The Room: Eighteen and Two


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Big Dick

It can’t be real. Did yesterday really happen? Everything I knew two days ago said that it was a dream. It couldn’t have happened. It was just a dream. But I know it was real. I remember too vividly what my big sister’s ass felt like. Or how my mom sucks cock. Or how my twin sister fucks.

I got up and looked across the room at Chris. He was sleeping a little more heavily then usual, but he had had a big day. When I slipped out of my room as to not wake Chris, I could smell my mom cooking breakfast for the family downstairs.

As I reached the bottom of my stairs and entered the kitchen, I was greeted by the glorious sight of my mom’s naked backside standing in front of the stove. I glanced over to the table and saw my dad, also naked, leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed. Quickly I realized why when I saw Sara’s ass peaking out from under the table.

I crept up behind my mom and pushed my waist, including my morning-hard cock, against her ass.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned sexily. “Good morning.” She leaned back her head and we kissed deeply. As we kissed she popped her ass back and started grinding it against my cock. As we made out, I grabbed her boobs from behind.

Soon after, I reached under her ass and started rubbing her pussy. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t fucked her yet. I grabbed my cock and positioned it in front of her pussy. But before I could push in she moved her waist back forward. “Not now,” she said, “the eggs will burn.”

She could tell by the look on my face and my throbbing cock that I was thinking, “Fuck the eggs!” So she quickly followed with, “Maybe Lynn will be down soon,” and a sexy smile.

“Hey, Adam,” My dad said from the table, “Why don’t you pull up a chair.”

I pinched my mom’s ass and walked over to the table. As I sat down, I could smell my sister’ pussy under the table.

As I did, I saw Lynn come down the stairs smiling, as she saw me sizing up Sara’s ass while she sucked our dad’s cock.

“There my little girl is.” Dad said.

“Hey daddy,” she said sweetly, “Enjoying Sara?”

“Yeah, jealous?” He said as she made here way over to the table.

“Maybe a little,” she said with a giggle before planting a kiss on him. “I know!” canlı bahis she said looking across the table at me. She climbed under and said to Sara, “Hey, you’ve had two years to enjoy our dad’s cock, why don’t you give our little brother a try.”

The sound of kissing could be heard, and then I felt Sara’s warm lips wrap around my cock. “Your cock tastes pretty sweet, little bro,” she said in-between sucks. Her mouth was like fucking a warm pussy in itself. She would suck on your cock and you could tell she wasn’t letting go until she got what she wanted from you.

I looked across the table at my dad and he gave me a smirk, as his youngest little girl started going to work on his cock. “It’s so great not having to hide this from you two anymore. We can finally be open with each other,” he said.

“How long has this been going on?” I asked.

“We’ll, at first, it was just me and your mom, of course. We were both very sexual people. It was just how we showed affection. It just made sense to us that when Chris was old enough, that his mom would show him affection like she did me. And then when Sara turned eighteen, she joined in, enthusiastically at that.” She gave a sexy moan of acknowledgement under the table as she was sucking my cock. “But we all knew it wasn’t complete until our little twins joined in. And from the feel of your sister’s mouth right now, we were right.”

“I know what you mea-, ugggh.” I was cut short as ripples of pleasure started surging through my cock and precum dripped into Sara’s mouth.

“She’s great, isn’t she?” My dad said as I struggled to contain my self. “But her little sister isn’t that bad either.” He said while his head fell back as he started to cum.

Hearing him pump his cum into his daughter’s mouth put me over the edge. I started shooting down my sister’s throat. She started moaning sexily, just to really drive me wild. I lay back in my chair, relaxing after a hard cum. I was snapped out it by mom setting the omelets on the table. We all scooted in and started eating, but soon realized the girls hadn’t come up from under the table yet. Our questions were soon answered as we heard Sara let out a sexy moan.

I quickly leaned over and looked under the table bahis siteleri to see my sisters eating each other out. It was a sight of pure feminine beauty. Quickly the both came on each other. I loved hearing Lynn’s squeaks and Sara’s moans on top of each other and muffled by one another’s pussies. They soon recovered and climbed up from under the table.

“I would love to stay,” my dad said as we finished breakfast, “But I’m going to be late.” He got up to go put his uniform on. Not to long after, he came down and kissed his wife and daughters goodbye. “I’ll be back soon,” he said on his way out the door. . . . The day went on after that pretty much uneventfully, until that night after dinner. When I heard my mom knocked on my door and poked her head in.

“Hey,” she said giving a smirk as my cock grew at the sight of her tits. “We’re going down to the Room. Do you want to come?” I immediately darted up after her. I must have had that look in my eye, or maybe it was my rock hard cock, but she could tell that if she didn’t get going I was going to grab her and fuck her right in the doorway. She ran down the hall and stairs to the basement as I chased her playfully. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sara see us, and she quickly got up and followed.

As we neared the Room I could hear grunts coming from inside. Opening the door, I saw my dad fucking Lynn from behind as she leaned over and sucked on Chris’s cock. My mom, Sara, and I stood there for a moment watching my little sister get double teamed by her family.

“That looks like fun,” my mom said as she leaned against me. I looked to my left and kissed her. As our tongues pushed against each other I could feel Sara grab my cock. We moved, sort of as a heap, over to the bed next to our other family members, and soon started our own little orgy. My sister pushed me onto my back squatted low over my chest and slowly moved her pussy towards my face, close enough so I could get a good sniff. It was intoxicating. She pulled back a few times playfully when she saw my tongue leave my mouth, but eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed her by the ass, pulling her pussy to my waiting mouth.

After my sister and I got into a good rhythm, a shock suddenly bahis şirketleri ran through my system. My world turned to pure bliss. My mom had lowered herself onto my cock. It was like my whole world stopped for just one moment as my brain tried to comprehend what it was feeling. And then everything snapped back into motion and there I was, fucking my mom while my sister rode my face.

After not too long, my sister started moaning loudly. Then, the moans turned into sexy little words, mostly things like, “lick me, little bro,” and “oh, fuck,”. But soon I felt her cum on my tongue, and she damn near screamed, “Oh, fuck, my little brother can lick pussy! I’m cumming! I’m cumming on our little boy’s tongue! Oh, fuck! It feels too good! Fuck!” Looking back at mom riding my cock she yelled as she climaxed, “Yes, fuck our mom, little bro. Make her cum like this, too.”

And from what I could tell, I soon did. As soon as our mom started moaning while I she bounced on my cock, I was done. As I groaned loudly, I came with my mom, shooting my cum inside her.

When it was all over, she fell back onto the bed. I looked and saw my dad, Lynn, and Chris exhausted laying next to me. Mom was just breathing heavily with her head lying against my feet, and Sara seemed to have found her way into a masturbation session to get one last cum in.

Everyone was fondling and caressing each other as they relaxed and recovered. But the best part was the way Lynn and I had landed after our respective orgiastic fucking, with our heads side by side. We each looked over at each other and started kissing deeply. It started out lips and tongue, but we soon moved gently into an embrace as we kissed deeper. I love kissing her like that. It’s not just a normal heavy kiss. It was kiss that spoke not only of my passion for her, but for what a beautiful sexual creature she had been when I had seen her moments before fucking our dad and brother. And I could tell she was thinking about the same with me and our mom and sister.

When we finally broke the kiss, we both quivered for a moment, and she closed her eyes to sleep. Before I followed, I looked up at Sara, who had been clearly watching us kiss, and now she had a very quizzical smirk as she rubbed her clit. And then, as if an orgasmic idea had come to her, she had a look of satisfaction, and with a wicked smile on her face, climaxed.

She lay down and all of us, thoroughly fucked, drifted to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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