Things I Shouldn’t Have Done Pt. 01


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Me and Jane hadn’t been getting for a while. When we first started seeing each other it was amazing! She had the same kinks as me, and liked sex even more than I did. Many was the time I’d be woken up by shifting position in bed to play with my cock, which would invariably lead to fucking her.

When we first started fucking, before we were properly a couple, my house mates hated her! She was a nice enough girl, and tidied up after herself when she came around the shared house, but she was not in the slightest bit quite when we fucked. I could be fingering her while she tossed me off, ploughing her from behind, or thoroughly enjoying the feeling of her tight arse wrapped around my cock while she rode me, and she’d be screaming the house down with pleasure.

I was so oblivious though, fully caught up in the fun of a new romance to realise the reason I was having trouble falling asleep after was because the guys downstairs had turned the volume on the TV up to drown her out. And then getting woken up again only a few hours later…

Although the sex was great, and involved more than one other girl joining in on occasion, Jane wasn’t right. As the relationship grew, I found out more and more about her was a lie. She had constructed a personality that she thought was what I wanted, faking interests in my hobbies, taste in music, and love of horror movies. More than that though, she had lied about some pretty serious stuff. Like having cancer. Or being raped when she was younger.

By the time all this was coming to light, I was ready to just walk, but she had already threatened to harm herself if I left her. Although so much about her was a lie, that was a risky move on my part, and I don’t mind admitting I wussed out of making a hard decision. I just carried on, hoping things would get better, or a real reason for us to split up would come along.

And then along came Beth. She was a girl I’d met years back, when I was single, but she had ended up with a mate instead of going home with me one night, and just fallen into a relationship with him. We ended up getting to be good friends, and although Karl was a friend, we were far from close at that time in our lives.

One night, round at Karl’s place, Beth and I were being a bit flirty, but that was no surprise. Most of my mates knew it was all but done with Jane, and we kept it out of sight of Karl as much as possible. As far as I was concerned, it was just flirting though, something I’m surprisingly good at. I’m no oil painting, being a bit skinny, with glasses and some very geeky hobbies. Being confident and funny are the only ways I’ve ever known how to get laid, and sometimes the flirty side of my personality comes out because I don’t really know how else to talk to girls.

The conversations I enjoy are always frank and open, be that about politics, religion, Star Trek vs, Star Wars, or sex. And it seemed that sex wasn’t just on my mind that night. It’s been so long now, and I was a bit merry with beer that I can’t remember how the topic came up, but the long standing rumour of my cock size was on the table. This had started in high school, almost certainly because the girl who first encountered it in an intimate fashion thought it was massive. I can only feel sympathy for her previous lover.

At best I am a little above average in length, but have what could be considered an impressive girth. Having been circumcised at a young age, a lot of my partners have also commented on how attractive my cock is.

I never even knew that could be a thing until it was brought up when a couple of ex-girlfriends were all around the same table. The rumour had survived in part due to guys who were way better looking than me being convinced I must be hiding something magnificent below the belt for me to have slept with as many hot women as I have.

As the conversation was carrying on, Beth nodded me to follow her out the room, and without thinking on it at all I was happy to do so. When my cock is the subject of a conversation, canlı bahis I try not to get involved anyway. It seems like denying I have a monster down there just makes people think I’m being modest, and I wasn’t going to lie and encourage a falsehood, just to end up with a disappointed lover in the future.

Beth wasted no time once we were beyond earshot though, and straight up asked me, “So, just how big are we talking?”

I was slightly taken aback, but knew she was interested and that things hadn’t been going so well with her and Karl. “A little over seven inches,” I replied, “but thick enough not to let anyone down. I never lie when I say it isn’t that big!”

She kept eye contact as I spoke, biting her bottom lip with the cutest little half smile. With her left arm she reached out and took my shoulder, pulling me close and whispering, “Sounds pretty fucking good to me,” while her other hand extended a couple of fingers and stroked my soft cock through the denim of my jeans. With that she kissed me quickly on the lips and returned to the gathering. Needing to piss, I was happy to stagger our return, and when I did walk back in, she was sat next to her boyfriend, but made sure to smile at me as I took my seat on the floor and reclaimed my beer.

The night, as nights do, carried on, with booze and good humour, until only a few stragglers were left. Come the end of the night, Karl had turned in, along with his housemates, another couple who had retired hours earlier. Beth had gone outside to smoke by the front door, and I hadn’t wanted to either leave her alone, or be left alone in the front room of someone else’s house, so had joined her. After ten minutes she had finished smoking, but made no move to return indoors. Even in the early hours of the morning it was warm enough to be outside not even needing a jacket.

As I sat on the wall that led to the front door, she came and stood close to me. With how forward she was being earlier, I figured if she wanted anything to happen, she’d make the move. While everyone knew me and Jane were having problems, her relationship issues were less well known, and I didn’t want to make a move on a girl who was seeing someone else!

That was the plan at least, but as she stepped even closer, I lifter my hand, and without saying anything ran a couple of fingers up the inside of her thigh. At that point, I could have been slapped in the face, she could have called her fella down and he’d have beaten the crap out of me. This was nought to sixty in flirting terms, but there was something about her, about the way she was leaning in, the way she had been looking at me all night.

She took an extra half step closer though. Not that getting closer was an issue, but it meant her legs had parted just a little bit more. I pushed ahead at that point, because why the fuck not? Even through jeans and panties, I could feel the warmth, and she was soon pushing down against me grinding her clit on my fingers through the layers of clothes. We were stood on her front porch, on a quiet residential street at gone three in the morning, so I wasn’t too worried about being caught!

Her hand was happy to do some work too, and although there were a couple of layers between my cock and her fingers, just feeling her pussy grinding against me had already gotten me rock hard and throbbing. Our mouths met hurriedly, no hint of being delicate, both us wanting each other, wanting to feel each other. Her tongue was in my mouth, flicking against me tongue, pushing in deep enough for me to suck on it before she pulled back and I plunged my tongue between her lips.

Her fingers were struggling to wrap around my cock, grasping at it, and stroking, against tight denim it was straining against, she just couldn’t get a purchase. Looking over her shoulder, then pulling back from the kiss to look over mine, I was sure the coast was clear.

With a quick flick of thumb and forefinger, I had popped the button, and with a throaty growl, Beth tugged to zipper down bahis siteleri in one quick movement. My cock did it’s best to spring to attention, but the thin cotton of my boxers was still in the way. She didn’t care though, and had it in her hand before she had a chance to draw another breathe, squeezing the thick length, and tugging it hard.

I thought it best to repay the favour there, and with nimble fingers once more, I had her jeans open and fly down, my hand quickly slipping down the front of her panties, past the short crop of hair until I felt the soft folds of flesh covering her clit. She moaned loudly into my mouth as I felt the wetness there, already spread from her dripping cunny as she’d worked against my hand.

The waistband of my boxers was soon down below my balls, and for the first time Beth had her fist wrapped fully around my cock. Pulling away from a deep kiss she looked down, the same delightful smile on her face as she rubber her thumb over the tip, already wet with precum before wrapping her fingers around me and starting to slowly toss me off.

While she did so I started to stroke her clit in earnest. Starting with gentle circling motions that had her moaning deeply into my mouth, before speeding up until she was shivering against me, her hand speeding up too, moving from balls to tip as her other hand held me close, steadying herself against me as her knees started to shake.

“Finger me.” I heard her mumble through gritted teeth as she pushed her face against mine. To be fair, I wasn’t expecting to have made her cum so quickly from just stroking her clit. Only had one girlfriend who’d been that easy, but if she was happy for me to tease her and slide a finger inside, I was more than willing.

Her weight was almost all against me as my fingers slid down, the other hand reaching around to grab her firm arse, wishing I had the chance to play with her tight butt hole, but knowing it wasn’t going to happen. She had a great arse anyway, and just being able to squeeze it as she worked my cock was great.

The opening to her pussy was dripping when my middle finger found it, and I knew she’d be wet enough that two fingers would be no problem for her to take. We were also in a very public place, so my more tender urges were being shouted down by the urgency of the situation.

Even as wet as she was, she still managed to feel tight, but that could just have been her squeezing me as I slid inside. Not every girl can cum from being fingered, but since I like to leave a positive impression, I’d looked into such a thing in the past and made sure I knew where and how to apply pressure, just in case.

With two fingers in up to the second knuckle, my palm pressing against her pubic mound, I started to make come-hither motions with my digits, feeling her tighten up with each movement. Her mouth was against my cheek now, and I feel her jaw clamp as she tried to keep quiet. Her pussy juices were flowing past my fingers and into the material of her panties as she started to orgasm. Her hand was still tight around my throbbing cock, but she was so lost in the moment of her own pleasure, she had stopped jerking me off. I wasn’t uttering a word of complaint though, as getting a woman off was always the biggest turn on for me, and I could feel the walls of her cunt twitching and clenching harder and faster.

Even with her mouth closed and teeth firmly together, she still made more noise than she wanted to, gasping and mewling, bucking her crotch against my hand and she stifled her cries as best she could. With my fingers still inside her, working slower now, sling in and out, rather than massaging her G-spot, she looked at me and smiled. “Shame we’re not somewhere a bit more private. There’s so much more we could get done.”

I’d been thinking similar thoughts myself, but was none too pleased about holding off for another time. Hindsight would show I was wrong to worry that that night was just a onetime thing, but we’d both been drinking and could wake up bahis şirketleri full of regrets. “Who says we need to go somewhere else. You’ve already got my cock out, and right now, you’re gonna drop to your knees and take me in your mouth.”

She looked worried at that, glancing around, remembering where she was, “you’re crazy,” she whispered, but I just pulled back a little, resting my back against the wall and pulled my boxers down a bit further.

“No, and you’re going to suck my cock for me. Whenever I get my cock out, your job is to suck it!” I’d never been that dominant before. Jane liked to be told what to do, but I was always pretty careful to make sure I wasn’t asking her to anything she’d regret doing, or would otherwise need to be coerced into. Beth though; there was something about her that made me want to treat her like a slut. To totally dominate her, making her do whatever I desired to get off. By the end of our long and tangled tryst, there was only one thing we never got around to, but I’d used every one of her holes for my pleasure, and caked her in as much cum as I could produce.

That night though, I just wanted to watch her being a subservient little whore, preferable while my balls rested on her chin. While she contemplated the idea, I pulled my hand from her panties, fingers still wet from her cunny, and started stroking them over my thick hard cock. If she wasn’t convinced by what I was saying, the thought of tasting her own quim on my cock seemed to have done the job, for she quickly dropped to her knees and took my cock between her lips. Looking down at her, I took a handful of her hair in my hand and pulled her face onto my throbbing meat.

I never doubted that she’d spent time with a cock in her mouth, and I was correct that she knew what to do with one! Even without having too much length, less than half the girls I’ve ever fucked have managed to take me down their throat so easily. In seconds her lips were against the root of my cock, and I could feel her gagging slightly at the pressure of my glans pushing down her throat.

Fuck, she was good! Not the best, but that would come a lot later in my life, but at the time, she was easily in the top two, and I had barely started. Keeping my fist balled up in her hair I pulled back until I was almost out of her mouth before pulling her onto me roughly. From there I just out and out used her mouth as a fuck toy. She was pretty for sure, but every woman looks even hotter with a cock fucking their mouths!

What with the mood I’d been in, and the view I had, I knew I’d cum for sure, and although leaving her with her face dripping my semen was an idea that really appealed to me, it might be hard to explain to her boyfriend when she returned to bed. With a few more thrusts, keeping her head steady as I face fucked the willing slut, I could feel myself getting close, and when my balls started to tighten, I just pushed nice and deep.

All that came out of my mouth was a couple of grunts, but the issue from my cock was far more substantial, with jet after jet splashing against Beth’s throat as she looked up at me, maintaining eye contact like a good whore as she swallowed every drop I gave her.

Even after the last drops had been sucked from cock by her hungry mouth, she wasn’t happy letting me go, and if I hadn’t have spent the evening drinking, I think she would have gotten me hard enough for another go round. But, life is what it is, and we both had partners to go home to.

As she got back to her feet, pulling the front of her jeans closed, I did likewise, my wet cock sticking to the inside of my boxers and sending a shiver through me as I hitched my jeans back into place. She was still smiling. Less wicked by now, and looking more satisfied, like the cat that had gotten the cream. Which wasn’t far from wrong. She stepped closer to me again and kissed me. I could taste her pussy juices still, and the slight aftertaste of my own cum, but would have happily spent the rest of the morning kissing her. “We shall have to do this again,” I said, pulling my mouth from hers but keeping my hand on her firm butt cheek.

“Agreed,” she smiled back, “won’t be easy finding the time, but something tells me it’ll be worth it.”

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