The Party


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It has been so long since I have held him in my arms. So long since he has made me weak. For two weeks I have been writing letters to him, but it is not the same. I have had plenty of solo flights since he has been gone. All of them have been wonderful, but nothing beats the feeling of his strong arms around me and his expert tongue working magic inside of me.

This morning I awoke with him on my mind. I woke up and glanced at his empty pillow. It was crazy, but I moved to put my head in his space. Somehow I felt closer to him. Even just laying where he lies naked created a stirring inside of me. My hands found their way up my warm, sleep filled body to my already hard nipples. I closed my eyes and imagined his hands. They would be rubbing and pinching my nipples until they were standing straight out. My eyes were closed and my knees were bent..I already could feel the familiar wetness return to my sweet spot between my milky white legs.

I moaned out loud remembering the last time he was here with me. I reached into my drawer and brought out my substitute lover. My realistic dildo. I lay it across my chest as I opened my pussy wider to the air.

“Oh baby, I wish this were you.” I spoke as if he were there. I imagined him straddling my belly with his hard, pink cock pushed between my tits. I would hold them together for him as he fucked them. My tongue would not be able to resist getting a taste of his precum as his cock made it’s way toward my mouth. I love the taste of him. Imagining him fucking me this way had the desired effect as my juices stirred and poured out of my pussy. I then plunged my thick dildo into my cunt. I screamed and moaned in pleasure, and of course I used his name.

“Oh Joe, fuck me. Fuck my wet cunt. Make me spill my juices all over your huge hard cock. Oh God Joe. Fuck me, fuck your slut baby. I am yours.”

As I was thrashing my head around on his pillow and talking to him as if he were here I was soaking my bed. Soaking it as wave upon wave of beautiful, orgasmic pleasure swept over me. I lay in my own wetness for a time. Relishing the feeling, but wishing he were actually here with me. My baby loves when I get wet for him. He loves to drink my juice, and bathe in it.

It won’t be long now. He is expected home tonight, I smile at the fact that I plan on fucking him in the car in the parking garage of the airport. I just cannot go another whole day without him. His best friend, Michael’s, party is tonight, so we will be going there right after the airport. He is used to us showing up late and disheveled. He knows of our lust. Hell, Mike has even been in the room when we couldn’t stand the anticipation anymore. He has been there when we have fucked hard, and fast. He is very used to us. I giggle again at our total lack of shame and modesty, and thank God that I found someone with the same need for sex as I.

I decide to finally get myself out of bed and take a shower. The hot water streaming across my breasts again reminds me of him, and I am wet on the inside as well. I take the shower head from its place on the wall and wash my newly shaven legs. I place a foot on the rail and aim the stream of water directly on my still tender clit. My body erupts with an instant orgasm that forces me to grab the bar for support. I moan from deep in my body and close my eyes as my pussy drains down my thighs.

“Oh baby, I can’t wait for you to come home.” I actually said it out loud.

I towel off and resign myself to getting ready for work. I dress in his favorite outfit as I will be leaving early to pick him up. As a second thought, I kick off my thong and leave it on his pillow. A signature move for me when I want to fuck. He will have already had me by the time he sees it, but maybe we can continue our lovemaking long afer we get home from Michael’s party.

My day at work was long, but uneventful. I loved knowing that I had nothing on under my skirt. I even sat with my legs in a rather unladylike position under my desk. Not like anyone could see, but the thought of showing off a little made me more than a little damp. It doesn’t take much for me. That is part of what Joe loves about me. The thought of him makes me smile. The phone ringing takes me back to reality and I answer it.

“Mike? What? Where is he? Not coming home today? Oh my god. Flights are cancelled? Sure I will still come. I love your parties, but don’t expect me to be in a good mood. I know Mike, you are a good friend. Bye.”

I hang up the phone and tears well in my eyes. Another day. I know it isn’t the end of the world, but I miss him so much. I decide that I will go to Mike’s after work anyway. Joe’s friends are my friends now too, and I know that if anyone could cheer me up it is them.

I manage to get through the rest of the day, and even got some work done. At five thirty I get myself ready to go. I am going to go right to Mike’s house. canlı bahis I figure that he may need some help getting ready and I don’t have anything else to do now anyway. Oh well, I think. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

“Oh baby. You wait until you get home tomorrow.”I smile as the door of the office closes behind me.

It only takes a few minutes to get to Mike’s. He isn’t home yet, but will be in minutes so I let myself in. He wont mind. I go in and help myself to a beer from his fridge. He has certainly stocked up for tonight. I kick off my shoes and get comfy on his couch. In the silence I finish my beer quickly. It goes down rather nicely. Just as I am deciding on another I hear Mike in the drive. I sit up quickly and for some reason feel like a kid caught in the cookie jar. My heart quickens slightly.

He bounds in the door and smiles, “Hey babe. Didn’t expect you here yet. Sucks about Joe huh? I am glad you decided to come though. We would miss you if you weren’t here.”

He is so handsome, and I am sure that if I had met him before Joe, I would be head over heels in love with him right now. I am amazed at my feelings sometimes. He tells me to make myself at home and that he is going to jump in the shower. I wink and ask if I can join. He turns a little red and says, “anything for you.”

I know I shouldn’t tease him like this. I can always feel the sexual tension between us, but we do not want to hurt Joe, so we resist. I get up and smack him on the ass and go to get another beer. He tells me about his day as he is getting into the shower. He leaves the door open as he is undressing. It is no big deal I have seen it all before, but today, I watch and really study him. His body is beautiful. I begin to feel my pussy betraying Joe as it moistens its lips for another man. I take a deep breath and ask him if I should start to get the snacks ready for the party. He tells me to go ahead and I busy myself trying to forget about the naked man within my reach.

My thoughts go back to Joe. How I wanted to fuck him tonight. That must be why I am so excited right now. I have been waiting for two weeks, another night won’t hurt. Too badly anyway. I decide that I am going to have a good time tonight. Joe would want it that way. I am still arranging the cheese and grapes as Mike comes into the kitchen in a towel. He glances around and thanks me for helping him out. The others should be here in about an hour. You can put that into the fridge and join me in another beer. He grabs two and heads into the other room. Just as he turns the corner I catch a glimpse of the towel hitting the floor. I call to him to put some freaking clothes on and he fires back, I will if you take some off. I giggle as I clean up and join him. He is sitting on the couch nude. I decide to call his bluff and I take of my skirt and shirt as well. He just laughs. It is nice to know we are so comfortable with one another. I sit next to him and he turns on the music. He sits up and reaches into the drawer and takes out a black notebook On the front I recognize instantly the sprawling handwriting of my baby. To Mike and Bethanne. What was this all about? I asked Mike with my eyes, but his just sparkled. All he said was, “Joe left this for us. I peeked at the first page already. Read it.”

Dear my two favorite people:

I am not stuck in Mexico. I am home, and I have wired Mike’s house with constant video feeds. I want you both to have fun tonight. I know how you feel about each other and it makes me very happy, not to mention horny, to watch you two. I have already told Mike to come out of the shower nude, so I am assuming that you joined him Beth. You always were a slut. Tonight you can prove it. I want you two to fuck. At the party. I will be watching. The hotter you get me Beth, the better it will be for you when I finally decide to show up. I really want you to do this for me honey. Will you be my slut and fuck my best friend? I want to see you cum. I want to see you wet. I will fuck you later baby. I promise.



All I could do was stare at the words in front of me. Oh my god. At first, I was embarrassed that we had been caught. I even went through a feeling of anger, but what I ended with was a feeling of absolute excitement about what the evening was going to bring. I was wet when I finally turned my head to see how Mike was taking this all in. His face was red, but I knew that he was in perfect agreement by the smile on his face and his hard cock standing straight up. I laughed and winked at him as I leaned over and started to lick his balls. I am not one to disappoint my lover, and if Joe wants a show, he is going to get a good one.

I moved my body to the floor in front of the couch. I don’t know where the cameras are so I make sure I move myself around quite a bit. I make sure that I take Mike’s cock deep in my throat. He tastes so good. I love bahis siteleri the way he gets so wet. Just like my Joe. I suck his cock and massage his balls as he moans and rubs my hair. I sit my wet pussy on his tan foot and move my hips in a circle as I lick and suck his hard cock. I look up into Michael’s eyes and know that I am going to taste him soon. I want his thick white hot cum to explode into my throat.

I begin to suck him faster and he stands up. I reach my hands through his legs and begin to rub my finger around his ass. The sharp intake of breath tells me that he has never had this done before. I look at his face, and it says that he isn’t going to stop me. I continue to suck his cock and hold his balls with one hand as I finger his ass. He is moaning and his muscles in his thighs begin to tighten. I cup his balls tighter and swallow the head of his cock. When he cums, it shoots down my throat, and I continue to stroke his cock until I have licked him clean. We collapse on the couch, holding each other, but knowing that somewhere Joe is watching.

It won’t be long before the guests come. I get up first and decide to jump in the shower as Mike heads to his room to get dressed. It is gonna be a wonderful night.

I get in the shower and really start to think about what I just did. I am amazed that I am not ashamed or upset. I am so turned on by the fact that Joe is somewhere watching us that my pussy is still wet. I pile my long hair on my head and lather it up. I let the white bubbles run down my neck and across my tits. I rub it in and begin to play with my nipples. I am moaning low and my eyes shoot open. Is he watching me now? He knows I like to shower after any sexual experience, so if I know him, he is sitting somewhere watching my naked body with his huge cock in his hand.

He is probably already wet. My stomach does a little flip and I look around for any hint of a camera. Who cares I am going to enjoy myself. I continue to rub my sensitive nipples as the water is rushing over them. As my hair is rinsing, it is slowly spilling over my shoulders and breasts. With one hand I reach between my legs and begin the familiar tracing of my lower lips. My own fingers teasing and tickling all around my clit. I place one leg on the rail and reach down with the other hand too. I open my pussy to meet my finger. Wide open I feel the water on my already wet pussy, I push a finger inside of me, and I shudder. I make movements inside of my hot pussy with my finger that brings me close to the edge already. I don’t know if Joe can hear me but I am sure Mike can, and that gets me even hotter. I am rubbing my clit quickly and finger fucking my pussy. I know I am going to cum.

A sound came from the other side of the shower door and I could just make out his silhouette I open the door and leave my foot up on the rail. The water and steam escape from the shower, but I can still see that Mike wants to taste what I have. The hot water stinging my breasts, Mike kneels on the floor and starts to lick my soaking wet pussy. His tongue is licking a line from my pussy to my ass and back again. He knows what he is doing. It feels almost like Joe. I am steadying myself on the wall as my legs are getting weak.

With a final scream I let him have me. I let him taste the nectar that Joe loves so much. My body is tight as an explosion erupts from deep within me. He continues to lick and suck as I am pouring out my hot juices into his mouth. He kisses my inner thigh and stands. He kisses my neck and tells me that he is going to enjoy this. I still cannot answer him, but my eyes and my shudder tell him that I am too. He leaves, and I towel off. Looking around again for some hint of where the camera is.

I hurry and dress and go to Mike in the kitchen. People are due to arrive any second so we begin putting the dishes out. He heads to the living room with a tray of fruit, and I hear him laugh. I look around the corner and he has in his hands the familiar notebook from earlier. I peek over his shoulder and my mouth drops. There on the pages are pictures of me sucking Mike’s cock Photographs of my fingers inside my pussy and of Mike getting bathed in my cum, in the shower. A short note follows the x-rated pictures.

Dear My two favorite people,

You two are great I knew that I wouldn’t have to convince you. You two just fit together. But Mike don’t get any ideas, she is my slut. You can eat and be eaten, you can fuck and be fucked, but after this wonderful evening is over, her wet pussy is mine. I particularly liked you eating her pussy in the shower. A definite favorite of mine as well. My cock is so hard and wet for you Beth baby, but I want you to fuck. I want to see his cock enter your pussy. I want you to cum all over his cock. I want you to do it in front of the guests. The catch is that they cannot know that I know. I want them to think that you are a slut. bahis şirketleri Don’t worry baby, I will come in and set them straight. I will tell them that it was my idea. But you cannot let them think that I know. If you can get fucked by anyone else, I invite you to do so. Remember the whole house is on video, so I can see you everywhere. You and Mike must fuck in the living room during the party. I will send you another note at some point during the party to let you know if I approve of your behavior.

Happy fucking, slut.


Mike leans in close and whispers so that any microphones can not hear. “Are you ok with this? We can call off the party, and Joe will understand. Do you want this?”

I answer out loud. “Yes, more than anything. My pussy is wet, and I am ready to be fucked.”

We continue to flirt and have fun until the doorbell rings for the first guests. Before long the house is filled with music, laughter and noise. I had to explain a million times where Joe was, but after a few drinks I didn’t care anymore. I was having fun. Mike and I were getting stares, but we were true to our assignment, and we didn’t tell anyone.

From the kitchen I heard a gasp and laughter. I went to see what the deal was and nearly fell over when I saw. The inside of the freezer was plastered with the pictures of Mike and I from earlier. Joe must have put them there, but how without being seen? Whatever the reason, I now had a choice, either go with it, or let the secret out. I am going with it.

I walked over to Mike and started dancing with him. Pressing my hard body against his. There was talk behind me, even the word slut was passed around, but not in the loving way that Joe uses it. I didn’t care. The mixture of alcohol and anticipation was making me crazy, and I had to have cock. I began to kiss Mike as we were dancing. I ran my fingers through his blonde hair and down his neck. I untucked his shirt and began to loosen his belt. I saw some people fight to get a seat on the couch. Showtime.

It wasn’t long before every attendee was in the living room, elbow to elbow, straining to see the show in the middle of the floor. Even those that were letting nasty words about my character fly, seemed to be enjoying the fireworks. Mike’s pants were around his ankles and his huge cock was standing at attention. I let him remove my dress and didn’t mind being totally nude in front of every one. Just knowing that Joe was stroking his cock at the same time took away all inhibitions that I had.

I started by licking Mike’s balls. Taking each one into my mouth while stroking his thick shaft. I loved the way the noise in the room stopped except for the music, the occasional cough, and the sound of heavy breathing. That was the sound that got me going. The sound of people around me getting aroused. There seemed to be more kissing also. I decided to throw caution to the wind and try to get others to join me.

I turned and winked at a few of my girlfriends and motioned them to join me in my fun. They did. Before I knew it there were six guys getting their cocks sucked. The popping noise of mouths releasing filled the room as well as the sound of moans and sighs of passion. It was time to close the deal with Mike. I whispered in his ear that I wanted him to fuck me hard. I got on my knees and let him gaze into my dripping pussy from behind. I could watch the faces of other men this way and I wanted to be pounded.

He entered me with such force on the first thrust that I screamed out. Not in pain but in ecstasy. He stopped and pulled out, and I rubbed my aching clit, soaking my hand and the rug beneath us with my juices that were running continually now. This time when he entered me there was a gasp all around the room. It was different this time, and his hands wrapped around my body as his cock explored deep within my pussy.

It was then that I realized the reason for the gasp. Joe was home. True to his word he set the record straight. He fucked me and called me his good slut. “You did what I wanted. You fucked my best friend while I watched. I loved watching you fuck someone else. Now fuck me. Show me that you are my slut. Cum for me.”

I was moaning and at long last after being on the edge for so long, My body exploded again. I couldn’t even utter a sound as my juices streamed out of my pussy and splashed against us with each thrust. I came hard and he kept pounding his cock in and out of my pussy. When he finally came he quickly pulled out and shot his hot white thick cum on my naked body. I love to see him dripping and his love being spread all over me. I pull him down with me on the rug to recuperate as we watch others around us reach climax one after another.

The smell of sex in the room is overpowering. The sounds of heavy even breathing minutes later tells me that the fun is over for the night. Joe and I rise and head to the shower. We shower together washing each other off and then head to bed. We hear the sound of the front door and cars starting and leaving. We know that we are alone.

Almost alone. We smile as we see Mike in the doorway of the bedroom.

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