Unexpected Friendly Fuck


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I want to come over and smoke a joint with you, catch up on everything new going on in our lives. I want to lean across the couch as we talk and lean my head on your shoulder and enjoy touching another human being. I daydream about you putting your arm around me silently and just letting me rest there, breathing and enjoying a moment of peace and affection.

Your hand resting on my waist feels electric, and I’m intensely aware of the growing heat between my legs, even though I know I shouldn’t pursue this. We both have unspoken ties to other people, and mutual friends that would be angry about us doing this. But I don’t move away, instead I stay where I am, sinking more comfortably into your embrace. The moment is charged, we both know what’s happening, and that we probably shouldn’t, but I move my head slightly upward, tilting towards your face, your hand moves down to my hips, where my tank top has risen slightly above my shorts revealing bare skin, and we kiss. Deeply and fully and passionately, because I need this. Your hand grips me more forcefully, and I turn to put my arms around you and pull you closer, straddling your lap as we embrace.

After the initial surrender to sin, we pull apart and you ask if I’m sure I want to do this. I nod that I do, slightly sliding forward, rubbing myself across your now noticeably erect member. I press into you as we kiss again, and you moan softly against my mouth as your hands begin to roam my güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri body, feeling the curve of my hip, sliding under my shirt up my stomach to the edge of my breast, covered only by a thin sports bra. Your hand traces the curve of my breast as I grind against you, growing more excited as you tantalizingly avoid my erect nipple, teasing me. Then you give in suddenly, pinching my sensitive nipple between your fingers and pulling me closer to you. I pant, feeling overwhelmed by lust. We kiss with an unrestrained abandon until the pressure builds up too high that I can’t stand it, and I pull away to say,

“I want you. I want to do this. So, so bad.”

I get off of his lap and stand in front of the couch, and begin to pull of my shirt. I undress at first without thinking, but as I pull the shirt over my head, I grow aware of your gaze, which unexpectedly turns me on even more. I bashfully look towards the ground but gather myself to meet your eyes as I unhook my bra and slowly let it fall. I think you were planning to undress as well, but instead you remain still as we link eyes, and I continue this impromptu striptease.

I feel exposed and somewhat nervous, topless under your gaze, barefoot but still wearing my shorts. But deep at heart, feeling exposed and submissive feels hot to me, and I’m getting more and more excited. I unbutton my shorts and slide my fingers under the band to pull them down, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri gently caressing my hipbones and stomach. I step out of my shorts and again look up at you as I move my hands to my panties. I see that you have pulled down your shorts to take your dick in your hand, and are touching yourself as you watch me. Seeing me hesitate, you say,

“Touch yourself through your panties for me.”

I blush but do as I’m told, and move my hand to rub myself through the thin blue material. My clit is so sensitive already that even this indirect stimulation feels really good, and I feel myself soaking through my underwear. My display seemed to please you, and you say gently,

“Good, take them off now.”

I take them off and feel a jolt as cool air meets my wet lips.

“Come here” you say, and you take off your shirt as I walk towards to you on the couch. I straddle you, keeping myself a few inches above your hard dick. You take my nipple in your mouth and forcefully pull my chest to your face, passionately attacking my already sensitive nipples with your tongue and sometimes a little teeth, eventually moving to the other side and treating it the same, driving me crazy.

My head falls back in extreme desire and lust, and I try unsuccessfully to lower myself onto you, but your hand on my ass and mouth on my tit keep me from moving. “Please…” I moan.

“Please what?” you ask.

“Please..,” güvenilir bahis şirketleri I hesitate before saying the actual words, “please fuck me.”

“Since you asked nicely,” you reply, and use both hands to grab my ass as you move me to the tip of your cock, briefly holding me there.

“God you’re so wet,” you groan, and then let me slide inch by inch down you, impaling myself. Your hard cock filling up my needy pussy feels amazing, and I close my eyes and moan as I fully take you into me. I grind in a few small circles before raising myself up a few inches and lowering myself again, fucking myself on your big cock. Your hands wrap around my hips and you encourage me to fuck you harder, making me match your rhythm as we move together. I move my hand down to my pussy so I can rub my clit as I feel you constantly thrust into me, harder and harder.

I can’t control my reactions anymore, and I get louder, gasping and moaning as an intense orgasm builds up already. We fuck almost animalistically, as we both get closer. In between gasps, I look at your through lusty eyes and ask, “Is it okay it I cum?”

“Fuck yes,” you reply, which immediately makes me cry out as a flood of intensely pleasurable, shockwaves explode through my pussy, that don’t totally fade for minutes. You groan loudly as well, and I feel your throbbing penis shoot it’s load into the condom we responsibly put on earlier sometime. I fall against you, putting my head against your chest as you still rest inside me. You put your arm around me, and let your head fall back as we both catch our breaths.

“That was good. Really good,” I say, and laugh gently at how crazy our decision was. But I don’t regret it.

“It was,” you say, and kiss the top of my head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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