The Dream Ch. 1


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Asa Akira

Part I: No Talking

You call me and ask me what I’m doing tonight. I have no plans.

You say ,”I’ll be right over then”.

I scurry around and try to clean my place up. I hurry to put away the laundry and make my bedroom presentable. I figure this is way too much work and then just light some candles and turn off the lights. Shadows dance through my room in the flickering glow of the candles. I want you. I anticipate the feel of your skin, the touch of your lips, the smell of your hair.

Then you arrive with a quiet little knock at the door. As I open the door, You try and say something but I grab you by the hand and pull you into my arms. Your words are denied by a long slow kiss. Slowly, tenderly our tongues explore every inch of each others wanting mouths. Warmly, gently we touch. I withdraw from our kiss as your mouth tries to follow me. I close the door and lead you by the hand to my bedroom. There, we embrace again with that same lover’s kiss. I begin kissing your neck and sucking on it gently. You are running your hands all over my neck and back. You tremble slightly, but you make no move to stop me as my hand finds your right breast through the thin fabric of your tight white shirt. I caress it gently, lovingly. I continue touching it as I feel your excitement grow. I remove your shirt to expose your white lace bra. I spend a moment to admire, to enjoy how sexy you look standing there in front of me in the dim light of the candles. You stare at me with a look of passion, of wanting as you unhook your bra and let it fall to the floor. I’m consumed by the sight of your firm, pert breasts.

We embrace again but this time our kiss is deeper and more intense. Our excitement is building and I’m trying to let this canlı bahis special moment last. Your mouth attacks me. Your tongue, it thrashes with an animalistic longing that cannot be suppressed. I break our kiss and begin to move my tongue down your neck until it finds those luscious breasts. I gently lick your right nipple, swirling my tongue around it and then suck it into my mouth. Your body shudders slightly and I can tell your enjoying it. I move to your left breast and give it the same loving treatment as my hand caresses the right one, filling the void that my mouth has left.

In one motion, I scoop you up into my arms and carry you to the bed. I remove your shoes and slowly slide off your tight black pants. Your white panties seem to glow in contrast to my black bedspread. I look you in the eyes as I let my hands wander all over your firm thighs and calves. I can’t help myself. I want to experience every inch of you, every part of you. Slowly I slide your panties down your exquisite legs. And then I see it for the first time. Your wondrous love nest with it’s large pouting lips calls out to me. It glistens slightly revealing it’s wishes.

You start to say something but I say, “sssshhhh no talking tonight!”

I lower my face to your womanhood and gently lick those precious lips. I delight in your scent as my tongue roams all over you. Over your lips, your labia, and every where. And then I find it. My tongue finds your swollen clit and swirls and circles around it before it is sucked into my mouth. You arch your back and thrust your hips up to meet me. I hold your sweet clit in between my lips as my tongue lashes upon it. I take two of my fingers and push them into your love hole. I move my fingers in and out as I continue to bahis siteleri suck and lick you. Your body tenses, you begin to shake, and let out a soft moan as your orgasm begins. I continue to pleasure you until your orgasm subsides and you pull me up on top of you. You give me a loving kiss.

“But you’re still dressed”, you say as I am still fully clothed.

“Sssshhhh no talking tonight”, I say again.

With that you just give me a smile and roll over on top of me. You straddle my waist and remove my shirt. You take a moment to kiss my face, and neck, and ears. The feeling of your breathe on my ears sends me into another world. Every nerve ending in my body is alive with the excitement of you. You kiss your way down my chest and run your soft tongue down my stomach. As you get to my jeans, you give me a slight smile as you unbutton them and yank them off quickly. Without hesitation, you begin to lick up and down the base of my waiting cock. This sends unbelievable pleasure waves throughout my body. Then you take it into your hot little mouth. I watch your head as it bobs up and down. The sight of it turns me on even more. Then, almost instinctively knowing what I want. You take my cock from your mouth, and as you stroke it with your hand, you begin to lick and gently suck on my balls. It is incredible. How could I ever last? I couldn’t. You sense this and place it back in that sexy mouth of yours just as I begin to cum. You drink it down and giggle a little as some trickles down your chin.

You sit up and begin running your hands all over my body. This fuels my fire and I can feel my excitement only build as my once softening cock begins to harden again. You lay with me and we embrace as we kiss. We rub our bodies all over each bahis şirketleri other in a flurry of sensuality. The feel of your sexiness against me is incredible. I can’t get enough of you. I reach to the night stand and grab a Trojan. You take it from me and unwrap it. Delicately you place it on me and straddle me again. You raise yourself off of me and place me at your gate. As you lower yourself onto me you look me in the eyes again. We feel a connection that goes beyond mere words. We are close, as close as two can be. My cock slides into your moist wetness with ease. It is heaven. You move yourself up and down, forcing me inside you as my hands squeeze your breasts. I move my hips to match your thrusts as your breathing increases. You begin to thrash that long beautiful hair around in a tornado of ecstasy. I grab you, pull you to me, and roll over on top of you. I begin thrusting into you with long, deep, deliberate strokes. You let out a moan as my pubic bone begins to rub against your clit. Grinding and grinding we go as we stare into each others eyes. You begin to cum. I can feel it moving deep inside of you. It is like a storm picking up power as it travels. You dig your fingers into my back and close your eyes tightly as the waves rock you. It is so beautiful to watch. You are so beautiful when you cum.

I remove myself from you and turn you over onto your stomach. Without words you get to your knees. I enter you from behind. Like an animal I begin to pound my self deep into you. You sigh and gasp at the intensity of my thrusts. You turn your head and look back at me with a look of pure lust. I take my hand and reach around to massage your clit. I can feel my orgasm building. I keep thrusting as you move your hips back into me. Your hand is on mine as you grind it into your clit. We both begin to cum and it’s like an explosion. Two bodies moving in unison to a symphony of passion.

We lay together without words. Embraced, we drift to sleep.

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