The Outer Banks Vacation Pt. 01: Edging


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Marietta, a twenty-two year old computer programmer residing in Trois-Rivieres, wan of colour and possessing reddish hair

Lukas, a sophmore at UQAM, only 174 cm tall but of quite taunt build

Maélie, their 43-year old aunt, residing in the Eastern Townships.

“Lukas, Marietta has left for town, are you going out to the beach?” Maélie called down from the large bedroom to her nephew.

“Yes, I’m just about ready,” Lukas replied. Maélie come out of her room to inspect, wearing jeans, a button down shirt and nothing on her feet. “You have everything? “she inquired, looking him over. “Yes,” Lukas responded, feeling a little sheepish has he tended to do before his formidable aunt.

Lukas had always felt overawed by Maélie, her good looks, her confidence, her obvious full sex life. But his older sister Marietta had always been very close to her, more like a sister than a niece, and so while he was usually not comfortable being alone with Maélie, with Marietta there to ease the interaction, he accepted the invitation to come and contribute to the vacation rental on the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

When the three of them had arrived at the beach house, with a stretch of sand seemingly all their own, they selected their rooms – since Aunt Maélie was paying most of the bill, she was given the upstairs master bedroom overlooking the ocean by mutual consent of Marietta and Lukas, and everyone put things away for the week. Marietta heated up the take-out barbecue they had purchased on the way over, and called them down for dinner. And made an announcement.

“While we are here – niece, nephew? You are not to call me ‘Aunt Maélie.’ I am only ‘Maélie.’ I am not here as a supervisory adult, because you’re both adults and you don’t need one anymore. I intend to find men, or a woman, and have sex as often as possible. Whatever you do is your business, as long as you are considerate of the partners you choose, and don’t make excessive noise or. In fact, as long as you are careful and considerate – I don’t want any scenes spoiling our visit – I encourage you to have sex as often as possible here.”

And they did. Or at least one of them did. Maélie brought home the same man for night two and three, then a woman on the fourth. Mariettta didn’t bring anyone home for two nights, but was away the third, and brought a charming but older man the fourth. Only Lukas went without.

Now looking over her nephew, Maélie saw something was missing. “This is the first really sunny day, Lukas, have you applied suntan lotion? I don’t want a bad burn ruing our stay here.” Lukas produced a 16 SF factor lotion he bought from the dollar store.

“You haven’t put it on?” Lukas responded in the negative. “I’ll do it when I get to the beach.” “No, let’s do it now. And if you won’t have to be seen applying your own suntan lotion, I know that’s a thing with men. I’ll get you some good stuff. Wait just a moment, you have time.”

Maélie went back into her bedroom, and came out a couple minutes later with a bottle of SF 128. She spread a blanket on the floor, and looked over to the young man. “Okay, you ready?”

“I guess so.”

“Are you going to wear those swim trunks all the time you’ve been sunning? Marietta told me you over at that little cove yesterday afternoon trying to get an all-over tan.”

“You want me to take my trunks off?” Lukas inquired, astonished.

“Only if you don’t mind me putting sunblock on your ass. It’s better than getting burned there. It did happen to me once, and I didn’t care for the experience.”

Lukas felt a bit dizzy at the invitation, but removed his shirt and sandals and pulled down his trunks. Really, he was showing his aunt his penis? But she was assessing him with a practiced eye, and he felt little awkwardness has he stepped toward her and the blanket. “Oh, so you have been laying out nude,” she commented. But you’re not evenly tanned. I’ll take care of it.”

Lukas laid down on the blanket. Suddenly he wished he jacked off this morning; to show his cock to his aunt was one thing, but if it got stiff – which often happened without his meaning it at all – how was he going to explain that? The other night, Maélie had been so loud at 1 AM Lukas had to pull back the bed covers, remove his shorts and relieve himself into some tissue paper. At the time, part of him felt embarrassed that he was getting off on someone else’s session; and then part of him felt embarrassed that flashes of his aunt’s body ran through his head and intensified the experience. Since then, more than two days had passed; forever for a male of his age. Having his sister and mersin escort his aunt around, and being fatigued from a lot of swimming, was having an inhibiting effect.

Maélie crouched down and knelt by Lukas. It seemed forever before the sound of lotion bottle being emptied onto her hand was replaced by the sensation of his aunt’s hand on his back. Now he had suntan lotion applied to his skin before by a short-term girlfriend the previous summer; but by comparison the girlfriend was perfunctory and amateurish. Maélie kneaded the lotion into each muscle crevice with the slowness and expertise of a professional masseuse. It did not take long for his skin to respond, send messages to his brain to release chemicals.

All the time Maélie quizzed him about his studies (time consuming), about his roommates (annoying, in the manner of all college roommates) and she conversed just like a doctor. Lukas felt her jean clad legs and the touch of her feet; despite the clothing he started getting the mental image of her in her maillot when they went to the sand that first day after their arrival. Slowly she made her way down his slender, well-toned back, to his waist. Then he felt it; Maélie’s hand were putting lotion on his ass. This was something his brain could not ignore. Around the sides, over the cheeks. Her finger even moved into his ass crack. His thighs were creating sensation against his stiffing cock, and he could not resist putting pressure against it.

“Here, spread your legs,” she instructed, urging them apart with her small delicate hands. Oh god, Lukas thought, as his erection was clearly visible to her now. But Maélie made no comment. But she continued to spread the sunblock with deliberateness. On the back of his legs, along the outside, along the inside…At one point her fingertip made the merest brush against his member – not like she intended it, but not like it bothered her either.

She spread the lotion on his calves, finally on his feet. Lukas felt bad that the application was about to be finished. He didn’t know if he could squeeze back into his swim trunks now! And when he did, he knew he’d have to get to the secluded cove quickly. It ran through Lukas’ head; what if she followed him out, in her black maillot, would she sit down on her towel where he could see her, but she wouldn’t see him? Maybe she would sit on a towel and spread suntan lotion on her legs…

“Okay, thank you,” Lukas said, his voice shaking, as Maélie got up.

“Don’t you want your front done?” was the response.

“Okay…” Then: “okay, yes!”

“I’m hot, I’m just going to change my pants. You stay there.”

In a minute Maélie returned. She had changed into some khaki shorts. The shirt she was wearing was left hanging out, the first three buttons undone, and rolled up on the arms. “Okay, that’s better, she said. “Lie down again.”

More than before he was aware of his nudity. By looking up with half-closed eyes he could also see that Maélie’s shirt was unbuttoned three buttons and her dark blue bra was showing.

Down his shoulders her hands applied more sunblock. Her fingers found their way to his neck, his shoulders, into every crevice while she continued to talk. Lukas became very aware of her shapely bare legs that were kneeling against him, skin to skin. Her voice told him about the parties she had attended; it was like he was hearing her through a fog. His cock, which had become partly flaccid when she changed, was again filling up with blood. Her seeming indifference to it was confusing him, he couldn’t think straight.

Her hands reached his belly. Touched his near his navel and past his navel. He looked up, saw her hands approach his penis centimeter by centimeter. -Please, don’t let Marietta return and interrupt. As before, Maélie separated his legs, again brushing his rigid hard-on, not once but repeatedly. Lukas’ breath was coming shorter and shorter. Finally he had to say it, “What do you think of it?”

“Of your cock? I was wondering when you were going to ask. It’s beautiful. Not many men have one like that, I’m glad it will be sending on the family sperm,” she almost giggled. “I see it’s doing a little bit of that right now.”

“I’m sorry, you feel so good next to me.”

“So it’s me that’s making you stiff. So what are you going to do about it? You can’t have your aunt, so…you go to your cove? Or maybe go back and watch some of the porn I know you have on your laptop?” She had moved past his cock now, rubbing the lotion into his lower legs.

“I need to go out and get some sun, so it will have to be in the cove.”

“You won’t have anything to look at there, what escort mersin will you be thinking of when you touch yourself?” Maélie finished with his leg, and pulled back up so she was seated near his thigh.

“I’ll be thinking of the girl I saw yesterday in town. I will be thinking…of the sounds you and Marietta made the other night. That man you had the other evening was very loud when he came.” Lukas became a little less shy. “He made such noise when he came in you.”

“He didn’t,” Maélie responded with complete candor. “I told him to come on me, but he kept in for the longest time. Finally I asked him to get off me and I would take him in my mouth. I can usually make men cum in about half a minute, and I did then.” This explicitness made him fully erect, the veins showing clearly, a big drop of precum was visible in the urethra.

“Did you swallow him?”

Maélie changed the subject. “I will blame myself if you get burned on your scrotum. Did you want sunblock on that as well?”

Lukas spread his legs and nodded. Maélie responded with a smile.

Lukas felt Maélie lift his rigid cock with her hand and place it pointing up toward his stomach. She then parted his legs, took some sunblock and touched her hands to Lukas’ balls. With deliberate slowness she kneaded the lotion into the skin, separating the two testes with her fingers before cupping them together. Maélie held them for a moment like they were great treasures. Lukas was starting to roll his ass in search of more sensation has her hands rubbed his inner thighs as well.

Lukas reached over and touched his aunt loosely at her waist. Maélie allowed if for a moment, then gently replaced his hand. “This is for your sensation only,” she said, at the same time an emphatic desire to see his aunt nude scrambled in his brain. Maélie finished Lukas’s legs, and Lukas thought he would have to go as quickly as possible to his bedroom – he couldn’t make it to his little cove without a very public erection. But he didn’t need to. Maélie walked back toward his head, and leaning lower she said, “Would you mind if I touched your cock a little?”

Lukas swallowed, nodding.

“I wasn’t going to leave you with just that hard-on, silly.”

As if to induce more of a response, she stepped back and undid the button at the top of her shorts. Then she zipped them down. Lukas caught a glimpse of light blue panties. She then loosed another button on her shirt, and another, leaving it hanging by only one button just below the bra.

She then stepped forward and put her hands near his penis, touching the skin around his abdomen where it lay. She flicked a couple fingernail touches to his scrotum again before finally taking his cock into his hands, looking him straight in the eyes. Using a handy container of some oil – she had stopped using the sunblock, – she grasped the lower part of with firmness, then her small hand lessened the pressure as it approached the more sensitive upper shaft and glans, finally flicking away. Over and over again. Lukas twisted, his hands not leaving his hips as instructed.

Lukas was always in awe of his aunt. He knew – consciously – that she had large, very proportional breasts, for instance, and attractive legs. Once when Lukas had his friend Stephane over, he saw Maélie, and later when they were alone couldn’t stop making commentary on this, until Lukas wanted to slug him to make him stop. Lukas would never think of putting his hands on his aunt uninvited. But now her legs were touching up against him, her breasts were only inches away under circumstances he could stare at them all he wanted, and it added to the stimulation.

“Does my hand feel good on you?” His response was to babble some nonsense while twisting in his pleasure. Over and over came the stroke, flooding his brain, keeping him near orgasm but not allowing him release. “Now what if I used something else to pleasure you. What if you could stick yourself in my ass?” Lukas was taken aback by that question. “Should I be fucking my aunt?” he asked.

Maélie’s voice continued soft as she kept stroking the lower part of his shaft., occasionally touching him on his side near his arm. “Oh, you wouldn’t be fucking me. I’d just be using another part of my body to pleasure your cock, in the same way I’m doing now.”

Lukas kept twisting, his penis trying to extract every gram of pleasure out of his aunt’s hand. It was not enough, and the sense of being suspended between stimulation and orgasm became almost painful. His eyes glazed slightly. His facial muscles, his biceps, his leg muscles and his prostate begged for release. “Maélie, God, stop it, I have to cum!” mersin escort bayan Lukas said, reaching for his penis with his hand, where he knew just a stoke or two would bring ejaculation. But Maélie was quicker, flicking his hand away and continuing with her own, leaving him groaning, twisting, his legs far open. The mention of his ass had him rubbing the sheets in small motions.

“You do know what anal sex is like, she added?” Lukas blushed visibly. “I haven’t had anal sex, Maélie.”

“I figured you haven’t. I’ll describe it for you.”

“You’d take your penis, lubricate it, and point it at the woman’s ass. You’d push it in slowly. Then you’d use my sphincter muscle like I’m using my hand.”

Lukas gasped out. “I’d see your body?”

“Would I get to see your tits?” Lukas blurted out without thinking.

“No, I’d have my bra on. In fact, I’d leave everything on, just take down my pants and show you my ass.

“I would love to see your tits,” again without thinking, as Maélie’s hands kept pressing his lower shaft, then loosening to keep him suspended just below orgasm.

“Oh why?” Maélie laughed, not taking offense.

“I want to suck on them.” Lukas gasped.

Maélie acted as if this was totally unexpected. “That would be too much like fucking, and you know we can’t fuck. Now, you know what lubrication to use?”

“Something from — a sex shop?”

“You can use vegetable oil, or baby oil works even better. But not use me?”

Lukas in his pleasure couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “‘Use you?'”

“Reach into my cunt, moisten your fingers, coat your cock with it before you put it in my ass.”

“But you’d have your panties on,” said Lukas, his eyes closed. Could she really be saying this?

“Yes, I would,” Maélie responded. At the same time she stood up, and eased the khaki shorts from her hips. They fell past her legs onto the floor and Maélie stepped out of them, kneeling again. She then knelt back down; Lukas wished he could have a clearer view of her pubis. He imagined a lube stain spreading on her panties, although with his aunt kneeling he couldn’t see at all.

Maélie continued, “But I would take your hand and let you reach in and get your fingers damp with me. Your fingers would roll over my clit but I would be good and not let them press me there. I would then take your hand with my lube and spread it over your cock. Then I’d lie close to the bed while you stood above me pushed it past my muscle. Into me, all the way, until I’m pushed into the bed.”

Her ministrations to Lukas’ cock continued, but first she unbuttoned the last button on her shirt. The shirt came open and Lukas had a close look at Maélie’s cleavage, as well as fleeting glimpse of the cups of her bra, her dark nipples noticeable beneath the fabric. Maélie increased the pressure on the upper glans. Lukas reached his hand out to touch her on her back near her waist, more to steady himself than anything. She did not replace it this time.

“You’d push into me, over and over, continue until you’d be ready to come, and you’d tell me then before you pulled out.”

“I don’t know if I’d make it,” Lukas gasped.”

“But I’d teach you to control yourself. Maybe as a prize I’d tell you you could take your cock and cum on my shirt -”

Maélie had to look twice to be sure the white streak that appeared beyond Lukas’ shoulder was what she thought it was. A second streak followed it a moment later, all the time with complete silence from her nephew, nothing to break from the tension on his face. Then a third jism – heavier than the previous – traveled down his penis and flew out as a flood of sensations hit Lukas’ brain in a delayed reaction. Ahhh – AAAAHHHH! OH SHIT! he said as he looked down at the milky puddle still appearing on his belly. He threw his head back and gasped three times as the torrent from his glans slowed, even while aftershocks ran the length of his body, to his anus and his legs, and made his abdomen visibly fluctuate. Maélie released his cock and put his hands on his side, waiting for the tremors to subside with patience. Then she picked up her nephew’s shaking body and gave it a loose embrace, while his breathing stilled.

Finally she buttoned her shirt, reached over to a box of tissue and cleaned the cum off his skin. She smiled, “Okay, are you ready to go to the beach? If you meet a girl you won’t have that boner in your trunks, not for a while, at least. Now go and find yourself someone.”

Lukas put the trunks back on, gathered up his stuff, gave his aunt a peck on the cheek, and went out the door into the sunshine. Maélie prepared to go out herself and meet Marietta (who, unknown to her brother, had an appointment to meet Maélie in the village, so there would have been no interruptions). But first, she retired to her bedroom, took her vibrator from its drawer, and lay down on her bed.

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