Uncaged Ch. 08


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Standard disclosure: all fictional characters, all over 18. This is a personally produced work. Any questions, contact the author. Enjoy.


I took a deep breath and replied, “Your wish is my command.” barely believing the words I had just spoken, I watched Jade for her reaction. Jade looked just as surprised as I felt, but that look quickly changed to a smirk. She kissed me, hard, her hands on my face. She then grabbed my hand and led me to the tent, Ben following close behind. Jade unzipped the tent flap, and guided me inside. Just as I entered, she forced me to the ground, face down. I was too surprised to say anything and she was quickly kneeling beside me, pinning me down.

“Ben, go grab my red bag.” she said, not looking at him. After a second of confusion, Ben brought her the bag she asked for, and at Jade’s direction, held me in place while she rummaged through it. She let out a satisfied noise, and seconds later, I felt cold metal wrapping around my wrists. She had handcuffed me behind my back!

“What the hell? I said I would listen!” I argued while I struggled helplessly. Ben was easily keeping me from turning over.

Jade responded, “I know you did, but you keep forgetting that all we promised is that you wouldn’t get any dick inside you without permission. Everything else is fair game. You keep thinking that you can bitch and moan to get whatever you want, and have us make you come over and over like a nympho slut. Time you learned a lesson about who’s in charge and who’s just a sextoy this weekend.”

Ben chimed in, “Damn right, I’ve been waiting to put you in your place for a long time. No more complaining from that mouth.” Both of them had obvious smirks on their faces, and their tone made it clear that neither was angry, they were just teasing me as they played out their roles. I had been surprised for a second but I caught on to the game pretty quickly.

I wasn’t giving up that easily. I knew they were just playing, but I wasn’t going to be the one to disrupt the moment. “Just let me go, I’ll stop complaining, really!”

“Yeah, you will,” Jade started, “when we’re done with you.” As Ben kept me from rolling over, Jade grabbed a couple of our sleeping bags, folded them up and shoved them under my stomach. I ended up with my ass in the air and my cheek pressed down against the floor of the tent. I knew what was coming, Jade had already tried to teach me this lesson, but I guess she thought I hadn’t caught on yet. I was a little nervous, but I didn’t think she was going to push it very far. Although, deep inside I think I knew I had a little of it coming to me.

Ben released me, I didn’t have enough of my weight on the ground to move away if I wanted to now. I was helpless, naked, on display for the two of them. Jade asked Ben, “Do you want to start? No point in wasting any time.”

Ben answered her, “Hell yeah, I’d love to teach this teasing bitch a lesson.” Again, the words were more playful and sarcastic than anything else. He took his place on the floor behind me, and took my ass in his hands, kneading me lightly, seemingly savouring the feel of my helpless ass in his hands. Suddenly his hand came down with a SMACK! It did hurt, a little, but just enough that I could feel it. I yelped out anyways, just to keep playing my part as “helpless and punished.”

Ben spanked me with a second, barely louder, SMACK! I still made noise but didn’t try to get away or argue. I think he was almost disappointed, and continued beating my ass again and again. There was ten, maybe fifteen at most, but none truly did more than sting for a few seconds. Honestly, I think he was more grabbing my ass than anything else. Truly, the pain was easily manageable, but with the helplessness and embarrassment, it was still an intense experience. Jade was watching silently, running her hands through my hair, and leaned down to kiss me at the end. I kissed back hard, as Ben massaged my ass, pulled my hips to him, and otherwise enjoyed the view and feel he had.

“Ok baby, that’s enough,” Jade told him. I exhaled deeply, until she followed up with, “my turn now.” Ben stayed long enough to squeeze my ass hard one last time, before moving aside to let Jade behind me. As Jade took her position, Ben came to my front, pulling my head back, firmly but not painfully by my hair, forcing me to look at him. He smiled as he looked back at me and asked, “How’s that? Do you think you’ll listen now?”

I was looking right into his eyes, a little overwhelmed by sensations, thinking more about how I must look, naked, cuffed, and being “punished”, but just as I started to nod, I felt Jade release the cuffs, letting my hands free. I left my hands behind my back for a minute, and stayed in position. Jade took the hint, and laid a few more light slaps on my ass as well. Now I replied, “Yeah, I think I will.” and smiled back. I brought my hands in front of me to push myself up a little, but kept grinding my ass back into Jade’s hands as she took her turn caressing my ass.

“So, ataşehir escort what am I supposed to listen to then?” I teased. “All you jerks are doing is playing with me…”

Jade reached around and cupped my breasts, helping me up to a kneeling position. She was behind me, I could feel the heat off her naked body, her tits pressing against my back. She started to kiss the back and sides of my neck, while whispering, “I think we can find something for you to do, but for now you should just relax and go with it.” From my front, Ben leaned down to kiss the other side of my neck, I closed my eyes and breathed hard as the two of them lightly kissed away. Soon, Jade’s hands were underneath my breasts, lifting them as Ben’s mouth descended to kiss them. He circled my nipples with his tongue, making me moan quietly.

I barely even noticed as Jade released my tits, and took a hold of one of my hands, bringing it just behind my hips, right onto her waiting wet pussy. Instinctively I began to rub her, using my fingers just as I knew she liked it, but I started to concentrate on her so hard that Ben was able to take my other hand. Before I knew it, I was gripping the shaft of his hard cock as well!

I was kneeling between them, slightly stunned, as Jade and Ben kissed and caressed me, my hands were moving quickly on Jade’s clit, and, I was forced to admit, slowly on Ben’s shaft. I wasn’t really sure how we got to this point…but I didn’t want it to stop yet. Jade began to move to my front, my hand followed her, and quickly she was beside Ben, kissing him as I stroked them both. I saw the looks on both of their faces as they were enjoying it, and I had to admit it made me feel good to be causing those looks. But still, I was a little over my head. I moved in to kiss Jade myself, and whispered to her in between kisses, “What do I do now?”

Jade’s response was simple, “Watch.” With that, she turned herself to be beside me, facing towards Ben as I was. She pulled my hand away from her and gently prodded Ben upwards. He stood up in front of us, and I released my grip on him as well. Jade’s hand quickly replaced mine, however, and she began stroking him, with firmer and more confident strokes than I had been using. I now had what I had to call a great view of things, with Ben being stroked maybe a foot in front of me, right at eye level. As I stared, Jade kissed me one more time then moved her mouth to Ben’s cock, licking the head first then enveloping half of it into her mouth.

Ben’s moan was obvious this time, Jade clearly knew what she was doing. After sucking on it for a short time, she turned back and kissed me again, her tongue darting into my mouth. Quickly though, she pulled away and switched her tongue to the head of Ben’s cock, with what looked like the same motions. She did this again and again, switching from me to him, and I began to anticipate it, moving forward to meet Jade each time. It was obvious enough what she was intending, and I certainly wasn’t going to back out so easily, I was far too fired up to even think otherwise. A few passes later, and my tongue was joining Jade’s on the tip of Ben’s cock, swirling around them both. Ben was obviously in heaven by then, looking down at us with his cocky smile as we licked each other and him together.

Jade slowed to give me a deep open-mouthed kiss, and as she did so, pulled Ben’s shaft between us so we were kissing around the head of his cock. I froze in place, with just a little trepidation, as he rocked his hips enough to slide his shaft slowly between our mouths. Back and forth he moved as we stayed in place. Ben’s hands were gently on our heads, guiding us to stay where we were, but not making us. After a short while, he lightly guided Jade back, so that it was only my lips on him. He looked down with a questioning look, as if to say, “Is this all right?” In response, I turned myself, stared right into his eyes, and slowly enveloped the head of his cock with my lips, as if to say, “Hell yes.”

“Fuck, you are turning into a good listener, aren’t you?” Ben asked me.

“Mmmhmm…” I answered, slowly taking more of him into my mouth. I didn’t know exactly what to do, but I really wanted to blow (excuse the pun) this cocky (damn it, pun again) guy’s mind. I settled on sliding my lips up and down him, taking maybe half of it inside me. Jade was watching us intently, and I noticed had started to play with her own pussy.

“Shit, you two look so fucking hot right now…suck that fucking dick Kat, get it ready for me…” Jade moaned, hell, nearly whined, as she got on all fours beside us, presenting her fantastic tight ass, as she continued to rub her wet pussy.

“You gonna get me ready for her?” Ben asked with that big grin of his on his face. I nodded and moaned back in reply. “Good girl, get me nice and hard and wet to fuck her. Get this cock ready to fuck your friend.” This was still new but I had the general idea. I pulled back and licked his cock up and down the entire avcılar anal yapan escort length, all around, getting him good and slippery. Hard wasn’t an issue. In this situation, any straight man would be. Jade was waiting impatiently, her hips moving in little circles as she awaited Ben. I pulled my mouth back, reached out for his shaft, and gently guided him towards Jade’s waiting body.

“Are you ready to get fucked, babe?” I taunted Jade as I brought Ben right to the opening of her waiting pussy. Ben started to slide inside her, but couldn’t get any farther than the head as my fist held his shaft. “Come on, do you want it or not?”

“Yes, hell yes, let him fuck me, come on!” she replied anxiously. Jade tried to rock back but couldn’t make any progress with me blocking her. As she tried and tried, suddenly I released my grip and she backed up into him, sinking all the way down in one motion. She yelped out “Oh, fuck! Yes!”

Ben placed one hand on her hip to help guide himself, and tangled his fingers slowly in my hair, holding me close as I tried to back up. He was making me watch Jade get fucked from close up. “That’s right Kat, you watch as your little slut friend gets fucked.” he teased. He was loving this situation, and hell, so was I. This was all so new but damn, he was as good looking of a guy as Jade was of a hot girl, and together, I was coming to learn that I was a hell of a lot more interested than I would have ever guessed.

Ben fucked her with long slow strokes, I had a great view of almost his entire cock coming out of her, then all the way back in. Jade was already totally incoherent, moaning and grunting as she was fucked hard from behind. She started to come quickly, nearly screaming as she asked for more. I watched, enraptured as Ben fucked her through her orgasm, ending with one last hard thrust inside her as she hit the peak of her orgasm. She sunk low to the ground, as if exhausted, with her face on the floor of the tent and barely able to support herself in that position, if not for Ben’s firm hand on her hip and waist. I waited for Ben to step back or let go of me but neither happened.

However, he did lean his body back enough that his cock slowly pulled out of Jade, while she let out an exhausted sigh. Ben hadn’t came yet, so he was just as hard as before, but now glistening with Jade’s juices. I was pretty sure I knew what he had in mind, but I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of acting like it was his idea. Without even raising my eyes to him, I opened my mouth and slowly lowered my lips around his wet cock, tasting my beautiful lover off of him. We moaned simultaneously, Ben at the pleasure of my mouth, and me at the taste of Jade and the naughtiness of what I was doing. “What do you think?” Ben asked, “Is that enough, or should I fuck her some more?” The way he emphasized the word her made it obvious that he was offering me a choice. I wasn’t ready to answer the way he was hoping for, not yet at the least. But I wasn’t going to quit, either.

“No, not yet.” I answered, with my own smile. SMACK! went my hand down on Jade’s ass, bringing her back to alertness. I grabbed her by the waist and flipped her over onto her back, showing off her body to good effect with her heavy breathing and spread legs. Before she could say anything, I quickly moved to straddle her face, looking down her body towards Ben. “Now you can fuck her.” I smirked.

To their credit, neither Ben nor Jade hesitated. Ben entered Jade at the same time as her tongue entered my pussy. I was already so worked up that I was sure Jade’s face was already soaked. For his part, Ben had trouble dividing his attention between watching his girlfriend’s body and mine. I have to admit, I had a jolt of pride, an admittedly bitchy victory pride, as he considered what to do with his hands, then settled on my perky tits. I let him play with them and roll my nipples between his fingers as he fucked Jade slowly and she ate my pussy like it was her last meal. I really didn’t know how to describe it, but when he had to decide between me and his smoking hot girlfriend, and he put his hands on me, it was such an amazing feeling of…success?…fulfillment? Hell, I don’t know, but when a gorgeous guy like that picked me, I definitely wanted more of it. I always thought that Jade was perfect and I was…normal…but I was starting to think I had been mistaken about myself. Either way, I was enjoying the fuck out of it.

I pulled Ben towards me farther, letting him squeeze my tits harder to my body. I think I surprised him by kissing him harder than ever before. It was amazing, making out with Jade’s boyfriend while she was underneath eating me out. It made me feel like the superior woman. For a girl with self-esteem issues, it was an amazing high. I ran my hands down Ben’s body as well, his lean muscles captivated me more than I had expected, and he sure didn’t seem to mind. He started to speak softly, “I knew you’d come around. I knew avcılar bdsm escort you were a horny little bitch inside…” With Jade’s mouth going wild on me, I didn’t really have enough thought left to argue anything. I just smiled a little as I enjoyed her work. “You liked sucking my cock, didn’t you?” he asked. Well, fuck, I was too far gone to lie now. Truthfully, it didn’t do anything for me, but it was new and interesting, and a little dirty, and well, he enjoyed it, so I bit my lip and nodded back just a little bit.

“Are you going to do it again before the trip is over?” he asked me, in a friendly but insistent voice, still whispering.

“Probably…” I breathed. What I thought to myself was hell yes, but I wasn’t up to saying that just yet.

“If I take it out of her right now, will you suck it again?” he asked insistently, he sounded like an interrogator, polite but firm.

“Yeah, I will…” I responded after a pause. I still don’t know if I was unsure or if I didn’t want to appear eager.

“What if I ask nicely tomorrow night around the campfire? Will you still be a good girl and suck it then?” By now, Jade had nearly pushed me to my limit. I was barely thinking straight as I writhed over her face. I was so lost in my pleasure that I barely hesitated at all before moaning out a “Yesssss…”

Ben kissed me again deeply and asked his last question. “What if I come over next week when Jade’s at work? Are you a good girl and a bad girl?” Oh fuck! I was already having sex with Jade when Ben didn’t know about it…now he wanted to have me when she didn’t know?? The thoughts bounced around my brain just as Jade brought me over the edge. I remember thinking a few things; how bad it would be to be screwing around with both of them without the other knowing, how much bisexuality I had discovered over the last day, how good these two made me feel every time, and finally, how lucky I might have been that Jade couldn’t hear a bit of it with me straddling her.

My orgasm took me just as Ben awaited an answer. “I don’t…oh fuck! I…I…oh God, I’m coming! Fuck yeah…yeah…I don’t know…oh my God!” I screamed as I came. I didn’t know if I answered, if he thought I did, or anything, but I saw stars and collapsed on top of Jade as my orgasm hit me. Ben just helped me down without crashing, but didn’t press any further. Maybe he thought he got an answer, maybe he worried Jade would hear. Either way, I gasped for breath as I came back down to earth.

When I was able to think straight again, I realized I had collapsed onto our pile of sleeping bags and blankets. Jade was lying on top of me, nuzzling my neck and giggling softly to herself. “Having fun?” she asked.

“Ohhhh…hell yeah…” I managed to exhale.

“No kidding, you selfish bitch, you’ve been so caught up in yourself, poor Ben here keeps stopping and starting without getting any relief!” Jade teased.

“Well…hey, you haven’t been any better, you know!” I responded.

“Yeah, well he’s my boyfriend, I can take care of him whenever I want, maybe you…” Jade started, but was interrupted by Ben cutting in.

“Fuck all this talk!” he broke in before practically jumping onto Jade and entering her hard from behind, cutting off whatever else Jade was going to say. Jade gasped as he began fucking her once again, she was half-lying on top of me, her leg between mine and her body pressed against me. After a second of surprise, she began making out with me while Ben took her from behind. The little slut was moaning again within seconds. She put her head back down and starting biting at my earlobe. She whispered as well, “God, he feels so good inside me, it’s incredible…I can’t believe you sucked him, that was so hot…I was so wet watching you…oh God, you have to let him fuck you…please, I want to see it, you’ll love it. Please, let him, I’ll come over every chance I get, I’ll do anything you want, please…do it…for me…for me…”

I was speechless, I didn’t know how to answer that, I had already gone so far. But Jade, damn, Jade wanted it…and it did look like she loved it…well shit…I breathed deep, and barely audible…”Ben…fuck me.”

At least he had the reaction I expected. “What? What’d you say??” He looked shocked as could be. I couldn’t ask again, but I did give him a sign, I don’t really know if it was conscious or not, but I let my legs spread just a little bit. I was still halfway under Jade, but she “helped” too, she slid forward, letting him slip free of her. She was still holding me close, but there were no barriers left between Ben and I. He thought for a minute, but he made the choice that I think any man would have made. He repositioned himself to the side and I could feel his legs against mine. He gave me a look that was obviously “are you sure?” I don’t really know what I gave back, but I know it wasn’t “stop.”

I felt his tip open me up. I’d had toys there a time or two, but not much, so I’m sure I was as tight as could be, but I was also wet as I could imagine. There wasn’t much resistance, but I felt full and stretched right away. I had no idea what to expect. It didn’t hurt, it wasn’t even uncomfortable. It was just…new. He was warm, and somehow hard and soft at the same time. It, well…it felt like he belonged. I finally at least understood what all the fuss was about.

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