The Morning


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As the morning arrives, the room slowly brightens with dawn. I wake, lazily stretching my body, careful not to disturb you. I watch you as you sleep, your hair partially covering your face, your breathing soft and regular. I put my head under the sheet and see your naked body in the gloom, the darkness of your nipples stands out on the whiteness of your breasts. I move lower, inhaling the aroma of our last night’s sex, the mixture of our scents heady. My nose is close to your pussy, the smell of our cum and your pussy intoxicating, my cock stirs as memories flash in my head, of you, of me, of us.

You moan softly in your sleep, do you feel my presence? I listen, trying to hear your words…too soft, a whisper. As I place my head back on the pillow, I move your hair off your face gently, gazing at you, my cock now hard, my desire for you, my need for you increasing. I reach to my groin, rubbing some of our scent on my finger from my cock, and bring the finger close to your nose. I watch as you inhale…the smell of us. Your nostrils flair slightly, and I see the ghost of a smile güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri on your lips.

You move, slow sleepy movements. I see your lips opening; the tip of your tongue visible and I place my fingertip near, almost touching your tongue. The tonguetip reaches and touches my finger, the ghostly smile widens. Your eyelids flutter, opening, looking at me. The mutual smile of welcome, of good morning. Your lips cover my finger, sucking, licking, tasting.

It’s my turn to moan, the sensual feel of your mouth on my finger…as your tongue caresses, your lips closing around it, the gentle suction. I place my other hand on your cheek, sliding around your neck, cupping. As I pull you to me, you release my finger as our lips close together, My tongue brushes the fullness of your mouth, I taste you, my kiss light, gentle at first, but my hunger, insistence grows…the urgency of my kiss, and you respond, returning the impending passion, our tongues colliding, stroking. I hold your neck tightly, as the kiss lingers, continuing.

We shift our bodies güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri closer to gain maximum contact; I feel your breasts against me, the diamond points of your nipples on my chest. You put your leg over my thigh, your heel against my ass, holding me, trapping me in your embrace. Your hand burrows between us, I push my cock against the palm of your hand, the heat exciting me more. You hold the shaft and begin to rub the head against your pussy lips; omg so wet already, the head glides on the shaved smoothness. I thrust a little, the head cleaving the lips apart; the warm wetness engulfs the head. The tip presses on your clit, a shudder goes through your body. I look in your eyes, the pleading look tells me everything, your wants meet my needs. I push against you, rolling you onto your back; my weight forces my cock half into you. The soft groan, was that you or me? As I lay on you, my lips at your ear, gently biting the lobe as I whisper, good morning.

My push my cock completely into you, oohh, yes. I start to slowly stroke in and out, güvenilir bahis şirketleri lost in the feeling of your pussy, your depths. Your arms and legs wrap around me, I am tied to you, not wanting to stop, falling further into you, deeper with each stroke. I hear your whisper, harder, fuck me harder. I use my ass and leg muscles to thrust into you, watching your eyes widen with each slamming penetration, feeling your nails biting into my back, breathing shallow and rapid. I feel the familiar rigidity in your body as you near orgasm, my pace increasing to meet you, my fucking harder as my cock nears the point of no return…the wild frenzy…increasing as I feel you start to cum, pussy grabbing, trying to hold my cock, fucking faster…that feeling, the blessed feeling of my orgasm as it builds to the peak…peaking, I feel you bite my shoulder as you sob, your release…as you feel my cock begin it’s rhythmic pulsing, my cum shooting into you as I thrust to push it deep in you, pumped deeper, your pussy liquid with our cum.

As I lay next to you, the sun shines into the room, I see you smile in the sunlight, wondering how I deserve you, what I have done in the past that was good enough to be with you. I kiss your cheek, look again into your eyes, oh those eyes…and say, again, I love you baby. You are my woman; you make me very happy, satisfied, and always wanting more, smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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