Wild Shopping


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“Too pink” Amber says pushing the thrill pink cocktail dress away. She was searching for a sexy dress to wear to a party later that afternoon but so far everything she’d found wasn’t right. “Gross” She says pushing away the triangle printed dress.

“Can I help you?” a male assistant asks seeing Amber fretting over the dresses.

“No,” She says waving him away without looking at him. She had no time to talk to him. That’s all they shop assistants ever wanted, they liked to talk and look down at her boobs while she spoke. A few dresses later she pulls over a daring dark purple dress and admires it.

She smiles at the dress. ‘Perfect,’ she thinks taking the dress towards the change rooms. She glances behind her at the assistant and nearly stops walking. He was sexy, with a strong chest, a fire o’clock shadow over his jaw and dark grey eyes that seemed to see through her clothes as he looked at her. She turns her back to him, trying not to think about what would be under the young man’s clothing.

She walks into a changing stall and dresses quickly, wanting to put a show on for the sexy guy outside. She wanted him to want her, she feels herself being turned on at the thought of him looking at her lustfully.

She walks out, swaying her hips so he would focus on her curvy waist. Amber spins around to look in the mirror outside the change rooms. With only three gold colored chains connecting the cleavage together it’d show she wasn’t wearing a bra. The bodice of her dress was covered in artful slashes to show of her flat stomach’s skin and her dress barely covered her ass since it was so short.

But that’s not what she was looking at; behind her in the mirror was the man. He was looking at her ass, something hungry made his eyes darken as he stares at her long, exposed legs.

She moves her ass from side to side, seeing his reaction. Amber smiles slyly at seeing him pants tighten and she wondered what he was thinking.

An idea pops into Amber’s head and she walks towards the changing rooms, playing it out in her head. She closes the door for a full minute before opening the door, still in the dress. The assistant was behind the desk, looking down at something. She glances around, realizing they were they only two in the shop at suck an hour. “Hay,” She calls out to him.

“Need help with something?” he says looking up, slightly startled.

“I can’t seem to get the zipper down,” Amber says acting as innocent as possible. “You wouldn’t mind unzipping me do you?” she says pulling her curly ash blond hair to the side and showing him the zipper.

“Of course,” he says smiling at demetevler escort her before fumbling from behind his desk. She smiles back at him, her eyes darting down to the bulge in his pants and images him stroking himself as she stood in the change rooms waiting for the perfect time.

She feels herself getting turned on at the thought. “What’s your name? I’m Amber,” she muses as he makes his way towards her.

“Jordan,” he replies looking at the young woman’s body in front of him. She had wicked curves and smooth, unblemished skin that was begging to be touched. He feels his pants tighten further at the thought. If he wasn’t careful he was going to force himself onto her. Then again, she didn’t appear to be worried about that, she had positioned herself with legs slightly apart –making him think of her thighs – and she had pushed out her chest, as if to make out that she wasn’t wearing a bra even more clear. She was almost begging for it.

The guy’s cool fingers slide over her back and she looks over her shoulder at him. The zipper slides down easy with a small opening sound as it unfastened. “Oop’s” Amber laughs trying to sound sheepish as the dress slides down to her ankles. She hears the man’s breath catch as he looks down at her bare back.

Jordan almost groans as she leans down to grab the dress off the floor. He G-string had disappeared between her ass firm ass cheeks and he could her smooth back which begging to be reached around so he could grasp her breasts. But even more then that her ass was rubbing against his already hard dick. He refuses to reach for his throbbing length.

Amber stands up, satisfied at feeling his hard pole pressing against her ass cheek. But now a new desire had surfaced. She turns around, the dress forgotten at her feet. “I want you to fuck me senseless,” she says unable to resist grabbing his dick through his pants. He groans at the touch, and lets her massages it. It felt big under his pants but she wanted to see how big it was outside.

Amber unbuttons his pants, watching his face as he groans and pushes his hips toward her. She unzips his fly and jerks the jeans around his ankles, so aroused she didn’t care about taking it slow. Next down was his underwear which he quickly kicks off without having to be asked. She grabs his shaft, admiring the thick, hard dick in from of her face. Amber takes it in her mouth, sucking him hard.

“Oh, crap,” Jordan mutters grabbing her hair, forcing her down harder onto his cock. With one hand she grabs his balls and massages them while deep throating his shaft like it was candy.

Amber dikmen escort slides the thick cock out of her mouth, already tasting pre cum. She stands up and kisses him hard, arousal running wild. She slides his hand between her legs and under her underwear so he could feel how wet she was. His other hand rubs her breasts and she thinks she might have an orgasm there and then, as he touches her breast and rubs her clit expectedly. “Oh fuck me already,” She hisses, needing his hard cock to be shoved deep inside her.

Jordan removes his hand from between her legs and leads her into the back room and forces Amber onto the couch while ripping her underwear off her. The girl looked so sexy as she lay on the couch, her legs inviting him into her wet cunt. He grabs his dick and positions it in front of her drenched pussy. He wouldn’t need lubricant it get inside her, she had made it glistening wet when she’d given him a blow job and her pussy was so wet he knew he wouldn’t have any trouble.

Amber gasps as he slides his cock within her. He stretched her cunts wall since he was so big, the shaft sliding deep within her. He thrusts in, slowly impaling himself deep within her soaked cavern. Heat flushes to her pussy and her muscle twitch as she pushes back onto him, a moan echoing from her.

Jordan drives in harder, his breaths short as he slams his cock into her dripping wet cunt. Her pussy constricts around him and he groans with pleasure. He rams her hard, feel a knot in his balls as they threaten to release his cum. His throbbing shaft assaults her cunt with hard stokes and his cocks head was deep in heat. He pulls his dick out til only the tip was still within her and then drives into her soaked pussy.

Amber cries out as he hammers her hard. She looks down at his dick disappearing into her cunt with wet slurping sounds. His balls slap her ass as he pounds her, all his strength going into deep, hard thrusts.

“Oh, my fucking, god,” she hisses as her orgasm crawls into muscles. Her hips buck against his and she screams out in ecstasy. They’re flesh slaps against each other’s as the smell of sweaty sex fills the air, her cunt swallowing Jordan’s fat cock like it was nothing as he shoves into her dripping pussy. The feeling of hot release goes through Amber cunt, making her shove harder against Jordan’s had dick.

Amber thrashes under Jordan, unable to control herself as her orgasm washes over her. He holds onto her legs as she trembles and squirms. She pushes against his cock, screaming in delight as he fills her with his fat cock, his dick completely disappearing ankara escort into her wet, convulsing pussy.

She moans as her cunt constricts Jordan’s dick. He groans and grabs onto the girls hips and thrust hard into her earning another cry of pleasure of the woman withering under him. With a sharp cry of release he squirts his cum into her wet cunt. His cum and her juices squish and slurp around him as he plunges in and out of her hot pussy.

Amber bucks as Jordan thrusts into her, her cunt making wet sounds from his cum and her wet juices as he grinds into her. He’d emptied his hot load into her and she feels her muscles shake with the memory of her orgasm. With a groan Jordan pulls out and leans onto the back of the couch. His shaft glistened with fluids from both of them, the combined liquids dripping off his sagging dick.

After a minute Jordan turns back to her and pushes her legs open again.

Amber groans as he eats her out, his tongue lapping over her opening and onto her clit causing her to moan and tremble. She clutches the sides of the couch, pushing her cunt into his face. His tongue finds its way into her pussy then slides out just to annoy her. He teases her slit, licking her up and down, circling her sensitive clitoris and sucking at her hypersensitive skin.

“Oh, shit,” Amber moans as he plays with her clit. She writhes at the touch of him teasing her sensitive skin and moans when he sucks on it. Her muscles jerk and twitch, her breathing came sharp and hard as he provokes another moan. She feels pressure building and claws at the seat, her toes curl into the material and she cries out again as another orgasm hits, her muscles contracting and her insides feel hot and she had the feeling of needing to pee badly. The intense pleasure stays with her for a good 10 seconds before she collapses with a moan, Jordan still licking her.

Jordan removes his face from between her legs and gives her a smug look. “I bet that’s the best pussy licking you’ve ever had,” he says running a fingertip over her cunts opening cause her to shudder.

She was too breathless to reply but it didn’t matter, a door opened in the shop and Jordan pulls his pants up and starts wiping his face and hands with a tissue. “I’ve got a costumer, take your time to get dressed,” He says walking back into the main shop still smirking.

It takes a whole minute before Amber pulls herself up; feeling like her sex drive was relieved. She finds her underwear and quickly pulls it on. A second later she remembers her underwear was still in the middle of the shop. She edges towards the door, hoping by some miracle she had accidently dragged it in.

As she reaches the door it swings open and Jordan tosses in her dress. “I thought you might need this,” he says grinning slyly before disappearing again.

If only all shop assistants were as hands-on as Jordan. She’d come shopping more offend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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