The Salesgirl


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Few days back it was drizzling in Bangalore City, India. My parents had gone to Chennai for a marriage and my wife had gone to her parents place for a couple of days. I was alone and was getting bored. I was not in a mood to go to office so I decided to stay back.

As I had plenty of time I decided to trim the hair around my huge cock and also shave the hair grown over my balls. I do this to keep my cock and the surrounding area clean. I know girls like it neat & clean and they hate the hair getting into their mouth when they suck and lick my cock. Once this was done I took a nice, hot shower and got ready. Usually when at home I am in shorts without anything underneath and a t-shirt.

My cock was unusually half erect, and I could feel my balls were heavy with CUM. I realized that it was more then 5 days since I had sex. I opened a can of nice KF beer and started to sip thinking about my pretty wife, her nice firm tits with pink nipples and her dripping wet pussy. Within a few seconds my Cock had grown to full size and I was massaging my Cock and my shorts were getting wet with my per-Cum.

Suddenly, I woke up from my dream as the doorbell was buzzing. I put the can on the table and rushed to see who it was. I totally forgot about the huge bulge my Cock had created and my wet shorts!!!

I opened the door to see a salesgirl standing there with a smile. She wished me and introduced herself as Veena. I was really wonderstruck by her beauty and the oozing sexiness from her body.

I asked her what she wanted and she told me that she was a salesgirl and was selling some ladies items and wanted to meet the lady of the house. I told her that my wife was away which disappointed her. Her smile vanished and she gave me a strange look and walked towards the gate and I am sure she thought I was lying. I was really upset and decided to convince her.

I asked her to wait and stepped out of the door totally forgetting my attire. I told her that I was not lying and I would like to buy something as a present for my wife. The smile returned to her face she walked back toward me. It was at this point of time she noticed me. For a few seconds her eyes glued to my bulge and my wet shorts but surprisingly she did not back out of the situation but blushed as she stepped into the house.

She started to display a wide range of makeup items and other toiletries for women. I was more interested in her then the items. She must have been 5.2” in height and had very clear and fair skin. She wore bright makeup as she was selling similar items. Even the dress she was wearing was modern with low cut blouse güvenilir bahis and transparent sari. She was slim and had a real good figure but surprising her breasts where huge and firm and was really standing out from her body. She had long nails painted sliver and she wore a pinkish lipstick. The air around smelled good because of the perfume she had used. My Cock was now even getting harder with this beautiful, sexy creature sitting in front of me.

I broke her explanation of the items by asking her whether she was using the items she was marketing and she smiled and nodded. I asked her to stand so that I can have a better look and she did as I asked. Then she started to explain about the items used by her.

One she completed her explanation I told her I was not interested in any of the item she had displayed. I asked whether she had any ladies innerwear and she was taken aback by my question. For the first few seconds she did not know how to respond and soon I saw her nod affirmatively. She opened another bag and pulled out some panties, bras and nightwear.

My bulge was very evident now and my shorts were getting more and more wet due to the oozing pre-cum. I had noticed that she was well aware of my condition.

She started to display them. She really had some cute, lacy ones and was really sexy. I looked at her and noticed that she was waiting for me to ask her a question and before I opened my mouth she said that she also uses them and very comfortable.

Here I asked the question, which made my intentions very, clear “Can I see them, I like to see it on a ladies body before I buy them”

She really did not know what to say or do. She was blushing, and also shivering. I got up and went near her and touched her. I told her not to worry and asked her to display.

It was now a strip tease and switched the channel on the TV to a music channel. She slowly undid her sari. She was trying to unhook her blouse but was finding it hard to reach her back. I slowly walked towards her and helped her to unhook. She slowly removed the blouse. She was in her lacy pink panty and bra. More then half of her huge tits was spilling out and I could notice her nipples were erect and piercing though her bra. Her pubic hair was visible through the wetness of her panties.

She looked like an angle. Her fair, hairless skin was shining and her fabulous figure with a deep navel made my cock to ooze out more pre-cum. She knew that I was loosing control and decided to help me.

Before I could get up she came towards me and opened my legs, “Let me take care of this monster” she said massaging türkçe bahis my cock from outside and slowly she pulled my shorts off from me. My huge, erect, pink Cock sprang out and stood erect. It was wet and a little sticky with my pre-cum. She wrapped her fingers around my Cock and started to move her hands back & forth. More & more pre-cum started to ooze, “Wow, I like hard, juicy Cocks” she said and slowly started to lick my pre-cum. As her tongue touched my Cock, I moaned and more juices started to flow and I could hear her slurping every drop.

She was really good used her tongue and mouth really well. Within a few seconds my whole 7” cock was fully in her mouth.

Well, I jumped like a electricity had just rushed through me, but all that did was push my cock deeper into her mouth, and she clamped it shut and sucked hard ! my body bucked again !! then she lifted up so that the head of my cock was just brushing against her lips and ran her tongue from the top to the bottom and back, and again she twisted to look at me, “Do you like that? do you like a salesgirl suck your cock ?”, my whole body shuddered and shook as waves of fire rushed through me, and I groaned, “Oh yes, yes, it feels so good !!”, she grinned and turned away and began to lick and suck my throbbing cock with a vengeance ! but not for long ! her hot mouth and snake like tongue soon drove me to the very edge of my control, but she still didn’t stop and with a howl of agonized joy I erupted, shooting my hot creamy CUM all over her face and I heard her shout “More, More…” as I emptied my balls !! I should have come more hen two minutes and my cock finally slipped from her hand like a collapsed balloon !

When I opened my eyes I could only see her pretty face was covered with my CUM…and she was trying to lick, “Wow, I can’t believe the amount of CUM you have blasted out…I have never seen someone do this before” she said still licking her hands. She slowly got away and waked into the bathroom to clean herself. I regained my control and used the other bathroom to clean myself.

After nearly 20 minutes she walked out of the bathroom. She had taken a quick shower and had dressed up fully and looked like nothing had happened. As she walked I realized the she was only wearing the sari and was fully nude. I could see the huge tits dangling and her pussy hair. As she approached me I grabbed her slender waist and soon our lips meet. We chewed each other lips and tongues. Her soft breasts and erect nipples were feeling nice against my bare chest. I slowly removed her sari and she was now standing naked in front of me. I lifted her güvenilir bahis siteleri and carried her to the room and slowly laid her on the bed.

I slowly started massaging her tits and pinching her nipples and took each breast into my mouth and licked, sucked and chewed them and proceeded and started concentrating on her sexy navel. I licked and bit her navel and played with her belly button and simultaneously inserted my fingers into her wet, dripping pussy. I could hear her moan and I slowly finger-fucked her. She had now closed her eyes and was moaning. Her hands were squeezing her huge tits and nipples. I now inserted 3 of my fingers and started to finger-fuck her more vigorously and her moans started to increase and became more louder. I could feel her juices running down and wetting the bed and I thought it was the right time to tongue-fuck her!!

I now slowly removed my finger and tasted her juices by licking my finger. It was really nice so I slowly parted her legs and started to kiss her milky white, soft thighs. I slowly proceeded towards my goal. Sucking and licking her pussy was made easy as she had a clean-shaven pussy. I parted the pussy lips and slowly started to lick and tongue-fuck her. She was now jumping and screaming with ecstasy. Her juices were flowing endlessly and were wetting my face and bed.

She moaned “I want it so bad, I want your big cock deep inside, I want your big cock to fuck me hard!! Please, please, fuck me good!!” so I gave it to her! Long and hard! Having had my cock blown by her not that long ago, I was in no hurry to cum on this occasion! I even thought her pussy was incredibly tight and incredibly hot and the walls of her pussy seemed to be trying to milk my cock dry!! Her head was rolling from side to side and her ass was lifting and thrusting up as I was thrusting down and she was moaning and whimpering “Oh yes, that feels so good, your cock’s so big and hard! Give it to me, give it to me!!” she yelled.

Her body arched and she screamed loudly, then her body crashed back to the bed in a series of shudders and shakes that threatened to toss me from her body! I felt a cascade of super hot juices blast across my thrusting cock and she was screaming out “I’m cumming, oh god I’m cumming!! Cum with me, cum with me!!” and I did!! Spurting my juices all over her belly and breasts! I should have cum over two minutes and soon my hard cock became limp and I crashed next to her. There was silence more nearly 10 minutes and then I heard her walk into the bathroom.

I washed myself and waited for her to get dressed. Once she was ready I gave her a hug and bought a few more items from her. She thanked and before stepping out she again kissed and squeezed my Cock, which again began to grow. By the time she left the gate my manhood was erect and I had to now use my hand to bring it down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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