Walk in the Park


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Kathy rose early that Saturday morning the thunder rattled her windows rolling over she glanced at the alarm clock the neon red numbers flashed back at her. Searching the mound of covers that now were scattered all over her bed she found the remote control and turned on the television that sat on her dresser. Propping herself up on her elbows the covers fell to her waist exposing her pert breasts. Flicking through the channels she finally came to the local news channel and in the upper right corner of the screen was displayed the weather forecast for today. Seeing the bright sun icon and a high temperature of 85 degrees she giggled and looked back towards the window. Turning off the television she threw off the covers and rolled out of bed.

Jesus don’t them people look outside she thought as she slipped on her slippers and moved across the room towards the window. Peering through the curtains she watched as several people milled about in the rain most carried umbrellas some ran with their newspaper their only shelter from the driving rain. Looking off into the horizon she did notice a patch of blue in the otherwise gray -black sky. Her face pressed to the cool glass she tried to look up and down the street her eyes scanning the sky looking for any sign of clearing. Her breathing quickly caused the window to fog up her small fist rose to the window and she wiped away the condensation.

As she did her breast brushed the windowpane. Almost instantly her nipple hardened as it came in contact with the cool glass. Startled by the sudden shock of the contact she stepped back the curtains closed as her hand cupped her erect nipple. She couldn’t help but run her fingertips around the hard bud of her breast soon her other nipple starving for the same attention also rose. As she circled her one nipple with her fingers her other hand moved up and cupped the other breast and began to knead it her eyes closed as her hands played havoc with her mind.

Across the room her full-length mirror displayed her form from behind. Her ass cheeks clenched as her fingers gripped her nipples and rolled them then gently tugged at them. A soft whimper and a shudder and soon her slender fingers were moving down her smooth stomach before even she was aware the mirror reflected what was happening. Her legs parted slightly her ruby red nails could be seen as they appeared between her legs. Curling upwards as her fingers cupped her pussy her leg rose up her foot coming to rest on the windowsill. Her pussy lips parted as her middle finger moved between them her hips moved back as she bent over slightly her hand against the glass steadying her as she rubbed her pussy.

Her nail dug into the tender flesh of her pussy as it made its way towards her clit her knee moved outwards and once again the mirror displayed her tender sweet buttocks as they tightened her finger now moving over her swollen clit. Moving her clit in a circle her finger and clit began a classic game of cat and mouse her finger being the cat that chased the mouse her quickly becoming slippery clit that ever elusive mouse. Her breathing more rapid now another finger joining in the chase quickly her clit was trapped by the pursuing fingers rolling their captive between them squeezing its base causing the tip to become a maroon red as the blood supply was threatened.

Her hair brushed the middle of her back as her head fell back and deep guttural groan leaked out of her pursed lips. Her clit now a captive of her fingers manipulated by them was being pulled from its hiding place as her thumb rubbed its head. Her cat at one time curled up in the chair by her dresser stretched his body twitching as he rose to his feet his eyes fighting to open to investigate the sounds that his ears had captured. Looked to the mirror as was captivated by the sight of her fingers in the reflection as they released her clit and traveled the length of her slit. The intake of her breath through her clenched teeth caused the cat’s head to swing in her direction. Hopping down off its perch he moved silently across the room. Just as her finger which had just moments before been rimming her entranced pushed its way inside her his sleek body grazed her calf.

Her eyes widened with fear as he moved along her calf his tail curled around her knee its tip licking at her upper thigh as he purred and rubbed up against her leg. Almost frozen with the fear of being caught with her finger in her pussy her legs trembled almost causing her to fall over. Her hand that seconds before was manipulating her pussy grasped the windowsill. The juices from her pussy staining the paint as she looked down between her legs and smiled down at Mischief. Looking back up at her he let out a soft meow his tail now wrapped around her leg.

” Mischief you scared me half to death,” she said as she lowered her leg and bent over to stroke his head. Her pose captured by the mirror her pussy clearly soaking wet now peeked out from between her slightly parted thighs the delicate lips swollen with passion. Responding with a louder meow his eyes gazed upwards illegal bahis and scanned her pussy as her hands rubbed his sides he began to purr his tail twitching as she slapped his sides gently the soft thud echoing around the room. As she crouched down to scratch his chin his tail moved over her ass its softness felt so good as it swayed back and forth across the tight skin. Her fingernails lightly scratching his lower jaw he sauntered forward his tail standing tall was bent over as he moved forward the full length of it travelling along her pussy.

Her clit twitched at the softness of his fur as it moved over it the hunger that lie within her pussy once again evident as the tip of his tail flicked her clit. Turning quickly his face nuzzled her inner thigh as she ran her fingers along his spine. Loving the attention showing his affection with a constant steady purr his body slumped over and caressed her inner thigh as he continued back between her legs. Suddenly stopping his nose twitching as he caught an almost familiar yet strange scent his head moved side to side as he searched for the source. His whiskers tickled her thighs as his cold nose touched her pussy.

Jumping to her feet her pussy now on fire a sweat breaking out on her forehead she shivered as her hand cupped her pussy. She could feel it churn and vibrate beneath her fingers as she stood there in front of the window. Mischief completely unaware of what he had done continued to circle her feet. With almost a blinding effect the sun broke through the heavy clouds and burst into her room the unanticipated warmth of it through the window warmed her body. Pumping her arms into the air, ” Yes! Yes! Yes! I guess they were right again. My plans not ruined I will get my jog today outdoors.”

With a bounce in her step spinning around she snatched up her towel and walked towards the door as she walked past the mirror her image displayed to her as others saw her. For a brief moment her eyes sparkled as she took in the beautiful creature that stood before her. Then walked briskly from her room hung up her towel and stepped into the shower. Crouching as she adjusted the temperature of the water finding a happy medium between hot and cold standing her head tilted back the steady stream of water cascading over her body. Rushing around and between her breasts and over her stomach the warmth of the water and the steady beating of the pulsating showerhead washing the sleepy feeling from her body.

Stepping out of the shower her body now alive and refreshed she brushed her teeth and rinsed her mouth her hair wrapped in a towel she sashayed down the hall Mischief who had been laying in wait outside the door followed her. Entering her room, she approached her dresser, opening the top drawer she took out a pair of powder blue panties. Slipping into them the material cupping her buttocks she closed the drawer and opening the next drawer taking out her black skirt she stepped into it pulling it up around her waist. Looking over her shoulder into the mirror she pulled the skirt into place ensuring that her panties were not showing. Satisfied that they did not, she slipped into her halter-top and unwrapping the towel from her hair. Brushing it out the natural curls in her hair becoming more evident as it dried the aroma from her hair filling her nostril as she flipped her head back. Pulling her hair into a ponytail retrieving a pair of socks she sat on the edge of the bed pulling them on.

Standing she turned and examined her appearance in the mirror her hand smoothing out her skirt then tugging her halter top down. The sunlight catching the jewel that pierced her navel the resulting kaleidoscope of colors fanning out over the walls of her room. Reaching over scratching Mischief’s head one last time she quickly made her way downstairs and grabbed her waist pouch and sneakers, opening the pouch she removed her keys, kneeling she put on her sneakers. Taking one last look in the mirror she tightened her ponytail then opening the door stepped out into the warm sunshine. Locking the door then checking the handle she put the keys back into her pouch and made her way down the stairs.

God she loved how the early morning rain made everything shine the pavement glistened in the sun the birds now coming out from hiding they seemed to be greeting her as she made her way towards the park. Up ahead she could see a couple of kids trying desperately to get a kite off the ground the taller one running as fast as he could, the other trailed behind him. Their only connection the string that stretched between them and the desire to see the kite high in the sky. Smiling as she recalled her youth, the many times that her brother and her had ran that same stretch of grass doing just as they were doing now. The many triumphs and defeats as well, brought to the surface as she watched the kite take flight. The little girl stopping jumping up and down with joy as the boy raced through the park the kite climbing higher as the string unraveled from the spool.

As she crossed the street the kite cast illegal bahis siteleri a shadow before her as it sailed past the sun off in the distance she observed the many kites that soared above the earth her smile broadened as the sun warmed her face. Reaching the path she picked up the pace her walking slowly being transformed into a jog as she made her way along the path the laughter of the little girl faded and was soon replaced by the frogs and crickets that lined the path. Pigeons that pecked at the ants that crawled across the path scattered as she approached the steady beat of her feet warning the others ahead of her arrival. The fluttering of their wings as they took flight the soft cooing noise they made as they fled her filled her ears as she adjusted her pace her heart rate increasing as she made her way up the small incline.

As she rounded the bend, the path narrowed tall willow trees providing her with some much needed shade. Glancing at her watch she noticed that it had been almost and hour of running, her body almost as wet as it was that morning in the shower but this time the moisture did not come from a shower head instead it was expelled from within her. Looking to her right through the trees she caught a glimpse of a bench that was nestled back in a small clearing she had lived in the area all her life had traveled this same path almost daily never before had she noticed it.

Ducking under the branches she made her way to the bench the trees opening above her the sun beating down on her glancing down at the bench seeing it was dry she took a seat. Her arms stretched out along the back of the bench her legs straight out in front of her parted slightly she lay her head back and closing her eyes she basked in the heat of the warm sunshine. Above her a squirrel leaped from branch to branch seeing her it stopped in mid stride its tail twitched wildly its beady little eyes never straying from her. With a leap of faith it flew through the air the branches above her soaked still from the morning rain came let loose the water that remained. The sudden barrage of water rains down on her shaking her from her dream.

As she opens her eyes she catches some movement within the trees before she had time to react a German shepherd was before her his tongue licking the top of her thigh. Her hand immediately moving down between her thighs his tongue licking the back of her hand as he looked up at her. His tongue felt so silky and smooth as it lapped at her hand reaching down with both hands she grabbed his head and massaged his ears his tongue dangled from his mouth she leaned forward and said, ” Are you lost little fella?” Lifting his head as she did so. His tongue licked her face laughing at him she fell backwards the dog wasting no time moved his nose under her skirt and sniffed her panties.

“Oh no you don’t you naughty dog you.” Her hand pressing her skirt between her pussy and the dog’s nose. His cold nose nudged her hand trying to move it out of the way whimpering as he did so. She tried to close her thighs but was prevented from doing so by the dog as he shifted forward his body making it impossible for her to close them. His tongue licked her bare inner thigh repeatedly, she giggled as his tongue tickled her soft skin she moved her hand to her thigh to try and get him to stop, with lightning quick speed his nose lifted her hand and his tongue lapped at the crotch of her panties. Her nipples stiffened straining against her halter-top her clit almost immediately stiffened as well as his long wet hot tongue soaked her panties.

His cold wet nose set her clit on fire his tongue seemed to completely encompass her entire pussy as she felt his broad tongue drive itself beneath her its tip flicking the tight bud of her asshole through her panties. “Arggghhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhh! Nooooooooo please…..” she cried as his rough strong tongue moved up her pussy the material now thoroughly drenched with his saliva his tongue shifted directions and curled and worked its way back beneath her. She could feel his teeth as he continued to lap as her panties. With a snort her clit seemed to explode as his hot breath blasted her panties. Her hips rose up her whole body vibrated her toes curled as her cunt exploded sending forward a tidal wave of her cream.

Unable to possible absorb any more liquid her panties acting like a strainer, her orgasm causing every muscles in her body to tighten she swore she heard all of her joints crack, wave after wave of her juices spraying the dog’s mouth her thighs dripping. Spurred on by her discharge the dog licked his way up her thighs then just as she recovered from her first orgasm his tongue moved under her panties. Her body too weak to fight him she slumped lower as once again her entire body shook, his thick wet tongue curling she could feel its tip dip between the puffy lips of her pussy and drive deeper. Her head shot back as her thighs spread even further the small of her back resting on the lip of the bench his snake like tongue squirming its way to the depths of her pussy.

The canlı bahis siteleri outside world no longer mattered, the sun a mere memory, the canopy of leaves above her fading as her whole nervous system seemed to be stroked by the magical tongue. Just as her eyes rolled back in her head plunging her into total darkness her pussy once filled to capacity with the dog’s tongue seemed empty. Fighting to lift her head her without warning she was dislodged from the bench. A small finishing nail catching the back of her halter-top her skirt flying up around her waist as the dog gripped her panties in his powerful jaws and staggered backwards. Before she knew it her top was over her face, pulled inside out, her arms over her head, her back and shoulders suspended inches above the ground. The nail firmly anchored in her shirt her breasts exposed her nipples now standing nearly an inch high struggling to free herself she froze in her tracks as she heard and felt her panties being ripped from her body.

Tossing his head from side to side her panties clenched in his powerful jaws almost as if he knew that the panties were the heart of his prey her pussy now bare and completely at his mercy he released his grip on her panties. Before her torn panties were even on the ground his nose was buried deep between her thighs. Dropping to his belly his long thick rubbery tongue whipped out and slapped against her pussy. Blinded by her shirt, her arms hopelessly trapped above her head, all Kathy could do was spread her legs further apart. As she did just that the swollen dripping folds of her pussy parted as well her pussy juice dripping from her entrance the dog’s tongue quickly capturing it as it seeped from within her.

His teeth mashed her clit as her banged his snout against her cunt his rough tongue swished over her blood engorged clit sending her speeding towards yet another orgasm. His tongue cut into her oozing pussy fucking it into her to the hilt. His teeth scrapped her exposed clit as he growled her pussy cream coating his snout. ” Ohhhh! I am yours! Eat me! Lick my fucking cunt!” she screamed. Her ass lifting, she could feel his tongue slither deep inside her, deeper than anyone had ever been. Her body arched her feet slid under her, her knees so wide apart the muscles of her inner thighs stuck out her pussy lips parted wider, then were ripped even wider still by his tongue as it gathered her cream from the deepest depths of her pussy.

Pussy juice dripped from his jaw his tongue relentless as it drove in and out of her all at once she could feel every fiber of her body tense her cunt clamping closed around his tongue. “Unnnnnn! Cummmmmminnnnnnggggggggg! Nnnnnnnnnnnnn!” she panted as her pussy seemed to suck his tongue deeper. Her body rigid her head moving across the bench the nail shredding her top the material ripped from her body as her cunt let go a steady stream of cream. The first drops of her juices hitting his tongue the dog worked his tongue faster and faster in and out of her lapping at the delicious liquid that spilled from her cunt.

With a yelp the tongue that was licking her pussy was gone before she could recover from her orgasm and uncover her eyes she felt a pair of hands on her wrists yanking her to her feet. Spun around as she hit her feet she could feel a strong body against her back suddenly her world was filled with color again her halter-top ripped from her body. Turning to look over her shoulder to see who was behind her she felt her hair being ripped out by the roots as the powerful hands forced her to again look forward. “Owwwwwwww! Please don’t hurt me! Please I’ll do anything!” she pleaded. Then seconds later her world once again plunged into darkness as a strip of material was placed over her eyes and tied firmly behind her head.

She could hear the rattle of a chain then felt a band of leather slide around her neck. Frozen with fear her heart stopped as she felt it being drawn tighter her hands quickly moved to her throat her fingers unable to slide between the leather and her throat she saw her whole life flash in front of her eyes. Fear gripped her very soul as the figure behind her covered her mouth with a length of tape. Suddenly her nose seemed plugged, her lungs fighting for air, her cries now nothing more than a whisper as they bounced off the tape and seemed to echo in her head. Never before had anything seemed as loud in her life, not even when as a child, her father and used to sit with her under the airplanes as they roared overhead landing at the airport.

Her arms pulled behind her back the stainless steel cold as it encircled her thin wrists stiffening her body rising up as she perched on her tipi-toes. The vibration of each metal tooth causing her heart to beat faster, the clasp pinching her skin the sharp edges of the steel slicing her wrist. With her life on the line in a first and last-ditch effort to save herself she lifted her leg driving her heel upward between the legs of the owner of the cuffs. Her shoulders jerked forward her upper torso prevented from doubling completely over by the strength of the hand that had pushed her forward her foot merely bouncing off his knee. His other hand wrapped within the chain that now joined her wrists her hands facing inwards, closed around his massive hand as she stumbled forward.

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