Spending Some Time with Uncle Ken


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I am married now, in my early 30s with children of my own. However, this story is one of the most erotic moments of my life. It happened when I was a 19-year old college student, and it is the story of getting fucked by my Uncle Ken.

My name is Becca. My physical characteristics now and at the time of this story are pretty similar. I am of Middle-Eastern descent and have black hair and chestnut colored eyes. I am fairly athletic and participated in sports through high school, but I’ve always been thick.

Admittedly, I am thicker now after several children. However, when I was in high school I was a little self-conscious comparing myself with naturally thinner girls or even more conventional blondes, thinking what the boys were interested in then was going to be the case forever. However, as I headed off to college I began to notice more attention from older men. I was busty, and I knew men appreciated that, but I also had thick thighs, wide hips, and a fat ass. As the attention increased, my confidence increased.

I liked the attention. I encouraged it. I dressed in ways that emphasized my curves. I had several affairs with older, married men. It was a real high. The boys may not have paid me much attention, but the men did.

Given my background, our extended family was incredibly close. We all lived relatively nearby each other. My mother had five sisters in the area, but my Aunt Val and I were especially close. She was the youngest of her sisters, and probably the most “Westernized”. I admired her, and she was like a big sister to me. We talked about everything and trusted each other implicitly.

When I was 19, Aunt Val was in her late 30s. She was married to Ken, a white police officer. Together, they had two children who were 8 and 6 when this took place. As I said, Aunt Val and I talked about everything together and this included sex. She knew everything about me, and I knew everything about her. This included her sex life with Uncle Ken.

Uncle Ken was definitely an alpha-male. He was a gym rat, who despite working late, often arose at the crack of dawn to go for a run and then lift in their garage, which he had set up with free weights and pull-up bars, etc. As such, he was muscular and built. According to Aunt Val, he had an insatiable sex drive and was amazing in bed. Given that Val was so head over heals for him and she was my idol, I had long harbored a crush on him.

Recently, Aunt Val had confided in me that she and Uncle Ken had been having some issues in their marriage. Aunt Val had recently gone back to work and made a lot of new work friends. As such, she was wanting to spend a lot of time with them and Uncle Ken felt she was partying a little too hard for a wife and mother of two young ones. Aunt Val was very resentful about this and had double-downed on her partying. She also mentioned that it had been weeks without a physical encounter with Uncle Ken, which was the longest “dry spell” of their marriage.

Over summer break, I was home and I received a call from Aunt Val. She told me that she had just got a call from her work friends and they were headed out for the evening. She told me Uncle Ken was working a double-shift and would not be home until late. She asked if I would be willing to come over and watch the kids. This was not abnormal and I had definitely been my little cousin’s most frequent babysitter when I was in high school. Aunt Val told me to pack a bag to sleep over, and to bring a bathing suit so that her and I could use their hot tub after she got back from drinks with her colleagues. I agreed and headed on over.

I arrived, and Aunt Val was getting ready in her bedroom. I threw down my bag in the guest bedroom, across the hall from Aunt Val and Uncle Ken’s bedroom on the first floor and headed into her bedroom. I sat down, and we chatted as she got ready.

“Thank you so much for doing this, Becca,” Aunt Val said as she applied her lipstick in her vanity mirror. She then glanced at me for the first time. “Damn! You are looking amazing, girl!”

I laughed, “Amazing?” I was wearing a white tank top and short navy blue cotton gym shorts. Underneath, I wore a white bra (and a white thong underneath my shorts, although she couldn’t see that). “I’m a mess.”

Aunt Val was exasperated. “If that’s a mess, I’d love to be a mess. You look incredible and your body is looking great. No wonder those guys are all over you. I didn’t look as good as you in my prime.”

“Thanks, Aunt Val. You know you are beautiful,” I said.

Aunt Val told me she didn’t anticipate being too late tonight and imagined she would beat Uncle Ken home. In fact, she was kind of hoping to beat him home, because she didn’t want him to know she went out. Shortly thereafter one of her friends was beeping their horn outside and Aunt Val headed out.

I had an uneventful evening with my cousins and got them to bed around 10. I settled in to watch a movie and must have drifted off. I heard a car pull up and woke up. I glanced at the clock buca escort bayan and saw it was 11:30. As I started to get up, the front door opened and one of Aunt Val’s friends was carrying her inside.

“Oh my god, is she okay?” I asked.

“Yeah! She’ll be fine,” her friend said. “I’m Alison, Val’s friend from work. You must be Becca. Can you give me a hand so we can put her in bed?”

I helped Alison get Aunt Val into bed. Alison pulled a bucket out from under the bed and put it next to Aunt Val. Afterwards, she headed out. There went our hot tub plans! I was honestly really disappointed and kind of angry with Aunt Val. I thought she had kind of undersold her partying, and also, selfishly, was disappointed I was not going to be able to use the hot tub. I decided to make some popcorn before heading back to the couch in the living room.

As I was waiting for the popcorn to pop, the front door opened again, and Uncle Ken emerged in his full uniform. His eyes widened as he recognized me, and he seemed to be checking out his niece as his eyes seemed to roam from my face down my body and back up again.

“Ah. Becca! Good to see you,” Uncle Ken said. His eyes narrowed, and he began to look around a bit. “Where’s Val?”

“In bed,” I replied. Spitefully, and perhaps in my immaturity naïve to the implications to their marriage said, “She just got home.”

His eyes narrowed again, and he walked briskly into their bedroom. Almost immediately, he came back out and was walking deliberately. His face seemed to be red with anger at first, but then he made eye contact with me again and his face returned to its normal color.

“So, Val went out?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said. “She came home just a little while ago. Like that.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Uncle Ken exhaled deeply. “Are you staying over tonight?”

“I am. Aunt Val had told me to bring my suit to hit the hot tub after she came back, but things did not work out. I brought an overnight bag that is in the guest room,” I explained.

“Okay, well popcorn smells good. Do you want to watch a movie?” Uncle Ken asked. He actually looked enthusiastic about it.

“Sure!” I exclaimed. This was a first. Uncle Ken seldom hung out with us if he was home while I was over. He mostly either played with the kids or worked out. He certainly hadn’t spent much quality time with me. Alone.

“Great. I am going to change. Why don’t you pick a movie and grab me a beer? Grab yourself one if you want, too,” Uncle Ken said as he headed back towards their bedroom.

It was nothing new for me to drink at Ken and Val’s house, but it was new to drink with Uncle Ken. I grabbed the bowl of popcorn and placed it in the living room and then found an action movie I thought Uncle Ken would like. I then headed back to the kitchen and opened the fridge to grab us some beers. They were on the bottom shelf and behind some leftovers, so I bent over and had my hands on the beers when I felt a presence behind me. I stood up, beers in hand, and looked towards the presence I felt.

Uncle Ken stood there. His eyes were fixed on my ass and then again seemed to roam from my dark legs, back to my ass, and then to my breasts, and finally met my eyes. It was a familiar look of animal lust. The effect I had on other older men. Men who risked their livelihoods, marriages, relationships with their children, and whatever assets they had accumulated to fuck me.

He was wearing a pair of polyester gym shorts and nothing else. I had seen Uncle Ken in this manner of dress before. Like I mentioned, he was often working out in the garage. But, in this context, it was different. He was absolutely jacked. The only guys I had ever seen with that kind of physique were a couple of the football players at my school. Certainly, I had never seen a man of Uncle Ken’s age with that physique. I admired his abs (no six-pack, but certainly hard to see much fat), his chiseled chest, and his large shoulders and arms. Finally, our eyes met again. And there was recognition between us.

I didn’t know how to proceed and was honestly, a little embarrassed. Thankfully, Uncle Ken acted for both of us. He took one of the beers from my hand, twisted off the cap, and handed it back to me. He then took the other beer and opened it for himself and moved towards the couch.

I followed slowly behind him and didn’t want to be the first to speak. Again, he took the initiative and asked me about the movie I picked. I told him how I thought he would like an action movie. He agreed and sat down on the end of the couch. I had been on the couch but wasn’t sure what I wanted at this point and sat on the chair next to the opposite end of the couch Uncle Ken was on.

It wasn’t that I didn’t find Uncle Ken attractive. It wasn’t that I had not fantasized in the past about Uncle Ken, or even masturbated to the thought of sex with him. In fact, I had. But there is something different when it seems like it could be a reality. And I was dealing escort buca with conflicting feelings of loyalty to my Aunt and anger at her and just pure lust for my Uncle.

He took a big gulp of his beer and looked at me again.

“Becca, popcorn’s over here,” he simply said and shook the popcorn bowl. He then patted the seat next to him on the couch.

I arose and again, when I did, he just seemed to be taking in my body with his eyes. I was starting to get really turned on at his obvious attraction to me, the taboo of it, and the very real feeling that something could happen. I sat next to him and tucked my feet underneath me so that they faced Uncle Ken. I knew also that my shorts were riding up my ass slightly and from a certain angle, he could see some of my right ass cheek.

He seemed to know this, too, as he leaned back and looked at my ass. He then smiled at me and put his attention on the tv screen as he hit play on the movie. The first 10-15 minutes of the movie went without incident, although I felt like occasionally his eyes roamed my body. However, I didn’t dare to catch his gaze.

At this point in the movie, the main character’s love interest was introduced to the movie. She was a very curvy, Ashley Graham-type. And her first scene was being interviewed by the main character at the beach. In her bikini. She walked in slow motion towards the camera as her breasts slightly jiggled in her bikini top. This time, I caught my Uncle’s gaze.

His eyes went from the screen to my cleavage, and again roamed across my body, and eventually found my eyes. He smiled and so did I.

“This movie kind of sucks,” he said.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” I replied.

“You said you brought your suit, why don’t we turn this off and hit the hot tub?” he proposed.

“Seriously?! Thank you so much, Uncle Ken,” I replied.

“Yeah, I’ll meet you out there,” he said.

He turned off the tv and headed towards his room. I followed, heading to the guest bedroom across the hall. He stopped short and made a turn into the bathroom, next to his and Aunt Val’s bedroom. After he closed the door, I excitedly bounced into the guest bedroom and opened my bag.

I removed my tank top, followed by my shorts, followed by my bra, and finally, my thong. I grabbed my bikini from my bag and started untangling it, as it was inside out. I heard a grunt, and looked towards the door, realizing that in my excitement I had left the door open. No one was there, and I looked out into the hallway. The bathroom door was open, and Uncle Ken’s bedroom door was closed. If he had walked by, he almost certainly saw me naked.

I closed the door and put on the bikini. It was white with a halter style string top, and a micro-thong bottom. I only wore this when I was with Aunt Val or one of the older men I knew at school. My breasts practically spilled out of my top and my ass cheeks treated the micro-thong like dental floss. I loved the way it made me feel. And now Uncle Ken was about to see me in it. I could feel my pussy was moistening and knew how turned on I was. I decided that if he made a move, I would go for it.

I opened the door and headed down the hallway and then towards the back of the house. I saw Uncle Ken, he was already inside the hot tub with another beer and I opened the sliding glass door. He looked up at the sound of the door and again, his eyes ate me alive.

“My god, Becca. You are quite a woman,” he said, his eyes continuing to take in my body.

“Thank you,” I replied. “You’re quite a man.”

I stepped into the hot tub and sat across from him. He asked me about school. I started talking about classes. He interrupted and told me, he meant socially. I started to talk about friends, and again he interrupted me.

“Becca, sorry. Do you think Aunt Val doesn’t tell me what you guys talk about?” he smiled. “I meant, how are your men?”

Again, I felt betrayal and anger towards Aunt Val. I also felt embarrassment towards Uncle Ken. But I didn’t want to show him that.

“It’s going well,” I said assertively.

“You like that attention?” he asked.

“I do. It’s done a lot for my confidence,” I replied.

“I bet. That bikini is something else and it couldn’t be worn by someone without confidence. Or an incredible body,” he said.

“Thank you, Uncle Ken,” I said, again wondering where this was headed. “How are things with Aunt Val?”

His eyebrows raised.

“Well. You said she shares what we talk about. Was wondering if it works both ways,” I said.

“No,” he said quieter. “I did not know she talked to you about that. Things are tough, that’s all I’ll say. I don’t really want to talk about Val tonight, if you don’t mind.”

“No problem, sorry,” I replied.

“Can you do me a favor and grab us a couple more beers?” he asked.

I laughed. “Why? Want to get another good look of me in my bikini?”

He smirked, “That, and I’m naked in here.”

Holy shit. I stood up in the buca escort hot tub immediately. I was literally thrown out of my seat in surprise. And now, I had a firmer idea of Uncle Ken’s mindset. I decided to give him a little bit of a tease and try to see if I could push over the edge.

I turned around and stepped out of the hot tub. I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. As I did, I could feel the cold of the refrigerator hardening my nipples. I grabbed the beers and headed back out. I approached the hot tub and handed Uncle Ken his beer, and then walked back to the stairs to get in. I placed my beer in a cupholder and then leaned over to the control panel on the hot tub. I turned the inner lights on and turned the jets off.

I made eye contact with Uncle Ken, who had a devious smile on his face. I then climbed back into the tub and held my bottle out to Uncle Ken and we clinked glasses.

“Cheers!” we said in unison.

I then looked beneath the surface of the water and could make out, quite well, Uncle Ken’s cock. He was hard. And the other thing I noticed threw me off. He was stroking his cock with his right hand.

“Wow, I didn’t expect that,” I said.

“It’s not every day you have a brown, beautiful, thick goddess in your hot tub,” Uncle Ken said.

I scooted over so that I was sitting next to Uncle Ken. He did not take his eyes off of me and he continued to slowly stroke his cock. I moved my left hand to his chest and leaned in for a kiss. Suddenly, we were making out. I moved my hand from his muscled chest, down to his muscular abs, and finally found his throbbing cock. I started to stroke him.

His tongue was dancing with mine and then his right hand, which had been on his cock until it was replaced by mine, found the back of my head as he held my head in place as we continued to make out. I then felt the right hand move from the back of my head to the back of my neck. It found the tie in my string halter top and untied it.

He moved a little away from me as the strings fell. He maneuvered to give himself access to my back, and suddenly my top was gone. Almost as soon as they were gone, his mouth left mine and moved to my breasts. He began my kissing the tops of them and then he took each nipple into my mouth one at a time. Working each nipple around his tongue and softly biting them.

I then took the initiative to straddle him and we again went back to making out. His hands grabbed full my ass and he squeezed. I moaned. Suddenly, he was rising and so was I. I put my legs around his waist and his hands held me by the ass. We continue to softly kiss each other, but his concentration was on taking us out of the hot tub. He put me down when we reached the sliding door, and he opened and then slapped me on the ass and ordered me, “Get in my bedroom now.”

I knew Aunt Val was passed out in the bedroom, but if anything, it turned me on even more. I walked ahead of him and looked behind and his eyes were glued to my ass. We entered the bedroom and he shut the door behind us. Aunt Val was indeed passed out on the bed, just as I had left her earlier.

Uncle Ken then gave me my second order, “Take off your bottoms.”

I did and he pushed me over the bed so that my ass was sticking out and my head was almost touching Aunt Val. He then bent down, grabbed my ass cheeks, and spread them. He took in the sight of my teenaged asshole. He then moved his face closer and licked my ass.

I moaned in pleasure as Uncle Ken began to tongue his niece’s asshole. It felt so fucking good. He continued for a couple minutes of this and then he flipped me over. His right hand reached up towards my breast and his tongue danced through my labia. I took his hand and placed one of the fingers in my mouth and was sucking him to stifle my moans. My body was losing control and then he took my clit in his mouth.

I came. Hard. Like I never had before. He then moved my head further up the bed so that my head was now resting on Aunt Val’s leg above the blanket. He positioned himself over me and his erect cock was suddenly in my face. I knew what he wanted and took him in my mouth. He began to rock his hips back and forth as he skull-fucked his niece.

I would’ve been more than happy to take his load in my mouth, but Uncle Ken wanted to properly fuck his niece. He picked me up and positioned himself next to Aunt Val on the bed. I then moved his cock to the right position and slowly lowered myself onto him. I have never felt such pleasure in my life.

I began to bounce on his cock and it was just a wet mess. I have never felt so creamy in my life. His hands came to my tits and mauled them. He began moaning my name. I heard Aunt Val stir slightly, but at this point did not care if she woke up or not. I came again when Uncle Mike’s hands came to my hips and he was slamming me down at just the precise angle that I assume he was hitting my cervix. I began to writhe in pain and pleasure, and I could feel his orgasm build and then explode inside of me.

Uncle Ken thanked me as we came down from the pure high of our pleasure. We continued to softly kiss each other as I felt his cock go limp and I moved off of him, feeling his juices dripping out of me. He spanked me on the ass and told me he’d see me in the morning.

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