A Big Kitchen Table


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“Just lay up here on the kitchen table then baby,” I told him, “Take all your clothes off and lay on your back.” I had to admit that he looked pretty good naked, wearing nothing but the dog collar. He was about six feet tall, broad shoulders, slim waisted with a hard ass. He had cyclist’s legs, huge muscular thighs and bulging calf muscles. He already had a boner that was nice and fat. It probably stood 7 or 8 inches long and had a wicked upward hook to it but I was interested in his tongue first.

The table was big too so he climbed on top and when he lay down only his feet and about half of his calves extended beyond the edge. I let him lay there for awhile and looked at him. I decided to keep my clothes on, but reached up under my skirt and removed my panties before I climbed on the table and straddled his chest. I looked deep into his brown eyes and saw desire.

“Scoot down some,” I ordered and raised up off him. He moved down and I moved up. I had my knees up and my feet pulled back against his shoulders. I raised my skirt again and teased him with the sight of my coarse corn coloured bush. I kept it neatly trimmed but left the hair long, and crinkled. It started from my clitoral hood and ran north for a couple of inches. My labium was smooth, shaved and honestly, right now, beginning to dampen along with the rest of my sex. I put my hands on his chest and lifted my ass, I kept my pussy just above his nose.

“Can you smell that?” I asked him, “Can you smell me?” He attempted a lick but I had anticipated that and bayraklı escort raised a bit higher just in time… he tasted only air.

“Bollocks,” he said, “let me at it!”

“Not yet, baby, you’re missing the whole point. You need to wait for it. Good things come to the man who waits. I have an urge to suck the head of your dick, too, but I’m waiting because good things come to the girl who waits too. You haven’t answered my question though. Can you smell my pussy?” I lowered it back down close to his nostrils. My ass was on his chin.

“Yeah,” he said, “yeah, I can.”

“What’s it smell like?”

“It’s damp and musky. It smells appetizing; like something that’s been cooking for awhile but is just now starting to get hot; just now starting to boil. I can pick out the faint aromas of the individual spices. Not one scent but layer after layer of pungent scents.”

“Wow, good answer, Jack!” I moved back so he could have a taste but hovered high enough that only the tip of his tongue could engage.

“Does it taste like it smells?” I asked him.

“Better,” he said and this time I let him probe deeper with his tongue when he raised his head. I settled lower and let him work. He was good. His tongue flicked deep and quick inside me for awhile and then he shifted his attention to my lips massaging them with his lips and teasing me with the occasional nip of his teeth. I rolled my hips forward and put my hands behind his head. I guided him to my clit and my skirt fell over his escort bayraklı face. I kept rocking back and forth on his constantly moving tongue till I came. I pulled his head in tighter and squeezed it between my ankles while I shook. It felt like my orgasm lasted for hours and when I finally started down the back side of the ecstasy I moved my hands from the back of his head and took two big handfuls of hair. I held his head down on the table by his hair and raised my hips back up and out of his reach.

“You OK?” I asked. “Can you breathe?”

He nodded his head. “I came,” he said, “I couldn’t help it. That was sooo hot. You probably have cum on the back of your dress and maybe even in your hair.” I reached back and confirmed that there was in fact a lot of cum in my hair and on my back. I had been too preoccupied with my own orgasm to notice it when it happened, but it didn’t matter. In fact I was kinda flattered that it had happened. I turned and looked, again at his dick. It was still hard, still fat, still the same length and still shaped in that wicked ‘scimitar-like’ curve.

“You ready to go again?” I asked him as I moved down his body, still straddling. He nodded and I reached down between my legs and found his cock. I stroked it a couple of times before I held it in position that I could slide my pussy over it.

That hook slid across my g-spot and I gasped. I watched my reflection in his eyes as I controlled the motion and the tempo of the sex. I came again a second time and bayraklı escort bayan despite my clenching he never stopped the rhythm. The tempo never slowed, he kept me at the peak that way until I had to breathe again I raised up and spun around so that I could take the head of his dick in my mouth and hung my wet pussy in front of his face. When he began to spurt for the second time I came for the third. I swallowed the first shot, but popped his dick out and stroked it as I held it in front of my face. I wanted his cum on my face we both laughed as he spasmed and shot jizz on my cheeks, in my eyes, and my mouth. His cum was warm and it was plentiful. When he was done I scraped the goo with the heel of my hand and massaged it into my hair and scalp with the previous deposit.

When I finally climbed down from the table my hair was wet and crusty. My dress was wet and crusty. He had a few puddles of cum on his belly and his navel was full. I scooped it all up and massaged it into his scrotum.

I unbuttoned my dress and let it slide to the kitchen floor. I stood there, naked, and let him put his hand on the side of my face. I saw the desire was still in his deep brown eyes but finally, I tore away.

“I’m gonna need to wash my clothes,” I said. “Can I use your washer? And, maybe your shower too?” We passed the washer on our way to the shower and I dropped in my dress and panties. I added detergent and set it for a light load. I pressed the button and took his hand. “Let’s go find the shower,” I said, “you should probably join me in there. You have jizz smeared all over your belly and your balls. I looked down and saw that he was still hard, still sporting that wicked curve. “Maybe we can soap each other up and you can push me up against the tile wall.”

He just smiled and we went on down the hall to the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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