Strangers on a Train


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I glared out the window of the noon train. There wasn’t much in the way of scenery, unless you counted seeing junkyards or other passing trains. Every once in a while the train route would allow us to pass through some small farm country. But, even then, it still wasn’t all that amazing to look at. I swished through songs on my iPod as I sang along to the one currently playing. Fortunately, for me, I was sitting alone in the open coach compartment. It wasn’t unusual for the train to be completely empty during midday. As I began singing to the next song, I could feel the train begin to slow. I glared out the window as the train pulled into the station with a big plaque reading “Trenton Station”. I was now in Trenton, New Jersey. Just an hour’s ride from Townsend, Delaware, where I started. I was on my usual Friday trip to Seabrook, New Hampshire. Being I had Fridays off, I would go up to visit family, and then stay the weekend. This was a kept up tradition since college, which I graduated about two years ago. I could see people shuffle back and forth on the station platform, and for whatever reason I realized I had to pee. Still singing aloud, I got up and headed to the train restroom.

I washed my hands while watching myself sing to Twin Sister’s “All Around and Away We Go”. I laughed at myself as I tried giving what I thought was a seductive look into the mirror. I’ve always thought I wasn’t much to look at, but, apparently to everyone else, I was movie star beautiful. I had always been compared to Nina Dobrev when it came to my looks. From my face and dark brown hair down to the way my voice sounded and the way my body looked. Yes, it was true. Even I had to admit it was kind of eerie. I continued singing as I exited the train restroom. I immediately stopped once I saw another passenger sitting in the same open coach train compartment as me. Knowing that I had been heard, I simply smiled as I made my way to my seat. It was a guy about my age, maybe a little older. He had golden brown eyes, short light brown hair, a squared off face, with neatly trimmed facial hair. He was the very definition of the word handsome.

After I sat, I once again went back to gazing out the train window. Within five minutes, the train was on the move again. I pondered to myself on whether to give him a quick glance or just keep my eyes on the scenery outside the train. I finally decided to give him a quick look over. He sat just four rows in front of me, on the opposite aisle. I stared at him before noticing he was turning his head toward me. Without thinking, I quickly turned my gaze back to the train window. I could feel my cheeks blush as I knew I had almost been caught. A few moments passed by before I noticed him out of the corner of my eye, standing next to me. I paused the song I was listening to and looked up at him. He looked about six feet tall, and had a very muscular build. He wore a blue cardigan over a grey buttoned up shirt, navy colored jeans, with black converse shoes. He definitely looked dressed to impress, in a casual sort of way.

“Excuse me,” he said in a mildly husky voice. “I don’t mean to bother you, but being we are the only two within this compartment, may I sit next to you?”

“Yea, sure.” I smiled.

“I’m sorry, how rude of me. I’m Brian.”

“Hi, Brian. I’m Claire.”

“It’s nice to meet you Claire. Let me just go get my stuff.”

As he walked over to retrieve his things, which consisted of a brown over the shoulder book bag and a black leather duffle bag, I moved my purse out of the aisle seat next to me and onto my lap. While he walked back over to sit next to me, I smiled while also feeling my cheeks blush once more. I nervously wrapped my headphones around my iPod before shoving it into my purse.

“So, where are you headed? If you don’t mind me asking.” He said putting his bags onto the floor in front of him.

“No, not at all. I’m headed to Seabrook. What about you?”

“Portsmouth. I’m staying with my brother for a week.”

We talked for a good hour as the train clanked along the track. We talked about the different facets of our lives, the colleges we went to, our families, our tastes in food, and the many other interests we had. He told me about his career as a chef, and how the restaurant he works for would be moving to Portsmouth in two weeks; he also shared how this trip to spend a week with his brother would not only be a good opportunity to visit him, but to also look for a place nearby where the restaurant was to be opened. I told him about the small publishing company I work for in Townsend as an assistant editor, and how I was making my weekly visit to Seabrook to spend the weekend with my family.

“No luggage?” He asked seeing only my purse.

“Don’t need it. I keep some spare clothes at my parent’s place.”

“I have to be honest about why I wanted to come sit next to you,” he smiled. “It’s just you’re very beautiful, and I heard you singing in the restroom. I’m sorry, güvenilir bahis I definitely lack tactfulness.”

“Thank you. You’re not so bad yourself.” I giggled while looking into his golden brown eyes. “Also, tactfulness is overrated.”

“When I got on the train I heard your amazing voice coming from the restroom. Then when you came out, I knew I had to get to know you,” he said nervously blushing. “Plus, you also look eerily like the actress Nina Dobrev.”

“I get that quite a lot,” I laughed. “But, just between you and me, I think I’m prettier.”

“Well, also just between you and me, I do too!” He laughed with me.

We locked eyes as our laughter subsided. It seemed like we spent hours silently gazing into each other’s eyes, even though it was more like a minute or two. Brian interrupted the silence by giving me a kiss. At first I was surprised, but then after the first couple of seconds I gave into it. His lips were so soft and supple, but also quite firm. It wasn’t hard to find myself slipping into the pleasure of his kiss. But just as I was becoming immersed in the pleasure his lips brought me, he pulled away.

“I apologize,” he blushed. “I just…”

“It’s okay,” I said trying to pull myself together. “You just got swept up in…”

I immediately found myself grabbing onto Brian’s face with my hands and pulling him in for another kiss, knocking my purse onto the floor in front of me. The difference between this kiss, and the one before it, was how much more forceful my lips seemed to be. My lips not only took the lead, but also guided Brain’s where to follow. I could feel as his hands cautiously moved their way to my back, and then up to my head. Eventually, I found myself tugging at his lips with my own. Every time I tugged on a lip he’d push my head deeper into the kiss. I not only could feel his lips between my own, but I could feel as his facial hair grazed against my chin. The sensation of his lips, facial hair, and hands once again immersed me into a pleasure that was slowly spreading throughout my body. Only this time, the pleasure was multiplied greatly. Our breathing got heavier as our kissing became more passionate. It wasn’t long before I felt as though this kiss was merging us into one, as my lips no longer felt like my own. I was so caught up in the pleasure of the kiss that I didn’t notice as the train slowly pulled into the next station.

“We should probably stop,” he breathed as he pulled himself away.

“Let’s not,” I said catching my breath.

Brain rested his forehead onto mine, his hands loosely placed on my shoulders. The only noise that could be heard was the sound of our heavy breathing, and the shuffled feet of people outside on the train station platform.

“What if someone were to walk in?”

“Let them,” I whispered. “Can I help it if I want more?”

He smiled, looking into my eyes. Brian then tilted his head up and kissed my forehead. The kiss sent a wave of pleasure down through my body. His kisses were unlike any others I’d ever experienced. I placed my hands to his face and pulled him closer into me, my mouth only inches from his left ear.

“I want more!” I whispered into his ear seductively.

Before I knew it, Brian was kissing along the side of my neck as the train clanked away from the station. My breathing quickened as I felt his lips caress softly into my skin. Each touch of his lips to my neck sent a chill of pleasure down my body. I held my hands against his back as if to keep him in place, while his hands explored from my shoulders to my waist. Brian slowly worked his way down to the clavicle of my neck.

“Wait,” I whispered.

Brian stopped, turning his head to look around the train compartment. Realizing it was still empty, he turned back to me with a look of confusion. I smiled as I shoved him further back into his seat, while straddling myself into his lap.

“I think this is much better,” I giggled.

“Me, too!” He smiled widely.

He lifted himself to kiss me once more, but I held him in place. Instead, I smiled as I bent over him and began kissing alongside his neck, like he did me. I started at his jawline, feeling his facial hair beneath my lips, before I slowly made my way down toward his chest. I softly caressed my lips against the top portion of his chest that was exposed out from underneath his grey buttoned up shirt. I sat up as Brian lifted himself forward to remove his blue cardigan. After throwing it onto my seat, I pushed him back down. I then found myself slowly unbuttoning his grey buttoned up shirt until both his chest and abdomen were visible. He had a nice pair of pectoral muscles to go with his six pack abs, as well as having a slightly above average amount of chest and body hair. His chest hair was dark brown in color, and ran from the center of his chest down to the base of his pubic region. I glided both of my hands from the top of his chest down to the base of his abdomen. He smiled as I türkçe bahis reached back up to his chest and began massaging around his nipples. While my hands played with his nipples, his hands rested gently on my waist. But soon he was reaching up underneath my teal buttoned up sleeveless tank and feeling his way toward my upper abdomen. Brian was surprised once his hands made their way to my B cup sized breasts and he realized I wasn’t wearing a bra. He gripped my breasts firmly into his hands and began squeezing them gently. It wasn’t long before I was gyrating my hips over his pelvic area.

After a couple of minutes of me gyrating, and Brian squeezing on my breasts, he took his hands out from underneath my buttoned up sleeveless tank. The next thing I knew Brian was tearing open my teal buttoned up sleeveless tank, abruptly exposing my breasts, as well as scattering the white buttons to my sleeveless tank everywhere upon the floor. He then sat up, wrapped his arms around my waist, and began kissing in between my breasts before sucking on them. I could feel a chill of pleasure race through my body as he switched sucking from one breast to the other. The pleasure only increased as he sucked longer, and harder, upon my breasts. I also began to feel Brian’s penis become more erect from underneath his navy colored jeans. I pushed Brian back down into his seat, and returned the favor by sucking on his nipples.

“That feels great,” he moaned.

I gradually worked my way from sucking on Brain’s nipples to kissing down his abdomen. We soon felt as the train slowed in speed before pulling into another station, again. Once the train came to a stop, Brian looked around the train compartment while I gazed out the window onto the train station platform. Both the train station platform, and the compartment we were in, were entirely void of people. It appeared that Brian and I were in the clear. While the train was still, I used this opportunity to stand up and pull down my white denim shorts, revealing the black thong I had on underneath. But, before Brian could get used to the idea of me in a thong, I pulled them down, too. I then threw my white denim shorts, along with my black thong, onto my seat next to the window. I went back to straddling Brian in his seat just as the train began to pull out of the station. I smiled as I gyrated my vagina over the outside of Brian’s navy colored jeans, feeling the tight bulge that was his erect penis. This time his penis felt harder than before. His hands soon found their way to my clitoris, vibrating it gently before picking up speed. The vibration of his hands upon my clitoris sent a new chill of pleasure throughout my body, which was more intense and euphoric.

I leaned back with my hands on Brain’s knees to hold myself up as he continued to massage rapidly around my clitoris. Soon, his left hand was exploring every aspect of my vagina. He began by gliding his fingers over the lips of my vagina before stopping at my vaginal opening, all the while still vibrating his right hand on my clitoris. It wasn’t long before he began fingering me gently with his left hand, and massaging my clitoris with his right. I couldn’t help but smile as he slowly increased speed. As the pleasure within me increased with every second, it began to feel more like a wave of electricity than a chill. But, as fast as it had started, it stopped as Brian decreased his speed. Before I knew it, he was picking me up and laying me on the aisle floor. He then raised my legs onto his shoulders and shoved his mouth into my vagina. It felt amazing as he licked, poked, and prodded every inch of my vagina with his tongue, lips, and nose. I could only tilt my head back as the intensified pleasure within me overtook all my senses. It felt like every single part of my body was surging with electricity. I found myself so overcome with euphoria that I began giggling. When I looked up, I saw that Brian had his navy colored jeans, as well as his dark grey boxer briefs, pulled down to his knees; he had himself raised onto all fours, and was stroking his erect penis. From the way that I was angled, I could see that his pubic area was nicely trimmed, as well as having pubic hairs the same dark brown color as the rest of his body.

“Your turn!” I breathed, tapping my left hand on the aisle floor.

Brian smiled as we switched places on the aisle floor. He took off his jeans and boxer briefs, as well as his black converse shoes, before lying on his back so I could stroke his erect penis with both of my hands. His penis was eight inches in length, almost as thick as an average sized banana, and slightly tanner in color than the rest of his body. I started stroking at a leisurely pace, gradually building up the speed. I could feel as his penis throbbed beneath my hands. As I began to stroke it faster, his penis began to jump more and more. Brian was soon releasing pre-cum all over the top portion of his penis, which I used as lube while I stroked it güvenilir bahis siteleri harder and faster. I created a stroking pace of gentle to fast, back down to gentle. I did this as a way of teasing Brain, but also as a way to prevent him from ejaculating early. I repeated this process several times before I finally began sucking on his penis. Along the same lines of the stroking pace I’d created, I began sucking slowly, working my way to a faster speed before slowing back down. While I did so, I also gradually progressed his erect penis deeper into my mouth. Eventually, I was able to reach the base of it with my lips.

I continued to suck on Brian’s eight inch penis, all the while filling the empty train compartment with a slurping sound. After several minutes, I found myself experimenting with different ways to orally please him. I tried swirling my tongue around the head of his penis, humming to create a vibrating sensation, and even massaging his testicles with my hands. All attempts appeared to be working, as his penis would tremble within my mouth with each experiment I tried. As I pleased him, I also began pleasing myself. I began rubbing the fingers of my right hand all around my vagina, making sure to work my way into every crevice. I massaged from my clitoris down to the opening of my vagina, keeping in tangent to the stroking pace I was using on Brian. Before long, my vagina was swollen and pinkish red, as well as being slightly damper then before.

“I’m getting close!” Brian warned, sitting up to face me.

I removed Brian’s penis from my mouth before maneuvering myself into a sitting position in front of him. I leaned back, with my legs spread wide open, and continued to playfully massage all around my vagina. Brian watched hypnotically as I played with myself. I became more aroused as his gaze lingered. I, in return, gazed about Brian’s genitals; my eyes worked their way from his still fully erect penis down to his egg sized testicles. His testicles hung about four to five inches from his body, accentuating his erect penis nicely. I gradually switched from massaging my vagina, to fingering it. I started slowly, working my way to a faster tempo. My vagina felt roused, lubricated, and firmly pliable. I fondled myself deeper, unaware that the train had reduced in speed. I didn’t even notice the train had pulled into the next station on our route until Brian quickly turned his gaze toward the train window. I, too, looked out the window onto the station platform. We both heard the distant shuffling of feet outside on the station platform as we sat motionless. The only other sound I heard was that of my racing heart. I could feel as the adrenaline pumped throughout my body, making me feel both aroused and scared at the same time. My fear, as well as my arousal, was valid as both Brian and I were naked, though I still wore my now torn, buttonless teal sleeveless tank. When the train finally pulled out of the station, a wave of relief flooded through the both of us.

“Was your heart racing?” I asked smiling.

“What do you mean, was?” he breathed. “It still is. What about you?”

“It was, and still kind of is. But, surprisingly, I feel even more sexually aroused then before!”

“You make me so sexually aroused that my dick is fucking hard as a rock.”

“Do I now?” I smiled, taking my right hand to finger myself again.

“Yea!” Brian laughed. “Watching you touch yourself makes me wanna fuck you so damn hard!”

I giggled as Brian rushed his way over to me, with an aroused look in his eyes. He pushed me down on my back before grabbing my legs, one in each hand. He slid off my four inch teal wedges from each foot before he threw them over by my seat. He then positioned his pre-cum and saliva lubricated penis over my waxed pubic area and moved my legs tightly together. Brian thrust his erect penis between my thighs while he held his arms firmly around my legs, grunting the entire time. I could feel as Brian’s testicles slammed into my vagina, sending a quick vibration through me every time. I began to massage my nipples as Brian locked eyes with me. He looked intense, almost animalistic. It wasn’t long before I could see more pre-cum drip from the head of his penis as his thrusts continued. As the pre-cum dripped out of him, I swiped it up with my fingers and began to rub it into my nipples, and surrounding breast tissue. This made Brian even wilder, as he began to thrust his penis even faster in between my legs. Without hesitation, he let go of my legs and began to position his penis to enter my vagina.

“Do you have a condom?” I asked, covering my vagina with my right hand.

“I think so,” he grunted. “Let me look.”

Brian crazily rushed toward his navy colored jeans on the aisle floor behind us. He dug through his pockets until he found his black leather wallet. He searched madly through the wallet for a condom, but couldn’t find one. He then raced for his bags by his seat, digging through them frantically. Eventually, he pulled out a small fluorescent yellow colored wrapper, waving it excitedly above his head.

“I found one!” he smiled widely.

“I can see that,” I giggled. “Let me help you put it on.”

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