The Shared Hotel


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For the grandparents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary, the rest of the family traveled to celebrate with them for a long weekend. Heather and Brad’s parents booked two rooms at the hotel – one for the parents and one for the kids. Heather was 19 and just finished her first year of college. Brad had just turned 18 and graduated from high school.

After checking in, they realized that both rooms contained just one queen size bed. The front desk told them that the hotel was fully booked and no other rooms were available. The brother and sister decided to make the best of it.

At the end of the day, everyone retired to their hotel rooms. Brad watched tv for a little while as Heather read a magazine, and then Brad shut off the tv to announce he was going to sleep. He disappeared to the bathroom to brush his teeth and then returned and warned his sister, “I hope you don’t mind, but I normally just sleep in my boxers.”

“It’s okay,” she said. “I remember when you used to run around in your Spiderman underwear.”

“I forgot about those,” he said.

“You used to pull them down and say that your little penis could make spider webs. Do you remember that?” she asked

Brad shook his head. “Yep, I do.”

Heather giggled. “Remember when I had a sleepover and you did that in front of my friends? Becky Haggert kept laughing about how small it was and talked about it for weeks after.”

“It’s gotten bigger since then.”

“I should hope so.”

Heather turned back to her magazine and Brad began to get undressed. From out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of her brother’s shirtless body. He’s been working out, she thought. If he wasn’t my brother and I just saw him on the beach, she continued, I’d think he was kind of hot. Heather suddenly realized what she’d been thinking and pushed those thoughts out of her head. She continued to look surreptitiously at him, however, while pretending to read her magazine.

His pants were off and he was standing there in only his boxer shorts. She glanced at his crotch as though she could make out the outline of his cock through the fabric of his shorts. As he began to walk toward the bed, the fly of his underwear parted and she was able to catch a glimpse of part of his dick. She looked away quickly, her heat beating with a mix of shame and excitement.

Brad was in bed and pulled the blankets over him. Heather announced she was going to get ready for bed too. She took her nightie from her suitcase and went into the bathroom. The length of the nightie stopped slightly above her knees. She planned on wearing panties with it, but found herself feeling braver. She began to get undressed.

From Brad’s position in the bed, he noticed that through the angles of the mirrors in the hotel room, he had a great vantage point to see a reflection of what was going on in the bathroom. Heather, thinking she had enough privacy as it was, didn’t bother to close the bathroom door and was completely unaware that she was getting naked in front of her brother. Brad tried to look away, but she removed her bra and he illegal bahis was unable to do anything else but look. Her A-cup breasts were perky and her nipples were erect. She pulled off her panties, revealing a dark bush. Brad’s cock stiffened. He wanted to look away. He wanted his erection to go down. He knew that he shouldn’t look at his sister that way. He forced himself to turn on his side, away from the mirrors and concealing his hard on.

Heather emerged from the bathroom with her nipples poking through the fabric of her nightie. She walked across the room with her dirty clothes and bent over to put them in a laundry bag. She was once again in Brad’s line of vision, and he lay there looking at her ass and watching how the nightie rode up to expose some of her thighs. His hard on throbbed. Heather got into bed. They said goodnight to each other and she shut off the light.

Brad was having a sexy dream and his penis felt good. When he opened his eyes, it was morning and he was spooning his sister. His stiff cock was sticking out through the fly of his boxers and was pressed between Heather’s ass cheeks. Her nightie was bunched up around her stomach and his arm was draped over her with his hand underneath the nightie and fondling one of her breasts. Her nipples were erect. She was grinding her ass against his cock and he was grinding himself back against her.

He knew he should stop, he thought, but he was too turned on. Besides, she was grinding herself against him. He tried not to think that she was his sister. He just focused instead on the nearly naked girl pressed against him, grinding her ass against his cock and letting him feel up her perky tit. He decided it was best to keep at it, all the while pretending to still be asleep, so in case she did wake up, he could claim to be innocent.

But Heather already woke up. She too had been having a sexy dream and her pussy was wet when she woke up to feel the all too real sensations. She was confused at first, and then briefly horrified when she realized it was her brother who was making her feel this way. She thought about stopping, but she was too horny. Besides, he was the one groping her. She couldn’t see his face anyway, so she decided to pretend to be still asleep so she could continue letting him touch her this way.

They continued grinding against each other, enjoying the sensation of his naked cock against her naked ass, his hand massaging her bare breast and nipple. She slowly moved her hand down to stealthily rub her clit. Heather’s pussy was dripping wet by now and she began to grind harder against Brad. She spread her legs a little bit and his dick went in closer, rubbing itself between her inner thighs and grazing her outer pussy lips,

With his cock closer to her vagina, Heather closed her legs a little, tightening herself around her brother’s cock. She was grinding hard and he was thrusting back. Brad felt his cock tighten and he could feel the tip of his cock brushing against his sister’s pussy lips. He squeezed her breast.

He wanted to cum so badly and no longer cared about the reasons why illegal bahis siteleri he shouldn’t. He felt it building up inside of him and then he thought about how Heather looked when he saw her naked in the mirror last night. Cum shot out of him and he kept squirting again and again in sweet release.

She had been fingering herself the whole time and felt her own body tensing up. She felt his warm semen spurting against her thighs and pussy. She felt the way his cock pulsed as he came. It pushed her over the edge and she started to come as well, squeezing her thighs tight and convulsing her body as waves of pleasure overtook her.

When her body stopped, both of their orgasms were over and they were each overcome with the seriousness of what just happened. She parted her legs and he slipped his cock out. He tucked it back into his boxers and rolled over to his other side, facing away from her. She remained perfectly still, looking toward the window and feeling ashamed for taking advantage of her brother that way. Brad stared at the wall, terrified for the moment when his sister wakes up and finds his cum all over her.

As Brad tried to think of ways he could sneakily clean his cum off of his sister before she awoke, Heather continued to lay there, naked from the waist down and feeling his sperm drip and run in all directions down her thighs. The heck with it, she thought, and then quickly got out of bed. She pulled her nightie down and quickly walked to the bathroom. Brad closed his eyes to pretend to be still asleep, but partly opened one eye so he could watch her movement. His heart pounded. She shut the bathroom door.

She removed her nightie and stood totally naked in front of the mirror. She could see streaks of cum drying on her. Her pussy started to get wet again. Ashamed, she wiped herself clean with a wet washcloth, but the wiping motion just made her wetter. She turned on the shower. She thought about rubbing one out again in the shower, but quickly pushed that thought of her head and turned the faucet until the water ran ice cold.

Brad could hear the water running. He knew he needed to apologize but didn’t know how. He tried to rehearse different apologies in his head, but couldn’t decide on the best way to go about doing it. The water shut off. His heart quickened. Heather dried off, wrapped the towel around her, and emerged from the bathroom. She saw Brad sitting up in bed. There was no way he could fake being asleep to avoid the inevitable conversation.

“I’ll let you get dressed out here.” Brad quickly said as he got out of bed, went into the bathroom and shut the door. He pulled his boxers off and stood naked in front of the mirror. He knew that she knew that his cum was all over her and he was terrified that his older sister would forever think of him as some kind of horrible pervert. He looked to the side and noticed that Heather left her nightie balled up on the counter. His cock stood straight up at attention. He dropped his hand down to his dick and started to lightly tug at it while looking at the crumpled nightie. He thought about canlı bahis siteleri holding it up to his face while jerking off, but quickly decided that against it. He moved his hands away from his cock.

Meanwhile, Heather was pacing around the hotel room still wearing nothing except her towel. Part of her had hoped that since Brad was still asleep, maybe he didn’t know that he came all over her. Even if that were true, she was wracked with guilt for taking advantage of her younger brother that way. She had to talk to him. She didn’t know what to say, but she knew that if she waited any longer she might lose the sudden surge of courage that she was feeling.

“Brad, I need to talk to you,” she announced as she knocked once on the bathroom door while opening it without giving Brad a chance to respond. He turned around in shock to face the doorway. They saw each other and froze. She gawked at his erection pointing back at her. She tugged at her towel and it dropped to the floor. They stared at each other’s naked body for a seemingly long time without moving or speaking.

“I’m so sorry,” Brad finally said, breaking the silence.

“Why are you sorry? I’m the one who should be sorry.” Heather replied.

“I should’ve stopped before I came. I was just so turned on, I wasn’t able to.”

“Wait a minute, you knew what we were doing?” Heather hadn’t considered this.

Brad sheepishly nodded his head. Without giving thought to what he was about to say, Brad began to tell her everything – about how he watched her get naked the night before and how much that excited him. He admitted to fondling her even though he realized who she was. He was rambling apologetically. He couldn’t read the expression on her face. He realized he said more than he should have. “Please don’t hate me or think I’m a pervert,” he pleaded.

Heather confided that she too had been looking at him inappropriately the night before. She went on to say that she enjoyed what happened earlier that morning. As they looked at each other, waves of relief fell across both of their faces while a renewed charge of intimacy stimulated their genitals. She looked down at his throbbing hard on and felt her pussy drip with her own wetness.

She reached down and circled her fingers around his stiff penis. She slowly tugged it. He put his hands on her tiny perky tits and massaged them, playing with her erect nipples. She took one of his hands and slid it down to her pussy. He started to rub her clit. They both stood there, naked in front of the bathroom mirror, jerking the other one off.

Brad felt it building up inside of him again and he didn’t want to wait any longer. “You’re going to make me cum,” he said.

“Cum for me,” she replied and quickened her strokes until they both watched as he came all over her hand, wrist, and floor. Feeling his semen on her skin again pushed her over the edge. Without warning, her body started to convulse. Her knees buckled and she threw her arms around her brother and he pulled her close for a naked embrace, all while keeping one hand firmly pressed against her pussy and allowing her to ride out the streams of pleasure.

A moment after it stopped, they both realized that they were naked, holding each other in their arms, and covered in cum again. Uh oh, they both thought, what are we doing?

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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