The Family Business Ch. 03


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This is a continuation of The Family Business by Leon22reloaded. I got in touch with him through an intermediary and he’s given me his blessing to continue where he left off. My thanks to Leon for allowing me to continue and I hope I do him justice.

As with all my stuff, this will feature large breasted women having sex with big dicked men with plenty of anal and cumshots. Consider this your warning about the content so don’t bother complaining about yet another story on Literotica featuring huge tits and dicks — if that isn’t your thing, then stop reading now and leave the rest of us to enjoy ourselves.

As always, everyone is 18 or over.

† † † † †

“That you, Jase? Kev?” Tiffany called when she heard the front door open and close.

“Hey Tiff,” Jason said as he and his brother Kevin walked in to the house, stepping into the kitchen where their sister sat at the table. “Mom home?”

“Yeah, she’s got the agents from the FBI in with her now,” Tiffany said, pointing to the closed door that lead into the living room. “She kinda wants to deal with them alone so asked me to keep a look out for you pair.”

“The FBI?” Kevin said. “Shit. Kinda makes it more real, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Tiffany said, the three of them looking at the door.

“So what you been doing?” Kevin asked her as he grabbed some water from the refrigerator for him and his brother.

“Broke up with Leonard this morning,” Tiffany said, fairly matter of fact.

“Doesn’t surprise me,” Jason said, taking the bottle his brother offered him. “From what I head he wasn’t exactly dynamite in the sack.”

“You can say that again,” Tiffany said. “So much for trying to date outside my type.”

“You could always date Danny,” Kevin said, sitting down next to her, dropping his cell phone and the keys to the van on the table. “You know he’s always had a thing for you.”

Tiffany laughed. “Come on, he’s practically family. It’d be like dating one of you pair of idiots.”

Jason stared at his sister who wore long black boots, fishnet hold up stockings, a tiny mini-skirt and a fishnet top that did nothing to hide her huge tits that were just barely covered by the bra underneath it. The whole outfit was in black which matched her lipstick, thick eyeliner and dyed black hair.

“We should be so lucky as to date you, Tiff,” Jason said.

“Damn right you would be,” Tiffany said. “But from what I hear, you’re both doing okay in that department.” She lowered her voice. “I heard from Annie Swanson that you both banged Cassie yesterday — is that true?”

Kevin and Jason couldn’t help but look at each other and grin which was answer enough for their sister.

“Oh my God, you did!” Tiffany said. “Damn, she must have thought all her birthdays came at once.”

“Well, some things came at the same time,” Kevin said with a laugh, his brother joining in.

“Jesus, Kev,” Tiffany said, laughing. “Way too much info, bro!”

“I gotta use the bathroom,” Kev said, heading out, still laughing.

“So when did you and Kev start banging girls together?” Tiffany asked Jason.

“We’ve done it a few times,” Jason said with a big smile. “The girls are really into having two of us to — you know — play around with.”

“Really?” Tiffany said, looking her brother up and down, noting — and not for the first time — the big bulge in his shorts.

“Uh-huh. They can’t get enough of it.” Jason looked at his sister. “What about you, Tiff? You ever have two guys at once? Two guys with really big dicks?”

Before Tiffany could answer both Jason’s and Kevin’s phones let out a chime, notifying them of a message. Jason hooked his phone from his shorts and opened his message, Tiffany watching as his eyes went wide.

“Holy shit!” he whispered before leaving the kitchen. “Kev!” he called as he went. “Get out here!”

A second later and his brother joined him, the pair of them heading back outside to look at the message.

Tiffany glanced at Kevin’s phone that he’d left on the table. Both phones had gone off at the same time which meant they’d both had the same message. Curiosity got the better of Tiffany and she picked up her brother’s phone, opening the message he’d just received.

She gasped as she saw a photo of a handsome young man with a huge, erect cock which was being sucked by a gorgeous older woman, both of them smiling at the camera — or at least the woman was trying to with the mouthful of huge cock she had. Tiffany gasped again when she realised the young man was Danny, her brothers’ long-time friend. She held her breath as she finally realised the woman sucking his big dick was Alicia, his own mother!

Beneath the photo, Danny had written >

“Holy fuck,” Tiffany sighed, standing up and glancing out the window. Her brothers were both speaking into Jason’s phone, obviously having called Danny straight back. She marked the message on Kevin’s phone as unread and put it back on the table before walking out into the hall and stopping by the half open front canlı bahis door, listening in to their conversation.

“I can’t believe you fucked your mom!” Kevin said. Jason’s phone was set to speaker so Tiffany heard Danny’s reply.

“Man, I can barely believe it myself!”

“And she’s okay with you sending us that picture?” Jason said.

“Hell yeah — she wants to be on the site as well. She’s up for taking all of us on together!”

“Holy shit!” Jason said. “Man, that would be awesome.”

“Do you know how much she’s willing to do, Danny?” Kevin asked. “I mean we’re getting loads of requests from the fans for anal but none of the girls have wanted to do that.”

“I don’t know if she’s into anal but I plan to find out soon!”

“Fuck,” Jason said to his brother. “Can you imagine fucking Alicia up the ass?”

“Your mom does have a fantastic bubble butt,” Kevin said.

“I know — and I can’t wait to get my hands on it again!” Danny laughed.

“You lucky mother fucker!” Kevin said, making all of them laugh.

“I just had a thought,” Jason said. “I think Cassie’s mom, Nicole, is into us, too. I mean she basically told us to come round and fuck her when we picked Cassie up yesterday.”

“Oh my God,” Kevin said. “Are you thinking of getting Nicole to fuck for the website, too?”

“Why not?” Jason said. “I mean she’s always flirting with us. I bet she’d be a fucking natural pornstar.”

“Just like her daughter,” Kevin said, his eyes going wide as an idea struck. “Shit, can you imagine her and Cassie together? A real mom/daughter scene?”

“Fuck that would be so hot,” Danny said. “You think they’d be into it? I mean, it’s not only girl/girl but incest as well.”

“Like you need to be worried about incest now!” Jason laughed.

“You’re only jealous,” Danny said. “I know you’d both bang your mom and sis if you had the chance.”

“Damn fucking right we would!” Jason said. “You should see what Tiffany’s wearing today — she’s got a mini skirt that doesn’t even reach the top of her stockings.”

“And a fishnet top with just a tiny bra on. Fuck, her tits look so good.” Kevin said. “What I wouldn’t give to get my dick between them and dump a huge cumshot on them.”

Listening at the door, Tiffany couldn’t help but smile at her brothers’ words, an illicit thrill coursing through her body as she heard her brothers admit to wanting to fuck her.

“You think she’d be up for filming a scene for the site?” Danny asked.

“I don’t know,” Kevin said. “I’m mean, I’ve heard she can be kinda freaky but fucking on film?”

“For a website run by her brothers?” Jason added.

“Hey, if my mom’s up for it,” Danny said, “why not your sister? Hell, why not your mom?”

“Fuuuuuuuuuck!” both Kevin and Jason whispered at the same time as the thought occurred to them

“Can you imagine fucking mom?” Kevin asked his brother.

“Can you imagine fucking mom and Tiffany?” Jason asked him.

“Guys, we have to make this happen in some way.” Danny said. “Three MILFs, one Goth chick, one cheerleader, all with huge tits? We wouldn’t need to get any other girls ever again!”

“Okay, okay,” Kevin said. “We’ve already filmed Cassie, your mom’s up for it, Nicole’s an almost dead cert — that just leaves our mom and Tiffany.”

“Make it happen, guys,” Danny said. “I gotta go — speak to you soon, yeah?”

As her brothers said their goodbyes, Tiffany quickly and quietly returned to the kitchen, her mind awhirl with what she’d just heard. Her brothers and Danny were running some sort of porn website and filming themselves having sex with girls, including her friend Cassie. She and Cassie didn’t move in the same circles — Goths and cheerleaders seldom did — but because their moms were such good friends, they’d bonded over the years. And on top of all that, Danny was now having sex with his own mother and planning to get her to model on the site as well! And her own brothers wanted to have sex with her and their mom!

“You okay there, Tiff?” Jason said as he and Kevin walked back into the kitchen. “You look kinda spacey.”

“Fine,” Tiffany said, unable to stop herself checking out the large bulges in her brothers’ shorts. Her ex-boyfriend’s small dick had been one of the reasons she’d dumped him — she was discovering she was something of a size queen and according to her friend Annie who heard it from Cassie, both her brothers were packing huge cocks. And now she knew they both wanted to fuck her.

She was about to continue when the door to the living room opened and their mother came out, followed by the two FBI agents she had been talking with. She waved to her children as they went past and, after seeing the agents out, the four of them went into the living room.

“So,” Lisa said after a long pause. “Your dad has left us with pretty much nothing — the FBI are going to liquidate his business and we’re going to have to sell the house to pay off his debts.”

“Shit, mom,” Tiffany said, reaching across and hugging her, bahis siteleri Kevin and Jason unable to stop staring at their big tits as they mashed together.

“The mortgage is paid for the next two months but beyond that — I don’t know what we’re going to do, kids,” Lisa said. “I haven’t had a job for ten years and can’t land anything that will pay enough to buy even a small apartment for us.”

Kevin and Jason looked at each other.

“We — uhhh — we might be able to help there, mom,” Kevin said slowly.

“How, baby?”

The brothers shared another look.

“We spoke with Brad today,” Jason said, referring to their accountant who had also done work for their father. “And we might have a way of saving the house at least.”

Lisa sat up, looking startled. “How?”

“Jase and I have — we’ve been running a website for six months or so and — and we’ve got about — a hundred grand from that saved up,” Kevin said.

“A hundred — thousand — dollars?” Lisa asked slowly.

“Yeah,” Jason said. “Brad said the FBI will just want to sell the house quick to get some money — we should be able to snap it up at a bargain.”

“Oh my God!” Lisa said, standing up and rushing over to her sons, hugging them both as they sat on the sofa, showering them with kisses. “Oh my boys! Thank you! Thank you!”

“So what’s the website?” Tiffany asked, trying hard not to smile.

Both Jason and Kevin blushed as their mother sat between them, looking from one to the other.

“Well?” she asked. “What is it?” She gasped as a thought occurred to her. “Oh God, it’s not drugs, is it?”

“No, no,” Kevin said, “It’s not drugs.”

“Yeah, it’s legal,” Jason said, “but it might not be — you know — moral.”

“Oh my God,” Lisa said. “Is it — is it porn?” Jason’s and Kevin’s blushes were enough to answer her question.

“So what’s it called?” Tiffany asked again.

“Well?” Lisa asked when the boys remained silent.

“Man, I told you we should have gone for something subtler,” Jason said.

“It’s called — it’s called Big Dicks Banging Big Tits,” Kevin said quietly.

“Oh my,” Lisa said quietly, her mind wandering back to what her friend Nicole had told her the night before, how Nicole had overheard her daughter Cassie telling a friend that both Jason and Kevin were hung like horses. “Well — ummm — I suppose — uhhhh — that as long as it’s all — legal,” she said, unsure how to process this. She looked across at Tiffany. “Did you know about this?”

“Nope, just found out like you, mom,” Tiffany said, smiling at her brothers.

“Sorry, mom,” Kevin said quietly.

“No need to apologise,” Lisa said. “You’re — you’re obviously using what you have — I mean using your business knowledge and it’s going to save our house.” She leaned over and pecked Kevin on the cheek, then Jason. “So thank you for that.” She sighed. “But we’ll still need money coming in.”

“You could model for the site, mom,” Jason blurted, making Lisa’s eyes go wide. “Just bikini and glamour stuff, I mean,” he continued quickly. “We’ve been talking about a hostess for the site — someone to be the face of it and introduce the films and stuff like that.”

“Yeah, just bikini shoots and shit like that,” Kevin said. “Nothing — you know — hardcore.”

“You can’t want your old mom to do that,” Lisa said. “And how could I? Model for my sons’ porn website, I mean? How wrong would that be?” She stood up. “No, thank you for the offer to buy the house — that will be a huge help — but that’s all I can do. There’s — there’s a lot to take in, right now,” Lisa said. “I’ll see you later, at dinner.”

She left the room, leaving Tiffany smirking at her brothers who sat on the opposite sofa.

“What about you, Tiff?” Jason asked with a smile. “Want to model for us?”

“I’m not sure,” she said, standing up, making a show of straightening her tiny mini skirt. “I’d have to check out the site’s content first,” she said, turning and leaving, her brothers watching her pert ass shimmy beneath her skirt.

† † † † †

Cassie Nealson paused at the driveway of her house, frowning at the unfamiliar car that was parked next to her mom’s SUV. She knew her mom was something of a party girl and Cassie turned a blind eye to her affairs, but to get someone around within hours of Cassie’s father leaving for a business trip was fast even by her mom’s standards.

She stepped into the house and, with a glance at the coat stand in the hall, smiled as her fears were allayed. Hanging at the top of the stand was a wide brimmed, beaten up old leather hat that she instantly recognised as belonging to her uncle Wesley, her mom’s brother. The last time he’d visited, he’d talked about buying a new car which explained why she hadn’t recognised the one in the drive.

Cassie loved her handsome Uncle Wes almost as much as she loved her father — the big, muscular Southern cowboy was always bringing her presents every time he visited and, if she was honest, she loved the way he flirted with bahis şirketleri her. At her father’s birthday party a month before, Cassie had smart mouthed him and he’d threatened to put her over his knee and spank her.

“Maybe you should,” she’d said, only half joking.

“Niece o’mine,” he’d said in his slow, Southern drawl, “Ah start doin’ that, there ain’t no telling what Ah’d do to ya.”

“What do you mean, Uncle Wes?” she’d asked.

“If’n Ah’m spanking ya,” he’d said, moving closer to her, “Ah’d hafta take down those tiny shorts o’yours — an’ if’n Ah saw that pretty li’l ass o’yours, Ah’d wanna do more to it than just give it a spanking.”

“What would you want to do?” Cassie had asked as he moved even closer, making her look up at him as he was taller than her by a head, giving him a perfect view of her deep cleavage.

Before he’d been able to answer, Cassie’s father — a little drunk — had stumbled into them.

“Wes!” he’d cried. “My favourite brother in law!” Her father had put his arm around Wes’s shoulders and led him away, muttering about something and the moment between Wes and Cassie was gone.

Remembering that incident gave Cassie a little thrill and she deliberately undid a couple of buttons on her blouse, hoping to give her uncle a good look at her huge tits.

She headed into the living room, expecting to find him and her mother there but the room was empty. She looked out of the window and stopped in shock, her mouth dropping open.

Her Uncle Wes stood on the patio, the baggy cargo shorts he always wore crumpled at his feet, one hand holding up his huge cock — easily as big as Kevin’s or Jason’s she realised — the other entwined in her mother’s — his sister’s — blonde hair as she eagerly bobbed her head back and forth, sucking on Wes’s monster length. It seemed she’d been sunbathing on one of the loungers by the pool as she wore only the tiniest bikini, her big tits almost spilling out of the top.

“Aaahhhhh yeah, suck that cock, sis,” Wes moaned, Cassie able to hear him through the partially open window. “Ah swear — you’re as good a cock sucker as momma ever was.”

Nicole popped his knob from her mouth and smiled up at him.

“She taught me well,” she said, taking his cock between her lips again. She pushed his hand aside so she could use both of hers to jerk on the big prick.

“You sure we got time for this?” Wes said, thrusting his hips, pushing his dick into her mouth. “Ain’ Cassie gonna be home any time?”

“Maybe,” Nicole said, sliding his big dick over her face, loving the feel of the heavy flesh on her skin. “Somethin’ tells me she wouldn’t be too freaked out finding her mom and uncle fooling round, though.”

“An’ why’s that?” Wes asked, reaching down and grabbing two handfuls of his sister’s huge jugs.

“She got fucked by two guys just yesterday — same time, I mean. Little bit o’incest probably ain’t going to startle her too much.” Nicole licked his cock from balls to tip and kissed the end. “Sides, I’ve seen how you been looking at her this last year or so. I know you want a crack at her.”

“Can’t deny that,” Wes said. He hunkered down and Nicole straightened up, the pair of them working together to wrap her big tits around his huge cock. “Ah’d give just ’bout anythin’ to have her an’ you together.”

Inside the house, Cassie couldn’t help but gasp at the image her uncle brought to mind. Her and her mom in a threesome together — could she do that? She’d drunkenly fooled around with a couple of her girlfriends but it had never gone beyond making out and groping each other’s tits, and then mostly to turn on the guys who were inevitable watching.

“Yeah — fuck them big titties!” Nicole moaned as her brother did just that, sliding his big pole up and down between them. His knob poked out from her deep cleavage on the upstroke, but her mounds were big enough to hide even his huge dick. “Fuck ’em — fuck those titties!”

Cassie grabbed her phone and, still trying to remain hidden from sight, began to video her mother and uncle.

“Fuck, sis — Ah love fuckin’ your big tits,” Wes murmured, the pair of them holding Nicole’s huge jugs steady as he plowed his cock between them.

“Yeah?” Nicole gasped looking up at him. “What about fucking my pussy? You still like doing that?”

Wes pulled back, his huge cock sticking upwards as he watched his sister turn around, getting on to her hands and knees on the lounger. She reached behind herself and pulled her bikini bottoms to one side, wiggling her ass at him.

“See anythin’ ya like?” she asked.

“Sis, I see two holes I love,” he said, reaching out and easing a couple of fingers into her sopping wet pussy before moving one of them up and sliding it into her tight asshole.

“Aahhhhh yeah,” Nicole moaned as her brother fingered both of her holes at the same time. “Mmmm much as I like your fingers — I really want your cock, Wes.”

Wesley kicked free of his shorts and straddled the lounger, using one hand to guide his huge cock towards his sister’s swollen, juice filled pussy. As the big, bulbous head of his knob eased inside, he moved his finger upwards, spearing her ass with two fingers as his cock pushed deeper into her twat.

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