The Ski House


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Well, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and have finally decided to write about it. You can make up your own minds once you’ve read it. I thought a lot about it over the years.

I was 19, in college and dating this guy Scott. We made plans with a bunch of his friends to rent a ski house up by Killington, VT for a weekend. There were 14 of us going on the trip – 4 couples and 6 other guys. We left early in the afternoon on Friday. When we finally got to the house, we found it was huge. It had a game room, a big living room with a stone fireplace, dining room and kitchen downstairs with 8 bedrooms upstairs. Incredible place!

When I went to pick out our room I took one with a balcony overlooking the valley. This place must have cost a fortune. I was thrilled with it, expensive, but worth every cent. Once we were all set up, we got dinner going and just sat around talking as the rest of the people started showing up.

By nine everyone was there, dinner was done and we had fire going in the fireplace. We sat around talking, drinking a little and looking forward to a great day of skiing. I went to bed early and got up early on Saturday for a great day of skiing. The snow was incredible, the day warm and sunny. We had buried our lunch in the snow near the top of the mountain and all met midday to eat together. We had wine, sandwiches and stuff and just sat in the snow soaking up the day. We broke off into smaller groups based on ability and spent the rest of the afternoon tearing up the mountain. We all met afterward at the base lodge for some drinks before heading back to the house. It had been a glorious day.

When we got back, I started getting dinner going while people were taking turns in the shower. I had dinner pretty well in hand when I finally got my turn in the shower. By the time I got out the table was set and everyone was sitting down. It was feast, everyone brought something to contribute and after a hard day of skiing it was a really quiet dinner while everyone wolfed down the offerings.

After we got everything cleaned up we sat around and started drinking and playing some game where you stack wood blocks up then remove one at a time without tipping the stack. If you tipped the stack you had to do a shot of tequila. After a couple of those I decided to go up to my room. I really didn’t want to get drunk and be hung over for the next day. Everyone else seemed to be on the way for a really good drunk. I bent over to kiss Scott goodnight and whispered in his ear that he should come to bed early, I had some plans for him that night. He was already getting pretty drunk and laughed saying how he was looking forward to it. Everyone else started laughing, I just slapped his shoulder and went up to my room just a little embarrassed.

I thought maybe just a couple of puffs canlı bahis şirketleri on a joint would mellow me out a bit, so I went outside on the balcony to light up. I couldn’t believe how dark it was. Absolutely pitch black, it was almost spooky. You could see some houses a couple hundred yards away but no light really came from them. I could here everyone downstairs hooting and laughing, so I guessed someone must’ve been having another drink.

I smoked about half the joint before putting it out. I had a nice little buzz going and was starting to feel a bit daring. It was cold out but I decided to get undressed outside. I was backlit from the bedroom light, I knew that anyone else who happened to be looking at our house would be able to see me as well. That was part of the rush. It only took a few seconds to be completely nude. It was really cold and my nipples got so hard they hurt, but I was really turned on being out in the open like this.

I finished off the rest of the joint, staying outside for a couple of minutes before the cold drove me in. I shut off the lights and went to bed nude hoping Scott would be up soon. I don’t know how long I was sleeping when I realized Scott had come to bed. He was spooned behind me gently kneading my breasts and nipples. I knew he must have been at it for a little while, because I was really worked up, my nipples were hard and I was very excited. I must have moaned letting him know I was at least semi-conscious. He rolled me onto my back and kissed his way down my body, finally pushing my legs apart. He started to lightly nibble on my pussy lips and flick his tongue across my clitoris. He kept teasing me with his tongue to the point that I felt I was going to burst. Then he just engulfed me, sucking me into his mouth and wrapping his tongue around my clit. I went over the edge in a huge orgasm!

As the waves were subsiding, he started to just nibble and tug on my lips again, staying away from my clit. He had never done this before, Scott had always entered me as I was having my orgasm and would make love for 10 minutes or so. This was new and I loved it!!

He continued to probe me with his tongue, sucking on my lips and pulling on them with his teeth, slowly working back to my clit. This time he really focused on that part of me. I started to come in waves. I was having trouble catching my breath. The waves were coming so fast and furious. Each seemed to be stronger than the one before it. He finally sat up and put my legs up over his shoulders. I felt him position himself at my opening and then he just pushed in all the way filling me up. I came again, and he rode me though it.

This was the most incredible sex. I didn’t know if it was because I was high, he was drunk, the room was so dark or a combination of all of the above, but this was canlı kaçak iddaa good stuff. He was full of new ideas tonight, he would pump in shallow for 5 or 6 slow strokes till I was begging for him to fill me and then push in all the way, driving me crazy. He pulled out and rolled me over lifted my butt and entered me from behind. He reached under and cupped my breasts, pulling and pinching my nipples as he pumped into me. I could feel him getting ready to have his orgasm and he groaned as he went over the edge.

We fell to our sides with him still in me in a spoon position as he went through the after surges of his climax. We were both breathing hard, but I wanted some more of this. Who knew when we would be this good together again. When I felt him start to soften, I pulled away and he popped out of me. I rolled over and bent and took him into my mouth. What a shock, this was a circumcised penis! My boyfriend Scott is not circumcised!! I pulled my mouth away ready to say something and then …

Then I took him back into my mouth. I gave him a slow, long and if I must say so, fantastic blowjob, a real work of art. I really can’t tell you what was going on in my mind at the time, I’ve thought about it for years and still don’t know why I didn’t jump up and turn on the lights to see who the hell this was. The only thing I can think of is that I was high, and the sex was the absolute best I’d ever had, I just plain didn’t want to stop at that point. I didn’t think about Scott coming in. Never even entered my mind!! I just continued to suck, nibble and lick on this circumcised dick.

When he started breathing hard, I moved into a 69 position with him and felt the first tentative strokes of his tongue. Now it was my turn to moan. Scott would never have gone down on me after having sex with me. This guy was going to town and I was enjoying every moment of it. I kept him on the edge for what must have seemed forever to him while I had 2 more orgasms. I could feel the head of his dick swell in my mouth as he would get close to having an orgasm. I would pull away for a moment to let him calm down and then start on him again. I finally turned around and mounted him, sliding very slowly onto him. Delicious!!

I bent down and pulled his mouth to my breasts and felt that wonderful tongue work it’s magic on my nipples. I squeezed my breasts into his mouth controlling everything while sliding up and down on him. I told him what I wanted him to do. I wanted him to suck, bite and pull on my nipples. I was a wild woman! I could feel another orgasm coming and could sense he was ready to shoot again as well. I sat up and started to ride him hard. When he shot into me, I came too. I fell down on his chest trying to get my breathing under control. I was almost sobbing, the orgasm had been so strong. I rolled canlı kaçak bahis off him and just lay there on my belly legs splayed as I felt him get out of bed. I heard him slide his pants on and move across the room toward the door. Just before he opened the door and left.

A bright flash lit up the room. By the time my eyes readjusted he was gone. I woke up around eight the next morning by myself in bed. I thought the night before had been a dream except there was a pair of men’s underwear on the floor next to the bed and I was sore. They were boxers and Scott wears jockeys. I lay in bed for a few minutes thinking about the previous night and what it all meant. I certainly had some things to figure out about myself. I wondered who the hell it had been and how he had managed to have the nerve to do it. I eliminated all the guys who had girlfriends and two of the other 6 weren’t the right build. So it was one of 4 guys and 2 of them were Scott’s roommates.

I got up and took a long hot shower and went downstairs. Scott was still passed out on the couch. There were empty beer and liqueur bottles everywhere. Most everyone else who was skiing was already up. I asked what had happened with Scott and they laughed saying he ended up getting really loaded not long after I left and passing out. They set him up on the couch with a blanket and continued to play the game. That was odd, Scott was usually able to hold his alcohol with the best of them. I’d seen him really drunk before and he never passed out even though sometimes I wished he would.

I went over to wake him up, and he was still groggy with a wild headache. We decided to just pack early and make a leisurely trip back to Boston. I waited for everyone to get up and sat around talking, but couldn’t get a sense of who had been in my room.

As we left, I hugged everyone and to those 4, quietly told them what a great time I’d had. I didn’t get a clue. It was almost 2 years later when I got my answer. I got a 8×10 photo with a note on the back of it postmarked from Phoenix. The note said:

“I never forgotten our one night together, if I could tell you the number of times I’ve gotten myself off just thinking about you’d be amazed. I’ve dreamed a hundred times of calling you and telling you it was me. I didn’t know till the following morning that you figured out it wasn’t Scott. I’ve always wanted to know when you figured it out. I’ll treasure that night forever. Have a great life Jenn.

All my love!!

PS. I hope you enjoy the photo, I do!!”

It took a bit of research to finally figure it out. I wasn’t involved with that group any longer, but was able to get in touch with one of the guys and asked who was living in Phoenix. Turned out no one was, but one had just returned from a business trip out there. The least likely of all the ones I thought. He was a quiet shy guy who always seemed embarrassed when I spoke to him. His friends used to joke that he was gay. Were they wrong! The picture was the one he had taken of me as he left the room of me lying on the bed with my legs spread.

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