The Poker Game


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I tried to ignore my foxy neighbor and concentrate on my cards, but it wasn’t easy. Margo was doing her best to shrug her bouncy tits out of her dress. The temptress arranged her poker chips in the shape of a cock and balls, and then nudged me to call my attention to her erotic artwork. She squeezed my knee and worked her way up my thigh. She groped the bulge in my crotch and found my hard-on, then she giggled, pulled her hand away, and tattled in her husband’s ear.

I was winning the game despite the distractions. The Army had taught me much more than how to assemble an M-16; it had also taught me how to play a sharp game of Texas Hold ’em. Mom and Dad had invited me to play cards with them and the two swinging couples who had stopped by for an evening of Poker and wife-swapping. I tried not to seem too eager when I accepted. Margo and Penny were my mother’s age, and all three of them were in their prime. Mom was the hottest, but the other two were almost as juicy.

My mother and father had reinvented themselves while I was away serving my country. Mom had always been beautiful, but she had never done much to enhance her inherent beauty. She rarely applied makeup. She considered hairdressers a waste of money, and preferred spending what she saved on a couple of steaks for her men. She bought most of her clothes at thrift shops. Dad was also inherently good-looking, but too many hours in front of the TV sipping beer had taken their toll.

I hardly recognized them when they picked me up at the airport. Mom was wearing a smart designer outfit. Her glossy black hair was made up in a trendy style. Her makeup had been applied with the skill of an artist. Her once chubby but now slender waist made her ample breasts seem even larger. Dad looked good, too. He had shed his flabby belly, had put on a bronze tan and, thanks to the miracle of hair transplants, had sprouted a full head of hair.

Mom and Dad insisted that I take a month-long vacation at home before starting work in Dad’s construction company. I moved back into my old room and left it just the way it was, with model airplanes hanging from the ceiling and Farrah Fawcett posters plastered to the walls. As a teen, I had jacked off countless times while ogling Farrah’s lovely breasts, and now, as a grown man, I was still at it. Some things never change.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that Mom and Dad had taken up swinging. I had it figured out even before Dad confessed. He came to my room one evening and said he had something to tell me.

“I hope you won’t be too disappointed in us. Your mother and I, well..uh..we have a new lifestyle. We decided that we weren’t getting any younger, and that we had better start having some fun or we would miss out on it all. There’s this thing called the sexual revolution…”

“Yeah, Dad, I’ve heard of it. You don’t have to explain. You should be more careful with your swinger magazines. I found one under the couch. I even found your ad. That’s a nice picture of Mom. Don’t worry about it. Enjoy yourselves.”

“It’s your turn, Larry,” Mom said. “Do you want to hold ’em or fold ’em?” My mind had drifted away from the game, and there I sat like a dumb-ass without any idea of what to do. The best thing to do in that situation is nothing, so I folded my hand. I needed to pay more attention to the game and less attention to the deep cleavage on all sides of me. Not that I was losing, on the contrary, I would have done even better if I hadn’t let the others win an occasional hand. I didn’t want my parent’s friends to think I was a hustler.

“Well, I think it’s time we switched games,” Margo said. “Larry is winning all of our money anyway.”

“Yeah, I agree,” her husband Frank said. “This just isn’t my night. Larry is getting all of the good cards. Let’s move on to some adult fun – a little game of Strip Poker will konyaaltı escort get things started.”

“Well, folks, I’ve been wanting to see that new Sharon Stone movie, so I’ll be on my way,” I said.

“The Hell you will, young man,” Margo said. “You sit back down and don’t you budge. After all the money you won from me, the least you can do is let me get a look at your soldier-boy body.”

I glanced over at Mom and Dad. “It’s okay, Larry,” Dad said. “We’re all adults here. I can tell by the way you’ve been looking at your mother that you’re wondering what’s underneath those sexy clothes. Now is your chance to find out.”

There are probably a thousand variations of Strip Poker. Mom explained the rules for their version. “We play Five-card Draw. We deal the cards and after one draw the weakest hand must shed an item of clothing. When you are naked you drop out and the others continue.”

“You left out one rule,” Margo said.

“Maybe we better pass on that one for now,” Mom said.

I sat staring at my cards. Suddenly, I was unable to calculate the odds. It was as though that book of probability charts in my brain had slammed shut. I lost the hand and kicked off a shoe. Margo lost the next hand, but instead of starting with something innocent, she shed her blouse to bare her bodacious teats. Her black, frilly bra barely covered her nipples. The sight made my cock stiffen, and it strained at the crotch of my pants. She suddenly hoisted the bra and freed her magnificent teats from their bondage. I thought I would cream my jeans when she brazenly leaned forward and ground those majestic mammaries against the back of my head.

“That’s not fair,” Mom said. “You took off two things instead of one.”

Even though Margo had broken the rules, none of the men seemed to mind. Dad was practically drooling as he ogled Margo’s charms. Little by little, we all stripped down. Mom’s teats were just as fine as Margo’s, and I could hardly keep my eyes off of them. They were the size and shape of ripe eggplants. The perfect tit must sag like ripe fruit hanging from a branch and hers did. The nipples must be neither too large nor too small; hers were the size of silver dollars, the perfect size.

“Larry can’t stop looking at Mommy’s big titties,” Margo said. They giggled and guffawed as my face turned red. Me, a grown man, blushing. I had been on the battlefield with enemy bullets whizzing around my head, but now I was blushing like a schoolboy. Finally, I was down to my jockey shorts. They weren’t hiding very much because my big hard-on had the cloth pushed out in front. I reached for the waistband but Margo intervened. “Oh, no you don’t, young man. I want that pleasure for myself.”

Margo pulled out on the waistband to get it past my cock. Then I was standing naked before my parents and four people I hardly knew with eight inches of hard meat bobbing in front of me. Mom had a big smile on her face as she stared at my cock. That made it jerk upward nearly to my belly.

Margo was naked next. Damn, was she ever hot! She had big, round tits above a narrow waist and flared hips. There wasn’t a single hair on her pussy. “Well, shall we tell him about our other rule?” she asked. “The first man and woman to get naked have to fuck in front of the others.”

I really wasn’t surprised. I had expected the rule to be something like that. She pulled me to my feet and dropped to her knees in front of me. My cock was so hot I think I heard it sizzle when it slid into her mouth. It had been so long since I had had a blow job that I’d forgotten how good it feels. I had never had one as good as I was getting from Margo. Her lips were soft and warm, and her mouth was hot and very wet. She knew that the secret to a great blow job is wetness. The sight of Margo sucking my big cock sent the others over the edge and they tossed kültür escort their clothes aside and went to it. Mom started blowing Burt and Burt’s wife Penny began switch-sucking Dad and Frank. The sight of my beautiful mother sucking a cock was just about the hottest thing that I had ever seen. I couldn’t bring myself to stare at my parents having sex, but I managed to get in a few peeks out of the corner of my eye. Dad wasn’t the least bit shy about watching me. He had a big smile on his face as he watched Margo gobble all eight inches of my dick.

I shot my load first, right down Margo’s throat. The sound of her gagging on my load set the others off. Burt shot his load in Mom’s mouth, then Dad gave Penny a mouthful of sperm. Penny turned and finished Frank off with a couple of hard slurps. I felt a little sick to my stomach when it was all over, but that passed rather quickly. The women headed for the bedroom with their pussy-whipped men tagging along behind.

“Come on, Son,” Dad said. “The fun is just starting.”

“I feel bad about coming in Margo’s mouth, Dad. I should have at least given her a warning.”

“Nonsense, Son. We don’t give warnings. Margo loves the taste of sperm. So does Penny and your mother.”

I got the shock of my life when I walked into the bedroom and saw what the women were up to. They were in a French daisy-chain with Mom eating Penny, Penny eating Margo, and Margo eating Mom. Frank and Burt were sitting beside the bed grinning and masturbating as they watched. Dad and I pulled up a couple of chairs and sat down to watch the show. Within five minutes I had a fresh hard-on.

They were so equally matched in the orgasm department that when Mom got her gun they all went off like a string of firecrackers. They probably would have kept going if the men hadn’t pulled them apart.

“That’s enough girl-on-girl for now,” Dad said. “You can suck each other off again after we fuck you. There’s not enough pussy to go around. Burt, why don’t you and I double-team Margo?”

Burt pulled his wife Penny to one side of the bed, spread her legs, and invited me to fuck her.

“Come on, Larry,” he said. “She loves to get fucked by young studs. Come and shove that big, fat cock into her.”

I wasn’t going to pass up a chance to fuck a former beauty queen, so I went forward and mounted her. The others applauded as I drove my cock into her spit-slick cunt. The little beauty clamped her legs around my waist and lightly raked her fingernails up my ass and back.

Mom was on her back next to me getting a good, hard fucking from Frank. He was giving it to her so good that their bellies were slapping together. I couldn’t believe the things coming out of my beautiful mother’s mouth.

“Oh, yes, Frank, fuck me with that lovely cock of yours. Give it to me right on my G-spot. Yes, that’s it, baby, you’re hitting the target. OH, YES! I’M COMING! THAT’S IT! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”

As shocking as that was, what was happening on the other side of the bed was even more shocking. Margo was on top of Burt riding his cock and Dad was on top of her fucking her in the ass. Underneath me, Penny was urging me on in no uncertain terms. She bunched her ample tits together and ordered me to pin them down with my hairy chest.

“Fuck me, big boy,” she said. “I like it hard and rough. You don’t have to be gentle with me. Give it to me harder.”

I started pounding away and before long she shouted that she was coming. Then I realized that she was the only one still howling. I opened my eyes to see that the others had finished and were applauding my performance. I had been so intent on giving Penny a proper fucking that I had lost track of time. I had screwed the little beauty for thirty minutes, long enough for her to come five times. After holding back for so long, it was a great relief to shoot markantalya escort my load deep inside her.

I was racked with guilt and self-loathing. I had fucked Mom’s best friend in front of her and her husband. How could I ever look any of them in the face again? I excused myself, went to the bathroom, and splashed cold water in my face. I just had to get out of there before I made matters worse. I found my clothes in the livingroom and started pulling them on.

“Where do you think you’re going, Son?” Dad asked.

“I think I had better get out of here, Dad.”

“Nonsense, we’re just getting started. Frank, Burt and I have only had one come apiece. We always have at least three.”

Margo and Penny came out of the bedroom and asked what was going on.

“He’s trying to leave,” Dad said. “I can’t believe he’s going to pass up an opportunity like this.”

“Well, I’m kind of insulted that he doesn’t want to fuck this,” Margo said, as she clutched her pussy.

“I want some more of that sweet kielbasa of his,” Penny said. “We’re not letting him get away.”

I’m stronger than most men, but I was no match for those two sex-crazed women. Penny twisted my arm up behind my back and Margo, a police officer, put a come-along grip on my hand. The next thing I knew I was on my back on the bed with Frank and Dad holding my ankles and Burt holding my wrists.

The women giggled as they gathered around my cock and began to suck. When Mom took my cock into her warm, wet mouth, the others cheered and urged her on. Despite my horror at what was happening, my cock hardened in Mom’s slick mouth. She took it out and proudly showed the others her handiwork.

“Nice work, babe,” Dad said. “Now you know the rule. The one who makes it hard gets to use it.”

I struggled a little as Mom lowered her pussy onto my cock, but it was just for show. Mom’s pussy, still slick with Frank’s come, swallowed up my cock. I was officially a motherfucker! Mom was facing me with a big smile on her beautiful face. Her big tits swayed to and fro as she wriggled on my cock. The men realized that I was hooked and loosened their grip. Margo and Penny took my hands and placed them on Mom’s breasts. I tried to imagine that this woman wasn’t my mother but just someone I had picked up in a bar. That helped, and I began to fondle those lovely tits. The others were kneeling on the floor around the bed, watching intently. They seemed to be in some sort of a sex-crazed trance.

As Mom began posting faster, her smile was replaced with a frown. I felt her lubricate and her pussy got very slick. I planted my feet for leverage and began thrusting up into her. When the others noticed that I was responding, they murmured their approval. Mom rode me for about ten minutes before she came.


The others lost all of their inhibitions and started going at it all around us. While Frank fucked Penny in the ass doggy-style, Dad was at the other end with his cock buried in her mouth. Burt sat next to the bed enjoying the show and the expert blow job he was getting from Margo.

Suddenly everybody was getting their rocks off at the same time. I shot my sperm up into Mom’s clenching pussy. Frank pulled out of Penny’s ass and sprayed her back while Dad filled her mouth with his seed. Burt quenched Margo’s thirst with a mouthful of sperm.

The orgy continued for hours. Dad, Frank and Burt gave out before I did and moved to the sidelines to watch and masturbate. The girls went to their backs and I went up and down the line taking turns with them. I shot a final load into Mom and, as I was coming, I glanced over to see Dad’s sperm dribbling down his hand.

A few days later, Mom and I tried fucking one-on-one, but she was very uncomfortable with it and now she only lets me fuck her at swinger parties. A few months later, Mom and Dad took me to a swinger club and I fucked her in front of a hundred people who knew she was my mother. I’ll tell you about that some other time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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