University Coming to an End


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This story follows on chronologically from ‘On The Rebound’ but can be read as a separate story.

After my older man experience, I considered it to be a box ticked, it satisfied my desire and Ray made me feel wanted again although I eventually found out that the reason Mr. Whitehead rejected me, just after I’d made him cum, was because he felt guilty about his wife. It was a good job I didn’t feel overly guilty about cheating on my boyfriend or I would have had a very dull time at university, although my time as a student was nearly at an end.

I focused on the my final exams at university, the only sex I had was on the occasional visits from my long-distance boyfriend. I had tried to spice things up with him but it never hit the heights of lust I got from being a cheating girlfriend.

I completed my final university exam and noted the date was exactly three months to the day since I had cheated on my boyfriend, Sam, with forty-nine year-old builder Ray. I was due to go out tonight to celebrate, finishing my exams, that is.

I’d hardly been out at all whilst I had been revising and hadn’t drunk much so when we went to the pub, straight from the exam hall, I only needed a little to drink before I started feeling light-headed.

I’d grown in confidence so much during my time at Manchester University and I reflected on this as I sat next to Jack in the pub as part of a group of fifteen or so of us. Jack was the archetypal, all-round good guy, academically bright, socially imperious and sporty too, captaining the men’s hockey team. He was confident but not brash and I’d fancied him since day one but it took me nearly two years to pluck up the confidence to even talk to him. On this occasion, maybe one of the last times I would see him, I could even have mistaken our conversation for flirtation, therefore, worried the drink would bring my night to a much earlier end, I excused myself from the group to go home, have something to eat, get changed and reconvene later.

I was so happy to have finished my exams and although I was a bit worried about my next steps and what exactly I was going to do, I had two job interviews lined up in London next month, tonight I was going to just enjoy celebrating my achievements at university.

With my lack of sex, or lack of decent sex, for the past three months, just speaking to Jack and being in such close proximity to him in the afternoon had turned me on. I thought he almost definitely had a girlfriend, and of course I had a loving boyfriend but I still thought of Jack as I selected my outfit for the night. It was a warm evening so I didn’t mind about getting cold, choosing a really short black cotton minidress with a tight fit and a halter neck that showed off my shoulders and top of my back, no bra, black lace thong, I put my jewellery on, hair up and wore trainers as I thought that made it look a bit more casual as I knew some people would have stayed in the pub all afternoon and then into the evening.

“Look at you, incredible Charlotte, glad you’re back,” Jack commented and I was so glad he did, I felt a tingle through my body, “a drink for the returning lady?”

“Oh go on then,” as I rejoined the rest of the group and we all reminisced over our time at university, our favourite lecturers, the most memorable students, the social events and much more.

“I remember being too scared to talk to you in our first year Jack,” I broke off from the rest of the group to have an individual conversation again.

“Really?” Jack replied.

“You were just so confident and handsome, you intimidated me a bit.”

“What, so I’m not handsome anymore, so now I’m alright to talk to?” He laughed.

“Yeah, you’ve got so ugly, I think you’re alright to talk to now,” I joked, “but seriously, I wish I’d had more confidence in general when I started. I used to look at people like you and think how much better your time at university was than mine in the first year.”

“It’s always easier looking at other people though and thinking they’ve got it easy. It wasn’t, well not for me anyway. I used to be a bit intimidated by how clever you were Charlotte.”

“And now I’m not?” I laughed, “but at least I got to know you in the end.”

“Yeah, it’s not turned out so badly.”

“Would you ever done anything differently?” I said, looking into his blue eyes, “if you could start it all over again?”

“Well maybe,” he looked at me intently, “just between you and me, but I’ve had a girlfriend since the first year, the second week we were here actually, don’t get me wrong, I love her to bits but maybe, just maybe, if I was doing it again, I might have been single for a bit of it.”

“I’ve seen girls throwing themselves at you Jack, you’re telling me, the captain of the hockey team has never been tempted?”

“Don’t tell the lads this but even though I’ve been tempted and I might have made out I did, I’ve never actually gone through with anything. I’ve been a good boy throughout…” Jack trailed off, looking a little sad.

“Now you wish you’d been a bad boy?”

“I ataköy masöz escort dunno Charlotte, guess it’s too late now anyway.”

Our conversation was interrupted as a drinking game started in the group and we both rejoined the main huddle.

“I have never!” Omar called out to start the drinking game.

“I have never passed out from drinking too much!”

The game went through a series of statements that people had to drink if they’d done them and some people had slurped so much of their drinks they quickly had to get top-ups before we started round two.

“I have never fantasised about sleeping with another Biology student!”

As I put my glass to my lips I couldn’t help but sneak a glance at Jack, as he did exactly the same. I don’t know if I was just drunk but I was fairly sure, even if our drinking glasses were obscuring our faces, that Jack grinned at me as he joined me in taking a slurp of his drink as per the rules of the game.

We formed a conga as we danced our way out of the pub as a group and made the short walk to the student union to carry on the night, high spirits and laughter all the way. I was with everyone but mainly Jack.

“I just need to get some cash, sometimes the card machines don’t work in there,” I said to him and the others, “I’ll catch you up inside.”

“Oh yeah, I might get some as well,” he said, “we’ll both catch you up in a bit.”

I was drunk but I definitely felt the sexual tension in the air between us.

“Thanks for coming with me,” I said to him after the machine had given me the money.

“Do you know what?”


“I don’t actually need any cash,” and with that Jack put his hands on my waist and pulled me in for a kiss, first just on the lips and then he went further as our tongues touched and his grip turned to my arse as he gave it a firm grope.

It felt wonderful in that moment, I couldn’t hear the noise of the street, I just felt the embrace between us.

“Why couldn’t you have done that three years ago?” I said to him as we broke off the kiss.

“Things may have gone very differently if I had,” he grinned at me.

“Wait, you’ve got lipstick on you,” I wiped it off for him, “play you cards right and you might get to wipe something off my lips later,” and we made our way to the student union to join the rest of the group.

It was so busy inside, filled with so many people, presumably like us who had finished exams and were looking forward to the summer, trying to make the most of what would be one of the last few nights out of the semester.

I tried my best to keep sight of Jack but the crowds of people and the moves to bars, toilets and the dance floor as well as everyone’s inebriated state made it difficult to keep track of my group.

“Hello Charlotte,” it was Lucas, “so good to see you, last exam today?”

At the beginning of the year, I’d talked to a group of first year biology undergraduates about my placement year in America. I’d been really nervous about doing it but saw it as a real positive when I’d finished it. A week later, when I was out, Lucas had introduced himself.

“I saw you earlier,” I’d heard a tall, thin boy say to me, back in September.

“Oh, really?” I’d replied, slightly confused as I couldn’t place his face.

“Yeah, you were doing that talk for us.”

“I see,” it clicked into place, how he must have seen me, “are you a first year on Biology then?”

“Yes, your talk was really good, I’d love to go to America next year like you did, you must be really confident to do that though and I’m finding it hard just to be here.”

“Aww, you wouldn’t have said that if you’d known me as a fresher,” I’d said with a mixture of pride at how true what I was saying was and also sympathy because I too found it difficult leaving home for the first time.

We’d chatted for a bit about the course and where he was from, fairly innocuous stuff really, for about ten minutes and I found out his name was Lucas.

“You’re so fit,” he’d said, taller than me, looking down into my eyes.

“Look,” I’d said, “I do have a boyfriend you know.” I was somewhat taken aback, I thought he was quite cute but at eighteen, he was three years younger than me and I thought he was genuinely interested in my experiences of the course and America, so I was somewhat taken aback.

“You’re gorgeous,” he’d continued, clearly he was more drunk than I had initially thought, as he slurred his way through a range of compliments designed to get me to sleep with him.

I thought he was quite cute, I felt a bit sorry for him and I must admit to being a bit flattered but nothing was going to happen, despite him telling me all sorts of nice things about me, so I made my excuses and left him.

Once, I saw him in the university gym and I asked him to spot me. I noticed that he grew hard in his shorts, he had been embarrassed and tried to stand sideways from me so that I wouldn’t see but I did anyway. Just knowing that I could turn men ataköy otele gelen escort on like this gave me a great feeling and at the time I vowed to let this be enough for me but that was in September and now we were in June. I’d seen him about a fair few times since then and I’d teased him a bit as well.

“So you’re going to leave Manchester?” Lucas asked me.

“Yes,” I replied, it suddenly started seeming very real to me, “I’ve got some interviews in London next month, so fingers crossed I’ll move there or I’m back to my hometown.”

“They’d be mad to not employ you Charlotte,” he started the charm offensive and I can’t say I was sad to be hearing it.

“You’re so sweet Lucas,” I meant it, “I’ll actually miss you.”

“That means a lot coming from you. I’m going to the bar, tell me what you want and I’ll bring it to you.”

With that, he went into the crowd and I searched for Jack and my group, finding them on the dance floor.

“I thought I’d lost you for the night,” it was Jack, pleased to see me, “we can have a little dance now though.”

I danced close to Jack but we were still part of the wider group, we briefly held hands and hugged but he was conscious of the other people. At one point I backed into him and briefly wiggled my arse against his crotch, seeing if I could elicit some excitement from him but he moved his hand to separate me from any direct contact with his jeans.

“Do you not want to kiss me again?” I asked him.

“Yeah, of course I do,” he said as quietly as he could on a crowded dance floor, “but…well…you know…it’s just all these people…I’ve got a girlfriend and…”

“…and I’ve got a boyfriend back home but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some harmless fun…”

We continued to dance close to each other but I knew I wasn’t getting another kiss, at least not just yet. I stopped dancing to go the toilet.

“I’ve got your drink Charlotte,” it was Lucas, on the outskirts of the dance floor area, it wasn’t quite as loud here.

“Lucas, baby,” I said, “I’m so sorry I forgot about the drink you were buying me. That must have been an hour ago. I lost track of time. That’s so very sweet of you though to hold on to it for me.”

“I don’t want to go back on my word,” he said, “so I made sure I held onto it until I found you.”

“Ooh, you’re a such a good person,” I wanted to pull his cheeks.

“I’d do anything for you Charlotte, you’re so fit,” he gushed, “you could be a model. I won’t know anyone barely half as fit to even talk to next year when you’re gone.”

“Oh Lucas,” I suddenly felt something for him, “you’re so lovely.” I couldn’t help myself but I went to hug him and then in his arms I felt something even more for him, and I knew I shouldn’t have done, but I kissed him. He certainly wasn’t shy in kissing me back as we snogged to the music.

“Wow, I was not expecting that,” he said with such happiness that I couldn’t help myself from kissing him again. This time he more boldly explored my body with his hands, rubbing over the material of my short dress, teasing along the hemline and tracing the line of my thong. I wasn’t complaining and as I ground my thigh into him I could feel his erection digging into me. I could feel that he was a big boy.

We were stopped as the last song of the night finished and the lights came on.

“You know, if you want Charlotte,” Lucas said to me, “our night doesn’t have to end here.”


“Well, you could come back to mine if you want,” he smiled, “I’ve moved into my second year house early and I’m the only one there at the moment, it’s just been me this whole week.”

“Do you get a bit scared on your own or do you get up to other things when you’re all by yourself?” I teased.

“If it means you’ll come back I’ll admit to anything.”

“You’d really like it if I did wouldn’t you?”

“Not going to lie to you, it’d make my year.”

“Lucas, have you ever thought of me, you know, when you’ve been touching yourself, when you’ve been alone?”

“Charlotte!” Lucas’s face reddening, “I might have, you know, thought about you.”

“Do you think that you could make me moan?” I was feeling really horny now.

“Give me the chance, I’ll show you, you won’t regret it when I do make you moan.”

With that, seemingly out of nowhere Jack appeared, I wasn’t sure if he’d seen me kissing Lucas.

“Charlotte,” Jack said, seemingly flustered as I’d never seen him before, “I’m…we’re…we’re going now.”

“Oh right,” I said, as nonchalantly as I could.

“Well,” he stumbled over his words, “I was just thinking, if you needed me to walk you home safely…then…well…er…I could do it.”

At this moment, I was truly torn, I seemingly had offers from a man I’d lusted after since the first year and a boy from the first year. I needed to think quickly.

“Look,” I said to Jack, fairly quietly as I wasn’t sure if I wanted Lucas to hear, at least not at this stage, “Lucas has invited me back to ataköy rus escort his. I want to go and I’m going to go. You, Jack, the most handsome man at this university, are more than welcome to join us, if, you know what I mean?”

A part of me was terrified that I’d made such a statement but my reasoning was that I wanted them both. If I ditched Lucas and went with Jack then Jack might walk me home and that might be it. He might feel guilty again about his girlfriend, which would leave me frustrated. I knew how much Lucas wanted me and I knew I could have him whatever happened tonight, that was guaranteed in any format. Was I actually going to have a threesome though, if Jack said yes?

“No,” Jack said, he was turning me down, he looked anguished, “that’s not me.”

“Okay,” I said, disappointed, “but don’t look back and wish you done things differently.”

With that, I took Lucas’s hand and we walked out together.

“I’m so excited Charlotte,” Lucas said to me as we got outside, “placing my hand over the crotch of his jeans.”

“You’re okay with me being naughty?” I teased him.

“Bring it on,” he said as we crossed the road towards his house, “I’ve wanted this so much, I never thought it’d happen actually happen though.”

“I don’t want any regrets.”

“Have you split up with your boyfriend then?”

I didn’t say anything, I just gave him a look.

“Wait,” footsteps caught up with us, “I’ve had second thoughts, please, Charlotte.”

It was Jack, he’d managed to catch up with us and had seemingly changed his mind.

“You’re right Charlotte,” he was slightly out of breath, “I don’t want any regrets.”

“What?” Lucas was confused.

“Jack’s going to come back with us too,” I told him, “unless you want me to just go with him?”

“But…” Lucas stammered, “for fucks sake.”

“It’ll be fun,” I grinned as I said it, “just the three of us, together.”

“I just want you Charlotte,” Lucas was taken aback.

“I don’t think Jack wants you Lucas, is that right?”

“No, no not at all,” he said.

“You can both have me. That is, if you still want me…” I trailed off.

My calculated gamble paid off and I was about to enter into something I genuinely had not planned on doing but it meant I got them both.

I held Jack’s hand on one side, Lucas’s the other and me in the middle, as we walked the final few steps to Lucas’s house.

I was a mixture of nerves and excitement as the three of us entered the house. In the hallway, Lucas’s hand immediately went to my arse to grope me through my dress, then he fully moved behind me, his second hand feeling more of my body from behind, I ground back on him and Jack now in front of me, sandwiched me between them, looking me in the eyes before kissing me on the lips.

“Look,” Jack spoke, “this goes no further than this house and us three. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” we all chimed in unison.

“And you’re not to touch me,” Jack spoke only to Lucas.

“As if I’d want to,” he replied.

“But you’re going to touch me, I hope,” I tried to lighten the mood.

“Drinks,” Lucas announced, “go in there while I get them,” pointing to the living room as he went to the kitchen.

I took the chance, the two of us alone for a moment to kiss Jack again on his own and he enthusiastically responded.

“Earlier, Lucas said he’d make me moan,” I whispered into Jack’s ear, the two of us alone for a moment, “what about you Jack? Are you going to make me moan harder?”

“You’re only going to be thinking about me,” he whispered back, gently nibbling my ear as we went to sit on the cornered sofa. I liked the thought of them both competing against each other to be the better performer.

“There we go,” Lucas brought in three beers and joined us on the sofa, me in the middle, flanked by two boys I was horny for and them for me, the tension unbearable. Who was going to make the first move?

It was Lucas who put his hand on my bare thigh, so I turned to his side to kiss him first on my left hand side, our tongues quickly and passionately meeting each other’s. As this was happening, I felt Jack’s hands touch my right thigh as he moved his hands over that side of my body.

“Hmmmm,” I moaned in appreciation as I turned, this time, to Jack, to kiss him and Lucas felt me up through my clothes.

One of them managed to untie my dress at the neck meaning the top could fall down and as I wasn’t wearing a bra, I was now topless. I could feel hands on my rock hard nipples and as I alternated between kissing one of the two men, the other would take my rock hard pierced nipple in his mouth to suck, at one point I wasn’t kissing either of them as they both had their lips around each of my nipples.

“Your nipples are so hard,” Jack said as he played with me on his side.

“It’s because you two boys are making me so horny.”

I opened my legs, feeling their touch on them as they both slid their hands in unison up my thighs, pushing my dress to ride higher, fingers firstly on the edge of my black thong, they must have felt how damp I was. Then, I don’t know who was first, but a finger and then fingers entered my moist pussy.

“Oh god,” I squirmed with excitement. This exquisite feeling of having four hands on me, two pairs of lips kissing mine, sucking my nipples, hands in my thong and fingers inside me made me gasp.

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