The Iron Shop Ch. 05


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Grandma and I were twisted together on her bed. The bright morning sun blasted through the windows. My swollen cock was buried deep inside her warm, silky pussy and I massaged one of her thick nipples between my fingers. Only minutes before, we’d been asleep, spooned against each other, grandma’s luscious ass parked against my crotch. I’d awakened to her velvety fingers sliding across my balls. As my cock hardened, I kissed her sleepily on the neck.

“Morning, beautiful,” I whispered into her ear before kissing my way along her neck.

Grandma’s smile widened as she slid my thick, hard cock into her damp pussy. I gasped at the perfect fit and she drove her ass gently backward, pushing me deeper inside her.

“Good morning, baby,” she whispered back as we started rolling against each other in a slow, sensuous rhythm and I dropped my hand to cup her breast. She sighed, squeezed her eyes shut in pleasure, and stretched her arms forward to grasp the newels on the headboard of the bed.

The doorbell rang. We paused and grandma’s eyes opened wide.

“Forget it,” I whispered. “It’s probably just crazy Henry from next door asking to borrow the lawn mower.”

Grandma smiled again, arched her back, and returned to our slow, sensuous fuck.

The doorbell rang again, and then again. Pretty soon, we heard somebody pounding on the front door.

“Ohhhhhh,” grandma sighed in disappointment as she popped herself off my cock and scrambled out of bed. “You stay here baby. I’ll be right back.”

She wrapped herself in a robe and left the bedroom, quietly closing the door behind her. I rolled onto my back and smiled down at my cock, still pointing directly up at the ceiling. I laced my fingers behind my head and waited.

I heard voices from the front room, friendly at first. Then, they grew more animated and intense. A moment of silence followed, and I smiled to myself in anticipation of grandma’s return.

The doorknob turned and the door flew open. My smile collapsed. There, standing in the doorway, was Mrs. Fabian, dressed in her bank manager’s black suit, her hands on her broad hips.

“Well, I’ll be damned,” she whispered, her eyes growing large. “I suspected as much. I truly did.”

She grinned wickedly.

“Why, Abby . . . ” she said in a mocking tone. “Look who I found in your bed.”

I saw grandma’s frightened, flushed face peering over Mrs. Fabian’s substantial shoulders.

“Look, look,” Mrs. Fabian said, pulling grandma in front of her. “It’s your hunky grandson. And . . .he’s nude!”

Grandma’s eyes widened in fear.

“And, he’s got a huge hard-on!” Mrs. Fabian cackled.

Grandma hung her head. She looked like she was about to cry.

I jumped off the bed and grabbed grandma, pulling her into the room. I pushed Mrs. Fabian out of the doorway and shut the door behind me.

“What the fuck,” I snarled in a low voice. “What are you doing here?”

Mrs. Fabian continued to smile. “Oh, you needn’t worry about that. I just came by to visit my old friend, Abby.”

The mayor’s wife sashayed on her high heels into the living room. I followed, my cock now flapping between my thighs.

Mrs. Fabian turned to face me. “And imagine my surprise when I smelled something distinctive on Abby. A certain . . . how should I say . . perfume.”

She cackled again.

“Imagine my greater surprise,” she continued, raising two fingers to her lips in mock surprise. “When I found Abby’s grandson naked on her bed and his big cock standing straight up like a flagpole.”

I covered my cock with my hands. Mrs. Fabian’s big tits rolled with laughter.

“Oh Frank,” she continued, lowering her voice. “This creates all kinds of possibilities. Oh my, yes. Wait until I tell Jimmy what I’ve discovered.”

I gulped. “You wouldn’t.”

“Oh, I would,” Mrs. Fabian replied sharply. “I would and I will.”

“You bitch,” I snarled again.

“Now, now,” Mrs. Fabian replied cooly, collecting her purse from a chair in the living room. “No need to be so rude. But . . . do canlı bahis expect a phone call later.”

With that, she turned briskly and opened the front door.

“Toot-a-loo,” she said, grinning, as she shut the door behind her.

In the bedroom, grandma was a mess – – sobbing, hiding her face in her hands, her shoulders slumped.

“It’s okay, grandma,” I whispered, trying to comfort her. “She doesn’t know anything. She’s just a rude old bitch.”

“She’ll ruin us now,” grandma sobbed.

I patted her on the shoulder and rubbed her back. “It will be okay. You’ll see. I’ll take care of it.”

“I knew it was wrong,” grandma continued. “I just knew it. But I love you so. . . . Now we’ll be punished.”

I gently nudged grandma back into the bed and pulled the sheet up to her waist. I stroked her thick, rich silver hair.

“Relax,” I whispered. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of everything. Everything will be fine.”

Her sobs subsiding, grandma weakly nodded her head and turned over on her side away from me. I sighed and left the bedroom.

An hour later, with grandma fitfully sleeping in the bedroom, I was sipping a cup of coffee when the phone rang.

I picked it up.

“Well, Frank,” Jimmy Fabian said, wheezing. “Looks like you’re in quite a pickle.”

“Fuck you,” I hissed at him.

He laughed. “Imagine if word gets out that Frank is banging his grandmother, the owner of the Iron Shop. What do you think that might do in a small town like San Pietro?”

I growled.

“Settle down, big boy,” Jimmy wheezed back into the phone. “Settle down. I have an idea. Something that will make sure Dolores forget all about her little surprise this morning.”

I sat down. “What idea?”

Jimmy talked at me for fifteen minutes.

“Okay, okay,” I finally grunted into the phone. “Fine. If you guarantee she’ll keep her mouth shut.”

“I keep my promises,” Jimmy replied.

“I have to talk to grandma,” I answered. “I’ll call you back.”

Jimmy laughed. “Good luck, slugger.” Then, he hung up.

I poured another cup of coffee and filled another cup for grandma. I padded down the hallway and knocked gently on the door. She murmured something. Quietly, juggling the coffee cups in my hands, I turned the knob and entered her bedroom.

“I’ve got a solution,” I said quietly. “If you trust me, everything will be okay . . . in the end.”

Grandma sat up in the bed and smiled at me weakly.


Almost twelve hours later, grandma and I were at the Fabians’ house. We both wore short bathrobes and black satin eye-masks. Grandma’s eyes flickered nervously at me. I squeezed her shoulders and kissed her gently.

“Trust me,” I whispered.

She nodded, almost trembling with fear and, perhaps, something else.

Jimmy opened the door to the guest room where we waited and motioned to me.

“Ready?” He asked eagerly, patting me on the shoulder.

I nodded yes as I clenched and unclenched my fists. He guided me through the darkened house to the living room. A single candle stood on an end table against the far wall. The room was eclipsed by darkness and shadows. Jimmy guided me slowly toward the center of the big, high-ceilinged room. He squeezed my arm and retreated into the darkness.

“Meet, Tom.” Jimmy’s voice echoed across the room. “He’s a young guy. And, like most young guys, he’s just horny as hell.”

A low wave of tittering rose up from the shadows. Slowly, the track lights overhead brightened. Through the eyeholes of my mask, I saw about a dozen or more people seated on high backed chairs in a semicircle around me. Half were men and half were women. They too wore white, terrycloth robes and eye-masks. I recognized Mrs. Fabian, a beaming smile plastered across her face, seated in the front row.

“Problem is . . . ” Jimmy continued, from somewhere outside the arch that separated the living room from the hallway. “The only halfway decent-looking broad he knows around here is his grandmother.”

The bahis siteleri audience drew in their collective breaths and shifted in their chairs.

Jimmy entered from the archway, leading grandma toward me with a firm grasp on her upper arm.

“And it’s true,” he said, grinning. “Tom’s grandmother is one hot momma.”

He paused and swept his eyes around the room as he and grandma neared me.

“Or should I say . . . one hot grandmomma.”

Nervous, anxious smiles lit up on the faces of the audience.

Jimmy led grandma to a spot directly in front of me. I reached out and grasped her soft hand in mine.

Jimmy leaned in and whispered. “You know how it’s going to go. Right? No problems.”

I nodded at him as I drank in the sight of grandma in the robe that ended midway down her taut, sleek thighs, the sash of the robe tightened around her thin waist, and her firm breasts pushing up from within the folds of white cloth. Grandma smiled grimly at me. I smiled back at her as warmly as I could.

I dropped grandma’s hand and undid the sash around my waist. I shrugged off the robe and stood there naked, my hands at my side. My cock jutted out in front of me – – already swollen and fat. I flexed by upper body a bit – – muscles popping out along my shoulders and upper arms.

Grandma glanced up and down my body, and her eyes fastened onto my cock. Out of the edges of my sight, I saw the jaws of the audience members slowly start to drop.

Fuck this, I thought to myself. If they want a show, we’ll give them a fucking show.

I reached out and pushed the robe off grandma’s shoulders. Her two perfect breasts emerged into view. Each no bigger than a pear. Her nipples were hard, and I saw her chest rising and falling with fear – – or something else. I pushed her robe further down, over her hips, until it fell to the floor. Grandma stood before me naked. The audience gasped.

I smiled and wrapped my hand around my cock, stroking it slowly up and down. Grandma blushed. Then, I knelt in front of her, my lips only inches from her neatly trimmed bush. I twined my hands around her hips and onto her tight ass and squeezed. Grandma’s gasp was echoed by the audience’s.

I pushed my lips into her bush and kissed it while I massaged her ass cheeks. Grandma moaned and I felt her body shiver. I licked her pussy slowly up and down. And then, with a growl, I glued my mouth to her pussy lips and slid my tongue up and down her velvety groove. Grandma gasped again and dropped her hands to my shoulders to steady herself.

I ate grandma’s delicious, sweet pussy with gusto – – pulling her by her ass cheeks onto my probing and darting tongue as it lashed back and forth over her clit. She began moaning deeply. As I tongue-fucked her pussy, she swayed her hips back and forth to meet my hungry mouth. Her thighs vibrated and her fingernails dug into my shoulders.

When she was sopping wet, her juices dribbling over my chin, I stood up. Without hesitating, grandma wrapped her arms around my neck and plunged her tongue into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close, my cock sliding between our bodies. Kissing each other more and more hungrily, grandma’s body began rocking against me more furiously. I pulled my lips off of hers, placed my hands on her shoulders, and gently pushed her downward onto her knees.

She stared up at me, panting, as her body slid down along mine. Then, with a gasp of surprise, she locked her eyes onto my cock. A smile spread across her lips and she coiled her hands around the shaft of my cock. She looked up at me once and then slid my cock slowly and deliberately between her lips.

She gurgled and groaned deep in her throat as she sucked all of my long, hard cock into her eager mouth. With a kind of high-pitched whinny, she clamped her face onto my cock and then began enthusiastically bobbing her head up and down on my glistening dick.

I looked out at the audience with my hips flexed forward and my hands behind my back. They were all in various states of arousal bahis şirketleri and excitement. One old, fat guy in the front row was furiously pulling on his thin flaccid cock. The woman next to him was digging her fingers in and out of her pussy. Mrs. Fabian had slid down her chair, her thighs wide open, as she frenetically jammed both of her hands against her clit.

I smiled and pulled grandma up and off my cock. She resisted, her mouth gaping hungrily toward my cock and her hands still squeezing it tightly. As she stood, I drove my tongue into her mouth and slid my hands under her ass. I lifted her up until she wrapped her muscular legs around my waist. My cock waggled up and down against the bottom of her ass.

With a grunt, grandma pulled her arm from around my neck, reached down, and stuffed my cock into her juicy pussy. I groaned in response as I felt the moist, smooth walls of her cunt wrap around my cock. Our mouths still glued together, grandma looped her arm back around my neck.

I pulled grandma’s ass up and down on my cock and she began swinging her legs in rhythm with me. Pumping her up and down with my arms, grandma used her legs and arms to bounce herself on and off my cock. She pulled her mouth from mine and pressed her head hard against my cheek. It was pure, athletic fucking, two animals unleashed on each other, humping together in absolute abandon and pleasure. My cock felt electric and powerful; my muscles stretched and rippled.

Grandma panted faster and harder into my ear. She moaned deep in her throat and then suddenly thrust her tongue into my ear while tightening her calves against my back. I groaned and drove my cock deep into her, jamming her ass onto it and freezing my body. Her body seemed to spasm from her shoulders down to her thighs. She arched her back and a deep half-sigh, half-moan traveled from her chest into the now quiet room. I answered with a deep growl as my cock, completely embedded within her, exploded in a burst of intense, searing pleasure. Squeezing her ass tighter, I ground and wiggled my hips into grandma’s crotch, desperately trying to prolong the incredible feeling of climaxing inside her. Grandma tightened her arms around my neck and buried her lips in my neck.

Sweat cemented our bodies together, and as we rode our perfect, shared orgasm back down to earth, I glanced over at our audience. Some were cumming themselves, others just stared at us slackly, evidence of their pleasure dripping and spilling from cocks and cunts. Mrs. Fabian, her head thrown back over her chair, was gasping deeply, her fingers still hidden within her pussy.

I shut my eyes as my cock, now deflated, slid out of grandma’s pussy. Grandma whimpered quietly and I shifted her in my arms, holding her like a newlywed bride. She gazed up at me with dazed eyes and a beatific smile. Slowly, I carried her out of the room and back to the guest room we entered from. Feeling woozy and high, we dressed and held hands as we walked back to the Fabian’s front door.

Jimmy was nowhere to be seen. But, I didn’t care. I felt like I had moved to another planet – – my body glowing, my brain quiet, my worries gone. Grandma and I drove home and enjoyed a gentle, quiet bath together. Kissing each other playfully, we wandered back into grandma’s bedroom and collapsed onto her big, soft bed. I held her in my arms as we drifted off to sleep.

I woke early in the morning, grandma’s beautiful, luscious body splayed across mine. Gently rolling her onto the mattress, I slipped out of the bedroom and into the kitchen to make some coffee.

The phone rang.

“Incredible, kid,” Jimmy rasped into the phone. “That was fucking incredible.”

“What do you want, Jimmy?” I replied.

Jimmy laughed. “I wanted to give you your wages and tips.”


“Yeah, that’s right,” he said. “You didn’t think that was a free show, did you?”

I paused in confusion.

“50-50,” Jimmy continued. “You come by and pick up your 750 bucks when you want. It’s here waiting for you.”

He laughed. “I think we should make this a regular thing.”

I hung up. But, for the next month, that’s exactly how grandma and I enjoyed our regular Friday dates – – fucking each other madly to a paying audience in the Fabians’ living room.

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