The Stairs


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“I don’t understand why you won’t talk to me anymore. After everything I’ve been through”, I yelled at Scott, almost getting right up in his face. “You were the only one there for me when he left, I really thought we were friends, Scott, I thought I knew you better”. Tears were threatening to spill over the safety of my eyelids and truly betray the emotions I was trying so desperately to keep under control.

“I don’t know what you want from me, Addy, I told you that I’m just antisocial and I’m content with being on my own.” Scott replied quietly. “God Damnit! What do you even want from me?” His voice raising. People were starting to stare at us standing near his blue truck in the parking lot.

“I just want answers, you were my shoulder to cry on, my confidant for the last eight months and then nothing. Radio silence. Seriously? Why Scott?” The tears betrayed me and started running down my face, I was nearly wailing as I scream at him.

Suddenly Scott reached up and grabbed my face, his mouth enveloping mine, his tongue parting my lips, filling my mouth. He pressed his body against mine and kissed me hard. My knees went weak from the passion I felt. And just as quickly he pulled away leaving me even more confused and dizzy.

“That, Addy. That’s why. I can’t be around you without wanting you. I’ve held back for so long, keeping my distance, preserving our friendship. I just can’t fucking be around you anymore”, and he turned to walk away from me.

I grabbed his hand and just as he turned to face me, it was my turn to devour his lips with mine. I pressed my entire body into his, my hands around his neck, melting into his arms. Scott reciprocated and wrapped his muscular arms around me, lifting me off me feet. The emotions swimming in my mind, my heart felt like it was going to explode from my chest. I could smell his sweat from working all day with a faint reminder of the cologne he sprayed this morning.

He released his grip on me, setting me back down, I wasn’t sure I could remain standing, my knees were weak and my legs threatened to give at any moment. I leaned back against his truck and sighed.

“I don’t understand why you wouldn’t tell me. Why just disappear?” I asked him. My head still spinning with emotion. I had loved this man from a distance for years even when I shouldn’t have, never acting because the time was never right. The last eight months he had been my best friend when my husband unexpectedly left me, and all this time had he loved me back?

“You always told me how grateful you were that I was the only guy not illegal bahis trying to fuck you as soon as Chris left you. I thought you didn’t feel the same. I was afraid I’d lose you”, Scott’s green eyes met mine as he reached for my hand.

I couldn’t help it, but I giggled, the whole thing just seemed so absurd in that moment. Just minutes before I was screaming in his face, ready to deck him and the next we were making out like a couple of high schoolers. Scott laughed too as he realized that I was very much not going anywhere.

I reached up and kissed Scott again and whispered “Take me home”.

My back hit the front door a little harder than I anticipated and it knocked the breath out of me. Scott hungrily kissed my mouth pinning me against his front door. His left hand firmly grasped my hip holding my body close to his, his right hand clumsily fumbled with the keys trying to unlock the door. He thrust his hips against me and I can feel the hardness of his erection grind against me causing me to moan. My God if he doesn’t get this door open, this is going to happen right here, I am thinking, as I hear the key finally slide into the deadbolt.

We awkwardly tumbled through the door, almost falling as the lock finally gives way and Scott is able to turn the knob. Once inside I immediately ripped off my jacket while he closes and locks the front door. He turned, taking off his jacket looking at me with the most fierce passion I’ve ever seen from him. I lazily toss my jacket to floor and step back into his anxious arms. My lips eagerly find his and I moan with pleasure as he embraces my body. Scott reached down grabbing me firmly by my ass and lifting me into him. I respond by wrapping my legs around his waist, feeling the bulge of his cock rub my pussy through our clothes. Scott spun around, pinning me on the front door once again, pushing his hands up my back under my shirt. I helped him remove my shirt and his lips find the tops of my breasts, kissing every exposed inch of my skin. I moan in arousal feeling the wetness between my thighs and my pussy pulse in excitement.

I pulled Scott’s shirt off exposing his broad shoulders and smooth chest. I pressed my body harder into his as if we could melt into a single person, fanatically finding his lips with mine, our tongues dancing in our mouths. Scott pinned to the door holding my ass firmly with his right hand and exploring my belly and breasts with his left, reaching up and teasingly pinching and twisting my nipples between his fingers. He pulled lightly making me gasp a little in pleasure. His illegal bahis siteleri mouth worked from my lips down the side of my neck, his hot breath panting rapidly. I tilted my head back exposing all of my throat to his exploring lips and tongue. Scott reached up and unclasps my bra removing it and tossing it aside.

With my legs still wrapped tightly around his waist Scott turned and carried me through the living room. “Lets go upstairs, Addy”, he pants into my ear. I moan in agreement, squeezing my thighs tighter around his waist. As Scott took the first three steps up the stairs he set me down so I was sitting on the fourth. As I laid back against the stairs, Scott reached down unbuttoning my jeans while kissing my shoulder. His lips eagerly moved down my body finding the top of my heaving breasts, finally finding my nipples, stiff with excitement. A breeze from an open window caresses my flesh still wet from his mouth giving me goosebumps as the air cools the wetness on my body. I arched my back pressing my breasts further into his face.

Scott ran his hands around my belly onto the small of my back, pulling my body into his. He slipped his hands into the waist of my jeans over my ass, giving it a squeeze before pulling my jeans down and throwing them behind him. He paused momentarily staring at my nearly naked body, admiring my every curvy detail, biting his lip and groaning with approval. Scott then fiercely leaned back down kissing my lips. I reached down to his waist fumbling with the button on his jeans, my hands shaking from being so aroused. His mouth was moving all over my neck and shoulders, then moved down to my breasts lightly suckling one nipple and then the other, lightly nipping it between his teeth. As I moaned loudly I could feel the wetness of my excited pussy soaking through my panties. I finally got his button undone sliding my hand down the front of pants and grabbing his hard enormous cock. Scott whispered “not yet, love” and takes my breast in his mouth again. I moaned, I wanted him right then, waves of anticipation were coursing through my body as his hands and mouth moved down my sides. He kissed every inch of my belly stopping just above my lacy panties causing me to arch my back and mew with pleasure.

Scott reached down slipping my panties off and rubbing the wet folds between my legs. “God, you’re beautiful”, he says just before plunging his fingers inside of me. I moved my hips in rhythm with him moving his fingers in out of me. A long moan escaped as I feel climax coming closer. Faster he rubbed his fingers canlı bahis siteleri over my clit, circling it with his thumb, in and out, his other hand kneading my rbeast, his mouth working across my belly. My breathing was ragged and rapid, all I could do is moan as the first wave of the orgasm shuddered through my entire body. As it passed, I opened my eyes and his beautiful green eyes were staring at me, grinning with his cocky half smile. “Don’t tell me you’re already finished little bird”, almost too eagerly I respond with a gasping “no”, still catching my breath from the intensity of the orgasm.

Scott stood up and took his pants and briefs off revealing his erect cock. My entire body trembled in the anticipation of him finally being inside of me. Scott pressed his naked body against me biting my lips as he kissed me driving me absolutely insane. His movements were getting more eager as he greedily took my mouth in his. “Lets go upstairs” I panted almost desperately. He nodded and moved off of me. I stand and started to turn around and Scott reaches from behind me, wrapping his arm around me, kissing the nape of my neck, pressing his nakedness against me. He holds my breasts in one hand and reaches down and rubs my clit with other, slipping a finger past the folds of my sopping wet cunt. My legs were quivering, making it nearly impossible to remain standing.

Scott moved his hand from my pussy and moan in displeasure not wanting him to stop, he firmly grasped my hips, pushing my chest down to the stairs. Suddenly Scott thrust inside of me and I gasped a little surprised, nearly climaxing instantly. I arched my back, pushing my ass into him, as he slid his huge cock all the way into my slick cunt. Scott slapped my ass as his he rhythmically thrust in and out of my pussy, he slapped it again, hard. The sting made me whimper in delight. “Harder baby, fuck me harder” I plead. His fingers were digging into my hips, his nails biting my flesh, as he pulled me into him with each thrust, our bodies slapping together in a cadence. My entire body spasmed as I climax, my cunt dripping and squeezing so hard around Scott’s cock it nearly pushed him out of me. I heard Scotts breathing quicken, his grip on my hips tightened nearly bruising my skin and he’s thrusting his cock to hilt inside of me so hard I almost couldn’t hold my self up. I know he’s close as he starts to moan, digging his fingertips into my hips as he pulls me on to him. Finally he exploded inside of me, his cock throbbing with his warm cum.

We collapsed there, still on the stairs, in exhaustion and pure euphoria. Scott looked over at me grinning his half smile and laughs. “We didn’t make it to bed” he said, still laughing. Suddenly he stood up, sweeping my still trembling body up in his arms, softly kissing my lips, and carried me to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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