The Protégé and the Mentor Ch. 03


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This story is a continuation of the adventures of characters introduced in The Reunion. The story makes more sense if that short series is read first as well as the first two chapters in this story. All characters are at least 18.


Whenever I was growing up and I would follow Granny Mildred around whenever we visited her in Georgia, she always had saying about a local form of invasive vegetation called Kudzu. Kudzu would grow and eventually chock off all other forms of vegetation. That’s the way I felt about Kaley the next week, She would run all the way across the school building just to see me between classes. I finally had to tell her, “Back off! You’re clinging to me like Kudzu clings to trees.” I think I hurt her feeling, but I was being suffocated. She did seem to start sulking, but I needed the air.

My work schedule that week was Mon., Wed., and Fri. When I got home from school Tuesday, after Dad came home, Susan announced to him, but within my earshot, “Larry’s going to be in town Thursday and wants to meet with me. He says he’s got some super big project lined up for me. I asked if he wanted to go out for supper to talk about it in a relaxed atmosphere, and he said fine. Do you want to join us?” The question was addressed to Dad, and I didn’t have any problem in being excluded.

Dad said, “That sounds great, but aren’t you forgetting that’s Blanke-Schande Thursday?”

“Oh, my gosh, I completely forgot about that. Since there isn’t a local Absolute around here, I guess we’ll just have to hold B-S Thursday in abeyance for a couple of hours.”

I joined the conversation. “But you made the proposal, you made a commitment, you said it was important for us to continue the bonding we achieved at B-S. And now you want to renege. What about all the lectures you gave me about always keeping my word.”

“Sara, this is an important business meeting. He’s bringing me a very lucrative proposal. This could mean we could afford to send you to Blanke-Schande. Yes, I know you want to go there. You’re intrigued by the concept, you want to be near Stacy. This could be your ticket.”

“I’ll be reasonable. I know you can’t go to a restaurant completely naked. Tell Larry you want him to come here for supper. You can still observe B-S Thursday.”

“Completely naked?”

“That’s how we observe B-S Thursday.”

“We? You’re going to be parading around naked?”

“Of course.”

Susan thought for awhile. “It’s not like Larry is my boss. He’s my agent. I can fire him if I want to.” Maybe I should explain. I told you Susan has a successful career as a voice-over talent. Larry is her agent. Larry is one of the best in the mid-West. He has a national reputation and all-star client base. Go to any Disney movie or watch a television animation and a third of the voice-over talent will be clients of his.

Susan continued,, “Actually, Larry has been undressing me with his eyes for five years. Maybe it’s time for me to make it easier for him. Ha, ha. I’m not sure how I’ll explain Sara.”

“You don’t owe anyone any explanation. Just tell him about your B-S past and then bring him up to date.”

It was decided. Thursday would be business as usual, or as usual as a B-S Thursday could be. “Frank, can you pick Larry up at his hotel and bring him over here? Oh, and don’t say anything to him. I want to see his face when he walks in.”

In keeping with the spirit of B-S Thursday and wanting to keep it special, I had started wearing clothing around the house since Monday, or at least some clothes. I was never completely naked until I came home from school Thursday. Oh I had slept naked Wednesday night and stayed naked through breakfast and only got dressed just before I left for school. Susan was also naked at breakfast and she assured me she was going to stay naked all day. She did have a couple of commercials she had to record but she said she would do those naked.

About 7:00 we heard Dad’s car drive up. Dad and Larry walked in and Larry got the biggest grin on his face. He was surprised, if not shocked, but Susan gave him a very, very abbreviated version of her Blanke-Schande experience, the reunion weekend and our decision to observe B-S Thursday. Since he had asked for the visit on Thursday, we didn’t see any reason to change our routine. Susan, Larry and Dad were having drinks. I had a Yuengling. Then we went in for supper.

“Susan, I’ve got an exciting new project for you. It’s a little different from the usual projects I line up for you, and I wanted to present it in person. Remember that audio children’s book you did last Fall?”

“Yes, there were three short books.”

“Well this project could be a lot bigger and much more lucrative. It’s an audio book deal.” He paused.

“It sounds great. That could keep me quite busy for awhile.”

“It’s a series of adult books.”

“Adult books?”

“It’s a growing market. There’s going to be a lot of adult content and I want to make sure you are comfortable with it before we sign the deal. I think from your attire you’re not going to have any objections on prudish grounds. konyaaltı escort But there’s going to be a lot of crude language, lots of ‘bangs’, ‘lays’, ‘pricks'”. He stopped and sheepishly looked down. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that in front of Sara.”

“She’s heard it all before. I’ll bet she can match each of your ‘bangs’ with a ‘pound’, your ‘lays’ with a ‘fuck’ and your ‘prick’ with a ‘cunt’.

Larry blushed again. but continued.

“Good, I’m glad we got over that. Now the first story is a story of incest. It involves a mother and a daughter.”

“Will I be the mother or the daughter?” Susan was making a joke. In the world of voice-over your age doesn’t matter, it’s how you sound.

Larry didn’t realize she was joking and answered, “The mother.”

“Type cast, again. Who’s going to play the daughter?”

“I’m having a little trouble finding the right person Most of my clients between 18 and 21 have been with me for five years or more and they are still relying on their stage-door mothers for guidance. Most moms aren’t willing for their daughter to, number 1, play a girl in a lesbian incestuous relationship, and, number 2, to use the language that is required. I may just have to go with someone your age but who has an adolescent-sounding voice.”

“What about me?” I said.

Larry and Susan both looked at me. Susan spoke, “We both know this is a fictional situation and in no way reflects a lifestyle decision you would ever be involved in. And your mouth has uttered fouler language so that wouldn’t be a problem. But you have no experience.”

Larry chimed in, “Wait a minute. Sara, have you ever participated in any drama productions at school?”

Suddenly, the gaping void on my resume where I had done absolutely nothing in my 12 years in school jumped up and bit me on my naked butt.

“No, sir. But I’ve watched Susan, uh, Mom a lot. I think I’ve picked up a lot there.”

“There’s a big difference between observing and doing. Susan, can we use you studio and record something.”

“Wait a minute, Larry. I’m not sure I’m too excited about my daughter recording a talking adult book, especially one that combines incest, lesbianism and who knows what else.”

“You said yourself ‘this is a fictional situation and in no way reflects a lifestyle decision you would ever be involved in’. I think Sara is mature enough to separate fiction from reality. Now do you mind if we make an audition tape? Look, even if I decide to give her the opportunity, I have to run her tape by the client. We don’t even know if she’s going to be good enough for the part.”

I resented him saying that, but if it would give me the opportunity to land the part I could stand a little bruise to my ego.

“Susan, can you get one of your audition scripts? Yes, this one will work just fine. Good, here, read this over, Sara. Let’s see how you sound.” Susan adjusted a few nobs, sat me down in her recording seat and told me to start reading.”

I read a radio spot for a feminine hygiene product. It wasn’t even R rated; at most PG-14. Larry and Susan, and, frankly, even I weren’t pleased with what I sounded like.

Larry said, “Try it again. Alright, you’ve been listening to your mother for 18 years. Read it the way you think she would. I can’t think of a better mentor.”

The second time was better. “Well, I can’t expect you to be another Susan Sussman, but I could present that to my client.”

“Here, Sara, let’s get down and dirty. Read this.”

I read over the script and then began, “Kelly was especially proud of her firm round breasts that still seemed to defy gravity and were capped by delicious looking little pink nipples that were well centered, usually erect and had always managed to get her into trouble. Her cute little nipples were ridiculously sensitive and always managed to grow erect and tingly at the slightest provocation.

“‘My titties have always been my weak spot.’ She mused. ‘Just as soon as some guy – or some girl,’ she realized with a naughty smile – ‘gets their hands on them I go all weak in the knees and I’m putty in their hands. I just can’t help it. It just feels soooo good when someone plays with them. It’s like clockwork, touch my sensitive nipples, my pussy goes wet and I have to fuck; I just have to. I can’t seem to help myself!'”

Without listening to the playback, I knew it was terrible. It was wooden and stilted with no emphasis. Before Susan or Larry had a chance to say anything, I said, “Wait, I know that was terrible. I have a lot of pressure on me. Let me do it again.”

I read it a second time, I was not as unhappy, but I knew it still wasn’t good enough.

Fortunately, Larry said, “Listen, try to be more natural. Look at me, look at me. Just be natural as if you and I are having a conversation.”

“Can I look at Susan instead?”

“You’re not uncomfortable about using that language with her, about expressing those feelings to her?”

“No, not at all. In fact, it’s more natural for me to say those things to her. If we are going to be portraying a mother and daughter kültür escort having an incestuous lesbian relationship, I need to feel natural saying those things to her.”

“Alright, Susan do you mind?” Susan nodded her assent, “Try it once more.” I read it again, or rather recited the words. I nailed it, like Meryl Streep.

Larry said, “I think she can do it. I can sell this tape to the client.” He looked at each of us in turn, “Are you sure you are each comfortable with this situation. I mean both the script and the lesbian incestuous overtones of this situation with your daughter”, he addressed to Susan, “and your mother” he addressed to me.

“Yes, I’m so excited.” I kissed Susan lingering a little extra long on her lips for the benefit of Larry to show I could get into the “role” and to show Susan the joy I would be having in portraying love making with her, even if it was only make believe.

We celebrated over a bottle of wine. Susan and I remained naked the rest of the evening. Larry seemed to grow more and more comfortable with the situation. “So, I guess if we ever need to have a meeting in person, I should schedule it for Thursdays?”

I answered for Susan, “Yes, but only if I’m invited.” I winked at Susan and caressed her arm.

We made some more business arrangements. Larry would show the tape to his client to get her approval for me to voice the part of the daughter on the talking book. He would send the script to us and we should be able to start recording next week. Dad took Larry back to his hotel and I told Susan I wanted to sleep in her arms tonight. “Same rules we’ve established, nothing more. But I want to feel your caresses tonight.”

“And I want to feel yours.”

“Shall we wait for Dad to get back or are we are all ready for bed?”

“No. I want to bathe you. I want you to bathe me. I haven’t been out of the house but I’ve had a long day. Any you haven’t showered since this morning.”

I wondered why all this attention to hygiene. I wondered if tonight was the night, but I already said I wasn’t going to press that point. I might as well enjoy the intimacy I was being allowed, the bathing, the cuddling.

Susan drew the bath in her large circular sunken bath. We were already naked, so she lowered herself into the water and then turned around to extend her hand to me to help me in. I immersed myself and then she started applying a sponge loaded with bath lotion. I was in heaven as she washed me from head to toe. I stood up so she could minister to my butt cheeks and my pussy. She did cleanse my pussy with the sponge. I moaned in ecstasy. She said, “you told me you were going to behave yourself.”

“You’re the one arousing me,” I mockingly objected, but of course I didn’t want her to stop. I wanted her to arouse me even more. She did but her head and mouth made no motion toward that region. Eventually, I cried out in ecstasy. I recuperated for a few moments and then I returned the favor. She moaned as I caressed her and I followed the routine she had established. When I got to her cunt I so wanted to pleasure her with my tongue, but she had left that as a final barrier when she washed me. . . .and I had promised to behave myself. Susan had not spent long on my asshole, but I was especially diligent about making sure that her asshole was cleansed thoroughly. I found caressing her sphincter particularly arousing never mind inserting my finger in to make sure it was cleansed thoroughly. We finished and we each toweled the other dry. The tub is actually in the middle of their gigantic bedroom and Dad had been watching the entire proceeding from the bed. Well, not the entire proceeding; he had come into the bedroom when he returned from taking Larry back to the hotel. He had come in quietly and disrobed. He had been lying naked and I wondered if he would be sleeping that way. Dad is a very handsome man, but I never imagined my incestuous urges extending to him. I was a little nervous about his presence, but I did know that when I eventually made total and complete love to Susan I would want Dad drilling her doggy style as she tended to me with her mouth. I was really too distracted to pay much attention to Dad, but I seemed to spot him playing with himself out of the corner of my eye as Susan and I bathed each other. That aroused me even further as I wondered if he was fantasizing more about me or Susan as he choked his gopher. Dad did put on his pajamas as Susan and I crawled into bed.

We resumed right where we had left off minus the water and body wash. Susan took the lead and engaged my lips in a passionate kiss. She moved to my cheeks, my ears, my jaw, my chin, my neck. You don’t need a complete anatomy lesson. There was no problem in her making her way to my breasts. She sucked on them, ironically like a babe suckling at her mother’s breast. After being aroused to the point of orgasm, I interrupted her, by my actions, and returned the affection.

We continue like this until 90% of each of our bodies were completely covered with caresses. I wasn’t sure if cunnilingus was still off the table, but in view of my promise I didn’t markantalya escort feel it was up to me to go there. I was emboldened to lick her ass and to run my tongue along her ass crack. As I approached her o-ring, I allowed my tongue to lightly flick it. I would ordinarily have been repelled by this action, but Kaley had broken that taboo with me and I knew it was immaculately clean since I had cleaned it myself. The feeling of disgusting degradation in performing this act brought on another orgasm.

After we each revisited some of our favorite locations, we laid back for sleep. Every inch of our bodies had been covered with the exception of our cunts and my asshole. I felt 95% fulfilled, but I had kept my promise. And there was still some jam in the jar for our next meal. No words were spoken, but I could see Susan had placed her hand inside Dad’s pajamas and was oh so lightly stroking his manhood, but I don’t think either of them wanted to take it to the point of orgasm.

I had set the alarm on my phone to 4:55. When it went off, I got up and made sure Susan’s computer was on and that the camera was pointed toward us. Sure enough, at 5:00 Stacy called. She could see we were one big happy family and she exclaimed, “Oh, am I interrupting anything?”

“No, we’ve done it all. Well, not really ‘all’ but we’ve already done ‘most’ of it. I wanted you to be here for a special ceremony.” By now Susan was awake and sitting up making no effort to hide her naked breasts. She looked at me quizzically. “Susan and I made a bet last week, and I WON! I wanted you to be here for the payoff.”

I’m not sure if Susan was still half-asleep or if she had forgotten the bet, but she looked puzzled. “We had bet that I could get Olivia Dickson, the woman in her 50’s who lives next door, to walk from her house to our house completely naked. I won on Saturday, and it’s payoff time. Susan, the ear dangles and the labia jewelry.” I pointed toward her jewelry chest on top of her dresser. She laughed in recognition and got up, again making no attempt to cover her nakedness, and fetched the prize. She came back and handed the jewelry to me. “No, we’ve got to have a ceremonial passing of the family jewels. Put them on and caress each item lovingly as you realize they will no longer be yours.”

She put them on her ear lobes and her labia. “Caress them, like you’ll never be able to caress them again.”

Susan replied, “How do you know I’ll never caress them again?” We both chuckled.

I said, “Now let me remove them.” I did so, lingering on the labia pieces. I handed them to Susan, “Now you put them on me. Make sure Stacy can see everything.”

“Everything? Like the inside of your pussy?” I didn’t realize the double entendre of my command, but I laughed again and gushed, “Everything!”

She started innocently with my ear lobes but quickly move to my cunt when she exposed it for the camera. “Have you missed that, Stacy?”

“Oh, yes. I’m diddling myself as you do this.”

Susan carefully attached each clamp to my labia. She massaged my labia with her fingers and ran her finger around my pussy lips and my clit. I screamed out in ecstasy. I didn’t have to worry about awakening anyone, even Dad had awakened to watch this spectacle. I gently let myself down from the orgasm and lay back in the bed. Susan just laughed at me and my uncontrolled emotions.

I pulled myself together well enough to say goodbye to Stacy. Before we signed off, Susan said something. “Stacy, Sara has grown so much in the past month, and I attribute much of it to her developing relationship with you. She is so mature, dedicated and in the process of self-actualizing and I can’t believe the transformation in just a few weeks. Sara, do you want to go to Blanke-Schande?”

“Of course I do. Did I have to spell it out?”

“Start the application process. Dad and I will send you there. Don’t worry about finances.”

Stacy spoke up, “Susan, I’ll do everything I can do to help, both in the application process and when she arrives on campus. In fact, I’d like her to move out here in April before she enrolls. She can live with me. I want her to get a little more experience flipping burgers, but then I want her to get a job as a hostess at an upscale restaurant. She can start out with someplace like Outback or even Chili’s, but by December I want her to be a hostess at the swankiest restaurant or country club in Iowa. I want her to have enough training to begin day one when she gets here as my front of the restaurant manager at The Absolute.”

“Susan, Dad, do we agree?” Susan and Dad both kissed me. I needed to get ready for school so I went to my room. I laid out what I was going to wear but didn’t dress yet.. I went down stairs to fix breakfast, naked, of course, and saw Susan there also naked fixing waffles and bacon and a fruit compote. Dad joined us dressed for work and we had a marvelous breakfast. No mention was made to the fact that we had now had 95% of an incestuous lesbian relationship. I know some of you are laughing at this characterization. Kinda like being 95% pregnant, you either are or you aren’t. As my computer teacher would say, “It’s a binary condition, not analog.” But still in my mind, we had not had a completely incestuous lesbian encounter as long as my cunt had never been caressed by Susan’s lips, and vica versa.

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