Waxed, Scanned and Touched Ch. 02


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Missy decided to tease Bill on the drive home by her account of the scanning experience and her thoughts about Mary’s interest in her body. As they got in the car she tried to speak of trivial things while formulating the story she thought would get the best reaction. It didn’t need to be true; teasing was the goal.

She wasn’t sure why but she consciously decided to keep her orgasm with Mary a secret. She wanted more time to inwardly review what had happened, whether she’d like it to happen again and the like. Feeling Mary’s hands on her tits had been a truly intense experience; it had been highly sexual but also much more. She’d wanted to touch Mary and bring her to orgasm- something she’d never felt with a woman before. She’d been disappointed when Mary didn’t welcome her touch and wondered if she’d been too clumsy in her halting offer. A man wouldn’t understand how close they’d been when Mary’s hands had been on her tits. If she mentioned the encounter to Bill he’d immediately make lesbian jokes or want a three-way with no sensitivity to Missy’s emotional state.

So with that major exception Missy began her description of the changing room and scanning room. She gave an overview of the machines and clinical atmosphere. Even though the machines were intimidating being there was strangely erotic as she knew she’d soon be topless and the center of attention. In a hospital the same setting might have been scary but here the room existed to measure tits in minute detail. That was sexually intimidating but the kinkiness of it was also a turn on. She said her nipples throbbed at the thought that they’d be assessed and somehow exactly reflected in the bra to be created for her.

With some excitement in her voice Missy said, “Oh, but let me tell you about the staff in the scanning room. The lab ‘uniform’ for the technicians was a short tight skirt and an impossibly tight golf style shirt.” She gave a brief description of the secondary tech, Susie, who actually ran the scanner but didn’t interact much with Missy. Mary was the focus of the story. Missy said, “You wouldn’t believe the sexy body of the main technician, Mary. Her figure was even more top heavy than the traditional Barbie doll. I felt sorry for her since her back must ache from the weight of her tits but she had perfect posture and carried herself like a runway model. I don’t think she could have ever been a model since they’d never get clothes to fit her figure but she was every guy’s wet dream.”

Missy let the image sink in and then continued, “The shirt fit her without a single wrinkle. In fact, I wondered if perhaps it was made using the scanner; in other words, fitted to her body like a second skin. I wanted to ask but didn’t. I’m sure she was wearing one of the custom bras because you couldn’t see any bra lines. It was as if she wasn’t wearing a bra and yet her tits were so prominent she must have been. Her body was obscenely top heavy but perfect. Your mouth would have been drooling.”

“Perhaps her tits were fake,” injected Bill. “Enhanced tits are often high and project out.”

“No way. These breasts were 100% natural. Trust me.”

Missy continued, “Mary was also in full control of the scanning process- telling the other tech and me exactly what to do. She had a certain demeanor that demanded compliance. I started thinking of her as a sexual dominant with me as her meek submissive. In fact, I started visualizing her in a leather corset when she ordered me to stay still for the scan. I guess the tight shirt was as sexy as a corset might have been but I found the notion of her in leather rather exciting.”

“Wow. It sounds like you were really fascinated by her. Did you think of having sex with her?”

Even as she disavowed any interest in a lesbian tryst Missy’s tone conveyed a lusty view of the woman saying how the tight shirt and skirt were the sexiest things she’d seen anyone wear for routine work. “They looked more like clothes a woman would wear to a Club- trolling for men. Mary’s body was simply perfect if you liked big breasts.” Missy could see the bulge in his pants as she drew out the story- seeking to create teasing images that played to his breast fetish. She knew they’d enjoy a passionate fucking when they got home.

Missy proudly told Bill that Mary had complimented her on the shape of her breasts- calling them among the most beautiful she’d ever seen in terms of shape, placement, size and their slight hang. Missy joked that she didn’t know if that was sincere or a lesbian’s pick-up line. She guessed it had been sincere since Mary had later offered her a modeling job with the company.

Bill added the obligatory compliment about Missy’s body and said he could see why she’d been offered a modeling job. “They couldn’t do any better than your tits,” he said. “I know that sounds crude but if you’re selling bras you need a model with great tits.”

“As you said, you’re crude but in a sense you’re right. I was flattered and I might güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri take her up on the job offer. Mary suggested I see how I like my bras before responding. That made sense.

At Bill’s urging Missy described Mary in more detail. Knowing what he’d like to hear, Missy transformed the unremarkable woman into a busty Barbie look- a- like with a sensuous mouth and voice that would make any cock hard. Missy said, “You would have been salivating; she was more than just tits. Her waist and hips looked to be in perfect proportion; too small for her chest but very nicely shaped and feminine.

Mary’s average hair and face were described as being of model-like beauty and her legs of incredible length. In her most teasing voice Missy said the woman’s hourglass shape had simply been fantastic, her long hair silken, and her over all demeanor very sexy. Missy said it had been very arousing to have such a sexy woman touching her breasts and that she suspected Mary was excited as well.

In her description of the latex bra portion of the scanning Missy emphasized how slowly and sensuously Mary’s fingers had adjusted her tits and how arousing the intimacy had been. In response to Bill’s suggestive questions Missy again denied any interest in exploring a future sexual encounter with Mary saying the woman’s body was too perfect. She said being next to Mary made her feel like an immature teen; the other woman was just so sexy. On the other hand, if she were ever to have a girl on girl experience Mary’s body was the one she’d want to explore. She knew Bill would fantasize about them being together many times.

Bill was further aroused by Missy’s description of the gentle caressing by the electrically operated latex bra. She watched his reaction and did her best to add exaggerated details of how she felt as the magic material massaged her- almost milking her sensitive breasts. He told her he was already fantasizing that perhaps the mad scientists could produce and sell a battery powered bra like that. He was sure it would come with a wireless remote control and he’d be one of their first buyers. He’d dress Missy in the bra and tease her for hours as they attended the theater or a boring cocktail reception.

Missy made a face and said, “You’re a perv.”

They were both very aroused by the end of the drive and walked quickly into the bedroom without need of any discussion. As she was undressing Missy remembered an additional detail she’d omitted in the car. She was sure Bill would enjoy it so she slowed her pace to allow him to get undressed before her. As soon as he was naked he approached her with his cock leading the way but she held up her hand in the ‘stop’ gesture.

Standing about three feet from him in just her panties Missy caressed her tits sensuously and said, “Did you know my tits swell when I get aroused? Apparently that happens whenever a woman gets aroused. I just learned that today. Anyway, Mary told me the latex bra would feel tighter as I’d probably get excited during the scan and my tits would swell with my arousal. Boy, was she right. About halfway through the scan I realized the bra was getting tighter and tighter. That was a real turn on as I thought of how you’d be excited seeing me swell. I wasn’t allowed to move so I couldn’t look down but I’ll bet my tits were at least ten percent bigger. It might have been more. The bra felt like it might burst.”

Missy cupped her breasts seductively and said, “I’m already aroused so for now it’s too late for you to check out how much they swell. You’ll have to watch me some other time. Catch me when I’m normal and get me hot so you can watch my tits grow for you. Maybe we can figure out a way to measure me- before and after. You’d like that wouldn’t you?” Bill smiled and grunted that he’d certainly like to do that.

As Missy finished speaking Bill grabbed her and almost threw her onto the bed. He moved to be right behind her- positioning himself on one elbow and grabbing her left breast with his free hand. He growled with excitement as he roughly fondled her breast. He ground his hard cock into her ass. The thought of her breasts swelling beyond their normal generous size was highly arousing and he assaulted her chest just as she’d anticipated he would.

“Do they feel big and swollen? They feel a little hot and swollen to me. You’re so obsessed with my tits; I knew you’d love thinking of them swelling for you,” Missy said. “Play with them- perhaps you can make them swell even more.” Bill rolled her over so they were face to face and positioned himself so he could get both hands on her.

Bill fondled Missy’s tits and relished the notion they were bigger than usual. He loved being rough with them and loved biting and sucking on her nipples. Images of her tits swollen and hungry for his attention ran through his mind. Fantasies of watching the busty woman from the lab whom Missy had described playing with Missy’s tits also added to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his excitement prompting him to say, “Is this how Mary touched you?” His mind was in pig heaven.

She responded, “Mary’s touch was soft and only hinted at lust. I’m pretty sure she wanted to grab me like this but she didn’t. It was much more about intimacy than sex.”

All of a sudden Bill laughed to himself as he remembered that he also had a newly waxed pussy to explore. Missy had gotten him so worked up about her tits that he’d forgotten the previous high point of the day. He’d told Missy to get waxed and she’d done it. He’d been thinking about it for days and looking forward to exploring what he anticipated would be Missy’s more sensitive Mound and pussy. It was incredible that her teasing about her tits had distracted him so easily.

Bill’s left hand dropped to Missy’s small panties and rubbed over her Venus Mound. It felt smooth but it wasn’t remarkably different than before. The panties needed to go. Bill fumbled with them using only one hand and then repositioned himself so he could remove them with two hands. He stared at her Venus Mound as it quickly came into view.

“Wow,” he said. “You look great.” His hand quickly roamed over her Venus Mound and dipped between her legs – feeling her baby smooth outer lips. “You feel even better than you look.” Missy groaned as she felt his touch much more than on previous occasions. Simultaneously they each knew Missy would be keeping herself hair free for a long time.

Bill shrugged his body downward a few inches on the bed to better align his mouth with Missy’s left breast and enveloped the nipple. He moaned as he enjoyed feeling her big nipple between his lips. His tongue soon attacked it. Missy gasped at the new sensation.

His left hand insinuated itself between Missy’s legs as he explored her naked pussy lips. He whispered his approval of how she felt and Missy’s soft moan evidenced her pleasure at feeling his fingers on her fleshy outer lips. Her hairless pussy felt wonderfully exposed to him. Within seconds his fingers found her wetness. He wasn’t sure if her lips opened for him or if she was simply so wet and exposed that he slipped in. It didn’t matter as he thought how easily his cock would find entry from then on.

His cock throbbed at the idea of her wet pussy being so available whenever his cock was ready. It was as if an outer door had been removed and he could enter at will. There’d be no tentative fumbling in her hair and no wondering about her arousal. Of course, he knew there might be times when she wasn’t aroused but for the moment it was very hot to think of her unshielded pussy as always wet and welcoming.

Missy had several similar thoughts. She was thrilled by Bill’s first touch on her naked Mound and how his fingers seemed to hone in on her wetness with ease. She felt wonton with her wet pussy exposed and very ready to be penetrated. Her mind could already feel his cock sliding into her. Without her accustomed protective matt of hair he’d take her easily. She wondered if he’d fuck her more often since her pussy would seem to be continually inviting him. Her wet pussy was shameless in its welcome; it was hot, wet and probably smelled of sex.

Bill moved further down on the bed to explore Missy’s new sex with his eyes and mouth. Bill amused himself at the thought that her hairless wet pussy was strikingly like her mouth when she gave him a blow job. It was funny that the mouth was supposed to be a pseudo pussy but at the moment her pussy seemed to be a copy of her mouth. Of course, it didn’t matter. His cock now had two incredibly wet sexy places to fuck. As his tongue explored her outer lips Missy’s hips lifted off the bed with arousal and she gasped.

Bill gripped her hips to control her movement. With his hands holding her and his mouth moving over her sensitive flesh Missy’s arousal redoubled. She reveled in the pleasure he was giving her and in knowing his attack reflected lust she’d artfully created. His grip was firm and full of passion. His hands weren’t engaged in foreplay; they were already fucking. She was sure he was going to bring her off at least once; his lust was going to drive her into the mattress and probably make her cum two or three times. She loved it when he was really excited. Her mind raced ahead and started thinking of being overly sensitive after her first climax but being forced to have another by his relentless mouth. That delicious threat pushed her over the edge for the first time. Her body thrashed about with a powerful orgasm and then slowed from exhaustion.

As she’d anticipated Bill’s mouth stayed planted on her pussy and his hands seemed to grasp her hips even tighter. Missy panted breathlessly as her body felt like a ragdoll. She couldn’t speak – merely making small shrieking and gasping noises. She was torn between needing him to stop and wanting him to continue- trying to decide when her güvenilir bahis şirketleri voice returned what she would plead. Eventually her body made the decision. She wouldn’t say anything. It felt too good; she’d just allow him to ravish her.

Bill was obviously enjoying her new pussy. He was all over her hairless lips and deep inside of her with his tongue. Her good feeling soon became great and then overwhelming as her passion started to build toward another climax. She knew it would rack her body. She started to tense- wondering how she could signal that two was her absolute limit. Her heart and nervous system couldn’t take much more.

As her body moved close to the point of no return Missy gasped, “Make me cum… Make me cum… Don’t stop… But… then I need your cock!”

Bill’s tongue concentrated on the area near her clit. He knew enough not to stop and where her most sensitive nerves were hiding. He was thrilled as she climaxed again- taking it as a testament to his acumen as a lover. He also knew that now it was his turn. He gave her 5 or 10 seconds of thrashing pleasure before withdrawing his mouth. He wanted to be sure she wasn’t left hanging on the edge. This seemed obvious but he didn’t want to take any chances.

He withdrew his face and planted his hands on the bed. Leaving her thighs spread and lifting them up in the air he pressed them toward her shoulders and brought his body up over hers. He teased them both by sliding his cock forward and back over her wet lips without penetrating her as he stared at her hairless pussy. He said, “Wow. You should see my cock on your naked pussy. It looks and feels great!” He then adjusted the position of his hips and drove his hard cock into her open pussy.

Missy yelled, ‘OH!’ in response and Bill made an unintelligible groan of pleasure as her wet softness enveloped him. Her climax seemed to return and continue far beyond its usual length.

Bill wasted no time in driving in as deeply as he could and then thrusting in and out forcefully. Witnessing Missy’s rolling climax added to his passion as he made long powerful strokes. This was where a pussy was better than a mouth. No mouth could accept the pounding he was giving her. Pounding was what he needed and he suspected her need was the same. He’d been teased by her tits and by going down on her newly waxed pussy for too long. His cock demanded satisfaction from the sexy sleeve set in Missy’s strong hips which were rising to meet his thrusts. She was as hungry for a hard fuck as he was. He pounded into her and loved hearing her grunts as she absorbed each thrust. He’d never fucked her so hard but he knew he would fuck her this way again and again.

All too soon Bill felt the pressure in his cock get teasingly close to the tip. With another two or three thrusts his cock exploded and he could feel his strength being ejaculated along with his built up cum. He froze his body at his deepest penetration and held the position- using Missy’s body for both pleasure and support. It was a moment of being truly sated and a bit helpless.

In a moment Bill strained to lift himself off of Missy. He rolled to his right to lie on the bed next to her. They were both exhausted and content to bask in the afterglow of sex. Heavy breathing gradually eased to normal but each of then lay still for an additional 30 seconds. Bill finally broke the silence by saying, “So tell me again about how the woman at the lab fondled your tits and wants you to model the bras. Perhaps tomorrow we should ask her to join us for a drink.”

While they lived separately Missy spent the night following the bra scanning at Bill’s apartment.

The next morning Missy decided she’d rather go to the high tech bra lab by herself. She wasn’t sure if Mary would be there but wanted the chance to see her alone if possible. She told Bill that his attendance wasn’t needed for the bra pick up. To discourage him from seeking to come she said, “Let me clarify that much of what I described to you yesterday was fiction- intended to get you hard and eager for me- rather successfully I’d say.”

Bill looked confused. Missy said, “Most of the scanning was very boring and clinical- the techs were in lab coats- not sexy outfits. Mary is not at all as sexy as I described. She’s attractive and I guess she has a nice body but I couldn’t really judge through her lab coat. She’s certainly not as dramatically busty as I described her. I was just giving you a sexual tease.”

Bill smiled and admitted, “I enjoyed your story. I suspected that your description of her as a “Barbie look-alike” was bit of an exaggeration but my cock enjoyed the image of her body and her touching your breasts. It’s okay that she’s not obscenely endowed. Visualizing a busty babe touching your tits was great but it’s your tits I’m obsessed with not those on a lab tech I’ll probably never see.”

“You certainly seemed to enjoy my story. In any case, I think she’s not even there today so you won’t be missing out. I’ll just go, check that the bras we ordered fit well and come back. If you’ll take me out to dinner at the tavern I’ll wear one of the new demi cups under a tailored top. You can see if my chest looks more perfect than usual. Your eyes and hands can examine the fabric after dinner.”

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