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I could feel the warmth spread through my body as I deftly threw back my fourth shot of tequila. My face was flushed, the long week and all its stress was quickly disappearing from my mind, the tension leaving my body. I could feel the bass pulse through me as I made my way back onto the dance floor. The music was hot, the club was hot, and damn, I was feeling pretty hot myself. I was rocking my favorite little black dress. My well tanned legs, so smooth and sexy, my ass, so luscious as it moved sensuously to the music. I was feeling really good, and then my night got much better. I felt gentle hands caress my shoulders and work their way down my arms. Then he placed them on my hips and pulled me close and nestled me right into his crotch, he was so hard, so big. He rocked his hips to the music as he grabbed my hips tightly. He moved my ass in the familiar and arousing motions. I could feel his sculpted arms pressing into mine as we moved in rhythm to the music.

Then he ran his hands down the sides of my breasts, his fingers brushing against my nipples, arousing them, and sending tingles throughout my body. He ran them down to my hips and then firmly turned me around so I could see his dark and lustful eyes. I could smell his cologne, the alcohol, the music, I knew where it was leading. He leaned down and kissed me long and hard, rough, like he knew he would have his way with me tonight. He ran his hands down the outsides of my thighs as his face grazed my shaved mound through my dress, turning me on, getting the juices flowing. Then he slowly started to move his hands up the insides of my thighs, I knew erotik film izle I should stop him, but it felt so good. They were soon under the hem of my dress, and I could feel the shivers in my clit as he moved across my wet pussy. Of course I wasn’t wearing any underwear, there wasn’t much room in my dress for such things. He teased my clit softly and then ever so slowly and sexy licked his finger, his eyes piercing mine the entire time. Then he put his finger in my mouth and I hungrily licked and sucked it, my breathing getting heavier every second.

He pushed me back, as we moved towards the back wall of the club. The club was dark with lots of smoke and maroon crushed velvet curtains lining the walls. He pushed me into a dark corner, and the grinding got more intense. With his back to the wall, he bent me over until my hands touched the ground. I could feel my bare ass touching the soft material of his pants, contrasting his hard dick, trying so hard to escape. As he pushed into my ass, I couldn’t help but moan, I knew my cum was getting all over his pants as he pushed harder and faster…then I could feel his fingers pushing inside me, I wanted to scream as he hit my g-spot over and over again. I could hardly keep myself from collapsing. Then I could feel his hands fumble with his zipper, all common sense and tact must have left me with the last shot of tequila I took. I could feel his long, thick dick, wet with pre-cum, bounce against my ass cheeks. I knew I should move away, this was so stupid, had my week really been that bad? But my body would not listen as I slowly moved my ass to brush film izle against his dick. I could feel him position the head against my cunt, I moved back on it slowly, feeling it push inside, filling me so full. He began to gyrate his hips, back and forth, harder and harder, my moaning getting louder and louder. I knew I had juices running down my thighs by now, but I couldn’t stop. He was pounding me, stretching my pussy walls so far it hurt.

Then he swiftly moved in front of me and grabbed my legs, propping me up against the wall. He was biting on my hard nipples as he started pounding again, harder, I could feel him hitting my cervix, it hurt, but with each stab of pain came a wave of pleasure. I could feel my pussy spasm as my first orgasm came, I knew he couldn’t last much longer, I should really stop him now, there would be no way to hide the mess if he came on me, or in me. As my brain tried to register everything, especially the fact that the folks near us had probably figured out by now that were not just dancing anymore, he put me down and turned me around again. He spread my legs as wide as he could, rubbing my clit, bringing me to orgasm again. As I was clenching my teeth in the throes of my second orgasm, I realized he was twirling his finger around my asshole, spreading my cum all over it.

I started to stand up, realizing his intention, recognizing the impending pain if I did not move. I had only had anal sex a few times, definitely not with anyone near his caliber. He put his hand on the small of my back and pushed me back down as his head started probing my asshole. I jumped when his seks filmi izle head broke into my puckered hole. He gently and slowly pushed the rest of his massive cock inside my ass, it burned as it tore its way in, no amount of tenderness was going to change that. He slowly pulled out, I was so tight around him I could feel him start to spasm inside me as he leaked some cum into my ass, just enough to push his way all the way back in. I could feel his balls slap against my pussy he was so far into my ass. And then he started slamming into my ass with all the energy he had left. He grabbed my hips so hard I knew it would leave bruises. He thrust into my ass so hard, I knew his hips would leave marks on my cheeks. As I began to cum a third time and tighten on his dick he let out a loud moan and began to shudder as he spewed his load of hot semen inside my ass.

We both stood there for a few moments, spent, and needing some time to recuperate before trying to move on. He took off his shirt and wiped my thighs, my pussy, my ass, and tried to clean me up as best he could without being too blatant. Then he cleaned off his dick and hands and zipped his pants back up. He looked at me, paused a second, then told me he would be back tomorrow if I was interested, then he winked and sauntered off. I just smiled, honestly, because that was all I could muster at the time. I slowly and cautiously walked away myself. I knew it would be a long walk back to my car with the pain in my holes starting to sink in as the alcohol began to wear off, and my sanity slowly came to me. I knew I certainly would not be returning to this club tomorrow night, it would be asking for trouble. Random screwing is not a regular habit of mine, but the odds of me being able to say no, were pretty damn slim. After all, my stress had been relieved, did I really need more?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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