The T.V. Repairman


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I was very surprised to get a call from the Grayson house. I had installed our newest and most expensive home theater system in their home just the day before. I’d tested the system fully and had shown both Mr. and Mrs. Grayson how the system worked. The Exhibitionist SE was a monster system. It included a 65 inch projection screen, 16 remote speakers and practically every form of digital audio, video, or gaming input a person could ever want. The beauty of the system was that everything operated from one single remote. There was a wall-mounted control screen where everything could also be controlled, but there was almost no reason to use it once the system was setup and running.

Mrs. Grayson answered the door and to my surprise was somewhat scantily dressed. She wore a full length pink silk gown that tied only at the neck and the fabric crossed slightly in front. As she turned to invite me in, I’m sure the fabric parted enough for me to see pink panties. I’d already determined by the small hard nubs poking thru the material that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“This new system you’ve sold us is not working right.” She snapped a bit unpleasantly.

When she didn’t elaborate, I asked her what the problem was.

“The picture is blurry and the sound is no better than a transistor radio.” She practically hissed.

I walked toward the theater in the very plush Grayson home. Obviously, I knew the way. I was having a hard time figuring out how the system could have malfunctioned so quickly. I was also a bit surprised that Mrs. Grayson, who’d shown little interest in the system to begin with, was so angry about the poor performance.

As we walked, Mrs. Grayson began a litany of complaints. It went from how she expected more from a system than this and how you’d think if you paid that much for something it’d be better to how much of a nuisance it was for her to take time out of her busy schedule to attend to this… yada, yada, yada. I decided that the quicker I fixed this problem and got out of the house, the better.

I powered up the system from the wall control screen and searched for the remote. I found it on one of the lounge chairs on the front row of the seating area. I immediately noticed that something wasn’t right. The only sound to be heard was coming from two small speakers at the front of the room. These speakers are actually harmonic stabilizers and really only serve to help clean up poor audio. That’s when I noticed that the amplifier unit was not on. I opened the control panel cover on the amp and switched the power on. Instantly, the sound from the set came blasting out. I really should have checked the volume level first… and Mrs. Grayson voiced her displeasure almost as loudly as the system.

“Someone switched off the power Mrs. Grayson, it should be okay now.” I offered.

“Well don’t you think I’m going to go poking around inside looking for power switches every time I want to watch TV.” She declared. “This is not what we paid for.”

I assured her that it would not happen again as long as nobody tinkered with the switches on the equipment itself. I reminded her that the remote would control everything.

“Well, what about that picture, it is way too blurry.” She pouted. “What are you going to do about that?”

I stopped and looked at the picture which was currently showing some daytime TV talk show where the guests routinely fight amongst themselves. The picture was pristine. I changed to a digital movie channel and the picture was even more awesome.

“Mrs. Grayson, perhaps the picture was worse earlier due to station problems or something.” I said somewhat placatingly. “It looks pretty good right now.”

“My name is Beth, and that picture needs to be fixed.” She said with what could only be described as a petulant growl.

I stood and looked at “Beth” for a moment. She was a very attractive woman, 5’7″ brown hair down past her shoulders, womanly curves hiding beneath the loose fitting gown. Her chest was heaving, her nipples still protruding, and her face had the look of a hungry lioness. I grinned to myself, thinking the only thing I needed to fix was a spoiled bitch’s attitude. A nice spanking and a good fucking would have been my prescription.

“Beth, I really don’t see a thing I can do to improve the picture.” I said in my calmest voice. “If you can tell me exactly what you’d like, I’ll do my best to satisfy you.” I offered and gave her a steady eye-to-eye dare.

Beth turned to leave the theater and I thought I’d probably just lost a customer considering she’d probably tell her husband I’d insinuated something akin to a “come on.” – but then she stopped and twirled back around to face me. The effect caused the gown to flare open from just under her neck down to her feet. She stood there bare-breasted and in see-through pink lace panties. Her hands on her hips kept the gown from closing.

“So you think you’ve got what it takes to satisfy me?” she laughed. “I doubt it very seriously.”

She stood there defiantly mobilbahis güvenilir mi while I considered my options.

“Beth” I said calmly. “I doubt you really know what you need to be satisfied. I do know that your behavior this morning leads me to believe that you need something that I’m very capable of providing.”

“And what would that be?” She said sarcastically. “…a tiny little limp dick?

“What I have for you Beth is the release, pleasure, and fulfillment you’ve been seeking.” I said in a very even tone all the while maintaining eye contact with her striking brown eyes. “But you have to prove that you’re willing to let me take you there.”

I let her think about that for a second or two and before she could speak I added: “If you’re willing, don’t say a word” I watched while her objection was stopped at her mouth. She stared at me intensely.

Calmly, I told her: “I want you to remove your robe now. There’s no sense in you having it on and I want to see you.”

Slowly she raised her hand to her chest and untied the bow that held the gown together. The silk slithered down her lithe body revealing her firm and inviting frame. The gown pooled at her feet and she appeared nervous as she absorbed my appraisal of her. I walked closer and noticed the scent of lilac mixed with female excitement. I kissed the top of her cheek only slightly, merely brushing my lips by her simmering skin. She trembled with desire.

“Well done Beth.” I congratulated her gently. “You and I will have some fun today. If you’ll put your trust in me, I’ll make this the best day of your life. Will you trust me Beth?” I asked as I circled her, taking note of her strong shoulders, slender waist, and magnificent ass.

As I circled back around to face her, I asked again: “Will you trust me Beth?”

Beth looked into my eyes and very slowly she began to nod her head. “That’s a good girl Beth. I like it that you remembered that I told you not to speak. I think you’re going to really enjoy our day today.”

I began telling Beth the ground rules for the day. She never flinched or even looked mildly afraid when I told her that she would obey my every command, that she would be punished for not following my wishes, and that she would be used as my sex toy for the entire day. I emphasized that I would use her mouth, her cunt, and her ass as I pleased. I instructed her to refer to me as “Sir” on the occasions that I did allow her to speak.

“Now, take me to your bedroom so we can begin.” I commanded. “And I want you to know that the first thing we’re going to do is give you the punishment you deserve for your behavior this morning. Don’t think that I’m going to go easy on you just because you’ve agreed to be my slut either.” I watched as she gathered her robe, reached for my hand, and led me toward her bedroom. Her ass and legs were enticing to watch and I couldn’t keep my eyes off them.

In her bedroom she dropped the gown in a chair and turned to face me. She stood there on trembling legs and awaited my instructions. I crossed the room and sat on the edge of the large bed.

“Since you were extremely rude and bitchy to me this morning, I see no other choice but to spank your gorgeous ass until you learn to behave better. Come here and lay across my lap and take your punishment. You will remain silent or the punishment will be repeated.”

Beth did as I instructed, I think I saw a look of fear in her eyes as she lay down across my lap. The way we sat, her head was on the bed and her feet on the floor. I sat somewhat cross-wise on the edge of the bed. I leaned down and whispered into her ear. “Trust me, you’re going to like this. If it gets to be too much, the one word you may say is ‘sugar’ and I’ll take care of you. Do you understand?”

Beth nodded into the coverlet. I took her hands and put them together behind her back. I cursed myself for not binding her with something first… but I sensed she would be willingly “bound” by a loose grip. I held both wrists together in my left hand and began to caress her bottom with my right. I locked my legs around hers to prevent any squirming; making sure to part her legs slightly as I did so. My caresses found their way along her ass and down her legs before venturing up to her silk covered slit. I smiled to myself as I found her panties soaked with her excitement. I took a second to inhale her musky scent before my hand struck her sweet ass with a loud “whack!” Beth inhaled sharply but made no other sound. I struck the other side of her bottom with a similar blow and again she endured the pain quietly. I quickly pummeled her ass cheeks with several swats each and a nice rosy glow began to appear on them. I rubbed the rosy areas and admired my handiwork. I knew Beth’s cunt would be heating up with every stroke. I traced my fingers around the edge of her panties and she trembled with anticipation as I neared her slit. I then quickly swatted each glowing cheek again several times in rapid succession.

“Do you mobilbahis think you’ve been punished enough my slut?” I asked Beth a bit amusedly.

She shook her head indicating “no” and I was somewhat puzzled by that. I guessed that the spanking was getting her close to an orgasm. I wasn’t sure I wanted her to cum yet, but I risked a few more hard slaps on her bottom and she clenched in what I first thought might just be an orgasm… but her whimper let me know I’d taken her right to the brink.

“On your knees slut” I commanded.

Beth gingerly lowered herself to the floor at my feet. I stood in front of her and gave one of my favorite commands. “Suck me”

Such a willing slave was Beth that I was in awe of how quickly she unbuckled my belt, unfastened, and unzipped my trousers. She deftly pulled my pants and briefs down over my proudly engorged penis and engulfed my cock-head quickly and deeply. Her hands began to fondle my hips and my ass. She reached in between my legs and deftly massaged my balls. All the while her head worked quickly up and down on my shaft and her tongue circled the head and bathed the tip. I was in heaven and seriously considered allowing her to make me cum. She may not have been the best cocksucker I’d ever had but she was close. She kept her mouth very wet and bathed my dick from the tip to my balls. She washed the underside of my cock head with back and forth motions from her wet tongue. Then, she’d quickly flick her tongue over the top and the end and send shivers of delight down my shaft. I allowed her to press me into the back of her mouth, feeling the silky soft warmth of her throat before I pulled her head away and lifted her to her feet. I kissed her lips roughly and slipped my tongue in between them. She welcomed my tongue hungrily and sucked on it as she had done my cock. I loved the way she kissed immediately. She tasted of oranges… and perhaps even wine or champagne… and I guessed she’d had a breakfast of mimosas. I pushed her back on the bed and slowly hooked my fingers in the sides of her panties. I pulled them down her smoothly shaved legs and held them practically dripping to my nose.

Her cunt was neatly trimmed and she spread her legs quickly when I instructed her to do so. I knelt and placed kisses along the lower portion of her tummy; which made her flinch and nearly cry-out. I reached up and roughly twisted her left nipple as a reminder her to stay silent. I kissed slowly along the tiny trimmed bush and massaged her legs with my hands. My thumbs worked slowly toward her slit and massaged her labia apart and opened her like a flower before me. She was sopping wet. I eagerly kissed and licked at her clit. I felt her tremble with pleasure and she moaned deeply.

“Don’t you dare cum until I say you can Beth.” I reminded her.

I sucked at the lips of her swollen labia, tasting and smelling her wonderfully musky juices. I inserted a finger inside her and began to probe upward toward her g-spot. I gently fingered her while I pointed my tongue and flicked at her clit. Gentle probing inside her cunt must have found the right place as she bucked against my mouth. Alternately, I sucked her clit into my mouth and gently worked it between my lips. I placed a second finger inside her and began to stroke a bit faster. I assaulted her clit with my tongue, flicking it, bathing it, and sucking it roughly. I looked up and saw Beth taught with desire. I knew that she couldn’t hold out much longer.

“Beth, I want to taste your cum now. Cum for me Beth… cum on my face” I chanted

I began to fuck Beth’s pussy with my tongue and I flicked her clit with my thumb. I traced the rim of her anus with my finger and found it soaked with her pussy juices. Continuing to fuck her with my tongue, I slowly inserted my finger in her ass. Beth bucked and ground her clit against my tongue. She began to come and I felt the juices begin to flow thickly from her slit. She thrashed on the bed and moaned as I continued my assault on her cunt and her ass; slowing as her convulsions slowed, I removed my finger and began to only kiss her legs and the outer lips of her slit. I moved up her body, admiring only for a moment the nipples that had been almost completely ignored until now. My goal was to share her wonderful taste with her. She eagerly cleaned my face and we climbed fully onto the bed and she nestled into my arms, kissing me and holding on to me.

“You may speak now Beth.” I said.

“Thank you Sir” was all she said.

I smiled and replied “Thank you Beth” and I grinned knowing that in the next few minutes, she’d be thanking me even more.

I rolled over and straddled Beth without touching her. I bent and kissed her pouty lips and she looked at me with mild contempt as I lightly licked between her lips. Now that she’d come, “bitchy-Beth” was trying to make a return. I’d have to make sure the “bitch” ran away quickly leaving only the “slave” behind.

I rolled away. “Get up and dance for me Beth.”

“What? No… I mobilbahis giriş don’t want to.” She cried.

“I think you’ve forgotten our deal slut. You are to do everything I ask, without question. And you’re to speak only when I tell you to. Or should I call your husband and tell him what we’ve been up to for the last few minutes?” I bluffed. I had no intention of losing such a good customer… but she didn’t know that.

“No…” she blurted out. But then she caught herself and lowered her eyes and shook her head slightly.

“Get up and dance for me Beth. I want to see you move… and touch yourself.”

I went to the bedroom’s remote audio controls and quickly had some good jazz playing softly in the room. Beth was standing, naked, trying to decide what to do. She closed her eyes and began to sway. Her hands rubbing up and down her shoulders and arms as she hugged herself. They traveled down across her firm tummy to the sides of her hips, across her thighs and up the valley between legs, only grazing at the sides of her bush before disappearing around to caress her ass. That wonderful ass was thrusting to the music. Her hips gyrating and her mound making fucking motions towards the air… she was getting excited again. Her imaginary lover was inside her and she rode him to the music. Her hands caressed them both… snaking their way up to pinch and twist a nipple into an excited state… sending tremors down her body, she shook with pleasure. Her head swayed dreamily as she danced with her lover. Unseen by her, I crossed the bedroom and stood in front of her and as her hands began to work their way down toward her thrusting mound, I caught them. Her eyes popped open with surprise and she started to mouth the world “please” but she let her beautiful eyes say it for her.

“Lie down Beth.” I instructed as I gently lowered her to the bed. I really should have tormented her some more… getting her to beg me to fuck her. I also wouldn’t have minded watching her get herself off. That really is a fetish of mine. I was ready though. This rich trophy wife was every man’s dream and I was going to have her. I felt giddy at the conquest. My chest swelled up as a flood of testosterone coursed its way through my body fueled by the power I commanded over this woman and by the knowledge of my impending coupling with her. I was becoming an animal and I was ready to mate with a prize bitch. She was in heat… I could smell it. From the look in her eyes, Beth could sense the change in me and she was ready. I bet she’d turned good men into animals several times already.

My cock, normally very thick and just slightly above average in length, was swelled to the max. The crimson head was throbbing and pre-cum leaked copiously from the tip. I threw Beth’s legs over my shoulders, pointed my concrete-hard cock at her cunt and drove it in, deeply, roughly, and selfishly. Beth was ready though. Her tight cunt, slick with passion juice welcomed me and enveloped me hotly. Beth’s mouth opened as she moaned sexily. She broke the rules by whispering in my ear:

“Fuck me you magnificent bastard.”

Further fueled I began to thrust brutally in and out of her dripping snatch. I kissed her hungrily and roughly as I bathed my throbbing cock in her juices. I held her hands out away from her body. Her legs over my shoulders still, she was a prisoner beneath me. I slammed deeply into her and felt my cock-head at the entrance of her uterus. Just the thought of spilling my seed there caused my balls to contract and I knew my orgasm was only moments away. I pushed Beth’s legs all the way to her shoulders and took my deepest plunge into her hot, wet, cunt yet. Beth’s eyes locked onto mine and I slowed my pace. I was as deep inside her as possible and only barely moving. She began to use her cunt muscles to aid the sensation as I rode the tiny waves of pleasure coming from my cock. I released her legs from my shoulders and she quickly wrapped them around my waist. My mouth open, I began to pick up the pace again. I let go of her hands and she clung to me. I gazed into those “rich-bitch” eyes with unbridled lust and readied myself to fill her with my “working-man” seed. My cock swelled yet again and Beth began to climb the hill toward her own orgasm. Faster and faster I plunged into her heavenly folds until she cried out and began to convulse as her orgasm shook her. The look of rapture on her face brought my balls to a boil. I slammed into her as my cock began to spray the walls of her cunt. I cried out with a guttural roar as I came. I could feel our juices mixing and coating my cock and I continued to thrust. I slowed to a stop as she clung to my shoulders and kissed me between my ragged breaths. We lay there entwined as our heartbeats returned to normal.

As I cooled down I told Beth to clean me up. While I intended to have her use her mouth, she jumped up and went to the bath and returned with two warm, wet wash-cloths. She bathed my cock and balls with one and the rest of my body with the other. It was very erotic. With a glint in her eye she later led me to the shower where I discovered more wonderful secrets about my new little sex slave. …her wonderful ass …her needy and beautiful sister …and how to take a fabulous vacation for free …but those are stories for another time.

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