The Sea Cruise


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The day was typically cold and wet and just what everyone expects for a funeral. We were gathered to bury our father who had finally passed away after a long, lingering, pain filled and undignified illness. His death came as a relief to us all, and I have no doubt to Dad as well, but none of us would admit to this. We were having what was basically a ‘Family Only’ funeral with only a few of his very close friends being invited to attend – Mum, me, my sister Julie and my brother John and his wife Sue and about 10 friends. Not a very large party for what was a popular and caring man but we knew that he would prefer it this way and had arranged everything accordingly.

After the formalities we returned to the family home for a couple of drinks and some afternoon tea and to say farewell to our beloved family member and friend. When all the visitors had departed we convinced Mom to lie down for a well-earned rest and the rest of us met in the lounge for a family discussion. Mom was looking terrible, the months of worry and work having taken a very tough toll of her, and we were worried about her health and well-being. Dad had retired at age 60, sold his business and looked forward to a long and enjoyable retirement. They managed to get one year of pleasure before discovering that he was about as ill as he could get. The fight against his forthcoming death lasted only 18 months and cost a large portion of their retirement fund and Mom was now only basically provided for rather than being ‘comfortable’.

Mom, now aged 56, looks about 66 in total contrast to 2 years ago when she was 54 and looked 44. The care and worry of Dad’s illness had worried and worked her far too hard and we were frightened that if we didn’t do something extremely quickly she would join Dad in quick order. After a long discussion of what we should do the idea of a cruise holiday came up. All 3 of us were successful and in well paying employment and money was not too much of a problem for any one of us. Julie lived a long way from us and had only recently separated from her husband but she had continued with her career after marriage and her ex was also well paid so she was more than able to pay a share of the costs. John was self-employed and his wife had only just retired after finding out that she was pregnant and they were also more than willing to help defray any costs.

I plugged in my lap-top and found the site of a travel agent advertising a current cruise and found that we could fly Mom to join it over the next couple of days. It was decided that, as Mom would not go by herself, Sue should accompany her and we would split the total cost 3 ways, she being the logical choice as a break would do her the world of good as well as Mom and Julie had to get back to her work, not being in a position to take any extended time off at present. I made a definite booking for 2 using my credit card. Julie sneaked upstairs and reported back that Mom was ‘right out to it’ and that we should not disturb her as the sleep would be doing her the world of good.

John and Sue decided to return home for a few hours and to come back in the evening. Julie and I were left alone, it not being worth-while me returning to my empty flat, and we decided to have a drink and relax. While sitting looking into the fire I began to get a bit melancholy thinking about the gap that Dad’s death would leave in our lives and when I looked over at Julie I saw that she was feeling the same and that tears were starting to ooze from her eyes. When she met my gaze she came over and sat beside me and we hugged each other comfortingly and it felt great to have her wrapped in my arms again after all this time. We had a long ‘on again, off again’ relationship from when she turned 16 up until she got married. Julie had decided that I was to initiate her into the rites of sex and she used to come and stay at my flat and eventually seduced me. I hadn’t resisted too much and then did nothing to stop it carrying on for the six years that it lasted, our last and possibly best fuck having occurred on the eve of her marriage, when she sneaked into my hotel room, our family having stayed, for the wedding ceremony next day, in the same hotel as her.

The feel of her in my arms with her breasts pressing into my chest and her face buried against me began to get me aroused and Julie soon became aware of this and looked up at me,

“We can’t! Dad’s not even warm in his grave and anyway I’m sort of married now. Besides Mom could wake anytime and we can’t risk her catching us.” She protested but there was not much conviction in her words.

“We could go upstairs and use one of the bedrooms right at the other end of the hall. She’d never think to look in there and anyway we would hear her first. If we don’t do it today we might never do it as you’re going home tomorrow and it could be ages before we get together again.”

I stood up and reached my hand down to her and after very little thought she grasped it and allowed me canlı bahis to pull her to her feet and lead her upstairs. We peeped in Mom’s door and when we found her still asleep we pulled her door securely closed, proceeded down the hall to the end bedroom and closed that door behind us. As soon as we were safe in our private space I pulled Julie to me and wrapped her in my arms and plastered my mouth on hers. She was as eager for our embrace as me and we were soon both clutching at each others backsides and trying to get even closer than we already were.

I backed over to the bed and sat on the edge of it and pulled Julie to me to stand between my widespread legs with my arms now right round her bum and my face pushed between her breasts. I nuzzled at her and then slowly worked my way down her body until I was forcing my face into her groin through the material of her black dress. Her odour was just as I remembered and I was erect and uncomfortable and desperate to fuck her. I freed my cock from its twisted up position and then lifted the hem of her dress to hip height with both hands and pushed my face back into her crotch. Now the smell and feel of her pussy through just her white panties was so much stronger and I was soon licking and prodding at her barely covered pussy lips. Julie was getting excited and clutching me into her by pulling at to the back of my head.

Releasing her I stood, turned her around and unfastened the back of her dress, lifting it up and free of her as she lifted her arms to help me. Julie was left standing before me in a black slip, which I then removed by sliding the straps down her arms and letting the garment fall to the floor. She had definitely dressed for a funeral as her garb was still black, now consisting of a black bra, black garter belt and black stockings. The black underwear was in stark contrast to her lacy white nickers and in response to my enquiry she said that her husband had broken up the set of underwear when he ripped the panties off of her in one of the last bouts of unbridled passion in their marriage. This raised jealous, angry and unreasonable feelings towards him in my mind but the prospect of getting her body back as my own soon overcame these feelings and, kneeling in front of her, I unfastened the garter belt suspenders from her stockings and slid them down her legs and encouraged her to step out of them. I unfastened her garter belt and when I had removed it I stood back up and quickly stripped down to my underpants and then lowered her backwards onto the bed and stood over her.

“I’m going to fuck you to within an inch of your life and show you what you have been missing out on, all this time.”

Julie smiled back up at me and spread her legs as far apart as she could and threw her arms wide open.

“You’re all talk!” she replied and I grasped the waist-band of her nickers and ripped them from her, lifting her backside clear of the bed before the material tore. I did the same with her bra and she lay there totally exposed and open to my gaze.

I slid off my underpants and without any further actions or delays I dropped on top of her and drove my erection deep into her. We both groaned with pure pleasure and went to driving at each other, desperate to enjoy as much of each other as was possible. I couldn’t get any further inside her than I was forcing myself and by her actions Julie wanted this deep penetration as much as I did. We couldn’t make too much noise, as we didn’t want to wake Mom, so as she neared her climax Julie was biting and chewing on the pillow and when she finally began to shake and shudder through her orgasm she bit down so hard on the pillow her teeth made holes in the covering and she dug her fingernails deeply into my back, feeling like she was ripping deep gouges. I climaxed at all most the same time and when we were both spent we rolled apart and smiled contentedly at each other.

“God I enjoyed that! I didn’t realise just how much I missed our sex together. Do you think we can get together tonight when Mom’s asleep? It’ll be our last time for a while. More’s the pity.” Julie looked as if she was really distressed at the thought of what she would be missing.

“We should be able to.” I replied, “But in the meantime we’d better get dressed and back downstairs before Mom and John and Sue are looking for us. That could be a bit embarrassing.”

We both got up and climbed back into our clothes, Julie having to go braless and panty-less, my having totally destroyed them in my eagerness to get at her. The thought of her being among the rest of the family without her underwear on was getting me excited again and we reluctantly straightened the bed and exited the room before I did something that I would later regret.

Back in the lounge we settled down side by side on the sofa in front of the fire and waited for the rest of the family to join us. Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity I began kissing her and then lowered my hand on to her knee bahis siteleri and slid it up her thigh when she did not object. I was fingering her furiously and she was squeezing my, once again, hard cock through my slacks when we heard, fortunately, Mom coming down the stairs. We were straightened up and looking innocent when she came in looking a whole lot better for her sleep. She smiled at us and asked if we wanted coffee and something to eat.

The doorbell rang before we could answer and I went and let John and his wife enter. We all got together round the kitchen table and the three women quickly fix some sandwiches and coffee while we consumed as we talked. We explained to Mom that we had booked her a holiday to relax and revive her and, as expected, she protested that she could not accept our combined charity but we finally managed to convince her that she would not be depriving us or causing any hardship. John and Sue then dropped their bad news on us. They had called to check with their doctor to confirm that it was OK for her to take a sea voyage and he had explained to them that as she had previously had a miscarriage he didn’t really want her too far from his care for any length of time. They had to accept his advise and consequently we would have to find someone else to go with Mom.

Julie would have loved to accompany her but her work position absolutely ruled this out. Since I was basically self-employed I was the only one who could possibly get away and when I really thought about it I could find no real reason why I couldn’t go. The only problem that I could see was whether Mom would want me with her.

“Of course I’d love to travel with you. It would be great and we should have lots of fun together.” Mom seemed keen, and I could only see one more real problem.

“The only problem is, Mom,” I went on, “the cabin we have reserved is a twin one with oversized bunks and a small bathroom attached. It’s not very big and it may be a bit difficult to maintain our modesty. Are you sure you want to put up with living in close quarters with me? We might be able to arrange for two single cabins but it is probably unlikely at this late stage.”

“No. There’s no need for that. I’m sure that if we take care we should get on real well together.” Mom was starting to look eager to go and we arranged that we would take off the day after tomorrow. This would give me time to organise my work schedule, close down my flat and to pack what I would need. Since Julie was leaving next day Sue said that she would come over and help Mom and she would keep her eye on both our places while we were away. I told Mom that I had had a couple of drinks while she was sleeping and I had better not drive home so would stay the night. I suggested that we should get off to bed early as we had a big day tomorrow and everyone agreed and John and Sue returned home and Mom and Julie headed upstairs while I banked the fire and locked the doors and then followed them eagerly anticipating Julie joining me when things had quietened down.

Chapter 2

Julie came to my room as we had planned and we spent what seemed like the whole night having sex. Every time we finished and I was settling down to sleep and regain my strength she soon had me aroused and hard at it again. I had forgotten how much she liked to fuck and how convincing and forceful she could be with her mouth and active little tongue. As a consequence, when she finally returned to her own room in the early hours I felt as if I hadn’t closed my eyes all night. With the prospect of a really frantic day ahead of me I was up, showered and dressed early and was brewing coffee when Mom and Julie came into the kitchen.

“Morning, sleep well?” Mom asked and I noticed a bit of a twinkle in her eye when I leant over to kiss her good-morning. I wondered if we were fooling her or if she had noticed our closeness or maybe heard us.

“Yep, had a great night.” I replied, ‘What about you Julie – you get a good night as well being as how it was a strange bed and all?”

“Yes, as good a night as I’ve had in a while,” Julie smiled at both of us, “Now I need to phone a cab as my flight leaves early and I really can’t afford to miss it.”

“I’ll run you out. I need to get going as well if I’m to get everything done. Maybe we might have time for a quick bite of breakfast at the airport. Sue will be over early, Mom, and I will give you a ring about tomorrow’s arrangements later. I don’t think I’ll have time to get back here today so I’ll see you tomorrow. I am really looking forward to our break – it’s years since I had a holiday.”

I kissed Mom goodbye and carried Julie’s bag out to my car as she made her farewells to Mom and we were soon heading for the airport. When we were on the freeway I reached over and ran my hand up Julie’s leg under her skirt.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she asked as she clamped her legs together, trapping my hand half-way up her thigh.

“Just thought I’d make bahis şirketleri sure you were wearing underwear, today.” I replied, giving her my best lecherous grin. “I was shocked when you were parading around, bare-arsed, in front of your Mother and brother and sister-in-law yesterday.”

Julie smiled back at me and relaxed her legs to let my hand slide up, investigate the bare flesh of her thigh at the top of her stockings and then proceed higher and learn that her modesty was preserved by panties. When I didn’t show any inclination to remove my hand she slid closer to me and allowed me to work my fingers under the leg opening of her nickers and to play with her rapidly moistening cunt. The trip to the airport took long enough for me to bring her to yet another orgasm and she lay back against the seat shaking, gasping and crying out and I hoped that none of the cars passing by would notice and, thinking that I might be harming her, call the cops. When we arrived at the airport she had regained her composure and looking down into my lap she suggested that I had better find a secluded corner and she would take the pressure off for me.

I had no sooner parked the car and turned the motor off when she unzipped my fly and worked my cock out through my underpants and dove down on it. Once again she had me in her hot sucking mouth but this time she was going at it for real, not just getting me up and ready for a further fuck. Her sucking and licking soon had me ejaculating in her mouth and she swallowed everything that I spouted out without missing a beat. In all probability, I had cum that many times in the past few hours I probably only managed to produce an infinitesimal amount. When I was finished she tucked me away, zipped me up and then sat up herself, examined her face in the mirror and declared herself ready to go.

We found that there was a short delay in take-off that would allow us to breakfast together and afterwards I felt quite distressed as she left me, knowing that it would more than likely be some time before we got together again.

I finally got back to my flat and after arranging with my cleaner to keep coming in during the time that I was away, I sorted out what I wanted to take with me and dropped it into a quick-fire cleaners to be collected later in the day and went down to my shop. My senior assistant was more than happy to take over the running of the place and I decided to look into keeping the arrangement permanent when I got back. By late in the day I had completed all my arrangements, visited my bank and was home with my clean clothes. After contacting Mom and, after confirming that I would collect her in the morning, I spoke to Sue and arranged for her to go to the airport with us and to take my car away and use it during my absence.

Next morning we all arrived safely at the airport and Mom and I were soon winging our way towards our meeting with our ‘Holiday Home from Home’. We spotted it moored in the harbour as we circled our way towards the runway and ‘She’ looked very pretty in the bright sunshine, all white and sparkling, moored at the wharf. We had no trouble working our way through customs and Mom and I were soon heading for our ship in the courtesy coach provided.

Our home for the next couple of weeks looked even more beautiful from close up and she matched her name, The White Wanderer, perfectly. In her glistening white livery she looked like a great white bird eager to be off and Mom and I went on board quickly, not wanting to risk being left behind. We were welcomed aboard by the Purser and sent to find our cabin behind a steward bearing our luggage. When we were shown into our cabin we found it to be slightly larger than we expected, but not by much. Behind the door were our bunks – being about as wide as a ¾ sized double bed. The ceiling was high enough for there to be plenty of space between the bunks and they actually looked very roomy and comfortable, each one having curtains that could be pulled for complete privacy. Opposite the bunks was a dressing table with a recessed mirror and, over- head, a light and next to that was a single-door closet. An armchair, small built-in table with a phone on it and the end of a three-person settee filled the right hand wall. The settee and another armchair took up the full length of the back wall and between the armchair and the end of the bunks, on the left wall, was a doorway into a small but functional bathroom containing a toilet, shower and small hand-basin. It would be difficult drying off after a shower and keeping clothes dry while showering but it was good not to have to share facilities with other passengers.

We checked out our new temporary home and decide that we would be very comfortable. Mom decided that, since she was much lighter than me, she would take the top bunk, assuring me that she could climb in and out of it as easily as I could and there was a lot more chance of my being able to catch her if she fell than there was of her catching me. I had to agree with her logic so I agreed, somewhat against my better judgement and I discovered, to my relief, that there were bars that could be placed in position to stop one from rolling out during sleep.

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