Two Phenomenal BBW’s and Me


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It was the day of Christmas Eve and I was alone but as the day moved on I began to want company to share the evening and with and possibly the night.

My closest female friend and sometimes lover was always busy with work, errands or friends and family. She was unmarried with no children, lived alone and when she felt the need she’d visit me usually twice or three times a week and we’d make a night of it. Occasionally she’d spend a weekend and had shared a week or so several times since I’d known her. Our sex when it happened was spirited and satisfying but this night I was certain she’d be busy and not alone yet I thought I’d give it a try as darkness approached.

Finally I picked up my cell phone and typed in her number then after four rings a different female voice answered.

“Is Debbie there?” I asked as I glanced toward the number I’d dialed and was displayed on the screen of the phone.

“No she isn’t. This is Rochelle. Who is this?” the voice asked.

“I’m Ray and I apologize Rochelle. It seems I dialed the wrong number.” I answered and started to close the connection as I read that I’d missed Debbie’s number by a single digit.

Then just before I broke the connection I heard “Who says it’s the wrong number?” she asked.

“Well I see that I hit a wrong digit.” I answered.

“Does that mean you aren’t interested?” she said and her voice sounded teasing.

“Not at all but you don’t know me.” I said.

“Are you sure I don’t want to know you?” she asked again with that same tinge to her voice “Why are you calling Debbie?”

“Well it’s Christmas Eve and I was hoping she might want to say hello if she’s alone tonight.” I continued.

“Well I can say hello. So, Hello Ray I’m alone tonight.” she added.

I laughed and felt ‘into’ the conversation now. “Would you want my company?” I responded.

“I might if I knew more about you. Can you describe yourself to me and tell me what you and Debbie would do if you were with her tonight?” she asked with a voice that sent tingles up my spine and an uncanny urge through other parts of me.

I described myself and then mentioned that Debbie and I might enjoy all night together if she was alone.

“Well if I was with you I know that you’d enjoy the night together. Do you like chubby girls?” she laughed with a sort of giggle to her voice.

“I love girls that have a full figure. Describe yourself to me?” I added tentatively.

She described herself as barely five feet tall and gave me her hair and eye color then added her bra size as forty double ‘D’ with a laugh then asked “Do you like big tits?”

I’d never talked to a girl this way when I didn’t know her but it was inspiring to think I might actually meet one that was open and almost seemed to be inviting me to find out. “Big tits and large cute ass are as appealing to me as full lips and big eyes. I love them all.” I said.

“Yumm. You sound like a great guy. How old are you?” she continued.

“I’m thirty two. Why? How old are you?” I asked.

“I’m thirty four but I love younger guys. I can train them if they aren’t already trained.” and this time she laughed heartily.

“It sounds perfect to me. I’ve always had this thing for old women.” I teased in return.

“Well this old woman knows what a man needs and what she likes. It is a shame we’re both alone tonight. You’d have the best night you’ve ever known.” she said with that tease still in her voice.

“Well. Give me your address and if you like me then maybe we could have that night.” I teased back.

“I’m apartment sitting for a girlfriend tonight. It’s her place and I don’t know if she’ll be back tonight or perhaps tomorrow but I couldn’t give out her address.” she sounded sad now.

“Well. If I could find her address there, came over, and if you liked me maybe we could still have that night together. What do you say about that?” I asked still teasing.

“I don’t know how you’d ever do that.” she answered.

“Well if I could and I showed up at your door and you liked me would you invite me in and think about all that fun?” I asked still teasing.

“Of course I would but it’ll never happen. I’ll be here all night by myself.” she said in a sad voice.

“Do you promise if I show up at your door?” I asked.

“Do you know my friend at this address or phone number?” she asked warily.

“I don’t know her, don’t know where you are and have never called or talked to anyone before at this telephone number.” I swore to her my honesty.

“Well then if you can find me and come over and I like you then I’ll let you in but I know it can’t be done. Just think what we’ll both be missing tonight.” and then she was gone.

I was tempted to hit redial and talk more but then she’d promised and perhaps I knew a way.

There are things called reverse directories available on the Internet and they can take a telephone number and give an address for it. They aren’t always reliable because sometimes the number has never aksaray escort been listed and in other cases if the number was owned by someone else in years past it will give you that old address and not the current address you want to find.

I did a search on “Bing” and found hundreds of webpages that might be able to find her address but had to narrow it down. I tried adding the area code and then town to the search and there were still too many pages. I began a slow methodical search writing down the most prominent reverse search sites by their URL.

When I’d narrowed it down to ten databases I began accessing them and entering the full ten digit telephone number. For the first eight they found no listing at all but then on the ninth it found five different addresses for that phone number.

I cleaned myself up and headed out. I would check each number until I found her I hoped.

The first was a large house with a party going on and I assumed they must have changed their telephone number or perhaps had a kid that formerly had the number.

The second address was an empty apartment while the third was a business. The fourth too had a party going on but her voice had come from a quiet background and I’d heard no noise like a party and besides she’d said it was an apartment.

I was growing dispirited as I approached the last address on my list. If she wasn’t here I might never find her and that would really kill my Christmas spirit.

Perhaps there was a chance I thought as I pulled up to the address and noticed it was an apartment complex.

I parked and made my way through it until I found the apartment number on my list.

I adjusted my pants and shirt and checked my hair in a window’s reflection and then I knocked.

There was barely any light coming from inside the place and I knocked three different times and was about to turn and leave when I heard the noise of someone unlocking the door.

The door opened perhaps two inches and was stopped by a security chain when I heard a soft whispered voice from behind the door ask “Who is it?”

It had taken me more than two and a half hours but I recognized the voice instantly. “It’s just Ray, Rochelle. I told you I might find you and its taken hours but now it’s all worth it. May I come in?”

In the very dim light I made out an eye peering around the edge of the door and then the door closed without a word. I didn’t know what to do. Perhaps she didn’t like the overly tall stranger she’d just seen. I’m not a handsome guy and perhaps that’s it I thought. Then as I turned and prepared to walk away I heard the chain again and then the door opened wide “Come in.” she said and I entered.

I glanced around a very neat apartment and then heard the door close but it wasn’t followed by the chain.

I turned and she was there with huge beautiful eyes and full red lips. She was in a heavy white robe and slippers but she was smiling and the whiteness of the robe accented her darkly tanned face.

“How did you find me?” she asked.

“Magic.” I said with a smile. “Now what about our evening and night?” I teased and she laughed.

“Are you going to hold me to it? I did let you into the place.” she added in what seemed a happy mood.

“You are everything I’d imagined and your eyes and lips perfectly match my hopes and your beauty.” I said and she smiled a grateful acceptance I thought.

“Well what about my figure? I told you I’m fat.” she added.

“I haven’t seen it yet but from what I can see from the robe I know it’s exactly what I wanted.” I told her in complete honesty.

She blushed then opened the simple belt tie and spread the robe. She was dressed only in low hip-hugger panties and a lacy bra that showed off her breasts perfectly. Her soft tummy was exactly as I’d wanted and she had strong, full thighs.

I stepped forward and reached around her then pulled her to me as I leaned far over and kissed her. “Your body is perfection too.” I spoke into her ear and felt her tremble all over.

“Were you serious about all night and if you were how do I fit your hopes?” I asked suddenly nervous about rejection.

“I’ve never known such a tall man and I like your looks. You seem strong, powerful and the way you strolled into the room you seemed confident and I love a confident man. I also like the fact that you seem pleased to meet me.” she said with a long study as her eyes focused below my belt.

I laughed and said “Every guy you meet has the same gut-reaction toward you and your body I’d bet.” and my eyes too were appreciating her body.

“I haven’t had a date in two years and never had a man that satisfied me of the few that I’ve known and allowed to get close but I always have had more than a passing interest in tall arousing men.” she laughed with a broad smile.

I pulled her to me as I reached around her under the robe and kissed her again. “Your kiss too is what arouses men.” I added and saw her slip the robe anal yapan escort from her shoulders and let it cascade down onto the floor. She stood a moment facing me and then pivoted completely around slowly to let me see her entire body.

“Do you still like a cute large ass?” she teased.

“I like this one.” I said and reached around her again to cup the cheeks as I pulled her close and even more tightly.

I used my hands to knead her ass as we kissed again and this time our tongues wrestled neither able to gain the edge.

When the kiss paused she reached up and slipped the shoulder straps of the bra to the side and pulled her arms free.

“You said you like large tits. Are mine too large?” she continued with the tease.

I raised my hands to the five clasps behind her back and kissed her again. I kept the kiss controlled until finally I’d freed all five clasps then released the back of the bra and let it hang at her side until the kiss ended.

She started to catch the bra before it was clear of her breasts but I reached out and took her hands in mine as her bra slid to the floor. I whistled then and my mouth went dry.

Her tits had no sag at all, were firm and full while capped with large rigid nipples and surrounded by a full rouge pink color. My tongue had to wet my dry lips as my eyes refused to leave them. “I’ve never seen such amazingly beautiful tits.” I almost shouted.

“I’m proud of them but I like that you like them and find them interesting too.” she said.

“If you allow I’m going to do a lot more than find them interesting and I slowly lowered my lips to them. They seemed to taste sweeter even than they looked. Her body shivered in delight as my tongue circled them and my fingers teased them.

“Now I’m going to see all of you.” I said with a quirky strain to my voice.

“But you can see almost all of me now. You can tell that I keep myself nude where it counts and these panties don’t hide any of my ass.” she giggled.

“I love your choice of lingerie but they really do hide a lot and I’d love the experience of slipping you free and devouring what you look like under them.” I smiled and winked at her and then pulled her close and began inching the panties off while she stood intrigued by my interest.

Seeing her only in sandals made me the most aroused I’d ever been and I started at her mouth then worked slowly downward pausing for a long effort at her breasts again. She was trembling as I ran my kisses and tongue along her tummy while continuing downward until I was on my knees and at my designated target.

“What are you going to do?” she asked with apparent apprehension.

I looked into her eyes and left mine focused on hers and said “Guess.” as I finally reached and dedicated the next forty-five minutes to my mission and I had to hold her up because her legs seemed to turn to jelly. She was every bit as sweet and delicious as I knew she would be and she was not just interested but eager and lost in the experience as my tongue teased her inner folds and circled her tiny eager center. I more than enjoyed the way her body teased back and seemed to beg for even more as her wetness seemed to grow and grow while deliciously coating my tongue and lips. I wasn’t merely providing a service but receiving responses I’d only dreamed of over years of previous erotic dreams. She melted into me.

She couldn’t speak to stop me, or tell me when she’d had enough, and so after the time mentioned I slowly pulled away and held her. She had collapsed over my head and her face rested against my back.

I managed to work the way to my feet without any sign of consciousness from her even when I picked her up and carried her to find the bedroom and pull back the sheets before gently putting her down.

I lay next to her for many minutes gently kneading her shoulders and feeling the firmness of her breasts in my hands while kissing her neck and cheek. Eventually she came around and her eyes focused and she turned to look at me in quiet satisfaction.

“No one has ever done that for me when did I pass out?” she asked nervously. “My clit must be swollen four times size and I can still feel how sensitive it’s become.” as even her eyes thanked me.

“And it tasted four times as good” I winked back.

When I’d answered she slowly reached down found the zipper on my slacks and slid it open. In moments she slipped her hand in and found me but couldn’t extract it. I was still hard and fully extended. She couldn’t seem to bend it and so began opening the French fly of the trousers. “I like a guy that isn’t afraid to leave off his briefs but I’ve never had to use so much effort reaching it.” she whispered as finally she had the pants opened and slid them down from the waist until she found what she was looking for and ran her fingers and hands over it.

“King-sized too. Santa was good to me.” she laughed “I’ve only seen guys this size in pictures.” she said and gently kissed my atakent escort neck before she backed away from me far enough to view it. Its beautiful too.” she told me with a wink of her eye and added “It’s just the sort of plaything a girl can treasure.” and her mind had recovered. “Also one good taste deserves another.” she continued.

She scooted further on the bed until she was looking directly at it and then began her taste. “A girl’s tongue can enjoy many pleasures.” she added.

Her mouth was perfect and her ability exceeded anything I’d known. It always seemed to me that girls began in the same fashion with a man’s desires in hand but she was different. She built slowly and explored everywhere but she also seemed to know or elicit everything necessary to peak my passion before I slipped my hand into her hair, ran my fingers through it and then urged her down over it more completely.

The best minutes of my life and the pleasures continued until finally I felt the friction of her throat around it in what seemed and endless slide into complete need. Now I drove hard and returned before driving fast and hard again and I heard her moan the pleasure as she realized she was driving me wild with need.

Some blowjobs are okay and some are good but this one brought out every dream a guy can have for the experience. Her fingers played my balls the way a flutist might move and her tongue knew every move and every part of a man and his manhood but her throat was caressing and working as tight as any pussy I thought at the time. I couldn’t know then that too would be even better and trump the experience.

Finally as I released she took it all as a precious treasure and seemed to constantly seek more. Her tongue moved back to my head and it was all I could take with its increased sensitivity.

After I lay panting and drained uncertain that I’d be able to continue without a period of rest but her hand was working and she kissed my cheek telling me that as long as it remained in the same condition that she was going to work it until it went soft.

I watched almost helpless as she climbed over me and in less than a minute I felt her incredible tightness begin to swallow me. Her pussy was hungry and ravenous as it consumed me and she knew where she needed to feel it. “Your head is perfect and right here it feels just the way I’ve always wanted to be teased.” she whispered as she worked it in and out without descending to full depth. After more than two minutes I felt her body seize and then heard a muffled scream as her needs exploded and her body was wracked with orgasm.

When she’d finished the first rolling orgasm she almost collapsed over me with her tits to my face and her pussy sinking slowly deeper around me. She didn’t move until finally my cock had slid to her depths then she shuddered and came alive again.

She sat up and began riding me when I noticed her hand and fingers working and replaced them with my thumb rolling across her swollen nubbin. Apparently the need was there regardless of the previous session. Each time she straightened her knees and rose above me she’d drop solidly and emit a growl.

When her movements began to intensify I moved my hands to her hips and began rolling slowly from one side to the other every few strokes. My cock rode one side and then the other of her pussy and she seemed to love it until finally I made her sit with her back straight up then pulled her hips forward with enough pressure that her pussy bent my cock and she cried out again in extreme pleasure.

When I slid her backward again she begged me to fill her and I took my pleasure to the extreme before she yelled “I can feel it cumming.” She road it until I slowed and then leaned forward again as my hands found and kneaded her tits.

“Thank you.” she said and closed her eyes before continuing. “Santa himself couldn’t do a better job. You’ve already shown me more than any guy I’ve known before. Most guys never give a girl oral and don’t work for the girl’s pleasure but only for their own. Also you have a cock made to please women and I’m lucky enough to enjoy it all on Santa’s Eve.”

It was almost eleven o’clock and we clung together with her body spooned tightly against my back and her arm over my waist as she still continued to play until we dozed off.

I’d only been asleep for a few minutes when I thought I heard something and woke up. Rochelle and I had each rolled onto our backs by then and I turned my head and was admiring the shape of her body. I could have reached over and begun to play because just that simple quick glance already had my cock saluting the ceiling and then I heard something more.

I heard a woman’s voice call Rochelle’s name and for a moment thought it was someone outside but then a shadow partially blocked the doorway.

“Well what do we have here? Rochelle didn’t tell me she was inviting someone over and certainly nobody that looked like you. Are you happy to see me or what?” she said and even in the dim light I could tell what she was staring at and hadn’t slightest hint of embarrassment at a naked man in her bed.

I thought instantly of jumping up and putting something on but then Rochelle woke up and giggled. “Hi Sheri isn’t he delicious and you should know what he does about sex. He’s incredible!”

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