Spring Delights Ch. 1


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It happened the spring I came to live with my father’s new family. I really liked my new stepbrother Billy. I’d watch him, biting my bottom lip to keep myself from uttering a sound. His body was a divine work of art. He was so muscular and had such soulful eyes. He was hot. The more I watched him, the more I wanted him. When I was alone in the house I’d go into his room, slip off my own shirt and put on one of his. Then I’d lie down on his bed, slip my hand inside my panties and masturbate to fantasies of him. Oh, the things I wished he’d do to me.

After a while, it became harder to contain myself. I began leaving my bedroom door ajar when I undressed, hoping he would see me. I wasn’t sure if had or not, so I decided it was time for something bolder. One day, while alone in the house, I went into his room like usual, only this time I had a Polaroid camera with me. I took pictures of myself in his room as I undressed. First I took one with my blouse unbuttoned. Then one wearing just my lace bra and matching panties. It was hard to get the pictures to come out right, but I persisted in my efforts. Then I took off my bra. I wanted to be sure he got a glimpse of my big tits.

Next I laid down on Billy’s bed and took one of my hand inside my panties. Then I took off my panties. It felt good to finally be completely naked on his sheets. I took a picture canlı bahis with my legs spread, then with my hand caressing my pussy. Satisfied with the results, I sealed them inside an envelope and hid them beneath his pillow. I was so horny, being naked in his room and knowing he would soon open my gift. I found that lightly gliding and grinding my pussy over his bedpost felt nice. Very nice. It wasn’t his cock, but it did the trick in getting me off. I licked my own cum off the bedpost when I was done.

Later that day, Billy did indeed find the surprise I had left for him. And surprised he was, as he lay on his bed looking at the sexy pictures of his stepsister. It turned him on to know now what I’d been doing in his room when he was gone. It gave him a hard on, and he beat off while looking at the pictures. He decided to make me wait a day before making his move. He needed me to understand that when he did take me, he was going to be in control. So the next morning, he just smiled at me and said “morning” like he always did. He could tell the wheels were turning in my head. He came a little to close to me while stepping around me in the kitchen, our bodies touching as he looked briefly into my eyes, then left for work. I was so hot that day. I masturbated repeatedly.

That night, while I lay sleeping, Billy quietly entered my room, making sure bahis siteleri to lock the door behind him. He sat down on the bed beside me and softly stroked my cheek. I awoke with a start, my heart pounding in my chest as our eyes locked, his face just inches from mine. The next moment brought our first kiss, filled with tenderness and longing. As the kiss deepened, our hunger for each other became more impatient and insistent. Our tongues tangled as he pulled the covers off me and his hands began to roam freely over my body.

I thought I’d go insane in the moments I waited for him to slip his hands under my night gown. To my surprise and delight, he instead grabbed hold at the neckline and ripped it open in one quick motion. I wanted to touch him. I needed to touch him. I glided my hand over the bulge in his pants and smiled at the hardness of his of his mighty cock. He grabbed hold of my wrists and tied them to the headboard with a long scarf. All his movements were both gentle and controlling.

His hands cupped my big tits and his mouth came down, sucking first one, then the other, then biting the erect nipples roughly. While his mouth was devouring my tits, his hand found it’s way between my thighs to tease my clit. I was writhing beside him, struggling to be quiet lest anyone hear us. He brought his cum soaked finger to my lips and watched me bahis şirketleri as I sucked them. He whispered how much he liked the photos I gave him. He made me tell him the fantasies I had while I masturbated in his room. I wanted him, and not in a sister-brother way.

The thought of him playing with me, fucking me, beat the shit out of that notion. I wanted to be his toy, his favorite toy. I wanted him to want me bad so he’d take me at every given opportunity. I wanted him to create the opportunities. His deft fingers slipped between my thighs again, roughly caressing my pussy as his tongue plunged in and out of my mouth. I shuddered as I came, and he told me “You like that baby don’t you? You like it when I play with your pussy don’t you? Your pussy is going to be mine now.” I could barely speak. I was excited to the core.

He untied my hands from the headboard and my hands sought his ass as he drove his dick deep inside me. His mouth came down on mine to silence my moans. His tongue darted in and out of my mouth in rhythm with the thrust of his dick in and out of my pussy. I dug my nails into his ass, I couldn’t get him close enough. I wanted him to devour me, own me.

Inside my head I was thinking “It’s really happening. Billy is fucking me. He’s finally fucking me.” Only it was so much more, he was making love to me. His strokes became faster as my hips arched up to meet him until he finally exploded inside me. I came harder than I ever came before. I couldn’t wait until we did it again. I knew my stepbrother Billy would take me repeatedly now. I was his.

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