Two Thighs Ch. 08


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Chapter 8 The Party’s Beginning

For the next few months, the two couples occasionally visited each other to exchange spouses for an evening of fun, but only occasionally because each had their own lives, families and jobs to attend to first. When they swapped, they always swapped together in the same house. Neither couple was comfortable with the idea of spending an entire night, alone, with their neighbour’s spouse, for fear that some neighbour’s prying eyes might notice the wrong person going into a house one evening or afternoon and the coming out of the same house on the following morning. This alone was enough to discourage any overnight exchange of spouses.

But Aiko and Gerald also speculated on their neighbours’ state of mind, wondering if they would even go for such an idea. Aiko remembered the first time that she had slept the entire night in another man’s bed.

She and Gerald were on a cruise where they met two couples who swung with each other. Since they were open to experimenting with partners outside their marriage, they accepted an invitation to party with them, knowing that an exchange of spouses would take place. On the penultimate night of the cruise, the three couples had exchanged spouses for the night. Aiko took Bill to her bed while Gerald spent the night with Norman’s perky wife, Emma. Wei-ling, Bill’s wife stayed the night with Norman.

While both Aiko and Gerald had felt that spending the night with someone else’s spouse seemed more intimate than having sex with them, that night stood out in Aiko’s mind because it was the first and only time that she had let a man penetrate her ass and cum inside her rectum. She had let it happen, partly because she was unsure how to react to his unexpected demand but mostly, she had to admit, out of curiosity.

Aiko and Gerald also discovered that their new swinging friends lived less than an hour’s drive away. The three couples founded their own swinging group, which eventually led to the addition of a fourth couple. Now they wondered if they could persuade Nora and Ryan to join their local swinging group, deciding that mentioning a second swinging group might be a bridge too far for the young couple.

Thinking back to Nora and Ryan, one several occasions, Aiko and Gerald had to remind Nora and Gerald that there was no risk of pregnancy in a continuation of their swinging relationship. Although both Nora and Ryan were still fertile, Aiko was not and Gerald had had a vasectomy. This knowledge allayed both Nora and Ryan’s fears that one or both of them might become parents with someone outside their marriage.

Once Aiko and Gerald were convinced that the younger neighbours had overcome their insecurities and were more comfortable with the concept of sharing their spouses, they started to think about broaching the subject with them of joining their wider swinging group.

Gerald began by raising the issue of joining their swingers’ group with Ryan.

“They are really nice people. Like me the guys are fixed. So, pregnancy is not a danger for Nora. And like Aiko, the other ladies are no longer able to get pregnant. You guys will be the only fertile couple in the group. “I hope you know what it means for you guys?” Gerald said.

When he saw Ryan’s questioning look, he continued. “It means, if you swing outside our group, you need to be fully aware of the risks of Nora getting pregnant and use protection. The same applies to you if you have bareback sex with a woman who is still fertile. It also means that, if you unprotected sex outside our group, you have to be tested for disease before you can participate us again. We’re very strict about this because we prefer going bareback. Think of it as our fetish.”

“I suppose there’s no harm in asking Nora,” Ryan said, “although I’m still not sure how she’s going to react the idea. It would be a big step for her to offer herself to people she hasn’t even met.”

As he said it, his penis began to harden just enough to cause his pants to tent.

Gerald pretended not to notice but thought, ‘It looks as if he’s okay with the idea. Now we have to find out about Nora.’

Gerald knew that, at this very moment, Aiko was having a similar conversation with Nora. He wondered how that conversation went and then dismissed it from his mind because he knew that Aiko would tell him later.

* * *

Two weeks later, Gerald walked over to Nora and Ryan’s house. When he rang the doorbell, there was no answer. He was certain they were home because their car was parked in front of the garage.

He walked to the side of the house where the gate was located. “Anybody home?” he called.”

“Yes, we are,” he heard Nora say from the other side of the gate.

The gate was made with wooden slats with very little space between them. So, it was very difficult to see much on the other side.

Gerald smiled as remembered that she was probably on her hands and knees with her ass in the ait pulling newly grown weeds. His cock stiffened at memory of him mounting Nora from behind and then Aiko getting ataköy anal yapan escort underneath to suck on her luscious tits. It was the prelude to their first swap with Nora and Ryan.

Gerald’s reverie ended with the sound of the gate’s latch being lifted. As the gate opened, Gerald walked in. He gave her a lecherous look. Gerald wanted to suck on her tit again and put his hand between her legs to cop a feel, but refrained because there was no standing agreement between the two couples to allow such liberties in the absence of the spouse’s partner.

She saw the look on his face and smiled. She could tell what was going on in his mind. That this handsome man lusted after her made her feel attractive. She could feel that tell-tale wetness developed between her legs as he leered at her. She enjoyed his attention.

“Is Ryan around?” Gerald asked.

“He’s at the back of the house,” she smiled. “Is Aiko coming over too?”

“She should be here soon,” he answered. “She was just finishing some chores. She knows why I’m here. I want to talk to both of you about something.”

“Okay,” Nora said, “Ryan’s in the backyard. I’ll join you in a minute.”

Gerald passed by her while she stood up and removed her garden gloves. She turned on the tap to the garden hose and washed her hands. A couple of minutes later, she headed to the backyard to join the men.

Meanwhile, Gerald had seen Ryan just as soon as he was turning around the corner of the house.

“Hey neighbour,” Gerald greeted, “how’s it hanging.”

Ryan laughed. “Right now, limp as a noodle. Would you like a beer?” Ryan offered.

“Sure, that’s sounds good.”

Ryan pulled two beers out of a nearby cooler and handed one over to Gerald.

“So, what brings you here, buddy?”

“You wife always does,” he laughed but that’s not the reason this time.

At this point, Nora was approaching them and had heard what Gerald had just said. She blushed as she approached her horny husband and her lecherous lover.

“Just wait a second,” Gerald said, waiting for Nora to come nearer. “What I want to say concerns Nora too.”

Ryan offered his wife a beer but she declined, lifting up her water bottle to show him that she still had some water.

The three of them took a seat at the patio table.

“Okay, here’s the thing. Remember when we told you about our swinging group?”

The couple nodded.

“Well, we invited our swinging friends for a party the Saturday after next. We’re expecting two of the three couples. The couple who came originally from India will not be showing up. The husband just learned that his company’s head office in Mumbai has recalled him wants to return as soon as possible. The company wants him back quickly to fill a vacancy for an important position that means a big salary increase for him and puts him in line for promotion to the senior executive committee. Their family lives in Mumbai too. So, returning to India is obviously a no-brainer.”

At this point, Aiko appeared from the direction of the side gate. She heard the reference to the Indian couple and jumped in. “They were very nice people. It’s too bad they’re leaving but your family and your job are more important than recreational sex.” By the time she had ended the sentence, Aiko was smiling broadly, giggled and then added, “Of course, we prefer to have the best of all three worlds, family, jobs and recreational sex, but sometimes, it just doesn’t work out that way. I’m sure they will their own adventures back home?”

Seeing that his wife had finished making her point, Gerald continued. “We talked to our friends about you. If you’re interested, we can introduce them to you. They don’t mind if you come to check them out, that is, if you want to come at all. Or, you can meet them and then go home. Or, you can stay and socialize with them for a while and then leave before the real action begins. Or you can stay and watch the action without participating. Or you can participate when you want to. There’s no obligation on your part at any point. If they’re not your type, well, that’s the way it goes,” Gerald said shrugging his shoulders. “We can, of course, continue our fun times with each other without them like we do now.”

Nora and Ryan exchanged glances.

“But it works the other way too,” Gerald added. “There’s no obligation on their part either to accept you if they think you’re not their type or won’t fit in. If it comes down to that, they’ll be very polite about it. People are different but compatibility is essential. So, if they say no to you, it is not in any way a negative reflection on your personalities or character. I think you understand that everybody has to click.”

Ryan gulped down some beer as he listened. Nora just listened.

“I’m not trying to discourage you guys,” Gerald continued. “Aiko is convinced that you will mesh with them just like you meshed with us. But you never know. So, back to the central question, would you two at least consider meeting them? As I just ataköy bdsm escort said, there’s no obligation on your part to do anything at all. You can leave at any time.”

Ryan looked toward his wife. “What do you think, dear?”

“No obligations, right?” she reiterated.

“None,” Aiko said,

“No pressure, Gerald added.

After pausing for a few seconds, she said, “Okay, there’s no harm in meeting people, especially friends of good friends, if Ryan is okay with that.”

“I am,” he assured his wife.

* * *

It was just after 2:00 p.m. Nora and Ryan were already nervous. Their hands felt sweaty. Butterflies seemed to be fluttering in their stomachs. They were conscious of the fact that they were potentially entering a new phase in their libertinism. Today was the day when Aiko and Gerald would introduce them to the members of their swingers’ group.

Ryan pressed the doorbell. Within moments, Aiko opened the door and, with a delightful smile, welcomed them in. She was dressed in a blouse and short skirt. Ryan guessed that she was wearing nothing underneath. Aiko, he knew, was not shy when she was in swingers’ mode.

As soon as she closed the door, Aiko embraced them both warmly. Aiko gave the Ryan a deep kiss while he squeezed her firm ass. With one hand on her back and another on an ass cheek, Ryan was able to confirm that she wore neither panties nor bra.

Gerald, meanwhile, was not to be outdone. He gave to Nora in kind what his wife had received from Ryan. He discovered that she had dispensed with her bra, but in a hint of residual shyness, still wore her panties.

Gerald led the couple to the living room. When they entered, they saw that one couples had already arrived. They looked to be an older couple in their mid to late 40s. Based on the descriptions that Aiko and Gerald had given them, they knew that this couple had to be Bill and his wife Wei-ling, a woman of Chinese origin.

Aiko had explained that Wei-ling was Bill’s second wife. Both had adult children from previous marriages.

Bill once ran a home construction company. He had spent most of waking hours to build and expand his company. He was so absorbed by it that he failed to notice, until it was too late, that his marriage had fallen apart. He took the blame for the failure of his first marriage, acknowledging that he had been a neglectful husband and father. Bill and his ex-wife worked out a settlement that allowed him to keep the company but let his wife keep the house and most of their other common family assets.

Bill had then buried himself in work. Initially, he had lost much of his interest and enthusiasm in his business. Nevertheless, he was able to rebuild his wealth through sheer dedication and hard work. After a few years, he met Wei-ling, a fortuitous meeting that caused both their lives to turn around for the better.

Having re-achieved a life of ease, Bill decided that the time had come for him to sell his construction business. The sale gave him more than enough money for him and Wei-ling to enjoy an early comfortable retirement.

Bill was as average-looking guy but he had a very charming personality and apparently was a good storyteller. They could tell that he was used to taking the lead, a personality trait one would expect in a person who ran a successful business.

Wei-ling was about the same height as Nora. She had an oval face, a flat nose and relatively small breasts. Her first husband had died in a car accident while her two children were still young. Fortunately, her deceased husband had life insurance, which provided enough money to allow her to raise two young children without having to go back to work right away. But it was still a struggle to make ends meet. When her children started school, she was able to supplement her income with a job as part-time physiotherapist, a profession she had given up when she had started her family.

When Wei-ling and Bill had first met, they knew almost instantly that they were made for each other.

Aiko introduced the newly arrived couple to Nora and Ryan. The two couples shook hands. Bill and Wei-ling made no attempt to become overly familiar too soon. The three couples chatted while they waited for the other expected couple to arrive.

Nora and Ryan liked them almost immediately. They were friendly and yet avoided doing or saying anything that might make them look too aggressive and cause the younger couple to become more nervous.

After about 15 minutes later, the doorbell rang.

“That’s Norman and Emma,” Aiko said. She got up and opened the door.”

“We’re here!” Emma called.

“Obviously!” replied Aiko while giving her friend a hug.

Gerald and Aiko greeted them with the same degree of intimacy as they had greeted Wei-ling and Bill. But there was one difference. What struck Nora and Ryan was the lingering kiss on the lips that the two women shared with each other. Although they knew that Aiko preferred men, as they had seen at the swingers’ club, she was 1 not averse to at least some intimate contact with women. Still, the kiss between these two women hinted at a relationship that seemed, for lack of a better word, closer.

As Norman entered the living room, Nora and Ryan saw that he was indeed much bigger than either Bill or Gerald, hirsute, and almost bear-like just as Gerald had described him. According to Gerald, he had a laid-back personality who always hovered around his wife as if to protect her, or to do her bidding.

Norman had married Emma at about the same time as Bill had married his first wife. They met in a teacher’s college and both became high school teachers. Bill and his first wife attended Emma and Norman’s wedding. Emma and Bill attended both of Bill’s weddings. The couple had an adult son.

Emma was petite and effervescent. She was shorter than either Aiko or Wei-ling. Norman, on the other hand, was the biggest of the men. His huge size made his petite wife look downright tiny in comparison. The contrast was almost startling. Despite her small stature, Emma was clearly not the least bit intimidated by her husband’s big bulk. They surmised that Norman’s size alone was probably enough to intimidate other men from daring to flirt with her. But he was actually a big softie and remarkably gentle.

After the introductions, everybody went downstairs to the recreation room. Nothing extraordinary happened for the next two hours. The four couples talked without barely making any reference to the purpose of the evening. Although Aiko and Gerald were confident that Nora and Ryan would fit nicely into their swinging group, it was not a foregone conclusion. Ultimately, whether they would, or not, join in depended on how well they meshed with the two couples that they were meeting for the first time.

In the final analysis, they could and would not make Nora and Ryan like their swapping friends. Inviting the couple from the neighbourhood was essentially a big leap of faith. True, they made what they thought was un educated guess, but, in the final analysis, they really had no idea if things would work out.

Aiko and Gerald had strongly emphasized that they were free to either join in or leave. It was their choice, and their choice alone. For that matter, they had also emphasized that the reverse was also be true. They could not make their swinging friends like them, the newbies. But they knew their friends and also knew that they would show every consideration to Nora and Ryan.

Two hours of becoming acquainted soon passed. Everyone seemed to be comfortable with everyone else. In fact, the subject of swinging never came up for discussion. Nora and Ryan were almost convinced that they must have misunderstood the purpose of party and that nothing was going to happen at all, that the other two couples had somehow evaluated them and found them wanting.

Just as these thoughts crossed their minds, Bill, the unofficial leader of their group, finally decided the time had come to explain the group’s rules.

“I’m sure,” Bill began,” that Aiko and Gerald have probably explained our rules. So, I’ll just summarize them. The first and most important rule is that no means no. We have to acknowledge that some of us like certain sexual practices that others in our group don’t like. We never force each other to do what we don’t want to do. For example, I like anal once in a while, but if it’s not for you,” he looked at Nora who blushed, “I will not make you do it and you’re not in any way obliged to do it.”

Aiko jumped in at this point. “Bill introduced me to anal sex,” she admitted. “I’ve done it, but it’s not one of my preferences. As you saw at the club, I also don’t mind some casual sexual contact with women although, as I’ve explained to you already, it’s not my main thing. I don’t seek it out.”

“Except that one time,” Emma interrupted.

Aiko blushed. “Yes, except for just one time,” she concurred.

Emma continued. “Aiko went to Japan to a conference with us as our unofficial interpreter. We went to a swingers’ club where sumo wrestling was taking place. The winner got to pick any woman in the audience. He picked me. While he was busy with me, Norman had intercourse with a Japanese woman whose husband was obviously a cuckold. He wanted to watch his wife have sex with a Westerner.”

Emma laughed at this point and t hen added in mock-sympathy, “Norman gladly fulfilled that man’s cuckold fantasy, but poor always hot Aiko was left out in the cold.”

“I was unlucky,” Aiko added to Emma’s story. “I had no partner at the swing club. After that, Norman was too busy attending a conference to attend to me. Emma and I already knew we wouldn’t see much of him. So, he had arranged for us to spend a few days at a hot springs resort. By this time, I was really super-horny. While we were enjoying the hot springs, I was so hot for sex that I would have made love to almost anything that moved. I made a move on Emma. I ate her to an orgasm. I haven’t done it since,” she hastily added.

“But you still didn’t get your own satisfaction,” Emma laughed. “She was so hot to trot that I could almost swear her little love hole was adding as much steam to the water as the hot springs. Lucky for her, half a dozen Japanese men were watching us. They moved in on us and gave us what we wanted most, cock, lots of it.”

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