The Prodigal Son


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Before anyone makes a comment about there being no Incest in this story — remember patience is a virtue, this is only Chapter 1 and none of the players could be classified as virtuous. This is just the beginning, parts two and three are already mostly completed and should follow shortly.

Everyone in this submission is over 18 and a consenting participant.

I hope you enjoy, my aim is to please my readers, and so helpful comments are appreciated. Anonymous trolls who like nothing better than to add unhelpful and vicious remarks will be totally ignored and pitied for their small mindedness.

Chapter One: The Return

So here I was, back in my home town nearly eighteen years since I was thrown out of my parents’ house and left to fend for myself in the big wide world. My family was the normal nuclear family consisting of my father, Alec who if I remembered correctly would now be 62, my mother, Julia who would be 57 and my sister Elizabeth who would be 36. I had no idea whether Elizabeth still lived at home with Mum and Dad; it seemed highly unlikely as she was probably married by now with a family of her own. My name is David Robertson, although my fellow Marines had christened me Robbie; I am now nearly 38 years old, almost 6′ and weigh 15 stone or thereabouts. I have fair hair and blue eyes which I have been told can look like ice when angry.

I pulled into the hotel car park and, locking the car, strolled into the Reception. The guy behind the desk was happy to find a room for me for two nights and I gratefully signed the register and offered my credit card in prepayment. When the formalities had been completed I went back to my car and grabbed my overnight holdall; I decided to leave it in my room before driving to see my parents. I wasn’t sure after all this time whether they would even see me, but I had thought it time I tried to bury the hatchet. None of us was getting any younger and my semi-nomadic lifestyle meant that I had no ties.

I wondered if they would even recognise me after such a long time. I had been just eighteen when they threw me out on my ear; I was now nearly thirty eight and after twelve years in the Royal Marines my physique had changed somewhat for the better. I was tanned from my many trips overseas to hot climates, my hair, once fairly long and black, was now just a military buzz cut that I had decided to keep after handing in my papers and taking up a personal security role that took me all over the world with a lot less danger and a lot more monetary rewards. But it wasn’t just my physical appearance that had altered; my whole outlook on life had matured from the angry, scared and lost eighteen year old to the calm assured action-orientated person I had been trained to be. Despite my changed persona I had been considering and putting this day off for several years now; I was still unprepared for the difficult personal confrontation that was almost certainly going to ensue.

It probably seems strange that someone who had done several tours in Afghanistan and dealt with a large number of Somali pirates in and around the Arabian Gulf whilst protecting the shipping should worry about his parents, but my departure had been the result of such a spectacular family row and sheer anger that it left a lasting impression on my mind so that I never really managed to find any lasting or deep relationship with the many girlfriends that I had dated. However, my military training had installed into me that plans once made should be actioned immediately so I jumped into my car and drove the five miles to my parents’ home.

I pulled up outside and left my car on the road as I walked up the drive exuding a confident air that I certainly didn’t feel. I rang the doorbell and stepped back a pace to allow room without a direct confrontation. As I waited I looked around the front garden noticing that there had been a lot of changes over the years which knowing my mother’s keenness for horticulture was not unexpected. I was lost in my own thoughts that I was startled when the door opened and a voice said “May I help you?”

I turned a found myself face to face with a complete stranger. My mother was now almost fifty eight years old, but this was a blonde thirty year old with a voluptuous figure that would give even a corpse an erection. “I’m sorry,” I gasped, “I was looking for Mr and Mrs Robertson who used to live here.”

“Oh they moved over five years ago I’m afraid.” She smiled.

“Damn,” I muttered, “You wouldn’t know where they moved to by any chance?”

“I’m sorry; they had a postal redirection initially but that was with the Post Office. I do know they stayed here in Bristol, but I have no idea where.” She shrugged her shoulders and my eyes were drawn to her bosom as it quivered delightfully under her thin summer dress. “I’m afraid your journey has been in vain.”

“Ah well, it can’t be helped. My parents and I lost touch a long time ago and I’ve been moving round the world a lot since then. I’m sorry to have bothered konyaaltı escort you.” I reached my hand out and shook hers. I felt a small squeeze as she took my hand and smiled.

I turned and walked back along the drive to my car. I was stumped; I didn’t know what to do. I sat in the car for several minutes trying to think of all the options I could take to find my parents when there was a tap on the driver’s window. I turned and found the smiling face of the lady I had just been talking with. I let the window down. “Have you thought about the Electoral Roll in the Council offices? You should find them there as long as your parents haven’t moved out of the area.”

“Thank you, that’s a brilliant idea. I hadn’t got round to considering that.” I mentally kicked myself; I should have thought of that myself.

“I could see you were looking rather lost. I wondered if you would like a cup of tea before continuing your search.” She gave me another smile as she leaned in the open window, giving me a rather pleasant view straight down the open neck of her dress. “I feel a bit responsible; not knowing where your parents moved to.”

“That’s most kind.” I opened the car door as she moved back a pace and I slid out and followed her back along the drive and into the house. I closed the door behind me and she walked into the lounge. I followed with my eyes glued to the sway of her hips and her beautifully firm calves highlighted by the white high heeled sandals she was wearing.

“Take a seat and I’ll put the kettle on.” She headed out. “Make yourself comfortable, it won’t take a minute.”

“No problem, I’m at a bit of a loose end ’til I can check the Electoral Roll as you suggested.” I laughed. I examined the room as I waited, fascinated by the geometrical patterns that dominated the layout and decorated the walls. A complete change from my last memories of the house.

She walked back in a few minutes later carrying a tray with a teapot, milk jug and two cups and saucers. “You should have let me help.” I protested as she bent and placed the tray on a small coffee table. Her action allowed her dress hem to ride up her legs and expose her thighs and the pleasurable fact that she was not wearing panties. I felt my groin reacting and I hurriedly crossed my legs to conceal the evidence of my arousal.

“I hope you don’t take sugar,” she laughed, “I don’t take it myself and forgot to bring any on the tray.”

“No, just milk is fine.” I confirmed. “I haven’t taken sugar in my tea or coffee for almost twenty years now.” I watched as she poured two cups of tea and added the milk before sitting opposite me in one of the large armchairs. “I’d better introduce myself.” I laughed. “I’m David Robertson, but everybody calls me Robbie.”

“Pleased to meet you Robbie,” Her voice had become a little husky, “I’m Sally-Anne Mitchell.”

“I like what you’ve done with the room.” I looked around. “It’s certainly an improvement on my parents’ choice.”

“Well thank you.” Her smile lit up the room. “I like it too, it’s all my design. I work as an Interior Designer for a living.” She took a sip of tea and watched me as I drank my hot tea straight down. “Wow, you must have been thirsty.”

“Sorry, it’s habit. You learn to drink quickly in my line of work.”

“So what do you do for a living?” She put her cup back in the saucer and leaned forward, waiting for my answer.

“I own a private security company.” I grinned at the look on her face. “Don’t worry, I’m not dangerous.”

“Wow,” she gasped, “How did you get into that line of work?”

“After I left the Marines I wasn’t really qualified for anything else. I was a sniper and explosives expert; not much call for either in civvy street.”

“I thought you looked like an ex-squaddie. It was the haircut and the way you held yourself.” She nodded to herself as I confirmed her first impression. “Are you married? Is there a Mrs Robertson?” She started to blush.

“Yes there is, but it’s my mother. My occupation makes it difficult to settle down in one place; I tend to travel rather a lot, so relationships are usually brief. Ships that pass in the night.” I gave a deprecating chuckle.

I heard her whisper, “I wouldn’t mind being one of your ports of call,” as she looked across at me. Her face was flushed and I could see her breasts rising and falling rapidly in her dress. “Sorry, that was very forward of me.”

“No worries,” I smiled at her embarrassment, “I’m really flattered.”

She stood up and walked over to me and sat on my lap before I could protest. Her arms went round my neck and she snuggled against me as I instinctively put my arms round her waist; my hands just below her heavy tits, their warmth radiating through the thin material of her dress. “Would you like to check my personal security?” She purred into my ear, her breath tickling my neck. “It hasn’t had a full inspection for a long time.”

“Surely someone as gorgeous as you must a have a regular daily inspection.” kültür escort

“Not for a couple of years since my husband left me for a younger model.” She whimpered.

“He must have been off his head.” I grunted. I brushed my lips against hers and felt her tongue slide between mine, wet and demanding. Our kiss became more passionate as we exchanged tongues and our breathing became faster and hotter. I moved my left arm from her waist and cupped her breast, feeling the weighty soft flesh tipped by a very hard erect nipple. My right hand gravitated to her thighs and up under her dress. Her skin was warm and smooth and I was totally aroused as my hand travelled to her hips and down between her thighs. She really was naked under her dress and my fingers quickly felt absence of pubic hair and the wetness of her excitement.

“Ohhhhh yesss,” she moaned in my mouth, “I need you inside me.” Without breaking the ongoing kiss she got to her feet, dragging me with her, and quickly pulling the buttons open in the front of her dress and slipping it off her shoulders and down to the floor. She was now finally naked and looked drop dead gorgeous; what my troop would have designated as “totally fuckable.”

We broke our kiss to enable me to strip, something she eagerly assisted me with; her eyes widening in disbelief as she pulled my boxers down and my thick cock sprang to attention. “Oh god, Robbie, I think you’ll split me in two with that beast.”

“I’ll take it slowly,” I groaned as she clasped my shaft with trembling hands.

“Oh no, baby, I want you fuck me to oblivion with this monster.” She reached down further and cupped my balls. “Such a heavy weight,” She purred, “I hope I can take your entire load when you cum.” She sank down on the sofa where I had been sitting a few moments before and parted her long legs, displaying the full extent of her eagerness for what was about to happen. I knelt between her legs with the swollen purple head of my prick pressed against the distended lips of her labia. I leaned forward and kissed each of her nipples in turn, sucking them into my mouth and biting them softly with my teeth. She was wordlessly moaning as I continued to molest her breasts with my mouth and fingers, her hands were behind my head holding me close to her shaking body. I was so aroused I wanted to fuck her as hard as I could, but I wanted to taste her first, to cement her need for me. I slipped out of her hands and moved down her body, my tongue tracing my progress over her shuddering body until I reached her bare mound and the edge of her pussy lips. She jumped violently as my tongue penetrated her soaking cunt and screamed “YEEESSSS!!”

I continued to use my tongue moving between the folds of her labia and her clit, orally controlling her build up until she was incoherently thrashing about beneath me, whereupon I lifted my head from between her thighs and moved the head of my cock to replace my tongue. She went ballistic as I thrust my cock up into her tight cunt, her wet tunnel clenching my shaft as she orgasmed and squealed for more. I was happy to oblige her and continued to pump my prick in and out of her demanding body until I had to let go and my spunk boiled up out of my cock head and deep into her. I hadn’t had sex for almost a fortnight and I continued to shoot load after load into her juicy cunt, painting her wet tunnel with my semen until I was emptied and she was full.

We continued to lie on the couch, locked together by my prick buried deep inside her; neither of us willing to lose the physical contact, even though we were both spent emotionally and sexually. At last I kissed her on the lips and very slowly withdrew my cock from her body. She moaned as she felt me finally slide completely out of her and she wrapped her arms and legs around me to hold me against her. “Mmmm, that was unexpected.” She whispered. “But soooo enjoyable; I hope you want to do me again.”

“If you’ve got nothing else planned, how about having dinner with me this evening?” I smiled.

“Only if sex is on the dessert menu,” She giggled. “I have to have you fucking me like that again; it’s been a very long time since any man eat me out like that.”

“Sounds like a date then.” I eased myself up and stood up looking at her naked body, a picture of absolute depravity, with my semen still oozing out of her open pussy and the final few shots spread over her belly from when we cuddled. “My god, but you look absolutely fantastic.” I grinned.

“I’m sure I look a mess,” she protested, “but a well fucked mess.”

I looked at the clock on the mantelpiece, it was well after 17:00 hours (I still thought of time in the military mode). “I hate to love you and leave you, but how about I pick you up at 19:30. I need to get to my hotel and change.”

“You could always stay here?” She sounded hopeful.

“All my stuff is at the Star Hotel; I’ve already booked in.” I looked round and found my clothes scattered over the rest of the furniture. “I mean look at the markantalya escort state of my trousers, I can’t take you to dinner looking like this.” I picked up my crumpled slacks and held them up. “They’re a bit of a mess, definitely not suitable to escort a beautiful lady.”

I dressed myself and left her, kissing her gently as she still lay naked on the couch, half asleep after her several orgasms. “I’ll see you later.” I called out as I opened the front door and headed for my car.

Feeling far more relaxed I drove back to my hotel and parked my car. I headed in through the vestibule to Reception to collect my room key. I couldn’t see the guy who had booked me in earlier, but a very attractive brunette was standing behind the desk. She filled the grey suit she was wearing like a second skin and I was admiring her figure when I realised she was speaking to me.

“Sorry,” I smiled, “I was miles away.” I looked at her more closely and she seemed vaguely familiar but I couldn’t place where from or her name.

“I said, “Can I help you sir?”” She continued to look at me slightly puzzled.

“Oh yes, can I have my key please; Room 461.”

She looked down at the hotel register and I saw a startled expression on her face. “Mr. Robertson?”

“That’s me.”

“David? David Robertson? Is it really you?” Her face lit up with a smile.

I didn’t register my name for a moment; then I remembered nobody in town knew my nickname. “Yes, do I know you? Forgive me if we’ve met, but you do look a little familiar.” I still couldn’t place her.

“I’m Tess, Tess Barrett; Elizabeth’ best friend from school. Where have you been? It must be twenty years since you left without a word to anyone.” She was starting to babble excitedly and stepped out from behind the Reception desk and gave me a big hug that seemed to last forever. “My god, but you’ve turned into a handsome man; I can’t believe it. I wasn’t sure it was you at first, you look so different. Have you been home yet?”

“No,” I managed to get a word in. “I haven’t found where they live yet. I visited the old house but they moved five years ago apparently.” I could feel her whole body pressing against me now and my cock, despite being recently used, had grown rapidly and was now very obviously aroused.

She felt it push against her belly and she purred softly. “You know that I really fancied you when we were younger. I was always very randy when I came round to see your sister. I wanted to strip your clothes off you and let you ravish me.”

My brain was reeling as we broke apart. I’d just finished a couple of hours of pure sex with a woman I had never met before and now here I was with another whom I hadn’t seen for ages being shamelessly propositioned for more sex.

“Can you tell me where my family is now living?” I asked, trying to deflect the conversation to safer grounds. “I’m going out for dinner shortly and won’t be back until late, but I’d like to get an early start tomorrow morning.”

“That’s a shame.” Tess murmured in my ear as she cupped my ass with a trembling hand. “You’re even hotter than you were before you left.” I, from nowhere, remembered this young girl who used to hang out with my twin sister. She had been a brunette and from what I could recall had quite a good figure; although her figure had blossomed during my absence and was now proving to be a huge distraction to my libido.

I carefully and somewhat regretfully took her hand and moved it away from my butt, noticing that she didn’t wear a wedding ring on her third finger. “Thank you for that,” I grinned, “glad to see I haven’t been entirely forgotten.” I managed to disentangle myself from Tess and stepped a half pace away. “If you could give me my family’s address I’d be very grateful.”

“How grateful?” She whispered seductively in my ear; then she giggled. “Sorry, but you are such a hunk now. Beth and I still keep in touch, we have a lot in common; I’ll write down the address for you while you’re getting ready for your date. I’ll have it here when you come back down.”

“Thank you.” I gasped. “See you in an hour.” I walked away, clutching my room key and pressed the button for the lift. I turned when the doors of the lift opened immediately and waved to Tess as she resumed her place at Reception. I took a lengthy shower and sorted out a fresh shirt and boxers to go with the slacks I had packed in my holdall. It was a warm evening so I decided to dispense with a jacket. Finally, feeling totally refreshed, I picked up my phone, car keys and wallet and made my way back downstairs.

Tess had the address ready when I walked through Reception. She squeezed my hand as she handed over the piece of paper. “Do you want me to call and let them know you’re here? I’ve also put the phone number with the address, and my phone number as well.”She added with a small smile and a look that was pure lust.

“No, promise me you won’t call them; I’d prefer them not to know before I turn up.” I was firm with what I wanted. “I don’t want them to have advanced notice, they could well disappear to avoid a confrontation.”

“Okay,” she shrugged her shoulders. “I hope things turn out well for you all, although you might have a few surprises in store.”

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