The Mother We Shared Ch. 02


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Thanks to everyone who read, commented and voted on Chapter 1. Special thanks to synn14 and laemma for their editing, comments and support.


I opened my eyes and looked at my phone, it was 4 A.M. and once more the realization that my grandmother May had passed away struck me hard, right in the heart. Just as it had to differing degrees every day for the past five months. Sure it was merely a dull ache compared to the stabbing wound it had been, but it lingered. It probably always would.

Beside me, Jay shifted and resumed snoring and I was thankful as I got up that my husband of six years always slept so ridiculously soundly.

I looked in on my two daughters, Gwen and Elizabeth. Both of them were still asleep. I closed their doors and made my way to our living room.

It was Easter weekend, our first without May. Everyone would be up in a few hours and we’d be leaving Toronto to head up north, back to my hometown for a family dinner.

I unlocked my phone and checked my list. There was the food we’d be bringing, clothes and toys for the kids.

Jay was insistent that his poker-set make the journey along with some Cuban cigars. He loved initiating a guy’s poker night after family dinners. This year Steven, Ashley’s son and my only nephew would be back from school. It was hard to imagine he was eighteen already.

Marble, my cat leapt up into my lap. I absently scratched her head and made a reminder to double-check with my friend Joanne about looking in on her. It was only the one cat now, Missile, (having lived up to her name) had launched herself off our second floor balcony a few days after we bought the place and never looked back. I’d been devastated at the time, but now I just liked to think she found another family and was having a good life elsewhere.

I set my phone down and sighed. It’d be good to see my three sisters again. At the funeral there really hadn’t been a moment for much beyond consoling. I was looking forward to spending more quality time with them, finding out how they were doing and what they’d been up to.

Ashley was married to a guy named Mark and he was one of my favourite people. He was a big, shaggy bear of a guy – 6’3″, two hundred and fifty pounds. He worked construction and they’d met when his contracting outfit had been working on May’s house. He was funny and easy going. I liked the way he tempered my eldest sister. Still every time I saw him in the back of my mind I was constantly thinking, ‘I know what Ash does to you in the bedroom.’

Thinking of Ashley’s love for her impressive, black strap-on I could envision Mark sucking my older sister’s big, rubber cock or prostrated as she rammed him from behind; it was sort of hot. Still, I tried not to dwell on it, for Mark’s sake.

They had taken over May’s house once she’d passed on. Dallas, my younger sister (and the other middle child of our family) and I had agreed it’d be best cared for in her hands. We’d received a larger share of May’s inheritance to compensate us. In the end our grandma’s estate had given us all houses, mortgage free, with enough left for the great-grand kids’ school funds. Just as May would have wanted it.

“Mommy?” said a small voice off to one side of me. I looked over to see my six-year-old was out of bed.

“Hey, Gwenie,” I said, readjusting Marble and bringing my eldest onto my lap. “Can’t sleep?”

“Is it Easter morning yet?” she asked tiredly.

“Not yet,” I said and leaned back in the soft chair. “Soon.”

“When we get to Aunt Ashley’s?”

“Yep,” I promised as I kissed the top of her head and held her warmly. “You have an egg hunt and lots of candy to look forward to this year; because you’ve been so well behaved.”

“And it’s been hard being so good, with a sister like Beth,” she answered precociously.

“Yeah,” I said, thinking about my family. “Sisters can complicate things.”


Jay held my hand as we drove into town. The girls were passed-out in the back and we were travelling in silence, each lost in our own thoughts.

“You okay, Em?” he asked and I gave a quick shrug.

“First time I’ve been back since the funeral,” I said softly.

He gave me a supportive smile and squeezed my hand, “You really loved your grandma, huh?”

“You know I did,” I replied and looked out the window at some new construction going up. “She saved me from Irene.”

“Your fucking mother,” he grumbled broodingly. “She’s not going to be there, is she?”

I didn’t know, “Ash hates her, but Paige is supposed to be coming. I don’t know if Irene was invited, but it’s not like she won’t know what’s going on or where we’ll be.”

“She never came to a holiday before,” he offered hopefully.

“Yeah, well, May’s not here anymore,” I said sadly. “And she’s not afraid of Ashley. Not like she was of grandma.”

“If she shows up I’ll do everything I can to shield you guys from her,” he said and I squeezed his hand right back.

“I know you will,” I answered. “But let’s try to not make a scene canlı bahis in front of all the kids.”

“Tell her that,” said Jay bitterly.

“You can’t tell my monster anything,” I said and he nodded. We all knew what Irene was like.

May’s old house looked really nice. They had repainted it a smoky-grey and redone the trim. Spring flowers were popping up all around it and they had put out some modest decorations in the front yard.

“Wow,” said Jay thoroughly impressed. “Mark has done a fantastic job here. All new windows, that’s going to save them a fortune in heating this winter.”

I nodded as if home remodelling was truly fascinating, but deep down I just wanted to get inside; to breath in those familiar smells and see everything and everyone I’d missed.


“Good Friday to you!” shouted Jay as he carried in Elizabeth and a bunch of bags from the car.

Mark shouted back a happy greeting and I ushered Gwen inside while carrying some things for the kids’ activities.

“Hey, Mark,” I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey, Emily,” he greeted and gave me a great hug.

“Where’s Ashley?” I asked as Jay helped the girls out of their boots and coats.

“Where else?” he said. “Fussing over her stuffed pheasants.”

“She loves to stuff things,” I said nonchalantly while glancing at Mark to see if he reacted.

I wasn’t supposed to know about their bedroom activities and Ash had never been really specific, but I was almost certain the coat rack in the front hall wasn’t the only thing pegged in their house.

Mark never flinched while taking bags from Jay and I thankfully assumed he had missed my double entendre.

I smelled the air as I made my way to the kitchen. It reminded me instantly of May and our salacious past together. Well, that and cooking game-birds.

Ashley was there – still tall and commanding, even in a flour dusted apron. She had let her natural blonde hair-colour come back and was keeping it cropped quite a bit shorter than she had months early.

“Why are you making pheasants?” I asked with a disbelieving chuckle.

She opened her arms and gave me a smile, I hugged her, and for the first time in forever I didn’t get the stale smell of cigarettes as I pressed my face into her clothes.

“How would the writer of the family describe it?” she asked irreverently while touching her chin as if lost in deep thought. “I know – It’s different. Just like the rest of us.”

I nodded my head, pretending to laugh at the joke she’d made at my expense before checking the door to the living-room for our privacy. When I turned back she gave me a deep kiss, touching my neck as we went. I melted into her. Anticipation at seeing her again blossomed instantly into full blown desire. It had been so long since we had done more than simple pecks and sisterly hugs.

I had to fight down the urge to not pull at the string on her track pants. Resisting the need for me to slide my hand inside her underwear and see if she was still shaved or if the good life had caused her to neglect her downstairs. Either way was fine with me, I just wanted to do everything with her, like we use to.

For the first time in our lives Ashley was the one to tell me to knock it off. I stuck my tongue out at her, both of us separating just as Jay pushed open the swinging kitchen door to set our food contribution on the large centre island.

“Where do you want this stuff?” he asked and I concentrated on lowering my heart-rate.

Ashley directed my husband and I made my exit – farther away from such temptations.

Dallas came in shortly after that, ushering in the cool, crisp air from outside that mingled with two new types of perfume.

Mark rushed in to scoop my younger sister up in his arms with a loud cheer. She grinned broadly and I was amused to see the big man swing her around in exuberance.

He kissed her cheek roughly before setting her down and then clasped her shoulders, like she was just one of the guys.

“How the hell are you, Dal?” he asked while shaking her affectionately.

“I’m fucking alright,” she blared and mock punched him in the stomach a few times. Mark’s smile was ear to ear and it was clear he was really happy to see her.

“Hi. Pregnant lady,” said a small voice from behind them and they both turned in surprise at the slight, glasses-wearing woman behind Dallas. She was still half outside and waiting patiently with a bemused look on her pretty face. Her stomach swelling out as if she was toting a watermelon around under her loose shirt.

“Oh, shit,” said Mark holding out his hand to her and helping her in like she were made of glass. “Come on in, Pam.”

“Thanks,” said the very pregnant girl as she wobbled inside.

Jay exploded from the kitchen and made a beeline for Dallas, “Holy shit, look who’s here!”

They shared I quick hug, but it was official – Dallas was ‘the man’, according to the two husbands.

“Hi, Pam,” I said coming over to help Dallas’ wife to bahis siteleri the sitting room. She was roughly ten years younger than myself, but seemed eternally grateful for the chance to sit down – despite her youth. “How are you?”

“Tired,” she said. “But the baby is doing well, so we’re happy.”

I looked over at Mark who seemed extra tall and proud in that moment. Given everything else we’d seen in our family, I supposed it made sense that Mark would have been the father. Pam and Dallas had wanted a donor who was good with his hands, tall and well-built. Ashley was okay with it so Mark had gotten to be in the child’s life, both as a biological father, uncle and godfather.

Jay slapped his hands on both Dallas’ and Mark’s shoulders, giving them supportive rubs in that weird, ‘proud of you, but can’t really say it’ sort of way men had.

Dallas’ eyes met mine, taking me in one brief, enticing sidelong glance. I exhaled abruptly beneath her gaze, a small rush of excitement bolting through me. Subtly, I gave her a coquettish look of my own.

I glanced at Pam, who was casting a questioning glance from Dallas back to me. I smiled innocently at her while kicking myself internally.

Our clandestine flirting went over the men’s heads, but Pam had obviously picked up on something. Quickly I excused myself to check on the girls upstairs. Hoping Dallas could smooth things over and divert any suspicions her wife might have had. We all had a lot at stake if our secret ever came to light.


Two hours before dinner the doorbell rang, I had been subtlety trying to catch little whiffs of Dallas’s and Ashley’s scents all afternoon. It was agony waiting for alone time with them and I was incredibly horny. I could tell all three of us were, but there was nothing to be done about it for the foreseeable future.

The door opened and I heard Paige’s voice call a greeting. I started toward the front door knowing how much I couldn’t wait to see her and how much I looked forward to all of us being together again under one roof.

Paige squealed and ran to me – huge smile and open arms. Her fluffy mittens brushed the back of my neck and she gave me a big kiss on the lips.

I just went with it, no one would question any weird behaviour from my youngest sister. I didn’t kiss her back and tried to seem surprised by her over-the-top affection.

“Emily!” she hugged my chest next. I could smell she’d been drinking and I saw that behind her was a young man I couldn’t place.

“Who’s your friend, Paige,” asked Jay while waiting for my sister to stop greeting me.

“Dale,” said the skinny, dark-haired man in a confident voice. He extended his hand and the men shook it.

“Where’s David?” I asked of my sister’s longterm boyfriend.

She slapped my shoulder lightly and laughed like I was off my meds. “He went back to his wife.”

“Oh,” I replied and Jay shot me a look that seemed as baffled as I felt.

“So you must be one of Paige’s boyfriends?” I extended my hand to Dale and Paige took my hand in hers before he could grab it.

“No,” she said as if summoning up patience. “Mandy is my girlfriend. She’s on deployment. Dale is her husband. She asked me to take care of him while she’s at sea.”

Everyone went quiet and there was an undefined awkwardness in the air.

I retrieved my hand from my sister and extended it reassuringly to Dale, “Welcome to our home.”

He sniffed in befuddled amusement and then smiled as though he had expected some other reply from all of us. He gripped my hand in both of his cool palms and nodded, “Thanks.”

Dallas came in, shouting excitedly when she saw Paige and the two of them did their best to shout the house down for a few minutes.

Ashley stood in the kitchen door and watched with her sharp gaze. I came over to her and gave her a sour look. “She’s been drinking again.”

Ashley just stared at her.

“Do you think she’s okay? Do you think she’s back on the coke?”

My big sister simply shook her head and went back to her preparations, “We’ll see.”


I helped in the kitchen as everyone else talked and sat around in the adjoined rooms. We gave them snacks and drinks to tie them over and I asked Jay to keep an eye on the girls. He said he would and I slipped back to Ashley.

“Come with me to the bathroom,” I whispered to her as my hand traced the outline of her butt through her pants.

“I don’t think now is the time,” she said and I grabbed her hand tightly.

“I can’t wait,” I widened my eyes and nodded toward downstairs.

She broke away and looked in on everyone again before nodding to me, “Okay.”

I pulled her along, almost falling down the stairs in my rush. She laughed and called me a freak. The basement still looked the same as when May had lived in the house, but more importantly – it was empty.

I pulled her inside the small bathroom, locking first the door and then my mouth onto hers. She moaned and I pulled at the string in her pants, as she caressed bahis şirketleri my breasts over my top.

“Mmmm,” I sighed, our lips barely apart. “Nice and clean down here.”

“I got waxed,” she said. “No doubts in my mind what’s going to happen this weekend.”

“Me neither,” I said inserting my fingers into her.

She leaned back against the wall and I slid down to my knees.

“Do you like me on my knees in front of you?” I said playfully.

“You’re fucking right I do,” she said grabbing some of my hair.

“Do you want me to please you?” I asked.

“Mistress,” she said gruffly. “Tell me I’m your mistress.”

I exhaled shakily with lust, “You want to own me?”

“Yes,” she commanded and I squirmed because I was on fire.

“What do you want me to do, mistress?”

“Suck this,” she said and moved my head to her sex.

“Thank you, mistress,” I said, wondering how many others had obeyed my elder sister like this. I tasted her and she muffled a groan with her fist. She guided me with the grip she had on my thick hair and I ate her pussy with all the skill and enthusiasm my family had taught me. Circling over and around her clit. Pulling and nibbling on her lips. Pushing as deep as I could go into her.

“Christ!” she exclaimed after five minutes of controlling me. Ash shuddered and I lapped at her heavy cum, like a cat on a bowl of cream.

“Did I do well, mistress?” I asked meekly, staring up at her with my most demure of expressions.

Ashley pulled me to my feet and spun me over the sink. I cried out in surprise, but trusted her completely.

“You did well, slave,” she said and I marked that as a point where our sex life together got wee bit kinkier.

In my youth such play had never appealed to me, but in the moment I knew this pleased her and that completely pleased me.

“Now for your reward,” she oiled up two fingers with lubricant from the medicine cabinet and slipped them into my more than willing puss. I bit my lip and whimpered.

She finger-fucked me hard and deep, I was so very close when she abruptly said, “Don’t cum.”

“What?” I asked perplexed and a little panicked. Of course I was going to cum.

“You don’t cum, until I let you,” she snarled.

“I don’t?” she slapped my ass cheek and I yelped. “Okay! I won’t!”

“Beg,” she said hammering me to the point I thought I was going to explode.


“Please, what?” she snapped.

“Please let me cum, mistress” I moaned. I was fighting back the impending tide as she constantly drove me toward the brink. It was electric, I had never tried ‘not’ to cum. Whenever I wanted orgasms, and was close enough to achieve them – I just had. I mean, who wouldn’t? But damn if what she was doing to me wasn’t fantastic too.

She kept pumping her fingers in and out until she got even more evil and started stimulating my clit with her other hand at the same time.

I was seeing spots, I don’t think I was cumming, not in the full release sort of way, but I was definitely getting off with each stroke of her hand. Yet it wasn’t enough.

“Please,” I pleaded in hushed desperation, my mouth was dry as I fought down the intensity of it all. “Please, mistress!”

She stood, somehow never losing her rhythm and shoved a hand towel into my mouth, all while whispering harshly, “Cum for me, slut.”

I screamed holy hell into the towel and Ashley stopped everything to hold me as I thrashed and shook within my overwhelming orgasm.

She turned on the tap and splashed some icy water over my body. My climax must have lasted for well over a minute and the cold shocks that came with every flick of her hand made it even more profound. When I was done, my sister cleaned me up and handed me my clothes.

“Take your time,” she said, giving me a light kiss as she slid her pants back up. “I have to go check on dinner.”


I walked into the kitchen a few minutes later feeling amazing until I listened to the living-room talk and my heart froze in my chest for a second, “Oh god, I thought I heard mom’s voice.”

“She won’t be here,” Ash assured me.

“How can you be sure?” I asked, looking around for the garlic and crosses that were generally necessary to ward off such things.

“I let it slip that her exes would all be here.”

I laughed, “Tell me you didn’t invite Dad, Trevor and Chad.”

She screwed up her face as if she’d tasted something awful, “Asshole, Drunk and Holier-than-thou will never, ever darken this door.”

“You just ‘told’ her they’d be here,” I said, as impressed by her thought process as I was her sexual prowess.

“One ex-husband might have seemed like a challenge to Irene, just another set of heart-strings to sharpen her claws on,” replied Ashley evenly. “But three ex-husbands? That’ll keep her away. She wouldn’t want them all ganging up on her.”

“Shit,” I whisper-shouted. “You’re the household mistress alright, and a scary one at that.”

She smiled at me slyly, “It’s the police training.”

“We just better reassure her of what a nice time we all had after the fact,” I added and got us a couple of coolers from the fridge.

“And that we’ll be doing it again – often.”

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