The Want Ads Ch. 02


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Lee smiled at Nikki before starting the car. He thought about whether there was more to Nikki than meet the eye. She certainly had a sultry look about her, and he tried to give off the same level of excitement and passion. Nikki stared out the window a few moments. The city lights danced off the window as the couple arrived at the restaurant.

He parked the car and opened the door for Nikki. Nikki was very careful when she got out. Lee smiled at her difficulty getting out of the seat and offered his hand. When Nikki took it, she felt a sense of confidence and warmth, similar to what she felt when meeting, but stronger. Lee then opened the passenger back door to put on his suit jacket.

The couple walked into the restaurant holding hands. It didn’t seem too uncommon doing that with the ground somewhat wet from the earlier shower. Lee held open the door for Nikki and she gave him a warm smile to thank him for the polite gesture. The hostess showed them to a table. Lee held the chair out for Nikki.

Upon seating, Lee soon looked over the wine list. He offered a few suggestions to Nikki and she agreed to help finish a bottle of wine. The waiter brought over a bottle and poured each of them a glass. They made a toast to a new and budding relationship. Lee couldn’t help but look deeply into Nikki’s eyes as they talked about various topics.

The waiter came around to ask whether they made their minds up for dinner. Chuckling, they quickly looked over the menu before hastily deciding on something. It was clear that the couple wanted to return to discussing various issues, but they also wanted to see how the evening ended. After placing the orders, they resumed their conversations. While in mid conversation, the waiter brought out the dinner portions. Lee fed Nikki some of his steak and she did the same with the chicken.

As the evening wore on, the couple finished their meal. The waiter brought out the dessert cart. Nikki said she couldn’t eat anything more. Lee asked the waiter for the bill. He put his hand on Nikki to thank her for the great company. She put his hand on his and returned the kind words. While doing that, she grazed her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri leg along his. That sent shivers throughout Lee since Nikki’s legs were one of the many things that attracted him to her. They continued to stare deeply into each other’s eyes so they did not notice when the waiter arrived. His slight cough broke their concentration long enough for them to see the bill.

Nikki reached out for the bill, but Lee grabbed it up first. “It’s my turn to pay” she told him.

He reached into the jacket and pulled out his wallet.

“Tell you what,” he said, “you can cover the next one.” Nikki smiled and a warm feeling went through her body knowing that there will be another time for them to see each other. Lee got up from his chair and pulled out Nikki’s. He swore that Nikki was trying to tease him a bit more by showing some leg. They walked out thanking the wait staff and holding hands.

The parking lot was emptier than when they first arrived. Having privacy helped Lee to focus more on enjoying Nikki’s company. He walked with her to his car. Upon arriving, he opened her door and leaned in to kiss her. “Is this how you want me to repay you?” Nikki asked. With a wicked smile she told him, “It was only a joke since it was my pleasure.” Leaning the rest of the way, they enjoyed a long and sensual kiss. Their hands roamed all around their backs. Lee’s hands slid down more to pinch Nikki’s ass. She moaned into Lee’s mouth. He broke the kiss to get into the car after Nikki sat down. He figured this was just the beginning of tonight’s physical contacts.

The night was still young and neither of them wanted to go home right away, yet neither wanted to be around a lot of people. Nikki suggested getting take-out coffee & parking somewhere to talk. Lee was eager to agree – time alone with Nikki, he thought as his mind began to race with ideas.

Lee pulled into an all night coffee shop drive thru. They placed their order, Nikki insisting on paying – it was only fair. They drove to a parking lot near the lake and parked the car so they could watch the moonlight play on the water.

The conversation started güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri off innocent enough. They turned towards each other in their seats to make talking a little easier. Nikki didn’t notice her skirt ride up again, but Lee did. He tried his best not to stare because he didn’t want her to pull it down again. Nikki had been saying something and laid her hand on his arm jolting him back to the conversation. She looked puzzled for a moment, then looked down at her lap. There were those lacey tops for her stockings.

Nikki surprised them both when she didn’t fix her skirt. In fact she moved so that the skirt came up just a little bit more. Lee’s swallow seemed quite loud in the sudden quiet of the car. Lee raised his head, briefly catching Nikki’s gaze before cupping her head to begin a heady kiss. Wet sounds of tongues and lips toying with each other filled the car, punctuated with moans from the two adventurers.

Nikki grabbed Lee’s hand which was roaming her back, and pulling it towards the front of her body showed him how she wanted him to massage her breast. Lee groaned when he felt the full firm weight of her breast in his hand. His pants were beginning to strain across his groin. Lee moved his lips across her cheek to her ear lobe, sucking and nibbling on it. He couldn’t believe the immediate reaction he got as Nikki arched towards him with a keening moan. As his lips slipped down to her neck he could feel her arms grasping him to her, as if to draw him in.

Nikki’s body reacted instantaneously to Lee’s attention to her ears and neck. If she had been wearing panties, they would be soaked with her juices. She could smell her own musk in the closeness of the car. Wanting to make sure that Lee enjoyed himself as much as she did, Nikki began to return the caresses.

When Lee felt Nikki’s lips on his own ear, he understood her reaction. After being in a state of near readiness all evening, he could feel pre-cum leak from his cock still trapped inside his pants. He groaned briefly before returning his attention once more to Nikki as he tried to figure out a way to get her out of that top.

They güvenilir bahis şirketleri pulled apart, both breathing hard. The windows were fogged up lending an air of privacy. Lee looked into Nikki’s eyes and saw the same heat he was feeling reflected back at him. Without breaking eye contact, Nikki drew her top over her head so she sat with just her corset, skirt, stockings and shoes.

Licking her lips Nikki said, “I hope you don’t think I’m too forward, but I wanted to let you know how much I’ve been looking forward to tonight.” She paused for a moment to gather her courage before she finished her confession. “I had hopes for this evening, so … I … well… I didn’t wear any panties.”

The last of Nikki’s confession could barely be heard as her voice got quieter and the pounding of blood in Lee’s head became louder. If possible he was even harder than before. Gently Lee reached out and pulled Nikki to him for another wet kiss. His hands were busy unlacing the corset in the back so he could free those beautiful breasts. When they were free, he arched Nikki back until her head rested by the window and began to lave her breasts with attention.

Licking, sucking, massaging and kneading, Lee worshipped her. When he gently bit her, she cried out in pleasure and arched her back even more. Lee realized he could be a little bit rougher and she would enjoy it. Nikki was writhing in the seat, and her enjoyment was fueling Lee’s own.

With her thrashing around Nikki’s skirt had ridden up past her hips, exposing her dripping pussy to Lee’s eyes. With the same thoroughness he used on her breasts, Lee began to examine her sex. His fingers were immediately wet and he spread her juice around all of her sex ending at her clit. Lee watched Nikki’s face as he played with her, enjoying her pleasure. When Nikki’s hips began to rock, Lee took pity on her and thrust 2 fingers deep insider her. Nikki rode Lee’s fingers to a hard climax, crying out her release and coating his hand with more of her cream.

Lee brought his hand up to taste her – she was as delicious as she smelled. He offered his hand to her and was excited to watch her suck his fingers clean of her own cum. Lee was sure that he had stained his pants by now, but he was also sure that it was worth it.

They both righted themselves in their seats and Nikki glanced over to Lee’s groin. She saw his erection pressing against his slacks. Licking her lips, she knew that now it was his turn.

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