The New Neighbor Pt. 07


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It was midafternoon and the sun was shining brightly in the clear skies overhead. Ms. V.’s long, caramel colored legs glistened in the sunlight from her tanning oil. She was sunbathing while naked and stretched out comfortably on a pool chaise. The sun caused her jet black hair to shimmer blue as she gently moved her head around. Her naked body was practically perfect, her smooth skin looked photoshopped, and certainly didn’t reveal her age. Not many women looked this good at forty-nine or, to be honest, at any age.

Raphael watched her intently from the kitchen window. She had a phone pressed to her ear and was slightly nodding. He knew she was speaking with Dr. Singh, most likely about Amber’s test results from the previous day.

Raphael watched for any body language clues that might reveal whether she was receiving good or bad news. Her legs kept shifting, her hand traced along her collarbone and she seemed to be talking animatedly. It was always hard for most people to tell what Ms. V. was thinking. Raphael had to pay attention to a lot of subtle details but he did that with everyone, anyway. He met Ms. V. during the beginning of his high school years, a little over twenty years ago, and knew her better than anyone.

Ms. V. was sitting upright now, her back completely straight and her free hand was mindlessly rubbing her thighs. Clearly, she was very interested in whatever was being said over the phone. Suddenly, she turned her head toward the kitchen window, looking straight at Raphael. Though she couldn’t see in, she knew he was standing there, watching.

Raphael had been in the middle of making lunch when the phone rang earlier. He answered the phone, Dr. Singh had asked for Ms. V. so he took it out to the backyard. He had dutifully returned to the kitchen but his mind was racing with curiosity. The sounds and smells of lunch cooking faded into oblivion as all of Raphael’s attention became focused on Ms. V.’s face.

He was incredibly anxious to hear the results, though he knew Ms. V. wouldn’t share everything. He saw her wrapping up the conversation and eventually hang up. He quickly grabbed a tray with some ice water and walked out to the backyard.

Raphael put the water on an end table next to Ms. V. and freshened up her champagne flute from a bottle that was in a nearby ice bucket. The pool filter gurgled quietly, causing ripples to break the glossy smooth surface.

“Lunch will be ready in another fifteen minutes or so.” Raphael said, hoping Ms. V. would divulge information without having to be asked.

Ms. V., her cat eyes focused on colorful flowers in the distance, picked up the glass of water and took a small sip.

“She sounds perfect! Dr. Singh had very good things to say about our little Amber. You chose well!” Ms. V. was beaming.

Raphael felt a sense of relief and joy wash over him. He was fairly confident Amber would be healthy but he knew Ms. V. had other high standards, as well.

“Bring lunch outside for me, today. I want to continue enjoying this beautiful day.”

Ms. V. inhaled deeply and then exhaled with satisfaction as she stretched out again, laying comfortably on the chaise. Her body was shining bright in all of its naked glory. Even though their relationship was never sexual, Raphael still appreciated Ms. V.’s good looks.

“Sounds good!” Raphael smiled and nodded, turning to walk back into the house.

“Oh! Raphael, I want you to go and give Amber the news. Pick a mask from my collection and take it to her for the party! You can stay however long you want but remember, I need the Anderson’s video package by early tomorrow morning. Also, make sure you get ALL of those confirmation e-mails and contracts for everyone who’s working the party this weekend. I want definitive numbers tomorrow, as well,” Ms. V. gave her instructions with her eyes closed as her face was turned to the sun.

“Of course. Thank you, Ms. V.,” Raphael replied.

He tried to contain his excitement as he practically ran back into the kitchen and hurried through the rest of the lunch preparations. His mind was already next door as he was excited to have some freedom to go visit Amber. He also knew he had a lot of work to do that night but the party was going to be better than all of the countless others he’s helped Ms. V. organize. Raphael scarfed down his food after serving Ms. V. and went to grab the mask for Amber that he was already picturing her wearing.


Amber had been feeling incredibly nervous all morning. She wasn’t sure when but she knew she would be receiving the results of her doctor’s visit sometime soon. As much as she tried to keep herself busy, she found herself constantly looking at the phone or out of the window in the direction of Ms. V.’s house.

The phone finally rang, causing Amber to jump into the air. She had been sitting on the couch but she quickly scrambled over the top of it, jumped down and ran toward the ringing phone. The socks on her feet caused her to slide across the tile as she picked up the cordless güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri phone from the kitchen.

“Hello?” she tried to sound casual while catching her breath.

“Hey, Amber! It’s Raphael. I was hoping I could come over in a bit, if you’re free?” his friendly voice came through the phone clearly.

“Of course! When were you thinking?”

She was smiling big while dancing across the kitchen floor.

“How about in thirty minutes?” he asked.

“Sounds good! See you then.”

“See you soon, Amber.”

After putting the phone back in its place, she made a bee-line for the staircase. She hopped up the stairs, taking two at a time, and went directly into the guest room she’s been staying in. Her eyes scanned the room and she was happy to see everything was clean but Amber still wandered around the room, rearranging everything, making sure it was all in order.

She decided to light a few candles that had a subtle, delicious scent. Amber then quickly opened nearby drawers and got some clothes out as she was only wearing underwear, a camisole, and ankle socks. She slid a pair of black yoga pants up past her thick thighs. The material was cozy and the mirror confirmed that it made her ass look amazing.

Amber noticed, in the mirror’s reflection, that her nipples were trying to poke through the silky camisole. She bit her lip while admiring her reflection as she was very tempted to wear only the camisole without a bra or T-shirt but wondered if she was brave enough. She felt more comfortable dressed as she was, instead of cocktail dresses, but she would still feel exposed around other people.

Ultimately, she decided she wasn’t feeling so bold and changed into a black bra with a soft T-shirt over it and put the silky camisole back in its drawer. She wasn’t sure why she was still nervous wearing revealing clothes, especially considering how much she enjoyed being naked, but she couldn’t help it.

Amber padded across the soft carpet, into the hallway and made her way into the bathroom. She started brushing her teeth while further inspecting her reflection in the mirror. While looking at her face, her cute, straight nose almost touched the glass. Her skin was perfectly clear other than the freckles scattered throughout her face and her blue eyes were innocently staring back. Amber rinsed her mouth, put her toothbrush away, finished cleaning herself before having a final look in the mirror, and nodded in approval.

Amber went back downstairs and waited in the living room for Raphael to arrive. A grandfather clock was audible as each second slowly ticked by. Two loud bells rang out, announcing it was two o’clock PM and Raphael was due to arrive at any minute. The sound of the second hand seemed to grow louder, so Amber plugged her phone into the audio system, and adjusted the volume to a low level so it would play only loud enough to drown out the clock throughout the entire house.

As soon as Amber started to anxiously pace around the living room, a knock was heard on the front door. She rushed to answer it, using her socks to skate across the tile and wooden floor. Amber pulled the door open with a smile and a gust of wind caused her curls to slightly blow back.

“Well, hello!” Raphael smiled brightly, showing his dimples and teeth.

He quickly looked at her, up and down, admiring her lovely face and short, curvy frame. The yoga pants really were flattering.


Amber blushed slightly as she looked up, through her thick eyelashes, as Raphael stood many inches taller than her.

“Come on in!”

Amber turned to welcome him inside. Raphael walked through the foyer and hesitated in the hallway until Amber directed him into the living room.

“Go ahead and sit down. Can I get you anything to drink?” Amber asked while pointing to the living room area.

There was a large couch, with chairs next to each end, and a loveseat in the corner. There was also a large coffee table, smaller end tables and lamps which created little sections around the room. A large, flat screen TV was mounted on the wall and an unlit fireplace was on the opposite wall. Raphael sat on the end of the large couch. He had been carrying a small, black box with him, a little smaller than a shoebox, and he placed it on the coffee table.

“Water, maybe?” Raphael smiled, his warm, darker than caramel skin showing a few crinkles around his eyes.

Amber retrieved a glass of water for each of them. She then walked back into the living room, handed Raphael his glass and sat on the chair closest to him but not on the couch.

“Thank you.”

Raphael lifted his glass in appreciation. The armrests of the couch and chair separated them as Amber awkwardly settled into her seat and took a sip of her water. Amber wasn’t sure how to start their conversation.

“So, how are you doing, today?”

“I’m doing very well, especially since I come with good news.”

Raphael continued smiling and it was melting Amber in the best of ways, she was finally starting güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to relax.

“Really? Please, share!” Amber flirtatiously smiled back.

“Well, Ms. V. asked me to come here to share the results from yesterday.”

Amber blushed at the reminder of her unusual doctor’s visit the day before.

“Everything checks out! You’re good to go! Which is very exciting because there’s that big party coming up this weekend.” Raphael was genuinely happy to share the good news.

“That’s awesome! I don’t know why I was so nervous,” Amber chuckled in relief.

Though she was confident she was healthy, she was very scared Ms. V. would find something unsatisfactory with her results.

“Oh, I understand! I remember my first visit!” Raphael laughed and rolled his eyes as his shoulders playfully shuddered.

Amber had a million questions on her mind but couldn’t think of how to word any of them so she quietly giggled instead. Raphael interrupted her racing mind.

“So, I brought you a gift in celebration!”

He picked up the black box he had placed on the coffee table and handed it to Amber. She bit her lower lip and looked back and forth between the box and Raphael, her big, blue eyes already showing appreciation.

The box felt fancy and slightly heavy in her hands. She had no idea what to expect as her slender fingers lifted the lid. The box revealed a glimmering and elegant masquerade style mask. Amber picked it up carefully as her eyes reflected the mask’s sparkle.

“Wow! It’s beautiful!” Amber exclaimed.

She was enchanted by the brilliant reds, metallic golds, vibrant purples and emerald green colors shimmering in the light. There were very fine, intricate patterns throughout the mask. It felt heavy and durable, nothing like those costume masks sold in stores.

“It’s for the party.”

Raphael watched proudly as Amber inspected the mask.

“Thank you! I love it!”

Amber was almost speechless. She paused for a moment and then asked a question that had been on her mind.

“What kind of party is it, exactly?” She was still looking at the mask, nervous to meet Raphael’s eyes.

“Hmmm, how do I explain one of Ms. V.’s parties? Ok, well, it’s going to be at the Blue Haze, the club we recently went to, and it’s basically a bunch of Ms. V.’s friends and colleagues. It’s a private party so things can get a little…intimate. She hosts these events every so often and usually hires some extra hands for entertainment and what not. The parties are usually fun! Kind of crazy, but fun.”

Raphael was clearly trying to speak professionally without giving too much away.

“Ok, that sounds…intimidating, but fun! Ah! I’m nervous, I’ve never been to anything like that before.”

Amber was giggling adorably as her thick curls covered part of her face. Raphael leaned forward, brushed some of her hair away and tried to give her reassurance.

“There’s nothing to be scared of. I’ll be there next to you as long as you want me. I’m sure you’re going to have lots of fun but, if you want to leave, I can bring you home at any time.”

“You’re probably right. It’ll be fun. I’m only getting anxious. I actually really, REALLY want to go but what am I going to wear?!”

Amber laughed, she was getting more comfortable with Raphael.

“Now that’s a good question. I can help you pick something out if you like?”

He actually already had a dress in mind.

“Yes, please! I need your help.”

Amber stood up, grabbed the mask and Raphael’s arm, pulling him toward the staircase. The two of them laughed and playfully bumped into each other as they climbed the stairs. When they entered the guest room, there was a very subtle, but noticeable, shift in their mood.

The candles were still lit, casting a wonderful scent, and creating a very romantic environment. It was as if they both simultaneously realized they were alone in a bedroom. Amber cleared her throat and walked towards her closet, trying to clear the sexual tension in the air.

“I’m not really sure what to wear with this beautiful mask. Is everyone going to be wearing one?”

Amber had been staring down at the mask and then whipped her head in Raphael’s direction. He was standing still, staring and smiling at her.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?!” Amber laughed, in a facetiously whining voice.

After a moment of silence, Raphael finally responded.

“I’m just looking at you. And I actually have a dress in mind.”

He walked past her, to the closet, and started shuffling through the hanging dresses. After a moment, he pulled out a dark, deep red spaghetti strap dress that had little gold sparkles throughout. There were more sparkles on the bottom of the dress and became lighter towards the top. It complimented the mask perfectly.

“Wow, that’s perfect! I need you around all of the time.”

Amber smiled while looking at the dress. Raphael grinned in response, then he looked through the pairs of shoes. He was very familiar with her güvenilir bahis şirketleri wardrobe, considering Ms. V. and he picked most of it out. With a satisfied smile, he brought out a pair of heels and placed them underneath the hook where the dress was now hanging.

“This would be my outfit suggestion. You can wear whatever you want but people do dress up a little bit. Also, yes, most people are wearing some sort of mask. Not everyone though, it’s entirely optional.”

He suddenly looked shy, trying to suppress his smile while looking off to the side.

“Well, I guess I should try it on, huh?” Amber mischievously grinned.

She gained sudden boldness and started to lift her t-shirt over her head. Within seconds, the shirt was on the floor and her bra clad DDD breasts were exposed. Raphael gulped as he watched her start to slide the yoga pants down past her hips. Amber was clearly showing off as she gracefully stepped out of each leg and turned around to reach for the dress hanging on the hook.

Raphael almost exploded when she turned around, revealing her back dimples and firm, round, large ass. Her panties were almost swallowed up like a G-string. Amber’s thick, dark curls slid across her back and shoulder as she slightly turned her head. Her eyes connected with Raphael’s and an intense wave of energy was exchanged between the two of them.

Suddenly, Raphael was standing and gravitating towards Amber. The mirror on the closet door showed a reflection very similar to the first time he was in this room with her. This time, however, he had permission to stay for a while. Amber turned all of the way around and was facing him, still only in her bra and panties.

“You’re so beautiful,” Raphael whispered, and he meant it.

He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Amber blushed and looked down at the floor while taking a couple of steps in Raphael’s direction. She then looked up and into his eyes.

“Will you kiss me?” She softly whispered in return.

Raphael swelled with happiness and lifted her chin gently, planting his lips onto hers.

She was then sliding her hands underneath his shirt, feeling the warm, smooth skin of his abdomen. Within seconds, she was pulling his shirt over his head and off onto the floor. It was as if a sexual force was taking her over. She gripped her hands around his hips and pulled him in close so their bare stomachs pressed against each other.

Raphael started to kiss her more deeply, his hand gripping her neck and his fingers grasping at the hair on the base of her neck. Amber inhaled deeply through her nose, trying to take him in completely. Her nails started to dig into his back as they ran up and down his spine.

Raphael was kissing her cheek, the line of her jaw, her nose, her eyelids, eyebrows, and forehead. He was kissing every part of her he could get his lips to. He started nibbling on her earlobes, and kissing and licking her throat.

She leaned her head back and groaned in satisfaction. Without thinking, she started to unbutton and unzip his pants and slid them off, leaving Raphael only in his boxer briefs. His body was fairly fit but his most impressive bulge was inside of his boxer briefs. Amber couldn’t help but stare for a moment before she ripped her eyes away only to look into Raphael’s brown eyes.

“You’re so sexy!” she said between kisses as his hand unhooked her bra.

“I want you so badly,” he responded between his heavy breathing.

The bra came loose and Amber’s incredibly large, bouncing, natural tits immediately swung free as he threw the bra onto the floor with the rest of their clothes.

Raphael started kissing down her throat and to her collarbone as his large hands cupped her tits. He guided her body onto the bed, she was now sitting with Raphael practically straddling and standing over the top of her. He was bending over and continued to kiss down her torso, laying her further back onto the bed.

Amber was losing herself in the passion as her back was arched and her hands and arms desperately grabbed for Raphael as she continued to kiss him. Their bare torsos were pressed together tightly as Raphael laid on top of Amber, their warm skin creating more heat. They continued groping each other while kissing, their hands in a flurry trying to touch every part of each other.

Raphael started to get harder, his bulge was almost standing at full attention. Amber could feel it pressing against her and it caused her to become even more aroused as well. She started to pull at the elastic of his boxer briefs, trying to pull them down. She wanted every inch of his skin pressed against her but Raphael moved his hands to stop her for a moment.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Raphael asked.

“I liked our sexual encounters before, but I REALLY want to fuck you right now!” Amber giggled as she thwarted his hands away and continued to pull down his boxer briefs.

Raphael’s hard cock sprang out of his boxer briefs like a diving board that had just been jumped off of. Amber started to slide her panties down, Raphael immediately moved to help her and Amber lifted her hips in assistance. Both of their underwear was now lost somewhere on the bed, the blankets and sheets undone as they continued rolling around. They were both completely naked, completely aroused and pressed together, getting lost in each other.

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