The Sailors Who Stole My Wife


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It’s a warm and beautiful summer’s day. My wife Kirsten and I are on vacation visiting small towns along the coast. We’ve been married for seven years now, but recently we’ve lost a bit of interest in each other sexually. Weeks can pass between each time we make love, and we never talk much about sex or fantasies.

We’re sitting by the harbor in this charming, little town, enjoying the sunshine with an ice cream each.

A luxurious sailboat lies moored at the dock nearby. Three men around the age of fifty are onboard. They’re busy preparing the boat, securing ropes, and emptying buckets over the railing.

My wife loves boats and the sea, while I’m much more of a landlubber. She admires the sailboat from behind her sunglasses, while she licks her ice cream.

The three men from the sailboat finish up, and comes walking by us, heading for the café nearby.

“Nice boat!” my wife says to the men as they pass. The men smile and stops to chat.

“Maybe you want to come on board?” one of them asks. “We’re just going to buy some lunch to bring with us before we set sail.”

We promise to think about it, and the three guys leave us.

“You’re not seriously considering going with them?” I say to her. “They’re total strangers.”

“You’re so boring,” she says. “I definitely want to go with them. You can just stay here and wait, if you want, while we have a great time at sea.”

“Okay, I’m not in the mood for an argument,” I reply.

The three men return with bags of takeaway lunches. My wife cheerfully accepts their offer, and the men are visibly pleased.

She leads the way as we walk towards the boat. I can see the strangers admiring my wife from behind. She’s wearing tight denim shorts that really shows off her nicely curved ass. Her red top is snug over her breasts, and leaves an inch or two of bare skin, revealing her tan and slender hips.

The three men present themselves as Ivan, Ollie and Greg. They help my wife get on board. Greg welcomes her on deck with an arm around her hip.

There are seats around a table on deck, and Kirsten and I sit while the men cast off. Ollie takes the rudder, and maneuvers the boat out from the pier. Ivan pours white wine from a cooled bottle, and asks my wife if she would like a tour of the boat. She accepts with a girlish giggle, and they leave me sitting there alone. The boat builds up speed, setting the course for some scattered islets out in the bay.

“So, is it proper to call you guys seamen?” my wife asks with mock innocence. The guys roar with laughter.

“Well, you can call us sailors for now,” Ivan says. “We’ll see about the seamen later!”

Everyone except me laughs. I feel invisible.

Ivan and Greg show her around the deck of the impressive yacht, before taking her to the cabins down below. I can’t hear what they’re talking about over the hum of the motors.

They emerge back up on deck, laughing flirtingly. She puts her hand on their arms when they say something funny. They hold her by the hips and help her up ladders.

I feel the jealousy rise in me. How can she act like this with complete strangers that probably are more than twenty years older than her?

We’re far from the shore now. The small town is barely visible in the summer haze behind us. We drawing close to a small island, with a nice sandy beach. No other people or boats are in sight.

“We’re going to go for a swim,” she says when she returns to the table. “The guys have a towel I can borrow.”

“Is that right?” I say. “You didn’t bring a bathing suit.”

“Can’t we just swim naked?” Greg laughs, and puts his hand on her shoulder. She giggles.

“We actually have some bikinis on board,” Ivan says, looking through some drawers. He finds a small, yellow bikini and hands it to my wife. It looks way to small for her.

Then she starts taking her clothes off, right in front of these strangers. She wraps the towel loosely around herself, before slipping off her top and bra.

The guys wolf whistle and laugh.

She grabs the yellow bikini top and gets it on, before removing the towel. The top is too small, revealing quite an amount of side-boob.

Then she wraps the towel around her waist and takes off her denim shorts and cotton panties. She pulls up the bikini bottoms and lets the towel fall to the deck.

“Ready for sun and swimming!” she laughs, and takes a twirl to show off. The bikini bottoms are way too small both in front and at the back. It just covers her tailbone, and in front it just barely hides her triangle of dark pubes.

“Delicious!” Greg shouts. “We know of a great place to swim on the other side of the island. Meanwhile, come help us steer this baby, beautiful!”

My escort wife takes his arm, and grabs her wine glass. He leads her over to the seats up by the rudder. They leave me all alone again, clutching my empty glass like the forgotten wimp that I am.

I can’t hear what they’re saying now over the wind and the engine hum. It seems like they’re trying to convince her to take her top off. My wife never sunbathes topless. But soon I see her letting Ivan untie the straps, before he pulls it off her. She blushes. The strangers admire her wonderfully curved breasts, and her black hair flutters in the sea breeze.

Ollie leaves the rudder to Greg, and walks over to her.

“Amazing tits, young Kirsten!” he shouts. “Are they real?”

“What do you think?” she laughs, putting her hands on her hips. Ollie puts a hand on one of her breasts, and gives it a light squeeze.

“Real and spectacular!” he laughs.

Ollie and Ivan stands by her side, while they watch the waves up ahead. Ivan slips an arm around her waist. My wife turns her head and gives me a look I can’t read. Is she angry with me? Teasing? Ollie’s hand brushes over her ass. She turns and faces forward again.

Soon Ollie and Ivan get braver, since my wife seems to be enjoying herself. Ollie feels her tits some more, and Ivan continues feeling up her bum.

Suddenly he grabs the strings on her panties and tries to pull them down. My heart jumps in my throat as I watch her spreading her legs and letting him do it. Ollie lets the tiny bikini bottoms fall to the deck.

Now my wife is standing there, naked on a boat, surrounded by three horny strangers. I’m a helpless witness.

“What do you have on display between your legs, girl?” Ivan leads her to a bench and my wife sits down. She spreads her legs for him.

“Hey, unshaved but trimmed pussy! Just the way I like it!”

They all laugh. Ollie sits down beside her and proceeds to spread her pussy lips with his fingers.

“Wow, she’s gotten all wet, young Kirsten! Wet and wild!” he shouts. My wife slips her leg over his, letting all the guys see her open pussy glistening in the sun.

“It’s not fair that I’m the only one naked!” my wife pouts and gets up. She grabs hold of Ivan’s shorts and pulls it down slowly. He doesn’t protest, just pulls off his t-shirt at the same time. He’s tan as only sailors can be, with wisps of gray hair all over his muscular chest.

My wife greedily uncovers his cock, which is longer and thicker than mine. She gestures for him to sit down.

My wife giggles and kneels naked in front of the stranger’s boner. She grabs a hold around its base with a slender hand, and licks tryingly on the tip, while she looks him in the eyes. Ivan grins and gives a content sigh. The other two admire the smooth curve of her ass as she kneels in front of them. The hairs of her unshaved cunt are visibly moist in her crack.

She opens her mouth and starts sucking eagerly on Ivan’s cock. The other two enjoy the show while they rub the bulges in their shorts.

“Do you want one more cock to work with?” Greg asks. She nods, reaches over and pulls down his shorts. Soon she’s sitting there with a cock in each hand. Ivan gets up so he and Greg are standing side by side over her. She jerks and sucks their cocks in turns.

Ollie stands by the rudder and keeps a steady course, as he watches the action out of the corner of his eye. I don’t know what to do with the chaos of emotions churning in my head. I get up and refill my wine glass. To my shock and confusion I notice that I have an erection. How can this be? Am I getting turned on by watching my wife betray me and acting like a complete slut?

“Damn, girl, you suck cock like a professional!” Greg says. He grabs hold of her head and starts moving his hips. He fucks her mouth, shoving his fat cock down her throat. My wife makes gagging sounds, but takes it like a trooper. Spit dribbles down her chin, and tears well up in her eyes, making her make-up run.

Ivan squats down behind her, checking out her ass and pussy. He pushes a couple of fingers inside her, making a squelching sound.

“You’re wet as a waterfall, girl! What a horny, young bitch”

“Yeah!” she pants, taking Gregs cock out of her throat. “Finger fuck my pussy! I’m so horny!”

Greg takes hold of her hair and forces his cock back into her mouth. She takes it all, his balls touching her chin.

“God, I’m about to cum!” Greg says. He takes his cock out of her mouth, and my wife starts to jerk it furiously.

“Yeah, I want you to cum all over my face,” she purrs, looking him deep in the eyes. She works him over the edge with her hand, while Ivan finger fucks her pussy from behind.

Greg eskort roars and jets of hot cum shoot all over my wife’s face. She slaps his big cock on her cheek, savoring the hot sperm.

Suddenly she’s climaxing as well. Ivan’s fingers are working her g-spot hard, and I can see waves of pleasure making her body squirm. She screams in ecstasy, while Greg’s cock is still dripping cum on her stained face.

After a long and noisy orgasm, she collapses on her back on the deck. She purrs like a cat with pleasure. The sunshine sparkles in the streaks of thick cum covering her face.

Greg stretches luxuriously in the warm sea breeze, and walks over to where I sit. He sits down opposite me and refills his wine glass. His cock is still semi-hard and his naked body is uncomfortably close to me. My wife just sucked that cock off! I can’t believe it!

Now Ivan wants his turn so he lifts my wife up like she was light as a feather. He places her on her back on the bench. He holds her legs apart and kneels in front of her, with his stiff cock pointing at her pussy like a loaded gun.

He grabs a condom from the pocket of his pants nearby. Opening the packet expertly with his teeth, he soon starts rolling the condom on the tip of his dick.

“Forget that!” she moans, with a slight lisp from all the cum covering her lips as well as the rest of her face. “I want you to fuck me bareback, sir!”

Ivan follows her suggestion, rubbing his cock wet on her wet labia, before he slowly starts to penetrate her. He tosses the unused condom to the side.

My wife howls as the cock enters her soaking pussy. He slides it all the way in, before he starts fucking her in a steady rhythm. Curious seagulls glide overhead as my wife gets fucked by this stranger, with another man’s cum all over her pretty face.

Greg gives me a glance of pity and contempt. It’s clear that he thinks that I’m a weak wimp husband, letting my wife get used like a cheap slut in front of me. The situation so absurd, but all I can do is take another nervous sip of wine, and look back at the action my wife is getting.

Kirsten grabs the bench to hold on as Ivan fucks her harder. His balls slap against her ass with each thrust, and her tits jiggle from side to side.

Before long, the boat reaches it’s destination and slows down. Ollie stops the motor and drops the anchor. We’re just outside a shallow bay with a beautiful beach

Ivan keeps fucking my wife, and soon Ollie joins them. He undresses quickly and points huge cock number three at her cum soaked face.

“You better clean up your face and start sucking my cock!” he commands her. She willingly starts to scoop up all the cum with her finger, licking it off and swallowing it.

“How does my cum taste, girl?” Greg laughs.

“Great! I’ve been dreaming about tasting a real mature man’s cum for years! I need more!” she says.

Ollie grabs the bikini bottoms and roughly dries off her face, to wipe up the cum she’s missed. Then he puts the panties in her mouth and holds her by the hair. He starts slapping his fat cock on her face, while Ivan keeps fucking her.

“Yeah, you’re gonna suck this cock nice and wet, girl. And then I’m going to fuck you in your tight, young ass. Use plenty of spit, baby, it’s all the lube you’re gonna get!” Ollie says to her.

He takes the panties out of her mouth, and my wife gladly follows instructions. She takes hold of his cock and licks it like a popsicle, getting it all shiny and wet. Her free hand rubs hard on her clit, and Ivan is still working away in her pussy.

After a while Ivan pulls out and the guys turn help her up off the deck.

“Stand here and spread your ass for me!” Ollie commands. My wife bends over, and Ivan sits down on the bench in front of her. She grabs his cock, admiring the foam of her own juices running down Ivan’s balls.

“Yeah, suck it, baby! Taste your own pussy!” Ivan says. My wife licks and sniffs, clearly savoring the taste.

Ollie stands behind her and spreads her ass cheeks with his hands. My wife’s ass is full but firm, and her crack is smooth and hairless. He reveals her asshole, all wet from the juices that have trickled down from her cunt.

“God, this looks tight!” Ollie says. “Have you ever been fucked in the ass, girl?”

“No, sir!” Kirsten answers looking back at him from her busy blowjob duties. “I’ve never been fucked in the ass.”

Ollie looks smug as he starts rubbing a finger over her virgin asshole. He spits on it and starts pushing in a thumb.

“Ow, it hurts!” Kirsten shouts, and tries to withdraw.

“Quiet now, baby. You’ll get used to it,” Ollie says. He pegs her with a muscular arm, before he pushes again eskort bayan with his thumb. She screams as the finger passes her tight sphincter. He holds it still for a few seconds, letting her catch her breath.

I feel anger rising in my throat. Why does she want this? They just use her like a dumb slut. Doesn’t she feel violated or raped?

But she just keeps sucking cock, while this rough stranger fingers her asshole. She seems perfectly thrilled at being graphically unfaithful right in front of me. It’s total humiliation.

Ollie grabs her like a bowling ball, pushing two finger into her moist cunt, while keeping his thumb in her ass. He plays with her roughly, as she moans over the cock in her mouth.

“Please, sir, put your cock in my ass!” my wife says. “I need you to fuck my virgin anus!”

Ollie pulls out his fingers and positions his cock for penetration. He rubs spit on the tip, before pushing it against her sphincter. Then he grabs her shoulders in a tight grip so she can’t get away. He thrusts brutally with his hips, and even though his cock looks way too big for her little ass, it slips inside. She howls with pain and pleasure

“Should I stop?” Ollie asks. “Is it too big for you?”

“No,” she pants. “It’s big, but I can take it!”

Ollie laughs and slowly starts to fuck her tight hole.

“Shit, that’s so tight!” Ollie shouts. “It’s like a slut meat vice around my dick!”

Suddenly I notice some people on the beach nearby. Three young boys, maybe around eighteen years old, have come out of the woods. They’re looking at us, and clearly seeing what’s going on. After the initial shock, they start to cheer. They love seeing my wife getting fucked, a free live show.

Ollie fucks my wife’s ass from behind for a few minutes, while she sucks Ivan off. Then they swap positions. Ollie sits down on the bench and Kirsten kneels over him in a cowgirl position. Ivan stands behind her and points his saliva-covered cock at her gaping asshole. Another first for my wife: double penetration.

Ivan pushes his dick into her ass, as Kirsten slides her pussy down on Ollie’s pole. They move in sync, like a well-oiled sex machinery. Ollie pinches her nipples hard, and plays with her tits. Ivan grabs hold of her hair to steady himself as he’s pounding her ass.

The three boys on the beach have dropped their shorts and they start jerking off as they watch the action onboard.

“This ass is so sweet and tight. You’re gonna make me cum!” Ivan says, slapping her asscheeks, leaving a red handprint.

“Yes, sir, please cum in my ass!” she moans.

Ivan takes a couple of deep strokes, pulling his cock all the way out, before sinking it in to the hilt. Then he climaxes with a shout of joy. He pumps my wife’s ass full of sperm, as she continues to ride Ollie towards orgasm.

Almost before Ivan’s done cumming, Ollie orgasms too.

“Oh, here it comes, deep in your sweet pussy, girl!” he says. She rides steadily and rubs her clit against his pubes with each stroke. They come in unison. My wife shouting at the top of her lungs, pussy spasming around the huge cock in her pussy, juices flowing down the inside of her thighs. Ollie fills her pussy up with a massive amount of stranger’s sperm.

Ivan pulls out first, and drops of cum dribble out of her gaping asshole. Exhausted she unmounts Ollie’s dick with a squelching noise, and his cum trickle out her well-fucked pussy, dripping on the deck.

The boys on the beach applaud wildly, cheering my wife’s spectacular performance. She waves to them and blows them a kiss, showing off her sweaty and drenched body

Stark naked, my wife and the three men she just fucked, jump in the water and wash off. They swim around playfully, kissing and grabbing. I’m left alone with another wine bottle and my reeling thoughts.

They come back on board and get dressed, before they weigh anchor and set the course back to town.

On the trip back my wife lies on the front deck sunning herself naked. Nobody speaks to me.

Back at the dock, the three men seem eager to get rid of us. Soon it’s just the two of us again, my wife and me, walking back towards the hotel.

I can’t think of anything to say, so my wife finally turns to me, breaking the awkward silence.

“Look, I know you’re probably wondering what’s happening. I guess you’re both jealous and angry,” she looks at me sternly, with no trace of remorse. “But this is the new me now. This is what I want. I’m highly sexual, and I want a lot of partners.”

She grabs my shoulders and looks me straight in the eyes.

“If you can’t take it, you’re free to leave. But if you can live with this arrangement, you’re welcome to continue in the position as my husband,” she says.

I still don’t know how to respond, so I just nod weakly.

“Say it, husband! Say you understand!” she commands.

“I understand,” I answer.

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