The Four Sluts Pt. 02


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Lauren woke up to the feeling of her dad fucking her asshole. Only a few hours ago he had taken both her virginity and taken her ass. It was an amazing experience, but she was still sore. Apparently though, her dad didn’t care.

“Good morning baby girl,” Rick said into his daughter’s ear as he slowly fucked her ass.

Whimpering “Daddy,” Was the only way Lauren could respond. She grinded her ass harder onto his cock, grabbing fistfuls of blankets. Rick grabbed a fistful of Lauren’s hair and pulled, starting to fuck her harder and faster. She moaned and started to get louder, getting close to screaming.

“Oh daddy your cock is so big. I love how it feels inside my ass. Fuck me in the same spot you fuck mom”

“Oh Lauren, I haven’t fucked your mother in years.”

“That’s why you go to strip clubs and fuck slutty eighteen year olds like me.”

“That’s why I butt-fuck whores like you in the same place your mom sleeps.” Still holding his daughters hair he shoved her face into the pillows. “From now on you belong to me. You’re my slut; you fuck who I say, how I say, when I say. Understand?

Because of the ecstasy that Lauren was in all she could manage to moan was ‘yes’. Her dad began to ravage her ass and she screamed loudly into the pillows, muffling the sounds of her pleasure. Which was important because they couldn’t let Lauren’s older brothers hear them.

It didn’t take a long time for Rick to cum into his daughter’s ass. He shuddered and threw his hips forward spilling his sperm into Lauren. He pulled out, letting the cum spill out of her hole.

“Now go get cleaned up, we’re having breakfast soon. And you need to change before your brothers wake up.”

Lauren smiled at her dad as she scooped up the semen and spooned it into her mouth. “Yes daddy.” She whispered. She definitely needed to clean up. The cum stains from last night were still relatively prominent on her face and in her hair

At this time usually everyone in the house was asleep so Lauren wasn’t worried about being seen. Not bothering to cover herself up she made her way to her room so she could change. On the way though was her brother’s door, it was wide open. That didn’t surprise her, it usually was and her brothers were probably still asleep. She quickly passed by to reach her room. Once there she entered her bathroom and took a shower. Once she cleaned off the sperm that had been plastered on her she exited her shower and went back in her room.

Daniel woke up when he heard a door open and close. Right when he opened his eyes he saw his sister’s naked body, walk quickly by his door, her ass and tits bouncing. He shook his head and rubbed his eyes sure that he had dreamed what he had seen. He turned his head to see his if his twin brother Harry was still sleeping. His eyes were still closed.

Filled with curiosity Daniel got up from his bed and quietly walked over to his sister’s door, which was wide open. He heard her shower turn on so he went in her room. He peeked carefully around the door to her bathroom, and saw her step into the shower. But now that he had time to look at her he could see globs of sticky white stains on her body, before they were washed away. It was in her hair, some was freshly dripping from her thighs, plenty was on her ass, but mostly her face was covered in it.

He had always known how hot his sister was, with her big almond eyes and curly black hair with blond highlights. But most notable was her shapely ass, and D cup tits that curved perfectly with her toned, caramel colored skin.

It’s not like him and his brother didn’t get any action. They were both pretty attractive guys. They both had the very muscle toned bodies of soccer players. They had strong jaws, with short cropped black hair. They were both broad shouldered and tall, and ever since going to collage they’d gotten bigger.

But it had always been difficult for him and his brother because both of them coached their sister’s soccer team. They always talked about how much shorter her shorts seemed to be in comparison to the other girls, and how distracting it was for them to watch their sister stretch and sweat in the sun.

But now watching her shower and clean of what was clearly cum all over her body, for the first time Danny actually considered fucking her. It would be so easy to just go up and take her, and judging from those cum stains she might even enjoy it.

But before he could make his decision she turned off the shower. Danny quickly left and went back to his room, where he found his brother awake.

“Hey, Dad say’s breakfast is almost ready.” Harry told him as he got out of bed.

“Harry, I got to tell you something.”

Harry looked at Danny, bewildered. “What?”

Danny told him everything he just saw. Harry only looked at him in amazement. “That slut,” He remarked. “Whoever fucked her is one lucky son of a bitch.”

“Yeah, I’ll say.” The two of them made their way downstairs to eat. Their dad cebeci escort had set up cereal, milk, and some bowls and was going around the kitchen cleaning up. Soon after the two brothers sat down Lauren came down, both of them stopped eating and simply stared.

Their sister was only wearing two articles of clothing. Simple black panties and a tiny white tank-top that showed her midriff and seemed to be close to bursting from her huge breasts. They could even see her nipples through the fabric. She said hello and sat at the table.

After saying hello Lauren started eating, and the twins slowly continued, keeping an eye on their sister, who seemed not to notice their stares. She seemed to be eating rather slowly, and with a subtle smile, but that could have been their imaginations.


Their dad announced that he had to go run a few errands and that he would be back in a few hours. Lauren pouted a little, but Rick leaned in and kissed his daughter on the cheek. “Be good,” he said to no one in particular. After he left the three of them mostly ate in silence, occasionally making small talk.

Lauren finished first putting her bowl and spoon in the sink and putting the faucet on full blast to rinse her plate. Some water had sprayed onto her shirt, but she only shrugged and remarked that it would look pretty hot for when her dad got home.

“Do you boys want me to take your bowls?” Lauren asked softly. Daniel was about to decline and get up to do it himself when he saw his sister. She was standing between the two of them with her hands clasped in front of her, making her boobs squish together. But that’s not what got his attention.

Her white shirt, already close to bursting was now wet, and the water was spreading across her chest so her boobs were getting easier and easier to see. Soon enough the shirt would be little more then transparent. Her nipples were dark and small, and proudly stimulated.

It was a while before either of them answered their sister; to the point Lauren had to speak up again. “Plates?” She asked with raised eyebrows. They gave her their plates, and she turned back to the sink to wash them. Now the two brothers could only watch their sister, who seemed to be jutting her butt out at them so she could lean into the sink.

Harry, without consulting his brother, got up and made his way to the sink. Clearing his throat he asked, “Do you need any help?”

“Yeah that’d be great. Just dry them a bit after I’m done rinsing.” Daniel was mesmerized by her ass, which was now jiggling a bit. He could tell that Harry wasn’t paying attention to the plates at all, and that he was staring shamelessly down his sister’s shirt.

Daniel got up and made his way, sensing he knew what his brother was about to do. Sure enough he could see the look in his twins eyes when they found a girl they both wanted to take home.

Once they were done Lauren turned away from the sink and Harry. Daniel could see that her shirt was now totally soaked, and her tits were completely on display. “Thanks for the help Harry, I’m off to my room.” She started to walk but Harry grabbed her arm and spun her around, slamming her wet body into his. She began to protest but he full on kissed her on the mouth. She tried pushing him off but he held her tight.

When she finally did break free she tumbled backwards into Daniel, who then wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck. “What are you two doing?” She asked incredulously, but moaning at the same time.

“Shut up whore.” Harry commanded, as he moved forward to kiss her again. Daniel could feel his little sister’s body shudder a little. Daniel took her arms and clasped them together at the wrists with one hand, and used the other to fondle her ass. Harry massaged and kneaded Lauren’s breasts together, occasionally pinching at twisting her nipples.

“Please, stop.” She whimpered. “I promised I wouldn’t have sex with anyone else.”

“Who’d you promise, the same guy who came all over your face and left you naked this morning.” Daniel asked, slapping her ass. “The same guy who fucked you and made you into a whore?”

“Yes,” Lauren squealed when he slapped her again.

“But you like it don’t you?” Harry asked, punctuating it by ripping off her tank top, exposing the wet breasts.

But she didn’t answer, she only kept pleading with them. Daniel fingered her pussy and felt her panties getting soaked.

“I think it’s time she got punished for being a whore.” Daniel pushed her down to her knees, and they both took off their shorts and pulled out their towering cocks.

Lauren gasped. Just like their dad their dicks had to be close to twelve inches, and incredibly thick. Daniel and Harry both aimed their dicks at her, waiting to get sucked off. At first she relented, but when they started to lightly slap her face with both their dicks she couldn’t help it any more.

Lauren opened her mouth and Harry immediately shoved cebeci escort bayan his rock hard dick into her mouth. Lauren licked the tip and started sucking hard, loving the taste of his prick. As the piece of meat got wetter, and she salivated more, she started to take it in deeper.

“God, her throat is so tight. Our little sister is amazing.” Harry said with a look of pride at Lauren.

“Well don’t hog her.” Daniel said jokingly, “Give her here.”

Lauren switched to Daniel’s cock. With more saliva in her mouth it was easier for her to get it wet, and in no time she was taking several inches into her mouth with ease.

“Holy shit your right, she’s incredible.” Daniel grabbed the back of her head and shoved her down deeper.

It went on like this for a few minutes. She would switch off every now and again, always taking more and more of their rods. When she finally got all of Daniel’s dick into her throat he commanded her to lick his balls, which she happily did, sticking her tongue out as far as she could to lap them up. Harry of course got the same treatment. From there it was other several minutes of Lauren deep throating her big brothers. Spit and pre-cum were flowing freely from crevices of her tasty lips.

“Keep going.” Daniel told his brother. He went around and lay down on his back so that his face was right under his sister’s cunt.

Once there he commanded her to lower herself onto his face. Daniel then got to taste his beautiful sister’s pussy juices. The sweet honey made his mouth water and he probed her vagina with his tongue, making sure to flick and circle her clitoris.

Lauren was moaning and gyrating on her brother’s face, trying to get as much of his tongue as possible, while simultaneously deep throating Harry’s cock. Soon Daniel switched over to her asshole, to which she gasped and began to moan even more.

“Sounds like we have an anal whore here also.” Harry said happily. Daniel only grunted in agreement. “Barely eighteen and she’s already pining to stick it up her ass.”

After a bit Harry finally pulled out of this sister’s throat picked her up, putting her stomach down on the dining table so her face hung off of one end of the table, and her butt and legs hung off the other end.

Daniel then went over to her face to plow her throat with his dick, which she happily took. Harry took his turn at her pussy and asshole, sucking and licking at both of them.

Lauren was in heaven right now. She loved getting throat fucked by her brothers, and they were making her pussy flood with juices. And in a matter of seconds she was coming into Harry’s mouth. She screamed and moaned as her body shuddered for several moments from the ecstasy.

Daniel lightly slapped her face with his hand. “You like getting eaten out by your big brothers?” She nodded, while smiling around his cock. He slapped her again, “You like getting your throat fucked by our dicks, like a whore?” She nodded again, and Daniel redoubled his force into her throat, hearing her gag and choke on his dick.

“Alright Lauren, now we’re going to have some real fun.” Harry lined up his prick with her opening and slowly inserted it into her hole. She moaned in pleasure, and pushed her body back to meet him. “Fuck, this whore tight. And she’s so goddamn wet I don’t know how long I’ll last.”

But to Harry’s surprise he did last awhile. And after some time Lauren reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart, showing her puckered hole. Harry needed no better signal than that. He whipped his dick out of her pussy and slipped it into her asshole. She was surprisingly accommodating, and quickly slipped inside her, despite how unbelievably tight her sphincter was.

Lauren took out Daniel’s dick for a moment to breath. “Oh my god, I’m going to be in so much trouble. I have to stop this, I’m such a bad girl.” She pined.

“No, you don’t.” Daniel said slamming his cock back in her throat. “You have to screw your big brothers like a good slut. “Harry slapped her ass and she gobbled up Daniels dick happily.

Harry couldn’t take it any more, and started pounding away at his little sister. She was moaning and screaming another orgasm into Daniel’s cock, causing vibrations around his meat. In moments Harry spilled his load into his sister’s asshole, just where his dad came not an hour ago. The two of them were spent, but Daniel wasn’t done. He flipped Laruen around on her back and fucked her throat as hard as her tight mouth would let him.

Lauren was moaning and gagging on his cock, loving the feel of his prick, and the taste of cum on her tongue. And once Daniel exploded into her mouth she happily left it in her mouth for a moment. Daniel took his dick out and she showed him all the semen in her mouth before swallowing it.

She was about to get off the table before Harry stopped her. Paying attention she realized they were both still rock hard, maybe even harder.

“We’re not escort cebeci done yet.” Daniel said mischievously. They then switched places. Now Daniel was pounding Lauren’s pussy and Harry was ravaging her throat. Both Daniel and Harry fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples, making sure to make her moan and scream in pleasure.

After about ten minutes of fucking Harry pulled out. “I think she’s ready Dan.”

“I think so to.” Daniel agreed.

“Ready for what?” Lauren asked.

Daniel picked her up so they were face to face. She wrapped her legs around him and smiled excitedly, if not entirely sure what was coming. Harry then approached her from behind and quickly without letting her register what was happening impaled her asshole.

Lauren gasped and moaned as both of their cocks went deeper into her holes. When they went as far in as they could go she screamed ecstasy. “Holy fuck! I have two cocks inside me, I’ve never done this!” She shuddered a bit. “Shit, you’re stretching me out, I feel like I’m going to tear in half!”

The exertion of having two cocks in small 5’4” body made her unable to hold herself up with her legs so Daniel had to hold her up by her legs, so they could both start pumping into her fuck holes.

Once they were sure she was steady they started rhythmically pounding into her, without any thought about her, they fucked her as hard as they could. Lauren was at a loss. She made silent screams into Daniel’s shoulder, occasionally loudly moaning at the ceiling, silently hoping that the neighbors would hear the way they were treating her. She had her arms wrapped around Daniels neck, and every time Harry slapped her ass she would scream a bit.

The two brothers could feel each other’s dick across the flesh that separated them. Lauren was in a new kind of heaven. Being double penetrated was incredibly painful, but it felt so unbelievably good she was instantly addicted. The brothers would piston their dicks inside sometimes alternating, sometimes at the same rhythm with expertise.

“You like getting double penetrated don’t you, you little slut.” Daniel spat at her.

“Oh yes, fuck my asshole, fuck my pussy. You both feel so good inside me.” Lauren moaned.

“You’re nothing but a fucking whore, aren’t you little sister?” Harry said.

“Yes! That’s exactly what I am. I want cock, that’s all I need. I’m just a fucking whore that likes to fuck her biiiiiiiig brothers.” Lauren moaned again.

“Yeah? You’re fuck buddy still going to punish you for being such a whore?” Harry asked, slapping his little sister on the ass again.

“Yes, he’s going to punish me so hard. He’ll probably want you to help him.”

“Who is he?” Daniel asked, pounding her harder. “Who took our little sister’s virginity and turned her into a whore?”

Because it turned her on so much, Lauren couldn’t lie even if she wanted to. But she didn’t get the chance to say it, because at that moment someone said, happily. “It was me, I fucked Laruen.”

The three of them stopped and the boys had to turn a bit so they could both see their dad, back rom running errands, standing in the kitchen with a sly smile on his face. “And I’m glad that my kids are bonding so well together. But since she’s our whore now, I think we should take this in my room.”

The two brothers smiled at each other, and their dad. “The family whore, huh? I like the sound of that.” Harry said happily.

Still with Laruen impaled on their dicks the two brothers were led by their dad into their fathers room. Once there, Daniel sat on the bed, so Lauren was facing the headboard. After stripping off his clothes Rick stood in front of Lauren’s face, and placed his rock hard cock in his daughters mouth. All together they fucked Lauren’s holes with reckless abandon until finally Harry and Daniel both came inside of her.

Rick then took his place inside her asshole and fucked her happily, as the two brothers caught their breath and watched.

“Did you tell your brother’s about how I found you?” Rick asked, slapping Lauren’s ass. She shook her head, barely able to speak from the rigorous fucking. “No, daddy. It didn’t come up.”

“Tell them what you did, how naughty you were, tell them where I found you.” Rick was in heaven.

So much for keeping a secret, Lauren thought. “Daddy found me in a strip club, where I was dancing and taking off my clothes for strangers. Daddy gave me two hundred dollars to fuck me right there. Then he gave me another two hundred and paid strangers to help him fuck me. And he paid my new boss to let him take me home and fuck me.”

“And why is that baby girl?” Rick asked, close to finishing.

“Because I’m an eighteen year old, anal teen whore, who likes to be used.” Lauren moaned with pleasure to another orgasm. At that Rick roared furiously and poured his seed into his daughters ass for the second time that morning. Lauren screamed with him, bucking her ass into his twitching cock.

“It’ll be difficult keeping this from mom.” Rick said, once he’d caught his breath. “But it’ll be so worth it.” He kissed his daughter on the mouth, giving extra tongue.

The rest of the weekend wasn’t spent on errands, clothing, or very much sleep. And Lauren had cum with every meal.

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