Two For the Price of One


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The summer after I graduated from college, I moved into a tiny boarding house on the edge of the nice side of town. It was cheaper than most and safer; plus I was alone. The two floors were empty save my room, and Mr. Farinelli, the landlord, lived in another county. It was a wonderful first apartment, quiet, perfect tranquility.

“Your walls are like paper,” Mr. Farinelli told me. “But you’re the only one here so don’t sweat it none.”

I was dredging home from work one steamy July day, my clothes sticking to me, my heels digging into my feet because I couldn’t afford a car, when I came upon my quiet home, it’s doors thrown open, boxes on the sidewalk, and two broad-shouldered young men out front, drinking soda and laughing.

As I got closer they looked up. “Hey,” said the taller of the two, his hair dark and his muscles rippling. “I’m Brad. You must be…is it Lila?”

“Lisa,” I said.

“Mr. Farinelli told us you would be home about now. We’re your new neighbors,” said the blonde, less built one. “I’m Jason and that’s Brad.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” I said, suddenly aware that I was talking to two potential Abercrombie models with my blouse glued to my chest and my hair on it’s last legs. “I-um…I need to run upstairs…my-my mother always calls at 6. Where do you guys live?”

“Right next door to you,” Brad grinned. “So we’ll see you around huh?”

“Sure.” I tried to smile gamely as I rushed upstairs.

They’re gay, I told myself. Two hot guys living together-they have to be.

But that night when I got into bed, they were all I could think about. I could hear them through the wall, talking, laughing, unpacking. I thought of their faces, their bodies, what the outline of their clothes had promised. My hands made their way to my thighs, then between them. In my mind, first one, and then the other of my new neighbors assaulted me, and I loved it.

A week passed before I saw them again to do more than nod. I almost blushed when I opened the door and found Jason there. Every night my fantasies had gotten wilder. canlı bahis

“Hi. Brad and I want to invite you over for dinner tonight.”

“Dinner?” I said stupidy.

“Yeah, um…the meal, the one after lunch, evening-ish, usually meat and two vegetables…”

I laughed. “Sorry. Yes, I’d love to. What can I bring?”

“Yourself. We’ll see you around 7?”

“Sounds good.” I closed the door and wondered how I’d make it through dinner. I was wet already from that brief conversation with Jason. Calm down, I reasoned. If you go over there and spend time with them, they won’t seem so “glamorous” anymore. You’ll get over them.

I knocked promptly at 7. Jason opened the door and waved me in. Brad was on the phone.

“His mom,” Jason mouthed to me as he handed me a glass of wine. I nodded and sat down where he indicated.

Brad hung up and smiled at me. “So Lisa,” he said. “Tell us about yourself.”

“Well, there’s not much to tell, I said. I’m 21, just out of school, working a crappy entry-level job…that’s about all.”

“So you don’t do anything for fun?”

I laughed. “Yeah, I come home, eat my lean cuisine and have a date with prime-time TV.

Brad and Jason both laughed. “Sure…we know all about how you spend your evenings.”

I faltered. “Excuse me?”

“Well,” Brad began. “It’s just that we sort of…you know…”

“We can hear you,” Jason said.

“Hear me…” I clapped a hand over my mouth. “Oh my God!”

“Whoa, now look sweetheart, we don’t want to embarrass you. We like it. You’re a hot little number,” Brad said.

“That’s why we have a proposition for you,” Jason added. “You, me, and Brad. Tonight. Or ever night. For as long as you want it.”

I stared at them. I knew that my thighs were soaked. My nipples had hardened so fast that they were hurting. I didn’t know what to think. This was what I had wanted. I just hadn’t noticed.

Jason reached out and stroked my nipple through the fabric of my blouse. “Come on, baby. Take your clothes off. We’ll make you feel so good.”

I bahis siteleri stood up, feeling dizzy. I didn’t know what I was doing. This wasn’t me. I didn’t care. I took off my blouse, my jeans, my bra and underwear and stood there naked. Jason smiled at me.

“Oh baby, look at you. Lie down on the floor.”

I complied. Jason settled on my right side and Brad on my left. They both started to stroke my nipples, softly, then more roughly. I sighed, then moaned. This was amazing.

“You like this don’t you baby? Look at you. Look at those hips jerk. You’re our little slut aren’t you?” Jason whispered.

I moaned. “Mmmmmmmmmmm.”

“Aren’t you?”

“Yes…oh yes.”

“You want us to suck on your nipples don’t you?”

“Please…ohhhh please,” I sighed. When they bent their heads and I felt their warm mouths on my nipples I nearly screamed. It felt incredible. I felt their hands slide down my stomach, up my thighs. When I felt both their hands on my pussy, I exploded. My body convulsed, my hips jerked and I came so hard I couldn’t see. To make things more intense, Brad knelt between my thighs. Jason put my head in his lap and began twisting my nipples roughly while he murmured to me.

“Oh yes, you’re such a hot little slut. God, look at you. You love it don’t you…you love having two men fuck you. Say it, baby, tell me how good we make you feel.”

I moaned. “I…oh God, this feels so good.”

“Are you my little slut?”

“Y-yes…yeeeesssssss,” I ground out as I came again. Jason maneuvered me so that I was on my knees. I felt Brad’s hands slide over my ass. Then I felt something at the opening of my ass. I’d never had anyone there, but I’d wondered. And this felt…strangely good.

“Oh, man, she’s never had it,” Brad said.

“A virgin ass, huh?” Jason said. “Perfect. Let’s try it.”

I was so exhausted that I barely paid any attention to what they were doing although I did notice that they were undressing. I moaned in appreciation when their cocks came into view.

Jason smiled. “You want some bahis şirketleri of this baby?” I moaned again.

He knelt beside me and rubbed my nipples. “God you’re hot.” Suddenly I felt Brad’s cock against my ass. I stiffened. Immediately Jason’s voice changed. “Shh, baby it’s okay. He’ll be careful, won’t you?”

“I’ll make it feel so good,” Brad soothed, running his hands over my back.

He started to inch his way into my ass. It hurt some, but I tried to relax, although I had a lot of trouble. Jason continued to soothe me, murmuring in my ear.

“Shh, baby, just think about how good it’ll feel when we’re all together.”

“All?” I panted.

“Yes, baby. Me in your pussy, Brad in your ass.”

“But…won’t that hurt,” I whimpered.

“Sure, at first, and then it’ll feel good. Like your first time, baby, remember?”

I nodded as Brad managed to get his entire cock into my ass. Jason slid beneath me, his cock rigid.

“Sit down on me,” he said. “Go slow, it’ll just a little.”

It did. I felt so full and stretched I could hardly breathe.

“What do I do now?” I gasped.

“Move the way that feels good,” Jason told me, his breathing labored.

I slowly started to move my hips. I felt my arousal building, enhanced by the fact that I had two men inside me. I felt my pussy start to gush over Jason’s stomach. Brad reached around and grabbed my breasts and Jason reached up to touch my clit. I felt myself sail over an impossible peak, hover midair, and then crash joyfully to the bottom.

“Ohhhhh…fuck yes, oh my God, this feels so good, ohhhhhhhhh…”

“Oh yeah, baby, uhhh, you’re our dirty little slut who likes it up the ass aren’t you…oh yeah, say it baby, say it when you cum all over my cock,” Jason ground out.

“Ohhh…I’m your dirty little…ahhhh…I’m your dirty little slut who…fuck…likes it up the…asss….ohhhhhhh!” I screamed as my pussy spasmed.

Brad grabbed my hips and began thrusting furiously. Jason moaned, his hips jerking towards mine.

“Oh yes, oh fuck yes, you’re such a hot little slut, oh my God…ohhhh, yesssssssssssss, I’m cumming!”

“Yes, oh yeah, I’m cumming in your ass, baby,” Brad moaned.

We collapsed in a sweaty heap.

“Want to stay the night?” Jason asked from beneath me.

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