A Capitol Couple Pt. 01


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It was still dark when the cell phone alarm went off. A hand reached out and hit the snooze button. In the bed next to the small table on which the cell phone was perched, two bodies turned over. They moved close together and intertwined.

“Is it time to get up already?”

“I guess so.”

“But it’s too early.”

“No rest for the wicked.”

The couple pulled the sheets off their bodies and stood. It was 5:30AM in Washington, DC, which meant the start of the day for Jake and Stephanie Lee.

“You get showered, and I’ll get breakfast,” Jake said.

“Not going to join me?” Stephanie said slyly.

“Not if we want to get to work on time,” Jake replied.

“Suit yourself,” Stephanie teased.

Jake watched as his gorgeous wife headed to the bathroom. She was twenty-eight years old and stood at five feet, nine inches tall, she was a sight to behold. She was a fit 148 pounds with a 32C chest. She had straight brown hair that extended just past her shoulders and seductive hazel eyes. She was also very intelligent. For Jake, she was the complete woman and his perfect match.

Stephanie could say the same about her husband. He was a handsome twenty-eight years old, standing at an even six feet tall with a muscular body. He had short blond hair and ice-blue eyes. The eyes, Stephanie always said, were his most striking feature. They seemed to stare right through whatever they looked. She was fond of saying she wondered if Jake could see into someone’s soul with those eyes.

Jake headed downstairs to the kitchen. He got a pot of coffee going and placed two cinnamon-raisin bagels in the toaster-oven. He went to the fridge and pulled out the pitched of orange juice and poured himself and Stephanie a glass. The bagels soon finished. Jake pulled them out, spread cream cheese on them, and took them and the glassed of juice upstairs.

“Breakfast!” he called as he entered the bedroom.

Stephanie had just emerged from the shower and was totally nude. Jake eyed his wife’s hot naked body. She walked over to him and placed a warm sensual kiss on his mouth. She reached down. Her husband was erect. She pulled back and smiled.

“Good,” she said. “Just one kiss, and I can get you hard.”

“You always were a master a sensuality,” Jake said. “Now eat your bagel before it gets cold.”

“And you go shower,” Stephanie said.

Jake peeled his t-shirt and boxers off. Stephanie watched her husband as he undressed and walked to the bathroom. She heard the water turn on. Had she not showered already, she would join her husband. She always loved showering with him; it was intimate time together. Sure, shower sex was always erotic and amazing, but she also liked just being under the hot water with her man, washing each other and talking. Sometimes it was more intimate, more romantic, than sex. Stephanie quickly ate her bagel and began to get dressed. Jake emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later, a towel wrapped around his waist. Stephanie looked at him lustfully.

“What?” Jake asked.

“You’re so sexy, Jake,” Stephanie said. “I was just having a flashback…to the night we first fucked.”

Six Years Earlier…

They had finally done it. After four long years and countless hours of classes, writing papers, and time in the library, they had graduated. The Georgetown University Class of 2012 was in full party mode. The official graduation ceremony had finished hours earlier, and the newly minted graduates were partying at one of DC’s hottest nightclubs, canlı bahis The Senate. The club was owned by the father of of the graduating students, and he had generously closed the club to the public for the night to allow the students one final night of revelry before real life kicked in. Jake and his friends Carl and Josh walked in and surveyed the room. They saw an empty table and quickly moved to it.

“I’ll get beers,” Carl said.

Carl headed off to the bar to grab their drinks. Jake and Josh looked around, seeing if there were any cute girls around. Jake was just turning back around to face Josh when someone caught his eye. A couple tables away was a drop-dead gorgeous brunette with a tight body. She was with two friends, a blond and another brunette. They were sipping their drinks, fancy drinks the looks of the glasses, and giggling. Carl returned with their beers.

“Cheers, mates,” he said. “We finally did it.”

“Yeah, and tomorrow real life begins,” Josh said. “What a bummer.”

They both noticed their friend still staring at the other table. Carl smiled.

“Which one do you fancy?” he asked.

“The brunette,” Jake said, forgetting there were two.

“Which one?” Josh asked.

“Oh, the one that keeps glancing over here,” Jake replied. “She’s hot!”

“Why don’t you send her a drink?” Carl asked.

Jake turned to Carl and stared, flabbergasted.

“How am I supposed to know what she’s drinking?” Jake asked.

“Looks like a whiskey sour to me,” Josh said.

Josh was an alcohol connoisseur. He could tell what a drink was merely by smelling it or by what glass it was in. He said it was a gift; Carl and Jake thought it was from too many parties. Jake left the table and walked to the bar.

“What can I get you?” the bartender asked.

“Not for me, for the table over there,” Jake said, pointing. “For the brunette in the little black dress. Whiskey sour, please.”

“No problem,” the bartender said.

Jake walked back to the table. A moment later a waitress delivered the drink. Jake watched as the girl in the black dress asked who sent it. The waitress pointed over at him. He raised his beer bottle. She smiled and raised her glass, then took a sip and smiled again. Her friends giggled.

At the ladies’ table, Stephanie giggled with Ella and her best friend and roommate, Mandy.

“He’s cute,” Mandy said, checking him out.

“Stop, Mandy,” Stephanie said “I said tonight is about us. No hooking up with random guys.”

“Why the hell not?” Ella said. “They’re all cute. I’d take any of them back to my room.”

“You’re such a slut,” Mandy joked.

“Pot, kettle,” Ella retorted.

The guys at the table seemed to be discussing something. Then two of them walked over. Carl and Josh introduced themselves and asked Ella and Mandy to dance. The ladies happily went off to the dance floor with the guys. That left Jake and Stephanie alone at their respective tables. Stephanie picked up her drink and walked over to the other table.

“Hi,” she said. “I’m Stephanie.”

“Jake. So you graduated too, I guess.”

“Yep. Education degree.”

“Me, too! I thought you looked familiar. I think we had a few classes together.”

“Probably,” Stephanie said. “Who were your friends?”

“Oh, Carl and Josh. They couldn’t stop gawking at your friends.”

“I had the same problem,” Stephanie said. “Thanks for the drink. How did you know what I was having?”

“I didn’t,” Jake said. “You can thank bahis siteleri Josh for that. He knows his alcohol. If they’d had a major in that, he’d have passed with flying colors.”

The two of them laughed. Jake looked into Stephanie’s eyes. They were smoky and seductive. Stephanie was fixated on Jake’s bright blue eyes. She felt like he was staring right through her, into her depths, into her very soul. It turned her on a bit.

“Um, wanna dance?” Stephanie asked.

“Sure,” Jake said.

They headed onto the dance floor. The beat was heavy as the music blared. Stephanie faced Jake and wrapped her arms around his neck. Jake slid his arms around her waist. She looked so sexy in her strapless black dress. Their faces were mere inches apart. Jake could feel the attraction. He wanted her. Stephanie turned around, her back now to him. She moved back and pressed up against him. Jake’s arms grabbed her waist. He held her as she gyrated against him. He could feel himself becoming aroused.

Stephanie pushed herself against Jake harder. She didn’t know if it was the alcohol, but she was finding herself extremely attracted to Jake. She loved how his hands were on her waist, like he was telling her exactly how he wanted her to move. As she moved against him, she felt his arousal. Between her thighs, she began to swell. She moved faster. She felt Jake’s hands move up her body. Soon his hands were on her breasts. She quickly pushed them down to her waist. She soon felt his lips on her shoulders. The tension between them was nearly palpable. She turned again to face him.

“Wanna get out of here?” she asked.

“Definitely,” Jake replied.

Stephanie led him by the hand. They left the club. Across the stress and about a block away was the DC Hilton Hotel. Stephanie and Jake made out all the way there. Just past halfway, Jake pushed Stephanie against the side of a building. He slid his tongue into her mouth and pressed himself against her. She took his tongue in her mouth, moaning, and she began to suck it. She opened her legs so she could feel his bulge press against her. She pulled away, and they continued toward the hotel.

“Did you like that?” she asked.

“Yes,” Jake replied excitedly.

“Just wait til we get to the hotel,” Stephanie teased. “I’ll show you my true oral skills.”

They found the hotel and entered. Stephanie pulled out her credit card and asked for a room. After paying the one hundred fifty dollar per night fee, they were handed their room keys. They walked quickly to the elevator and got in. Stephanie hit the “4”, and the lift began to move. Jake and Stephanie returned to their make-out session. Stephanie was starting to unbutton Jake’s shirt when the doors slid open. They ran down the hallway to their room, room 402. Stephanie slid the card through the reader, and the door unlocked. The horny couple entered. Light was coming in through the window. Stephanie tore and Jake’s shirt and ripped it off.

“You little vixen,” he gasped.

Stephanie went for his pants. Those soon joined his torn shirt on the floor. Stephanie immediately dropped to her knees. She grabbed Jake’s rock-hard cock and greedily took him into her mouth. She went all the way down him, taking his seven inches into the back of her throat. She gagged a little on him.

“Fuck, yeah,” Jake said. “Show me those oral skills.”

Stephanie wrapped her arms around Jake’s waist and grabbed his firm ass. She bobbed her head up and down on him, taking him further into her throat. His bahis şirketleri hot salty precum was dripping down her throat now. She moaned, loving the taste of him. She felt Jake grab her hair and pull slightly. She looked up at him with innocent eyes as she sucked him faster. Jake pulled her up and kissed her hard.

“I am so horny,” she moaned. “Do whatever you want to me.”

Jake pulled Stephanie over to the wall.

“Turn around,” he said.

“Yes!” Stephanie moaned. “Fuck me hard, Jake!”

Stephanie bent forward and braced herself with her arms and hands against the wall. Jake removed his boxers and walked to Stephanie. He loved how she looked, bent forward and submissive, ready to take him inside of her. He unzipped her dress and it fell to the floor.

“No bra or panties?” Jake asked.

“No,” Stephanie said. “I’m a naughty girl.”

“Yes you are,” Jake said.

He pressed his erection against Stephanie’s swollen slit. She moaned as he almost entered her. He teased her pussy, almost entering then pulling back. He rubbed his cock against her clit. Stephanie moaned loudly. Jake continued grinding against her. He could see her dripping onto his manhood. Stephanie turned and looked at him, lust burning in her eyes.

“Give it to me!” she said. “Give me your cock!”

Jake shoved his cock deep into her, groaning as he entered her tight hole. Stephanie let out a yelp as she felt his thick cock slide deep inside her. She loved how he filled her hole completely. She could feel every inch of him inside her. Jake began to thrust, slowly.

“Oh, shit, Jake, that feels amazing!”

“You like that?”

“Yes, Jake. Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

Jake began to thrust harder and faster. He was completely inside her now. Stephanie could feel him throbbing inside her. Jake pulled her hair. It heightened her arousal; her juices began to flow now. She could feel herself dripping all around Jake’s long, thick cock. She knew she wouldn’t last much longer.

“Yes, Stephanie, take it!” Jake groaned. “Take my cock!”

“Yes, give it to me, Jake!” she screamed. “Fuck my pussy!”

Jake was now thrusting as fast as he could. Stephanie had placed her mouth on her arm to muffle her screams of pleasure. Jake was thrusting as just the right angle. Every pleasure nerve was firing. She couldn’t take it anymore. She tried desperately to hold back. Her body wouldn’t listen.

“Yes, Jake, I’m cumming!” she screamed.

Jake felt her tighten around him. Then warmth and wetness unlike anything he’d ever experienced enveloped his cock. It felt amazing. Jake knew he was about to cum.

“I’m gonna cum!” he shouted.

Stephanie quickly turned and dropped to her knees. She took him in her mouth. She could taste herself on him. It was warm, sticky, and sweet, like apples and cherries. She took him in her tight throat. It was all she needed to do.

“Fuck!” Jake groaned loudly.

Stephanie felt him jerk in her mouth. She felt his hot, thick, salty cum shooting down her throat. She swallowed hard, taking all of Jake’s sperm. She sucked him until he subsided. He pulled out of her mouth. He moved to the bed and collapsed. She collapsed next to him, her pussy and legs shaking.

They fell asleep together, exhausted from the night’s activities. It didn’t happen often in life, but for these two, it was love at first sight. Jake and Stephanie began dating a couple days later, and eight months later, they were married in a small ceremony in Stephanie’s home town of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Present Time…

“It was an amazing first time, wasn’t it?” Stephanie said.

“It sure was,” Jake smiled. “Now let’s hurry up and get dressed before we miss the Metro.”

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