The Accident


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It all started with the accident, or rather, the accident was the catalyst that brought the two of them together, finally being able to admit their feelings for one another.

Sarah was working in another city when she heard the news. There had been a massive accident near where she knew Mike lived and worked, many people injured, at least one dead, and her heart sank. She pulled up the news on her computer and read about the tragedy and immediately sent Mike a message, knowing that if he were at the office he would not be able to answer the phone.

“I just heard about the accident and immediately thought of you. I hope you are okay.” Her text read.

The longest minute passed before he answered, “Yes, I’m at my apartment. I was working from home today so I never left, but the roads will be closed around me for a while, so I’m stuck here.”

Sarah finally felt like she could breathe again. “Good, I’m glad that you are okay. I thought you might have been out there when it happened,” she typed.

She felt flustered, like her heart was going to burst, shattering her rib cage. She needed to take a smoke break. While she puffed outside she sent Mike another message, “I’m really, really glad that you’re okay. I didn’t know what to do thinking you could have been caught up in that.” She hit send before she could second guess herself.

Sarah had known Mike for a few years, and they would often hang out with mutual friends, but they had never really spent much time together alone. She had always been a bit attracted to him. He had dark hair and matching eyes, that often seemed to stare right through her. They were close enough friends that they would always hug each other goodbye after parties, and she always looked forward to hugging him. Their arms would latch tightly around each others’ bodies, her face fitting right in the space between his neck and shoulder. She always felt like it lasted for hours, and to her, it felt intimate, as though she and Mike had been lovers for a long time. His hands would linger on her lower back as their bodies separated, and she would find herself unwilling to pull away entirely. Looking into Mike’s eyes at that moment she often felt as though he was feeling the same way. He would look at her in a way that made Sarah think he was saddened by the air that in that moment filled the space between their bodies, and she would wonder what exactly he was thinking. Okay, maybe she more than a little attracted to him.

“I’ll be stuck here for at least the rest of the night while the roads are closed and the whole area is basically a crime scene. Everyone was asked to not even go out on foot if they don’t have to. It almost feels like we are under attack,” Mike’s words read across her phone’s screen.

“That’s sweet of you to check in. You’re right though, the timing is such that I could have been a part of that. And now I’m stuck here alone,” a second text bubble popped up. “Are you a good comforter Sarah?”

“You’ve had a serious brush with reality. You could probably use some comforting, maybe a drink?,” Sarah was feeling especially flirtatious, and surprised at herself. On one hand it read as completely innocent, and on the other she knew she was immediately thinking of some naughty ways to comfort him. She felt her face flush, and wondered what kind of response that would get. Mike knew she was seeing someone, and that it was pretty serious, but Sarah had always noticed the little moments where she felt serious heat between herself and Mike, even if it was just for a moment, and it was more than just those long, intimate hugs.

Nights out at the bar would find them outside, Sarah sharing drags of her cigarette with Mike, who was only really what could be considered a social smoker. Sarah would pass him the cigarette, and he would slowly take it from her, his long fingers caressing the soft skin on the back of her hand. At first she thought the booze was getting to her head and making her sensitive, but when she made the same sort of move, intentionally letting her hand linger on his, her fingers almost intertwining with his as she took it back, Mike didn’t move or flinch, just looked her in the eyes and grinned before turning to speak to another friend who had joined them. As they would walk back inside, he would hold the door for her, his free hand resting on her lower back or arm as he led her inside. He would save seats for her, even once pulling out her chair, and she always thought he was very gentlemanly towards her and would wonder how he could still be single. Sarah knew of a recent relationship that had gone south, but she didn’t really hear of anyone else he had been seeing, and he never brought anyone along on nights out.

Mike’s response read, “I mean, we could drink for a bit, maybe smoke some weed, but after a while we would need something else to do ;)”

Sarah could feel that her face was as red as her hair and realized she was breathing heavy, as she quickly typed, “Oh, and I’m a very good comforter :P” and hit send before she could stop herself.

“What am I doing!” she thought to herself. She was definitely flirting with him now, more than flirting, as she just knew that they were both referring to sex. Still, it was innocent, maybe growing less innocent with every message, but she found she was enjoying this little bit of fun. Plus, he was in another city, so it’s not like she was actually canlı bahis going to go to his apartment in that moment. Her partner didn’t need to know about this conversation.

“Oh? ;)” was the simple response from Mike. This was driving her crazy, and it was so simple, just a few words, but she could picture him standing in front of her saying, “Oh?” in his slightly sarcastic tone of voice that she found funny and teasing, while he grinned his sexy grin at her. Her nipples were hard against her bra, and she felt a familiar tingle between her legs as she responded with an equally simple, “Mhmm…” Sarah found herself growing increasingly horny thinking of all the times he had lightly touched her, that one time he was drunk and squeezed her ass and she, equally drunk, briefly brought her body tightly against his, her tits brushing up against his chest, his bulge he was trying to hide brushing up against her thigh. They had locked eyes, but she pulled away, giggling as she did. She didn’t know what else to do, it was either pull away or reach up and kiss him as her instincts wanted her to do.

“It’s too bad you’re not here with me. I’m sure I would enjoy your company” His response came quickly.

“I’m sure you would,” Sarah typed, “I’m feeling like I need to delete these messages hehe, they don’t seem like ones that should be accidentally shared..”

She was kind of surprised at herself. She had known in that first message, asking if she was a ‘good comforter’ that he was thinking about having sex with her. She had felt that he wanted her for a long time, had seen the looks he gave her, not just the almost sad ones, but the hungry ones, like that night he grabbed her ass. He looked at her like he wanted to devour her, but Sarah had just brushed it off as a drunken moment.

They sent a few more flirty texts to each other during the afternoon, but then didn’t talk for about a week. Their conversation ended innocently, but she couldn’t get him off her mind. Sarah kept wondering what it would have been like to be with him, alone in his apartment, with few options as to how to spend their time. She had always felt that there was something growing between them, and now things were startung, even if slowly, to become real. She could no longer brush it off as flirting fueled by alcohol.

The next time they spoke, Sarah happened to be away from home for work, staying by herself in a hotel room. It started with a simple “Hello” text from Mike. Sarah said hello back, and mentioned that she was out for work and couldn’t text much, but that she would be alone later. Feeling brave she sent, “Now I’ll be alone, wishing I had someone to spend my time with..” Once she got back to the hotel room the conversation quickly turned from innocent flirting to full on sexting, each of them describing the things they would be doing to each other if Mike was in the hotel room with her. Sarah was glad she didn’t have to share the room with one of her co-workers.

As she read Mike’s messages of his desire to know just how soft her full lips were and how they tasted, and how he was certain of how good she would look standing in front of him in just her bra and panties she realized she was lightly running her fingertips along the edge of the waistband of her shorts, and that her nipples were firmly standing through her pajama top. She ran her palm over her nipples, sending a shiver down her spine as she responded to Mike, telling him how she wondered what his skin felt like against hers, what his hands would feel like on her body, and what he tasted like.

The things they were saying to each other were some of the hottest things Sarah had ever had said to her, and that she herself had said to anyone. She couldn’t remember a time that she was more turned on by someone, and Mike was actually over 300 miles away from her, and they were only texting, but it felt like he was there with her.

Message after message were read and sent, Sarah quickly learning the importance of knowing how to text with one hand. She held her phone in her left hand so she could tease herself with her right, occasionally setting it down, like when Mike said “I’d lift your shirt over your head, and bring my lips to your nipples, licking and sucking them, nibbling on them, moving from one to the next, my hand replacing my mouth,” she took her shirt off and brought her hands to her chest, cupping her full C-cups and pinching her nipples, rolling them between her fingers, thinking of his lips on her. As they talked she slipped her little shorts and panties over her hips, laying back in the bed fully naked, her fingertips grazing her warm, wet center as they talked of using their hands and mouths on each other. She mimicked the things Mike was saying to her, making small circles around her clit as if it were his tongue, bringing her fingers up to her lips to suck on them, making them wet with her spit before teasing her swollen pussy lips. Slowly her ran her finger up her slit, parting her lips before flicking her clit a few times, making her legs twitch. She slid two fingers deep into her cunt as Mike wrote “I’d pick you up off the bed and bring you over to the wall, lifting your legs around my waist, my hard cock grinding against your wet pussy before pulling my hips back, rubbing my head against your slit, coating it in your pussy juices before slamming all 8 inches of my thick cock deep into you.” Sarah fucked bahis siteleri her wet pussy with her two fingers while squeezing her tits and pulling at her nipples reading his words, cumming hard all over her hand, thighs and the bed, the walls of her pussy gripping her fingers as if it were Mike’s cock. She told Mike about how hard she was cumming for him, and her desire to be with him, and he told her the same. It was late by the time they had both encouraged multiple orgasms from each other with just their words, and they both needed to sleep.

A few weeks passed with no more messages between them. Sarah felt a little guilty, even though she had physically cheated, the messages between the two of them that night were more than just a conversation, and knowing that Mike was stroking his cock and getting off to the things she was saying back to him made it not so innocent. She still didn’t mention it to her partner, or to anyone. She was going to keep it her dirty secret.

Suddenly she got a text from Mike. It was a group text letting her and a few other friends know he was coming to town and wanting to see who was available for drinks. A small group responded and made plans to meet that evening, with Sarah arranging a ride from her roommate Emily, who was also mutual friends with Mike.

When Mike arrived at the bar he said hello and hugged everyone, and Sarah felt his lingering touches once again, and she could feel his eyes on her, burning into her skin. She felt flush and quickly ordered a cocktail to hide it if anyone was looking at her. Luckily for her, just one drink made her pale skin pink in her cheeks and across her chest so hopefully no one would notice her turned-on state from just a hug.

Throughout the night seats were switched as friends came and left, and a few times Mike ended up next to Sarah, with her on the last stool against the wall so she was talking across him to the rest of the group. The drinks were starting to take effect on her and she thought to herself “I wonder how far this can go with no one noticing,” and as she leaned forward so she didn’t have to shout, she placed her hand upon Mike’s thigh, lightly rubbing and squeezing, removing her hand before anyone would notice. A little while later, he grabbed her ass as she walked past towards the restroom. Once she was alone in the bathroom she realized that her panties were soaked, that even though they hadn’t talked about it, she knew what Mike was thinking every time he looked at her, and she knew she was thinking the same things. When she got back to the bar, her roommate Emily told her she was going to head home early, but Mike had already offered to bring her home later if she wanted to stay longer. Sarah knew there was no hiding her grin as she said yes, she would prefer to stay as it was still early and she didn’t have to work that next day. Sarah walked with Emily to her car to get her cigarettes, and Mike joined them, asking if he could have bum a smoke from her. Emily was not a smoker and didn’t like the smell so she left before Sarah lit one, leaving her and Mike alone in the darkened parking lot surrounded by quiet cars.

“Oh look, we’re alone,” Sarah said as she passed him her cigarette, not only letting her fingers linger, but taking a step towards him, closing the gap between them. “Mhmm” Mike said as he took a drag, blowing the smoke up and over her head. He passed it back to her, and they stood there, in the shadows, their hands lingering on each other’s, staring deep into each other’s eyes, not saying anything. The tension was building and Sarah couldn’t take it anymore. She had to do something. She reached up and snaked her hand around the base of his neck, pulling his face down and her lips up to his. “Holy shit” she thought as their lips parted and their tongues found each other, Mike’s hand wrapping around her waist and pulling her closer to him. She was thinking of everything and nothing as they stood their kissing, hands roaming over sweaters, the cigarette turning into a stick of ash. She thought of her partner, who didn’t want to come out that night even though they were friends with Mike too, the slight tantrum thrown when Sarah insisted she wanted to go out. She had had a long week and one way or another needed to blow off steam. She felt Mike bite on her bottom lip, which caused her to moan and press her body against his. She could feel his cock hardening between them, and suddenly heard a voice calling Mike’s name. “Shit” Sarah whispered as she pulled away, pretending to just stamp out the cigarette as if they were coming back inside. She heard Mike groan a bit as he walked towards the voice, leaving her in the shadows to collect her breath for a moment before heading back to the bar to refresh her drink.

A couple of shots later, more friends left and soon everyone was paying their tabs and heading home. Mike and Sarah were the last to leave, and as they walked towards his car he slipped his arm around her waist and rested his hand on her hip. His sudden closeness caused her breath to catch in her throat for a moment before she leaned into him, turning her face to press her lips against his neck. He opened her door for her, and went around to get in on the driver’s side.

Once in the car, doors closed and silent, they both looked at each other, as the air started to get thicker. They quickly looked each other over before Mike said “So..” and bahis şirketleri suddenly their lips were together again, tongues pressing hard against each other. Sarah slipped one hand around Mike’s neck and the other around his waist, her hand pulled at his shirt and sliding underneath to caress his back. It felt like Mike’s hands were all over her, and even though she could feel the console between them she didn’t even care. She was melting at his touch. He cupped her tits and reached his hand down her dress into her bra, pulling at her nipple and squeezing at her tits, pulling it from her bra. Mike ran his hand up to her shoulder, around her neck and up into her hair, slightly pulling as her kissed her, his other hand pushing her dress up to caress her panty-covered ass cheeks, his fingertips teasing under the seams, around to the soaked front. He moaned when he felt just how wet she was, and she pulled away for a moment and said, “I’ve been so wet since we kissed earlier.” His lips found her skin, where her neck meets her shoulder as he pushed aside her panties, getting a feel for just how wet she was. Sarah parted her legs to give him more room as he teased her wet lips and brought his fingers up to her clit. Sarah ran her fingernails across his back, and dug her fingers into his hair, her lips finding his neck to kiss and nibble lightly with her teeth as Mike slid two fingers into her wet pussy. Sarah moaned at the welcome intrusion, surprised at how he filled her with just his fingers, her wet pussy stretching around him as he worked his fingers inside of her. “Fuck, Mike, that is so good,” she moaned into his ear, as he started rubbing small circles over her clit with his thumb as he fucked her with his fingers. He could tell she was close and whispered in her ear, “Cum for me Sarah” his fingers moving faster and deeper, in and out of her pussy, her dress getting soaked in her juices, and she lost it. She moaned loudly as her body shook as the waves of her orgasm came upon her, her pussy tightly gripping his fingers as her girl cum coated his hand. He slowly slid his fingers out of her and brought them to his lips to taste her. “Mmm, tastes good,” he said as he licked his fingers clean while staring at her, her dress pushed up around her hips, pussy hanging out of her panties, one tit pulled up and out of her bra. He smiled as she blushed and rearranged herself, straightening her dress over herself.

“So,” Mike started again, “Am I just bringing you home?” Sarah grinned at him, grabbed his cock through his pants and said, “I want you to come home with me. I want every inch of you, but we can’t with Emily there.” Emily could be something of a prude, and was better friends with Sarah’s partner than with Mike. They couldn’t go to Mike’s because he was staying on his friends couch for the weekend. Suddenly Mike started the car and pulled out of the parking lot, not saying where he was planning on taking them. He took back roads that Sarah was strangely unfamiliar with for living in that town for her entire life, and suddenly she knew where they were headed. He was taking her to the high school, where they and a few other friends used to go and smoke weed years ago when they first met. When they got to the back parking lot, Mike turned and parked in a shadowed corner, on the opposite side from where there was one car that looked abandoned. They were alone. “Let’s get out,” Mike said, so Sarah got out and walked around to his side of the car. As she got close to him, he reached out and pulled her arm to get her to come in close to him, put his hand under her chin to lift her face to his and kissed her deeply, his hands sliding up her sides to her back to undo the zipper of her dress. Sarah grinded her hips against his erection pressing against her as her brought his hands up and pushed the straps of her short flowered dress off her shoulders. She stood before him in just her bra, her dress pushed down around her waist. He ran his hands over her chest staring at them, their soft white skin pressed up in a black push up bra and said to Sarah, “You are so sexy,” before reaching back and undoing her bra, pulling it off her shoulders and tossing it back through the open car window. His latched his lips onto her right nipple as he reached his hands up under her dress to pull her panties down below her ass, sliding his fingers into her still sopping wet pussy. Sarah’s hands found the buttons on his shirt, quickly undoing each one and pushing it off his shoulders so it hung down behind him at his elbows. She kissed and nibbled at every piece of bare skin she could reach, sinking her teeth into his shoulder as she came around his fingers for the second time that night. He took his juice coated fingers and brought them up to Sarah’s mouth, and she licked and sucked them clean while staring Mike in the eyes. She moaned and he removed his fingers from her mouth as she pushed him back so he was leaning against the hood, near the door. She kissed him and pressed her exposed breasts against his naked, hairy chest as she reached down and unbuttoned his pants and let the zipper down. He reached up and fondled her tits, pulling at her nipples as she reached her hand into his boxer shorts and wrapped her hand around his rock hard shaft. Mike gasped at her touch, his hips bucking slightly. She slowly ran her hand down to his tip, and rubbed her thumb across his slit, coating her finger in his precum. She pulled her hand out and used both of the hands to push his shorts and boxers down past his ass to fall in a heap around his ankles and immediately knelt down in front of him, taking his cock in her hand again.

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