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A few weeks ago I stumbled over a strange website after my husband Nick had inadvertently left the page opened on our computer. Id never actually seen photos of men wearing lingerie before and after an initial revulsion I came to see them as totally erotic. We’ve been married about 5 years now and our sex life has always been OK, but I always feel that Nick is somewhere else when we make love. Now I know and I just wish he’d shared his secret fetish with me long ago, because he might have been surprised at my reaction. I’ve never done something like this before, but I thought I’d tell you about some things that have changed our lives……………..

The story began one Monday morning about a month ago. I was getting ready for work, putting on a pair of sheer navy stockings, (Yes I actually wear stockings not pantyhose), in a hurry as usual, when I noticed a small run just under the lace stay up top.

“Damn’, I muttered, as I didn’t have a spare pair. I quickly dabbed a bit of nail polish on the run and hoped it would hold till I could get to the store. I finished dressing and ran down stairs, pecked Nick on the cheek and told him again I’d be late home, so he’d need to fix dinner for himself tonight because I’d eat out. He shooed me out the door into the garage and I climbed into the car. Nick operated the remote door and I drove off up the drive. Nick is an architect and works from our home office, and I work as a PA to the CEO of a large advertising agency in the city, so I’m always the one in a mad rush in the mornings.

Fifteen minutes later I was just pulling into the Park’n Ride car park when I realised I’d left my laptop in the bedroom at home and on it was a presentation I needed for my boss that day.

“Oh shit!” I cried and slapped the steering wheel so hard it hurt.

I reversed and sped out of the car park back towards home. I broke all speed records and ten minutes later pulled up in front of our house. I got out of the car leaving the door wide open and raced up the stairs to our bedroom and flung open the door. My laptop was sitting on the bed and standing in front of the mirrored wardrobe door was Nick. I just gaped. Nick was wearing a pale blue bra, pale blue, sheer full cut panties with a wide lace waist band, a blue suspender belt and sheer beige stockings. He even had a beautiful pair of white high heel slides on. I remember thinking, “the bra and panties are mine, but whose kaçak bahis siteleri are the suspender belt and shoes?” Nick turned to me, his face bright red,

“Peta, what are you doing back?” he stammered. He tried in vain to cover his cock which was very obviously rock hard and clearly outlined in the sheer blue nylon.

“Nick I don’t have time for this right now” I snapped at him. “I’m already so late. We’ll have to talk later.” And with that I grabbed my laptop and ran back to the car.

I just made the train, feeling confused and completely flustered. I couldn’t get the image of Nick and his enormous erection behind those pretty panties out of my mind. I found it so totally erotic that in spite of myself I was getting so horny and squirmed around in my seat. I’m 33 years old and quite good looking I’m told, but my best assets are my long legs and small bum. My boobs are still nice and firm, but quite smallish. So with good legs I try and wear short skirts whenever possible and that’s why I like stockings. I guess I’m a bit of a tease, but I like to flash a bit of lacy stocking top when I know some guy, is looking and I love it as the bulge in their pants becomes more and more obvious. Some day I’ll get myself in all sorts of trouble doing that.

Today was important at work because we were doing a big pitch for a major soft drink account. I was dressed appropriately for the day in a navy business suit with a sheer white georgette t-shirt under the jacket. Normally the jacket stays on because my navy Wonderbra showed through like the t-shirt wasn’t even there. The matching navy panties were just gorgeous with a lace front and satin back, and of course my navy stockings and little navy half slip completed a very sexy package. I’ve always had a weakness for sexy lingerie and that’s probably why I found the image of Nick wearing it so hard to shake. I just wanted to reach out and touch his cock…………….

“You’re looking very businesslike today Peta,”. My boss, Tony, interrupted my thoughts as he came into the office. Tony is a Canadian of Italian extraction. He’s a bit of a spunk actually and although we get on very well, neither of us had ever crossed the line. He sat across the desk from me and we chatted about the presentation due that afternoon. Suddenly the phone rang and Tony picked it up. It was the client confirming some details for the presentation and as Tony discussed these I canlı bahis siteleri glanced down and noticed that run in my stocking had now advanced past the nail polish, and I would have to go and get a new pair before this afternoons meeting. Absent mindedly I pushed my skirt higher to examine the damage and poked at the lacy welt with one red nailed finger tip.

“Very nice indeed” Tony was saying to me as he put the phone down. I jerked back to reality, suddenly realising that Tony was gazing right up my skirt to my navy panties, but more importantly, I didn’t care that he was, because I was still so turned on from this morning. I looked back at him and held his gaze.

“I’m glad you like the view” I said quietly, and like a complete tart I slightly opened my legs further. Tony sucked in his breath and leapt to his feet. He opened the office door and yelled to the receptionist that he was not to be disturbed under any circumstances for at least an hour. He shut the door and stood in front of me, then reached down and pulled me to my feet.

“You are one sexy bitch” he growled, grinning broadly. “I’ve always had the hots for you and you know it don’t you?”

“So what are you going to do about it?” I asked tilting my head up to be kissed. Tony kissed me hard, his tongue pushing into my mouth and I responded with quick darting thrusts of my own. Our bodies ground against each other and I could feel his penis growing longer and harder by the second. We came up for air and Tony unbuttoned my jacket and pushed it back from my shoulders. He gazed at my breasts so clearly outlined in their navy lace bra through the diaphanous t-shirt and cupped them with both his hands.

“Absolutely stunning” he whispered. I pushed him away, forcing him to sit in an armchair and I pulled the T-shirt over my head and threw it in his lap. I then reached around and unzipped my skirt and it slithered to the floor so I could step away from it. I hooked my fingers in the waistband of my half slip and wiggled it down and off, catching it with the toe of one navy pump and flicking into his lap as well. I posed with hands on hips, knowing I looked great, but preferring to keep my bra and panties on at this stage, because I really wanted to pleasure him first. Tony stood and fumbled with the buckle on his belt, at the same time trying to get rid of his shoes.

“Careful lover” I said, “You’ll injure yourself. yasal bahis siteleri Let me help” I undid his belt and slowly edged the zip down and the trousers fell to the floor. Tony kicked them away and then his shirt followed. He wore a pair of natural silk trunks and his cock stood rampant against his tummy. I put the flat of my hand against it and rubbed the shaft softly though the trunks. Tony closed his eyes and groaned softly as I edged the trunks down and off, his cock almost quivering in anticipation. I pushed him back in the chair and knelt between his legs. The navy half slip was on the floor beside me, so I picked it up and wrapped it around his cock, then slowly slid it up and down the length of it. The nylon slid silkily against him and the lace hem rasped softly against his rock hard member. Tony threw his head back and groaned again.

“Christ don’t stop doing that,” he whispered as I continued my slow stroking. “God I love that.”

“Do you like my half slip?” I murmured. “It looks so pretty around your cock. You are so hard it just slides up and down so easily. I kept whispering to him, all the while continuing to bring him closer to the edge. I could feel his lust building

“Don’t stop baby. Just keep doing that. God that is so fantastic” He placed a hand over mine to get in on the action, but I pushed him away.

“No Tony, I scolded playfully. “I can do this myself.” Suddenly I felt him tense and his eyes opened. He looked straight at me and cried “Baby I’m going to cum.” I didn’t stop my rhythm on his cock as he exploded into my half slip, cum quickly seeping through the navy lace as I kept stroking.

“Fuuuuck” he gasped. “Fuck I’ve never had a hand job like that before. Why did we wait so long?” Tony threw his arms wide and collapsed back in the chair as I wiped his cock clean.

“Its crazy” he said, “but I’ve always had this lingerie thing. It just really gets me going. Christ I hope I’m not gay or something. Whaddya think?”

I stayed on my knees before him playing with his not so limp cock.

“I don’t think so” I told him, “but let me tell you a little story about what happened to me this morning”. And I told him about the experience with Nick and his pretty outfit and how I thought it was just the sexiest thing I’d seen, and that all I’d really wanted to do was bonk him silly while he was wearing it. Tony’s penis was obviously in complete agreement.

Tony grinned. “Perhaps the three of us should get together some time sometime?’ he suggested

“Why Tony,” I smirked. “I think that would be a great idea. But what on earth would we do?”

“Don’t worry,” he laughed out loud. “One of us will think of something.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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