Yanna on New Year’s Eve


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I met Yanna at a friend’s party. She was a nice, attractive, woman. However, I was married and she was engaged and pregnant. So, we just exchanged smiles and pleasantries while staying with our partners. “I think she likes you,” my jealous wife said. “Don’t even think about her. I’ll cut your Johnson into pieces.”

I didn’t need her threat. “You have nothing to worry about. I don’t cheat,” I honestly responded.

But my wife did cheat and destroyed our marriage.

After my divorce, our mutual friend, Sara, invited me to her annual New Year’s Eve bash at her parent’s San Clemente beach estate-near the Nixon’s famous “Western White House.” About 10 bedrooms, an infinity pool overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean, this place was “party paradise.”

Sara offered to set me up, for a date, with Yanna, the cute, dishwater blonde with blue-green eyes, a cute smile, and a nice butt, who Sara claims is self-conscious about her small chest.

“What about Lance? Her fiance’?’ I asked.

“After the DUI hit her, she miscarried and Lance abruptly dumped her,” Sara responded. “The jerk actually told everyone that the condom broke and he only proposed to give the baby his name. No baby, no marriage. I still want to kill him!”

“She must have felt like her heart was torn out,” I responded. “She loses their baby, then he, coldly, dumps her. What an emotional nightmare. Lance is a thug! Are you sure she is ready to date again?”

“She’s ready and thinks you are a nice guy. She hasn’t had sex in several years but went on birth control because she doesn’t want another broken condom pregnancy,” Sara says. “I think she will enjoy sleeping with you-if you’re willing.”

“I am not ready to jump in bed-yet. Maybe we can go out before your party and see if there is a soul connection,” I said. “What about a lunch at the pier restaurant first?”

“I think she will enjoy that,” Sara said. “Does that include a walk on the pier, holding hands, walking on the beach?”

“You should write romance novels,” I responded. “A great script for love…”

The next day I met Yanna for a brunch at the San Clemente pier restaurant. We talked about our work, our breakups, her pregnancy, rushed engagement, car wreck, miscarriage and how she wants to feed Lance to the great white sharks in the Pacific. “i could tell the condom broke when he came in my pussy. The next morning my nipples were sore and the morning yenidoğan escort sickness started. Broken rubber that continued to slip out for days. Instant pregnancy-the beginning of a nightmare,” Yanna explained. “I want to cut his cock off!”

“I don’t blame you,” I said. “My ex cheated. She told me she can’t be married and committed to one man. Trouble is, we were married and I was committed but she wanted a variety of cocks. I am lucky. I’ve been tested. Many times. She didn’t give me any STDs. I’ve been celibate since, but miss the passion of loving sex-a lot.”

“I can relate. I’ve never had loving passion. Just sex, and that got me preggers then dumped,’ Yanna said. “I want to be held and loved.”

“Why don’t we start with a walk down to the end of the pier?” I suggested. “I will be a gentleman and not take advantage of our loneliness but would love to hold hands.”

We left the restaurant, hand-in-hand, while making our way to the end of the San Clemente Pier where we took the next step of a passionate, French kiss as the waves crashed below. “That is wonderful,” I said, as Yanna purred in agreement.

We walked down to the beach for hours, and kissed good night as the sun set over the water.

The day after Christmas, I took Yanna to dinner at the Claim Jumper and we agreed to be each other’s date for Sara’s party as we kissed ad held each other at her front door. Though I didn’t feel a bra under her blouse, When I hugged her, I resisted the urge to suggest that we go inside-not wanting to ruin a good thing-too soon.

On New Year’s Eve, we all (about 20 of us) met at Sara’s parent’s estate, and enjoyed pizza, from Village Pizza-a San Clemente legend, wine and beer. Yanna and I stepped outside, taking steps down the cliff for the sandy beach and a long walk, holding hands and hugging and incredible French kissing. Yanna was wearing a red, casual, pullover dress, no bra, and sandals. I was in blue jean shorts, a blue polo shirt and flip flops.

“Are those your nipples, greeting me?” I asked Yanna.

“Yes, and you’re getting hard. I don’t want a roll on the sand. It’s still daylight and too public.”

“I understand. I can be patient,” I responded. “If we get busy, I want you relaxed.”

“So do I,” Yanna said. “So do I-and soon.”

I arched my eyebrows in surprise. “Are you sure you’re ready for more?”

“Not at the moment, yenikent escort but I would like to enjoy us loving soon,” Yanna said. “Maybe we can spoon all night.”

“Nice thought,” I said. “Nice!”

We kept walking and kissing and holding our way back up the cliff to the house, walking past some men and women, from the party, who were skinny-dipping in the pool.

“Are you two joining the pool party?” Sara asked. Yanna turned beet red and shook her head. “That’s too public for my average body and tiny tits.”

“I guess not.” I said. “I want Yanna to be comfortable.”

“I am not getting naked in a pool full of utter strangers.” Yanna added. “Not my style.”

Yanna joined me on the sofa where we made out while the DJ set up to provide the evening’s dance track…

A few minutes later, Sara announced, to the skinny-dippers and to the inside party attendees, that the evening’s dance session was about to begin.

Yanna and i started dancing together. The skinny-dippers dressed and joined the inside crowd. A mix of disco, classic rock then slow ballads. Yanna and I held each other closed, kissing and caressing. She had to feel my hard cock. It was obvious she was braless. Her small breasts were capped by hard nipples. About 11:30, couples started heading to bedrooms, the beach, pool and Jacuzzi for some private passion. Sara pointed Yanna and I to a bedroom, closed the door behind us, telling us to “have lots of fun”

Quickly, as we French-kissed, I lifted Yanna’s red dress over her head. Her hairy, golden, pussy and bare breasts were a delicious site. “I didn’t want undies to slow us down,” Yanna explained. “I was ready for you the other night. My pussy wants you-now.”

She ripped off my shirt, shorts and Jockeys and we started caressing and stroking our way to the mattress. I started kissing her toes, making my way up her feet, legs, and teased around her clit before putting my fingers and tongue inside her pussy. When I got to her clit, Yanna’s orgasm scream could, likely, be heard from Huntington Beach to San Diego. “Oh my gawd, oh my freaking gawd! That was fantastic! Lance never licked my pussy. One guy, in college, touched my clit. That orgasm was tiny compared to this one. Can we do that again after we get that cock in my pussy?” Yanna asked.

“Are you sure you want me inside you?” I asked. “I don’t like condoms. They aren’t yenimahalle escort reliable.”

“I learned that they break when Lance got me pregnant,” said Yanna. “I am on birth control and Sara said she left spermicide cream in the nightstand. Will you squirt the cream in then gently slide your cock in me? It’s been too long since I’ve allowed a man near me. I want you-pain-free.”

I laid on my back to give Yanna control to start our passion as I stroked her breasts while she eased down on me. “Oh, wow, you are tight, “I reacted. Wet and tight… So smooth. My cock is enjoying your pussy!” Yanna bled a little, but kept rocking up and down. “Don’t stop, I said. Please don’t stop!!!”

I repeatedly thrust myself into her, staring into her beautiful eyes the entire time. Whenever I reached the apex of my thrusts, the entire bed shook. Yanna’s mouth was smiling and agape, her eyes rolling back into her head. My smooth, strokes were bringing her so much pleasure. She was loving this, I told myself. She was loving me. She was loving my rock-hard cock.

After Yanna came, she rolled us over to missionary, saying, “Make me your woman. Fill my pussy with your hot cum! I want every drop! All of your cock and cream.”

Holding each other, I licked her nipples and held Yanna’s hands, sending her into orgasm orbit, again.

“Your tongue and your cock are going to give me a coronary,” Yanna screamed as we heard applause from the hallway. “We have an audience. As long as they stay outside the door. I’ve never been watched in bed. Are you getting ready to cum? I want to join you!”

“Not yet,” I said. “In time… I want you to build up..”

About 20 minutes later, we screamed in climax, together, as people counted down to midnight, outside our door, as I exploded and pumped her pussy full of my creampie. “Holy gawd, that feels awesome,” I yelled. “Your pussy is heaven!”

“Oh my gawd, I can feel that inside and it’s dripping out,” Yanna said.

“Thankfully I used two forms of birth control, tonight!”

“Happy New Year, beautiful! What a way to welcome the new year! You feel awesome wrapped around my cock!” We kissed, spooned, and fell asleep, together.

About 2:00 AM., Yanna’s hand woke me as she stroked my cock. We 69’d, climaxed together, then went to the shower, soaped e ach other down, then she bent over as I filled her pussy for a mutual climax and creampie. We went back to bed, spooned past sunrise, for the first of many times. Sara knocked on our door, announcing breakfast. We donned robes and enjoyed Sara’s cooking.

“It sounded like you enjoyed each other, last night,” Sara smiled.

“Repeatedly,” I grinned. “Thanks for setting us up! Yanna is great in many ways!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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