow, ensuring that Gil viewed a generous portion of her tits. “Thank you kind sir. I have studied long and hard to be able to accomplish that feat,” Helen remarked. “Would you like some grapes? No! No! Do not get up, I will bring them to you,” Helen offered.

Helen stood and shimmied over to Gil. She sat on his lap and lovingly wrapped an arm around his shoulders. Turning in such a way to expose the contours of her breast to Gil, Helen reached for a bunch of grapes. Taking one, she raised it to her lips and kissed it. She then slowly lowered it to her husband’s lips. He accepted it. In the same way, Helen took more grapes and kissed each one before serving it to her husband.

“The pancakes were delicious, my love,” Helen complemented. “I am curious though. Have you ever had a Helencake?” She asked.

“What pray, my dear, is a Helencake?” Gil answered.

“Let me show you,” Helen said and stood up then straddled Gil’s lap. She reached behind her once again and retrieved the bottle of maple syrup. Opening it, she dripped a small amount of the syrup on to her cleavage where is slowly crept down the inside of her right breast. “This is a Helencake; all the fun of regular pancakes but none of the carbs,” Helen purred.

Gil smiled and then kissed the syrup from her skin. Helen dripped another dollop on her skin and it slowly slid down the inside of her left breast. Gil gently kissed the new drip from her soft skin. A third drop appeared on Helen’s globes. Gil this time simply watched it slowly draw a sticky amber line over the curves of her breasts. Helen dotted her cleavage with the rich amber syrup. He gently kissed each dot, removing the sweetness and leaving a small tacky spot.

A new stream appeared between her breast, down the middle of Helen’s cleavage. He dove between her breasts and with one long, slow movement, using only the tip of his tongue, he licked reverse the path of the syrup. Slowly his tongue traveled over Helen’s exposed skin up to her neck where he stopped and placed a light, gentle kiss just under her ear.

More syrup rained down unto Helen’s tits. Gil started to clean her breasts, licking the syrup as it oozed down her breast. He ran his tongue slowly up the side of her breasts and over each hard nipple, flicking them with his tongue as he did. He traced the lines of syrup up the inside and then down the outside curve.

A soft moan escaped from Helen and üsküdar escort she arched her back, helping her husband clean the mess. Gil licked and kissed his wife until all the sweet syrup was cleaned up and all that was left was a slight sticky film. Gil sat back, smacking his lips. “MMMM, MMMM, Good!”

Gil then pushed the table away and stood, bringing Helen along. He rather awkwardly moved to the couch and rather inelegantly dropped his wife on to the couch. Laughing Helen reached for Gil’s pajamas, but he stopped her. Pushing her gently onto the couch, he knelt before his wife. He slowly started to evacuate Helen from her panties. She assisted him by raising her hips. He leaned forward and his a Helencake. “My! You are wet,” Gil said as he ran his tongue the full length of her opening. Helen emitted a soft “AH” as he saturated her sheathed cleft with kisses.

Helen embraced a sofa pillow, closed her eyes, and waited for what she knew was coming … her! Gil lightly blew on her lips and the coolness sent shivers through her womanhood. Helen inhaled, crushing the pillow against her erect nipples.

Gil smiled as he ran his tongue up her moist lips, from the top to bottom, although he did not touch her clit. Once again he blow gently across her lips and Helen almost squeezed the stuffing out of the pillow. Gil spread Helen’s lips and slowly inserted his tongue into Helen’s musk several times, then slowly ran his tongue up and ended by flicking Helen’s clit.

“Ooo!” Helen inhaled. Gil started to draw small and leisurely circles over Helen’s clit. “Oh yes,” Helen whispered encouragingly. Gil ran his tongue back down Helen’s sex, savoring in her earthy taste and aroma. He flattened his tongue and lapped at her lips and as sexual energy increased within her, Helen expelled the pillow forcefully. She grabbed her sticky breasts and pinching her nipples hard. Gil licked her savory moistness, running his tongue the length of Helen’s opening several times. He ran the tip of his tongue up and down her wet lips. He made sure he paid extra care around her clitoris and gave it several small kiss with each passing. When he reached the bottom, he would stick his tongue into her opening. Helen was very aroused and it took very little to send to the edge. She soon began to arch her back. She grabbed Gil’s head and pushed his face into her as wave upon wave of orgasmic power radiated through her like huge waves crashing over the beach.

Helen emitted primal, almost animal-like grunts and squeals as her whole body shook. Sexual energy undulated through her body as Gil switched to his fingers. He rubbed her clit in rapid succession as he inserted two fingers into opening. His ministrations cause a flow of erotic electricity such that it overpowered Helen.

Finally, she reached a point where she could not stand it anymore. “Stop! PLEASE STOP!” Helen yelled. Breathing heavy, “damn” was all she could tuzla escort say. Gil ceased his actions and sat on the floor at the feet of his quivering wife. Taking one of Helen’s tense feet, he gently rubbed and messaged it, aiding her in her recovery and at the same time allowing himself to “relax”. It took quite a while for Helen to descend from her Everest-like sexual pinnacle.

Helen soon recovered and sat up. Then she pounced on her husband, pinning him to the floor. Holding his arms down and straddling his midsection, she bent down and kissed him passionately, tasting her musky scent on his lips. Helen quickly hopped off her husband and began tugging on his pajama bottoms. Gil raised his hip as his pants were removed and launched across the room.

“Boy you still have it,” Helen whistled as knelt between Gil’s legs and inspected his erection. She took his manhood in her delicate hand. Wrapping her fingers around Gil’s member, she started to massage it. Gil laid back and enjoying the feel of his wife’s hand on his cock.

Helen’s grip was firm but gentle. Some of her strokes ended at the base of the head of Gil’s cock, other times she caressed his swollen head. Her other hand cuddled his balls, lightly massaging the orbs with her fingers. Ever so slowly, her fist moved the length of his cock. By his reaction, she knew he was going crazy. Each downward stroke was slow and smooth, sending a long seductive pulse through Gil’s entire midsection. Each upward stroke was quick, creating short electrical bursts. What seemed like an eternity to Gil, Helen masterfully kept his urges from spilling all over him. Then she stopped.

Gil looked up just in time to see Helen scoop a large handful of butter and “butter-up” his shaft. She then proceeded to torture Gil with a lustful smirk on her lips. Gently stroking up and down, Helen would twist her palm across the now purple and slick head.

The butter allowed Helen’s had to glide effortlessly across Gil’s skin. She slowly moved her hand up and down the length of her husband’s member. Some strokes ended at the base of the cock’s head, other times she caressed his swollen head. Her other hand caressed his balls, lightly massaging the orbs with her fingers. Ever so slowing her fist moved the length of his cock. She completed a slow downward stroke reversed action and completed a slow upward.

Helen continued to torture Gil. By his breathing and gyrating hips, she knew that he would not last much longer and she sped up her stroking. Gil’s head leaned back as he erupted. His sweet elixir shot all over his stomach and chest. “Oh My! That’s a lot of cum.” She said as she licked Gil’s cum from her hand, his cock, and body. She engulfed his cock head, sending shivers through her husband. “Mmmm, buttery!” she giggled.

They sat on the floor for a few minutes. When Gil’s cock relaxed completely, Gil suggested that they retire to the shower and clean-up. “The breakfast dishes can wait for a few minutes,” Gil said.

“I certainly hope that your stress level has lowered. I would hate to have to repeat this weekend after New Years,” he said sarcastically as he sent Helen off with a quick swat on her bare bottom. She sped off to the bathroom with Gil hot on her heals.

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