The River


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While I am sure no one will believe this, this is a true story, it happened many years ago, and all the people involved were much more than legal age, in fact no one was less than 40 years old.

The only real reason I am even writing this down, is that my wife and I spent many many years as swingers and had lots of great adventures, now I am old and in very poor health and she has passed away, I thought I might try to write down at least some of our more unusual happenings and let others know about them and how much fun we had. I have never tried to write anything ever, so if you can not stand poor spelling and even worse grammar then pleases stop reading this and go fuck yourself. I am not writing these stories down in any order, just the ones that come to mind.

Many years ago my wife and I were at her mothers house visiting, she is from a large family and most of her brothers and sisters were there as well. I was out on the back deck chatting with one of her brothers, when I overheard her oldest brother mention he had found a really good spot on the river for all kinds of fun.

He talked of a nice swimming spot, great fishing, camping and a very active restroom with glory holes.

I tried to pay close attention, but make it seem like I was engaged in another conversation. As I listened it occurred to me that this would be a great place to take my wife, we had been swingers for many years and she loved glory holes.

I had to think about the situation for a while to decide the best way to proceed.

I could see the chance to have a perverted fantasy become real.

I told my wife about the place after we got home, and that I thought we should go and check it out, she agreed and since it was only a few miles from our home, we got ready and headed out. It took about 45 minutes canlı bahis to get there, and her brother was right, it was a nice little spot, far off the beaten path, plenty of parking, beautiful river and a restroom up near the edge of the forest.

We parked the car, looked around a bit and then walked up to the restroom. It was small, a door on one side for men and one on the other for women, we went into our respective sides for a closer look, there were 2 stalls, a urinal and a sink on my side, each stall had a glory hole leading over to the woman’s side and a glory hole leading into the other stall next to it.

I could see light coming through small holes on the outside walls, peek holes I guess and much to my surprise there was an overhead light. I was getting ready to exit the restroom and see what my wife Julie had found on her side of the restroom, when the door opened and in walked a black man, he smiled and entered the back stall.

I had not heard my wife leave her side of the restroom and I really hoped that she was still inside. Not wanting to mess up a possible fun encounter, I stepped out and walked around the outside of the building.

I tried to be as quite as possible as I walked, and though they were hard to see I did find peek holes drilled in the wall on the woman’s side. I quickly located the peek hole looking into the back stall of the women’s room.

I could see my totally nude wife on her knees sucking the black cock.

She sucked his big fat cock for 10 minutes or so, then she put her ass up to the hold for a good fucking, they fucked hard for several minutes, then he shot his load of hot cum up her tight shaved pussy.

She gathered her things and we left for home, we talked about everything and decided to come back as soon as possible.

I had heard her bahis siteleri brother say that he liked to go there on Friday nights just before dark, so I naturally mentioned to Julie that I thought Friday might be a good time to go, and of course I did not mention her brother at all or what he said. When Friday finally came we went again, we got down there early enough for her to swim and have time for a brief picnic. She wore a sun dress, a very short sun dress and nothing else.

She made 3 trips to the little restroom while we, well I guess it was just me waiting, as she knew nothing about my perverted little plan, she would wait till a guy went in the restroom and then she would go in on her side, and yes she sucked off all three cocks and fucked one of them.

Finally just before dark, I saw her brothers truck pull in, he parked very near to the restroom and went in, I smiled and looked at Julie.

“Looks like another customer sweetie.”

She smiled and headed up, we were on the women’s side of the restroom, a good place to not be seen, and a good close place to listen for cars. I waited for a couple of minutes then proceeded as quietly as possible to a peek hole. There she was, totally nude in the back stall, an arm ran through the glory hole feeling her up good, he squeezed her tits and ass then stuck a finger up her pussy. I could not believe my luck, I had to sneak over and make sure it was actually her older brother Don at the glory hole, and it was.

I slipped back over to the peek hole on her side, she had a tit stuck through the hole and was loving getting her nipple sucked and bitten, then he put his cock through the hole, it was huge, at least 10 inches and very think. She jerked it for a few seconds then opened her mouth and slid it in, he moaned as his cock head entered his bahis şirketleri little sisters mouth.

Julies is an expert cocksucker and has had lots of practice getting big cocks down her tight little throat. She pushed and twisted her throat around her big brothers cock, all the while he encouraged her by saying.

“That’s it slut. Suck my dick, take it all down, you little whore.”

It took a little while , but his cock did go to the balls in her throat. She cum just sucking his cock and he cum down her slut throat soon after.

I thought the show was over and I was pretty happy that my evil plan had worked this well, but no one came out of the restroom, I went back to the peek hole to find her ass plastered up to the hole and the sound of banging against the wall as he fucked her hard and bareback.

I was so excited that I almost cum in my jeans, but I remained still so as not to ruin the entertainment.

They must have fucked for half an hour, she moaned and cum repeatedly every few minutes, finally he let out a deep moan and filled his little sisters pussy with hot thick brother juice.

I went back to my hiding spot at the edge of the woods , soon Julie came over, walking a little funny.

“How did it go?” I asked.

“Wonderful.” she said

We rested on a bench down the trail for a few minutes and she told me the whole story, not realizing I had watched the whole thing.

Her brother had left while we rested and talked, then we went back to the car and headed home.

“Do you think you would like to do that again?” I asked.

She smiled a stupid fresh fucked smile and said.

“He wants to do it again next week, he plans to fuck me up the ass next time.”

I was shocked.

“Do you want his cock up your asshole?”

“Yes.” she said.

I did not know how to proceed from here at first, I mean I intended to tell her about what had happened but now I had the chance to get her fucked in all three holes by her brother. Guess which one I chose.

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