Stepdad Carl Pt. 06


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I got up later had another shower and went down for something to eat, I roamed around the farm checking things out, I saw Dale out in the fields driving the tractor, he waved for me to get on, I got in the cab and he told me what he was doing, it all seemed pretty interesting, he asked if I was hungry, I told him I had just eaten, he grabbed his cock thru his overalls showing me his rock hard cock.

“I am always hungry for cock and cum.” I said smiling.

I sucked another load out of Dale.

“Tommy man my balls ache so much lately since you came here, probably from being drained so many times in one week. Appreciate it man.” Dale said to me.

Dale and I spent the night alone, we went to bed early, I sucked his cock once more, then he fucked me throughout the night, I would miss having his cock deep inside of me. We went to his friends place again the following evening, they fucked me relentlessly, one after the other my hole would never be the same again, my mouth was able to take bigger cocks deeper. Dale wanted us to leave early once back at the farm he said he wanted to spend our last night alone, we chatted with my Aunt and Uncle and Dad for a short while, Dale says he was off to bed. We said our goodnights and I followed him to his room, we slowly got undressed and crawled into bed Dale pulled me to his chest seems he wanted to snuggle.

“I’m going to miss you Tommy and not only for the great sex for having you here with me .” Dale said to me.

“I will miss you too, and your friends and their cocks too.” I said smiling.

Dale fucked me repeatedly that night but he was more tender, it was different, he kissed my neck he was much more affectionate, his strokes were softer not as hard and rough. Seems Dale had developed feelings for me, I too more than liked him I did not want to go I wanted to stay. Dale did not keep his cock in me he pulled me close he held me to his chest, he kissed my forehead I lifted my head and placed my lips on his, he gently kissed me back.

“Why don’t you stay, your done school, we can put you to work on the farm here and we can be partners” Dale suggested kind of choked up.

“Dale I have to think about it, I want to stay and I want to be here with you, but my place is with my Stepdad right now he needs me and I need him.” I said to Dale.

The next morning Dad and I said our goodbyes to all, I had said goodbye to Dale alone earlier, I ended up on my knees his cock deep in my mouth, then in my ass for one last goodbye fuck. When we were all saying our goodbyes to my Aunt and Uncle Dale gave me a smile as we shook hands. Dad and I got in the car and drove away.

“Did you have a good time with Dale and his friends son?” Dad asked me smiling.

“Sure did Dad but I really missed being in bed with you, and I missed that beautiful cock of yours can we pull over so I can suck it for you?” I asked him.

His cock was throbbing in his pants, it needed some attention, it needed my mouth and lips to drain a weeks worth of cum out of his hefty balls.

“Can’t pull over Son it will attract to much attention in these farming areas, we will have to wait for tonight in the motel room.” Dad said to me smiling.

“But Dad your cock is so hard and ready for my mouth to drain your balls.” I said as I ran my hand over his bulging cock trapped in his pants.

“Stop it Tommy your going to make me crash the car.” Dad said his cock getting harder.

“Dad canlı bahis I could just unzip your zipper let your cock out for some air, maybe let your cock breath a bit.” I said licking my lips.

I took the zipper in my hands and slowly slid it down, his cock pressing to get out so it could grow to its full size. I got the button undone, his cock pushed outwards, I wanted, no I needed the man’s cock in me right now. I fiddled with his underwear till I found the opening so I could get his cock out in the open. Dale had gotten me so horny, I needed cock in my mouth or ass every chance I could get now.

Dad’s huge cock pointed straight out of his underwear, it dripped its clear fluid I so wanted and needed. I held his cock in my hand, my thumb rubbed the precum on his knob, I brought my hand to my mouth and sucked my thumb clean. I had to have his cock in my mouth now, Dad had to pull over or be able to drive while I sucked him.

I released my shoulder seat belt strap so I could lean in, my tongue lapped at the precum the man oozed out, I gently sucked the tip of his knob the man was going crazy, a week was far to long for him to go without draining his balls. It would not take long for his balls to release their payload, Dad finally had to pull over he could not concentrate on driving and what I was doing to his beautiful cock.

It took only minutes and his cock was flooding my mouth and throat with his wonderful white cum, oh how I missed this man’s cock and cum for that matter Dale and his friends were good but Dad’s cock was the cock for me. I licked his cock completely clean, I put his cock back in his underwear, zipped him up and we were on our way, a couple cars slowed to see if Dad was having issues seeing he was pulled over on the side of the road, he simply gave them a thumbs up waving them on.

We continued on, our first stop a motel along the highway, Dad got us a double room, queen sized bed, I quickly got in the shower I wanted the man’s cock in me as soon as humanly possible. Dad was laid out on the bed naked and rock hard, I came out wet. I got on top of him getting him wet in the process, he and I kissed, I planted kisses all over his body from head to delicious toe.

I held his cock in my hand, it dripped precum like a geyser, I swirled my tongue around it getting his knob wet and shiny. I licked his pole base to tip, kissing his cock, sucking on his piss slit to see if I could encourage more clear fluid to seep out. I took the man’s balls in my mouth, one at a time gently holding them in my mouth, my tongue bathing them in saliva.

My hand gently stroking his cock slowly, keeping him hard and dripping, the precum seeping down the side of his huge tool.

“Tommy Son you are a quick learner, I taught you well, did you enjoy sucking your cousins cock while you were at your Aunt and Uncles farm?” Dad asked me.

“Sure did Dad his friends too, but I still always want back at your beautiful pole, this pole was made for my mouth and ass.” I replied not stopping licking his huge cock.

I slowly took his huge cock in my mouth, I was determined to take it to the base. Slowly his huge pole disappeared down my throat, I held it there, my tongue lapping the underside as my throat continued to stroke his cock with every swallow. Dad’s balls pulled in tight, I could only hold this for so long I had to catch my breath.

Dad’s cock spewed out more and more cum I did not think it would bahis siteleri stop shooting, his body tightened, his hands gripped the bedspread.

“Fuck Tommy Suck my cock Son, Oh Yes! Yes TOMMY!” Dad screamed as his balls drained in my wanting mouth

I am sure the entire Motel heard him as his cock exploded in me, the guy in the next room knocking on the wall. He laid there his cock slowly deflating, his balls descending back in their sack, his eyes closed his expression totally relaxed. I played with his cock to make it hard once more, I needed to get fucked my ass craved cock now.

I gently stroked his cock sucking on his knob, his cock quickly returned to its hardened state, I grabbed the lube getting his cock rock hard. I climbed the man and put his tool to my opening, my hole engulfed his cock, it needed his cock in me. I sat there his cock deep inside me, I flexed my ass muscles his cock pulsed as I did this, I did not even have to ride him I could stroke his cock with my ass and kegel muscles.

The expression on Dad’s face was priceless, he did not know what or how I was doing what I was doing but he was loving what I was doing. Reading all those porn mags paid off, they taught me many things along the way, flexing my kegel muscles I could stroke a man’s cock without even moving up or down.

I slowly started to ride his huge cock, dam it felt good to be back on this man’s cock, Dale was good but he could never be as good as Dad ever was. Dad’s balls started to rise in their sack, it was far to soon for him to cum I needed him to last a bit longer, I was so close to an explosive orgasm myself.

I stopped all motion, I sat perfectly still on his huge cock, his orgasm slowly subsided, I could edge the man over and over, bring him close then stop. I started with more of the kegel stroking, the man loved this, his cock enveloped by my ass muscles. I worked his cock till once again his balls rose, his shaft swelled, he was so close. I abruptly stopped, his balls would ache, his cock begged to unload, I sat still his orgasm once again subsided.

“Tommy Son you’re killing me here, my balls ache my cock needs to unload soon Son, I want to pin you down and fuck that ass of yours so hard right now.” Dad said with lust filled eyes.

He could not take much more, I grabbed my own cock, when I held it tight my ass muscles tightened on his cock deep inside my hole. I once again pulled his cock with my kegel muscles, working his tool, my cock was on edge. I too needed to unload, I started to ride his cock, up and down the movements nice and slow. He and I not in any hurry we had days before we needed to be home, and I needed the man’s cock inside me as much as he possibly could do it for me.

My orgasm was imminent my balls pulled in tight, I stopped stroking my cock I would edge myself, make my orgasm count. Once it subsided I started once again, riding his cock stroking my own, the look in Dad’s eyes was beyond lust at this time. He needed to cum or his would go crazy.

“Tommy Please Son I need you to let me cum soon, my balls are starting to hurt now. Please Son let Daddy cum.” Dad begged me.

I responded by only smiling, my own cock was in need or relief soon or I would be going crazy myself. I started with the kegel then I rode him hard, his cock would blow a massive load in me. I squeezed my own cock, I was so close, I was right on the edge, Dad grabbed me and pulled me into a kiss, his cock bahis şirketleri hit me just in the right spot, my cock exploded, I shot us both in the chin across my chest my cock never seemed to stop shooting.

I screamed as my cock shot us through the air onto our intertwined bodies.

“Dad Oh Yes Fuck My Hole Please, Yes Daddy give it to ME.” I screamed out loud as my cock exploded.

With my own orgasm wracking my own body Dad bent his knees so he could ram his cock in deeper, my hole would be swimming in cum soon. Dad pounded me like never before, four or five hard strokes and his cock started to push its seed deep inside my bowels.

“Oh Fuck Yes Tommy Take Daddies Big Cock Son, Take It, Oh Fuck YESS.” Dad screamed as his cock shot me full of cream.

The incredible feeling of a cock flooding your hole with cum is so amazing and hard to describe. All I knew is I wanted more of him and his huge cock, but right now my balls ached and my hole was sore and dripping. Dad pulled out his own cock and balls sore from the huge workout he and I had just had.

The guy next door was once again banging on the wall for us to shut to hell up. I looked at Dad and laughed out loud, watching him lay there beside me naked, sweaty, his cock covered in lube and cum, his face a look of exhaustion, I have never seen a more attractive man in my entire life. I leaned over half on him, I turned his head so he was looking at me, I leaned in for a kiss, a long sensual kiss, a kiss with love, without saying the actual words.

I rolled back on my back, shut off the lights and we were out, Dad even snored a bit he was so worn out, I woke up at about two in the morning Dad was out, I placed his arm under my neck and snuggled in close to him. Dad quickly pulled me close to him, I snuggled in covering us both up with the blanket.

Dad was up first he woke me trying to get his arm out from under my neck.

“Sorry Son have to get up to pee, go back to sleep, it’s much to early to be up right now.” Dad said as he walked into the washroom.

I heard him pissing, the man had a loud stream of piss, he quickly was back in bed, I lifted my head so he could get his arm in under me, he pulled me in close and we were both out in minutes. We woke to a noise outside the next room to ours, the neighbours were trying to get even with us it seems.

I laid with my head on the man’s chest, I felt so safe so comfortable, so happy, I knew it was where I was supposed to be. Dad and I finally got out of bed and in the shower, his cock still tender from the workout last night, he was not ready for anything this morning. As we exited our room the people in the room next to ours were coming back from breakfast.

The wife gave us a dirty look, the husband stared at the both of us, there was no denying Dad and I were having sex, really wild sex in our room. I did it on purpose I pulled Dad into a kiss.

“Shall we go for breakfast Dad?” I asked him smiling.

“Yes Son let’s do that.” Dad said almost laughing.

The wife was mortified, the husband only stared that much more, think maybe the man wanted a threesome with us. I was game cock in both holes sign me up for that kind of action. Dad and I found a pancake place for breakfast, the young waiter was so cute in his tight uniform that hugged his ass so perfectly.

I could see Dad was game for a threesome with this young guy, but he looked to inexperienced for that kind of fun, Dad and I may terrify him. Dad and I decided not to rush back home he was off for another week and my classes did not start for a month, we had time to look around and maybe have some fun with some of the locals.

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