The Lake


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We meet at the lake near the parking lot next to the boat docks. They’re close to the camping grounds with fire pits and rusted out grills desperately in need of cleaning. And about every mile or so there are also bathrooms; you have to bring your own toilet paper though. We choose a site close to one of the bathrooms but far from the weekend crowds. We come alone, each in our own cars; I think this makes us feel secure. We could leave any time. We’ve talked vaguely a few times about why we came here. Always in generalities though, we were too nervous to speak frankly about our desires. Our towels are in one hand and we share a grip with the others as we march towards the bathrooms, determined in our purpose. I blame sweaty palms on the warm breeze blowing towards the water. I opened the creaky, metal door and lead you into the cavernous, linoleum-lined stall. Its surprisingly fresh, I suspect a combination of regular cleaning and the open slit, glass windows are the cause. As we walk in, there is a sink with a streaked mirror above it to our left and at the end a shower slightly dropped below the floor but with a lip rising above it. There is a clear curtain and on the left wall between the shower and sink is a toilet one would be reluctant to sit on. This is not the romantic circumstance we might have wished for but in our small town there were few choices that wouldn’t reveal our deed to those who know us.

We hang up our towels and you turn around, place your hands on my chess and close the distance between us until your head rests on my shoulder. We stand there for an eternal, brief moment and then you look up at me and ask me to kiss you. Our lips meet and your hands run behind my back while mine stay firmly planted on your hips, ignorant of what they should do. You raise my shirt over my head, turn around, and look over your shoulder expecting me to illegal bahis do the same. Following your lead I do just that but you don’t turn back around. You just wait there for me to finish undressing you. I fumble with the clasp of your bra but everything else goes smoothly. Finally you turn around but keep your head bowed so I can’t see your face. You’re beautiful. You reach for my swim trunks; I’d soon be naked. Swim trunks don’t have underwear, only that uncomfortable mesh netting. I’m already hard, your presence always makes me so. Again, we stand for an eternal, brief moment until you ask me to kiss you again. Our contact isn’t electric like people say; rather, there was this warmth you couldn’t ignore or escape. So unnatural it demanded all our attentions yet it seemed as if even the other source of warmth was coming from inside.

We step into the shower; you turn towards the facet and turn on the water. Bent over, it hits your back and my chest. We yelped in unison and leapt out of the shower. It was so cold. We looked at each other and laughed, it seemed as if all the tension fell off with the shakes of our shoulders. You drew me in and together we shivered waiting for the water to warm. We returned to the spray and our positions. At first you were shy and wouldn’t look back, but rather reached behind and grabbed my dick. I snuggled up close and wrapped my arms around you, admittedly making your task more difficult, but I couldn’t be any farther from you and be happy. I brought my hands from my embrace up, over your ribs to the bottom of your breasts. I started rubbing in gentle, wide circles getting smaller with each pass until I reached your nipples. They were fascinating, engorged and pointing out. I lightly pinched them as I thought you were supposed to, you gasped. I opened my hand fully and placed their entirety over your breasts; I squeezed illegal bahis siteleri your whole breasts at once.

After pinching your nipples I added kisses at your neck to the squeezing. My hands retreated to your sides, feeling rapid, short breaths expand and contract your ribcage. Slowly, I brought my hands down to your hips; you laughed and said it tickled. With my hands in place, I moved my lips from your neck to the back of your head and began making my way down your spine but with every few kisses down I branched out in each direction, feeling rather than seeing the definition of those articulate arms connected to those hands that had so far refused to let go of my manhood. When I reached your bottom I spun you around and started kissing your front. First, I licked the joint of your hip and leg on the outer edge near my hands. I followed your curves inward but only slightly before switching sides and mirroring my kisses. Before I had gotten too low I began my ascent to your lovely stomach, jumping side to side with my kisses. I continued upward until the path of my lips met the bottom of your breasts. With my hands now gently clawing at your back I began to lick and suck all over your breasts, planting small, wet kisses in the same concentric circles my hands had previously traced but with only one mouth I had to switch back and forth, kissing one and squeezing the other.

This time I circles your nipples but never touched them, not until I heard you moan, a beg and celebration at the same time. I began rapidly flicking my tongue across your left nipple then taking the whole of it into my warm, wet mouth where the broad side of my tongue, its smooth bottom and rough top both rocked back and forth. I repeated this again and again switching from left to right and back again. With my back stiff and intuition telling me your nipples had had enough, canlı bahis siteleri I stood up and hugged you close. We kissed passionately as never before, and we could both feel my throbbing, warm hardness between us. My hands slipped down your back following the lines of your hips to the front and not easily making their way to your most private place with your arms still around me. Once there, I started by rubbing back and forth with my thumb on the outside but before long I slipped my middle finger in, leaving my where it was. I pumped slowly, wetting my finger a little at a time, knuckle by knuckle, and curling it up more and more as I was able. I curled faster with each moan and shiver. The more you reacted, the faster I pumped and the more vigorously I curled until you climaxed. I just kept pumping until you had enough breath back to tell me to stop, you couldn’t take it anymore.

We kissed again, more sweetly and more out of breath. You reached down and began to pump me, slowly and honestly more tightly than I cared for but it still felt good. It wasn’t long before I climaxed. I didn’t get a chance to go soft, rather you kept me hard with your mouth. You surprised me. You never went deeply but your tongue curled around me allowed no respite to my manhood. When you were satisfied and sure, you stood up again and grabbed my shoulders. Because I was taller, you placed one foot on the lip of the shower and used it to climb high enough to gingerly lower yourself onto me. I used one hand behind you to steady you and the other to make sure we didn’t miss. You bottomed out but we didn’t move. We never really went fast. We just rose and fell with one another, slowly, gently. We never sped up or slowed down and we kissed and kissed and kissed, making strange, guttural noised until at last we came together. Out of breath and clinging to one another, we shortly put the shower to the use with which it was intended. We dressed ourselves but glanced back at one another to smile, the only ones privy to that secret. We left with towels in one hand and sharing a grip with the other, smiling the whole way back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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