The Sins of the Fathers Ch. 28


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Sitting in the front seat of the parked Jeep Wrangler, Jessica looked up in disbelief at the forty-foot tall sign that read ‘Taboo!’. The sign, shiny black allover with thirty-foot tall lipstick-red letters across it, simply radiated, Having naughty thoughts? We have just what you need to make any fantasy real! Any fantasy!

She closed her eyes and, then, opened them again. Nope, still there in all its brazen glory!

She turned her face to Jack Grant; he felt like a cockroach that someone had just shined a light on in the dark of the darkest night. If he could’ve, he would’ve scurried from the light; but, just like the roach, he sat there frozen in place with his little roach-like brain whimpering, Maybe if I don’t move, it won’t notice me.

“‘Taboo’? Really?” Lawyers don’t miss a thing, huh? No hidden messages or agenda there, Jack Grant?

Except for the forty-foot tall sign, the actual store was nondescript. There were no windows, just a single door; and, of course, a garish forty-foot tall billboard.

“You know, I didn’t really ever notice the name before,” Jack confessed. Hard thing to admit, that you go blind when you get a hard-on.

“So, what happened here between you and Nikki?” She turned on the seat to face Jack.

He told her the story, including the fact that he’d been so erect that he couldn’t even get out of the Jeep; finally, he described Nikki’s cure or ‘help’ with the problem.

She stared at him, genuinely shocked. “You had your teenage daughter blow you in a porn-store parking lot?”

“Well … it sounds a lot worse, when you phrase it like that.” I sound like a pervert or dirty old man; it wasn’t like that.

“Okay, Jack, be my guest. You phrase it in a way that sounds better!” I’m waiting!

“It was her idea.” But, even as he spoke the words, he knew he sounded like some child, sniveling to his parents or a teacher. Well, she started it. She made me do it!

Jessica’s mouth dropped open. “Are you telling me this, just so I’ll give you a blow job in a very public place? If I find out you’re lying to me, I’ll fucking bite your dick off.”

He crossed his heart.

She looked around in disbelief. There were cars everywhere. People coming and going, getting in and out of cars, going in and out of the stores.

“Jack, were you trying to get caught? Nikki clearly doesn’t understand consequences, but you? You’re a fucking attorney! I’ve no desire to end up on a sex-offender registry and neither should you, Jack Grant!”

“I tried to stop her.”

“Did you cum?”


“In her mouth?”


“In this Jeep?”


“Like right now, this time of day with people all around?”

He nodded his head.

Jessica looked around again. “I’m not doing this, Jack. This is just plain crazy,” She took his face in her hands, making him look at her. “Not sexy crazy. Just plain crazy!”

She reached down, grasping his cock. He was huge and hard as a rock.

“You’re hard at the thought of getting me to blow you? Here?”

Somewhere between a whisper and whimper, Jack found his voice, “You blew me in the theater.” It was meant as a sort of a plea and justification; but, it was also sheer stupidity to use it. Oh shit, too late! God, I wish I hadn’t said that.

Her eyes blazed. “It was fucking dark! And, we were in the back where no one could possibly see us. There were only four other people in the whole theatre.” I can’t believe you just used that against me!

Jessica hit him in the shoulder–hit him hard. Asshole!

“Oww! What’s that for?” That fucking hurt!

“For using the theater blow-job against me. I never should’ve done that with you. I just knew it; one weak moment, and look where it got me.” Jesus! Are you worth the pain, Jack Grant? Are you really worth the fucking trouble?

She appraised him, very carefully. Handsome, angular jaw, masculine, intelligent, imaginative, well- educated, and adventurous. You’re fit, great in bed, dress well, have a nice home, and a happy–if somewhat unconventional–family. You’re not full of doubts. You’re a man, not a boy.

You’re also really dangerous!

She never could predict what he’d do next. That made him incredibly spontaneous and attractive to her; and, it made her nipples hard whenever she was with him.

“Damn you, Jack! That hurt; you fucking hurt me. You don’t play nice; you just wanna win.” You’ll say anything to get what you want! Is that where Nikki gets that trait? Anything goes, to win! It’s fucking genetic!

He looked down at the floor at her feet. “Are you going to put your panties back on?”

He stretched, picking them up and handed them to her. She glanced at them, and hung them over the mirror above the dash. “Gee, they’re wet,” she quipped, playfully. “I’ll just let them dry a bit.”

At the sales-counter inside Taboo, Randy Palmer glanced up at the monitor. It’d been a canlı bahis slow day so far, and, at the moment, he was spending his time restocking some of the shelves in back. Over the summer, he’d adopted a habit of periodically walking up to the front and checking the security camera.

Holy shit, they’re back! I remember that Jeep. It’s the guy and his daughter. What’s his name? He pulled a copy of the credit-card receipt from his billfold. Jack Grant.

He looked up, just in time to see the guy’s daughter punch him hard on the shoulder. He watched as she took a pair of white panties and hung them up over the rear-view mirror inside the Jeep. He smiled at the John Deere ball cap and ponytail. They were still talking, and, Randy couldn’t tear his eyes away.

Glued to the monitor, not only could Randy see Jack getting out of the Jeep; but, it was also glaringly obvious the poor guy was plagued by a massive erection. Jesus, does she keep him like that day and night?

Jack was just standing there, slightly hunched over with a pained expression on his face, when Jessica asked, “Did Nikki go in?”

He shook his head, No.

“I want to go in.”

“Nikki didn’t go in.”


“Because she’s my daughter. I made her wear the cap, so no one would think she was a girl.”

“Do you think I’m fooling anyone, Jack?” Defiantly, she raised her arms and jutted her tits at him in rebellion. “Look at me! Do I look like a boy?”

“It’s harder with you.”

She snorted, pointing at his erection. “No, really? Come on, let me go in. Let’s see what would have happened, if you’d let her go in to choose her own toy. You know you thought about letting her go inside, didn’t you?”

He nodded his head.

Well, at least, that answer’s honest! Poor Jack–he’s so horny, he can’t even lie straight.

“Okay, okay! Let me check the store; I’ll be right back.”

Randy smiled as Jack opened the door. “Hey, there, thought you might not come back.”

“You actually remember me?”

“Jack Grant,” he pointed at the screen of the monitor. “And his lovely daughter.”

Jack could see the John Deere ball cap and the ponytail. Jessica did sort of look like Nikki in the video feed.

Jessica stepped out of the Jeep, heading towards the store. He started for the door to intercept her. Randy just laughed. “Hey, don’t sweat it. It’s cool. The store’s empty, anyway. If I have to, I’ll hang out the ‘Closed–Be Right Back!’ sign, while she’s inside.”

Jessica opened the door. The lighting was very dim; and she immediately slipped off the sunglasses, so she could see. And the very first thing she noticed was Jack glaring at her; obviously, he wasn’t a happy camper. Poor Jack, are you pissed, because I didn’t stay in the car and wait for you like a good little girl? Well, Jack, here’s a heads-up: I’m not eighteen; I’m an adult. So, fuck off!

She walked over to where he was standing with a young black man, evidently the clerk or manager. Jack curtly made the necessary introductions, “Jessica this is Randy. Randy, Jessica.”

Extending his hand, Randy gave her warm welcome. “Nice to finally meet you, Ms. Grant.”

That caught her totally off-guard, Good God, he thinks I’m Jack’s daughter, and, Jack’s not correcting him! Then she spied the video feed; it was focused on the Jeep. She could see her panties, dangling on the mirror. Oh, shit!

Smiling, she took his hand. “Have we met before?”

“No; but, I helped your dad, the last time you two were here.”

Jack blushed hard. Jessica turned to him, batted her eyelashes, and shot him a shit-eating ‘You are so fucking busted’ grin; then, she looked back at Randy.

“You seemed to have some trouble, deciding what you were looking for,” Randy continued, adding, “And, I helped your dad choose one you might like. But, you sent it back and asked if I had the same one—only in ‘black’.”

Jessica instantly flashed on Nikki, sitting in that Jeep and giving Jack the blow-job in the same parking lot. Turning beet-red in embarrassment for Nikki, she pointed at the monitor. “You saw, didn’t you?”

Randy smiled, “Yes, they’re a very nice pair of panties.”

“No, I mean you saw what I did the last time we were here. In the Jeep.”

Randy nodded his head.

“What did you see? Say it, so he can hear you,” Jessica told Randy.

“I saw you bend over in the Jeep and blow your dad, in the middle of the day, in a busy parking lot. Anyway, I think that’s what I saw. I can tell you this: it’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life.”

“Was I good at it?”

This time, it was Randy’s turn to blush. “Oh, I can’t imagine you not being good at that!” Well, you’re not shy!

“Do I swallow?” She looked a Jack, while she talked to Randy.

“Well, I didn’t see you lift your head. And, I didn’t see you spit–after.” Randy took her chin with his fingers, turning her head back so she was looking up at him, “And, he held your bahis siteleri head down on it for a while. So, yeah, you swallow.” You definitely swallow, little girl!

Jack was hard from listening to them. Randy was hard, just talking to Jessica. And, Jessica was wet.

“How could you know what I’d like? How did you help him choose it for me?”

Randy glanced at Jack, then took Jessica’s hand and placed it on the front of his pants. She found him and squeezed, testing and measuring. “Holy Shit! You picked one almost like you? Same size. What made you think I’d like this?” She squeezed gently this time. “Same color?”

“Yes, same color too. But to be honest, I’m a little bigger than the one you chose. Most young white girls like this. At least, that’s been my experience.”

“So … you like white girls?” You’re dangerously cute.

“Yeah, I kinda do actually.” You’re pretty bold for a high-school girl. Maybe I should ask you out.


He thought about how to say it. He looked straight at Jack, and he knew what he wanted to tell her.

“I like knowing that at some point, when a white girl is with me, they suddenly think about what would their ‘daddy’ say, if he saw them taking a big black dick. I can always feel it, when they have that thought.”

“Feel it, how?”

“Well, first they blush really hard all over their bodies. Then they look away and close their eyes like, if they can’t see me on top, neither can their dads. Then, they cum as hard as they’ve ever cum in their whole lily-white lives. Their little pussies turn into frigging industrial-strength milking machines.”

“Because of what you do?

He laughed. “I wish; but, no. It’s because of it being so forbidden. Most white girls think their fathers would loose their minds, if they caught them in bed with a black man. If they caught them, enjoying taking a big black dick.”

Once again, Jessica turned a light shade of beet-red and looked away, closing her eyes and hoping Jack wouldn’t see it. This blush was for herself–not Nikki.

Randy turned her face back, so he could see her eyes. “You just did two out of the three things that make me love putting the meat to a white girl.” You’re freaking beautiful when you’re embarrassed.

Jack cleared his throat.

Randy stepped back from Jessica. “Let me close the store, so no one will bother you while you’re here. I know how private you two are. If you have any questions, ask me. I showed Jack where everything was last time.”

Randy walked to the door and locked it, after flipping the sign over. He dropped the shades across the door and returned to the counter; to his credit, he didn’t actually bother Jack and Jessica as they moved about the store.

Jessica whispered softly, “You didn’t tell him that I’m not your daughter!”

“You didn’t tell him, either.” Naughty girl!

“Did you know he saw her blow you?”

Jack nodded his head.

“Does Nikki know?”

This time, he shook his head, No.

“Randy’s a little bigger than the one you bought Nikki.”

Jack had to ask, “How can you be sure about that?”

“Duh! Try to remember that I had my hand on ‘Nick’s dick’ in the movie theater. Trust me, Randy’s definitely a little bigger, I’m certain.”

Jessica spun round, trying taking in the whole building. Once a highly popular nightclub, the building’s new owner had even kept its massive oak bar; but, now, it seemed horribly out of place in this all-digital porn world. Simpler times and simpler pleasures.

“I’ve never been in one of these places before. This is so very cool!”

Her eyes caught the displays of videos by category. ‘Blackened’ seemed to be about tall black males and petite white girls. The ‘Barely Legal’ series focused on girls, who’d just turned eighteen-years old and wanted to be porn starlets. She laughed when she came across a collection labeled ‘Rump Rangers’, and turned around looking for Jack; but, he’d already moved away to another section called ‘Border Patrol’. As far as he could tell, it was a relatively new set of videos, keyed to US Border Patrol agents taking advantage of young-looking Hispanic girls in a desert setting.

Jessica was actually surprised that ‘Incest’ wasn’t as prevalent a theme in the DVDs as she’d thought it would be, considering that the store was named ‘Taboo’.

She finally found Jack checking out a series called ‘Gag Factor’. It was right next to the ‘Glory-Hole Wives’ section of videos. There was also a section called ‘Hot Wives’, devoted to wife swapping and included ‘Interracial Threesomes’ as a subsection.

She physically dragged Jack away from that section, laughing at him out loud.

“So,” Jack quipped, “didn’t you cover this ‘genre’ in your degree work in Film Theory?”

In the midst of their exuberant outburst, out of the corner of her eye she’d caught Randy watching them. It wasn’t overtly obvious, but he was definitely sneaking a few peeks. When she bahis şirketleri approached the counter, Randy instantly got very busy. Shuffling papers and computing inventory data had suddenly become his most important priorities—anything to avoid watching her.

Bending over the counter’s glass top, Jessica surveyed the selection of the realistic sex-toys. Then she looked for one that was like Randy. When she thought she’d found it, she wiggled a finger at Jack motioning for him to join her.

She whispered in his ear, “Did the one you got Nikki have a little suction cup?”

He nodded his head.

Jessica squatted down to see into the glass case better. “Can I see that?” She pointed to a belt that went with the toy. Randy knelt and reached under the counter. “This one?”

“Does it go with the toy he bought for me?” Her legs were open just a little.

Inviting, Randy thought, might describe that position. He nodded his head.

She leaned slightly to one side, twisting a few inches as if looking at another item. Her dress moved up her thighs just a little. Her position was a little less ladylike. Randy already knew she didn’t have panties on; but, now, he knew that she smoothe and no longer had to imagine what that might look like.

She smiled as he adjusted the position of his cock. He wasn’t obvious about it, but she noticed.

She stood up, and he handed her the belt. It was pretty simple: Velcro, buckles and black webbing. She examined the triangle in front with a small round hole. Her forehead crinkled in confusion.

“For the little suction cup,” Randy explained, “It goes in here, then you just put the belt on.”

She smiled. Oh!

“Have you ever used one of these?” he asked. Now, Jack was all ears too; and, Randy immediately picked up on the fact that Jack didn’t know the answer to the question. That’s damn interesting.

Jessica nodded her head; and, Jack’s jaw dropped opened. Randy laughed. This is just, too priceless.

She looked at Randy, then at Jack as if deciding. “The sign outside says this store has a movie arcade?”


A twinkle in her eye, Jessica slipped her arm through Jack’s. “Wanna watch a movie?”

Jack raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure?”

She nodded, saying just loud enough Randy could hear, “Oh yes, Daddy.”

He handed Jessica a ten-dollar bill. She looked puzzled. Laughing, he answered, “Use it to buy some tokens from Randy. You’ll need them for the movies.”

When Jess gave him the money, the young black man handed her a small handful of tokens. “Try Booth
, the series of films called ‘Blackened’. I’m pretty sure you’ll like them, based on what you had your dad buy.”

The blond ponytail bounced away as she walked back to Jack.

Jack and Jessica took Randy’s advice, slipping into Booth
. Since the booth only had one chair, Jack sat down and held Jessica on his lap.

Jessica scanned the menu for the series called ‘Blackened’ and selected one. It was an aesthetically striking video, co-starring a beautiful petite Caucasian young girl and a handsome very well-endowed African-American male; additionally, it’d been shot in a private home, tastefully decorated with pristine white furnishings, rugs, and walls.

“Is this okay, Daddy?” Jess asked, her voice seductively sweet. “Randy said he thought we’d enjoy it.”

“Daddy! Did you just call me ‘Daddy’?

She just shrugged her shoulders. “Would you have let Nikki come back here with Randy?” Come on, Daddy, fess up!

He wracked his brain for the right answer; but, it took too long. Except for the sounds of a small white woman choking on a huge black dick, emanating from the video screen, the silence was deafening.

She merely replied, “Don’t bother. It’s ‘Qui tacet consentire’, Jack. I learned about it from the film ‘A Man for All Seasons’; it’s a maxim of Law meaning that silence implies consent. Well, you apparently have nothing to say; so, I can only surmise that you would have, indeed, let Nikki come back here with Randy.”

“Hold it right there, Jess; you’re out of your league on this one. First off, I’ve seen that movie; and, it’s damn good. But, sometimes, there’s a problem learning from films; for instance, learning the Law from movies is dangerous. What you quoted from Sir Thomas Moore in Latin is, indeed, a Common Law maxim … in England. ‘In England’ being the key words. In the US, we didn’t adopt every tenet of English Common Law. In particular, we did not adopt this maxim. We enshrined in our Constitution’s Fifth Amendment the ‘Right to Remain Silent’. The two principles would clash. The Constitution would take precedent. So in the United States, silence cannot be construed. Someone has to admit or consent in writing or out loud. Silence is just silence.”

“Silence is just silence, huh? Okay, let’s try this. You already knew he saw you two together in the Jeep; and you also knew he saw her give you a blow-job. And, knowing that, you would let him bring her back here to show her these movie booths. Why?”

He had an answer to that. “To see what she’d do. To see her blush, struggle with the decision and decide–based on her desires–what to do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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