Special Delivery


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It was late in the afternoon, at about 4:30 pm. My shift was just about up until I got a text from an unknown number. Whoever this person was, they sent me a full paragraph.

It read: ‘Hey. It’s from Valentina. You know me—the one who always calls late at night.

The one who’s always at home by herself, craving that special sauce. I was looking through the restaurant’s contact list, and I think you’re the guy who delivered to me last week. The sexy one.’

Valentina Rivera. The tall Latina woman with that sexy accent. I immediately made my way to the kitchen and prepared a new pizza. This was going to be the quickest pizza I’d ever make. I rolled the dough and placed it in the oven. I then wiped my hands, pulled out my phone, and read another message.

Valentina: ‘I’ll have my usual. Meat lovers with extra sauce 😉 And just so you know, I’m ordering this pizza so you can deliver it to me. So make it extra hot, please. Until then, I’ll be waiting for you to ring my bell. Will you?’

I responded quickly. Staining my phone screen as I typed: ‘You know I will.’

Valentina: ‘I can’t wait. I just get so lonely at the end of the day. And I’ve been longing for someone to come and spice things up. I must confess I’ve been fantasizing about you all last week. Are you new to Luigis? Because you’re definitely the sexiest delivery boy, I’ve ever seen.’

I realized how hard it was to get the dough out of the oven with a hard-on. My mind was racing. I’d tried to keep myself in good shape. Not that I had the money to afford a gym membership, but a few sit-ups and push-ups here, maybe a run every other morning, kept me light. But nobody had ever called me sexy. I’d been called small since high school because of my 5’6″ 138-pound frame. Never sexy. Especially not from someone like Valentina.

I had the dough out and began topping it as fast as I could with one hand, the other texting.

Me: ‘You’re not too bad yourself.’

Valentina: ‘Thanks. I just loved the way you looked in the uniform. You seem like you’ll be able to deliver. What do you have in mind for us tonight, hun?’

I finished the extra meat toppings and baked the pizza again.

Me: ‘We’ll start with a kiss and go from there.’

Valentina: ‘Sounds perfect. I can wait to taste your lips. Your tongue messages mine as you caress my ass. I just want you all over me. What else do you want me to do tonight?’

I boxed and bagged the pizza as fast as possible, walking out of the store, trying my best to hide my erection. I put the pizza in the trunk and drove to her house.

Me: ‘I want you on the kitchen counter.’

Valentina: ‘I like where your heads at, hun. I’m standing in my kitchen right now, imagining what you’ll be doing to me. Bent over elbows on the counter, waiting to be fucked. Just the thought is making me wet. But let’s save some of the fun for when you get here. Why don’t you tell me something about yourself?’

Me: ‘I’m the strong silent type.’

Valentina: ‘I love that. Though it’s a shame- your voice is so sexy. But that’s okay, I’m sure you’ll be able to fuck me right without saying a word. I can’t wait for you to walk through my door. Tell me. What should I be wearing when you get here?”

Me: ‘As little as possible, ma’am.’

Valentina: ‘Aww, that’s sweet. I like the way you think. I have something in mind. If you don’t like you can just take it off 😉 By the way, I’m getting a little hungry. Are you on your way yet?’

I was driving as fast as possible but not so quick to get pulled over. I made it to her neighborhood, trying not to destroy the car by going too fast over the speed bumps. I was just pulling into her driveway.

Me: ‘Five minutes or your money back :)’

Valentina: ‘Can’t wait for you to see what I’m wearing. It leaves little to the imagination. I also can’t wait for you to tell me what to do.’

I took the pizza out of the trunk and speed-walked to her door. Her house was huge. Not millionaire massive, more well off huge. I rang her doorbell twice, my cock still hard in my pants. She answered the door with a wink and a smile looking down at me. She looked even better than I remembered. She had gorgeous deep brown seductive eyes. Her smooth almond skin was perfect, light freckles dotted across her body. She had to be a mom. Her long wavy brown hair fell around her shoulders.

Her outfit was a dark green apron and nothing else. She stood at 5’10” barefoot. Her large breasts spilling out.

“H-hi.” I stuttered at the goddess standing before me.

“You gonna come inside?” She asked.

Good lord. Her smooth voice nearly made me drop the pizza. I walked in and closed the door admiring her long legs. She turned around and cupped my face kissing me on the forehead.

“Since you’ve been working hard in the kitchen all day. I think it’s time someone served you. Do you like my brand of hospitality?” She asked.

“Turn around so I can see the whole thing.”

“Anything for my man.” güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Valentina said, smirking. She slowly turned around and paused, giving me a perfect view of her ass. I moved forward and gave it a light smack.

“I’m already wet. How’d you I love that?” She moaned.

“Call it intuition.”

“Mmmh You really are something else. I’m actually getting a bit nervous. But I have a surprise for you… it’s in the kitchen.” She explained. “Are you okay with dessert first hun?”

“Sounds delicious.” I said, setting the pizza to the side and following her into the kitchen, enjoying the view of her bare ass along the way.

“Great!” She bent over to open the door, and I put my hands on her ass. My fingers found their way between her legs. I could tell I was making her wetter. She opened the oven and pulled out a cherry pie, then spread a thick layer of fresh whipped cream on top.

“Want a taste?” Valentina licked her lips.

“Only if it’s on you.”

“That’s what I’m here for stud.” She said, eyeing my raging cock. She scooped up some of the whipped cream with her finger and put it on her lips. I walked forward and kissed it off her lips while untying the top of her apron, exposing her perfect double D breasts. She leaned back as I scooped a huge dollop of the whipped cream and spread it all over her breasts with my tongue. I looked back and admired my work. She began to gasp in pleasure as I slowly licked it off of her.

“What do you want me to do?” She moaned.

“On your knees.” I commanded.

“How rude of me that I didn’t do this right when you walked in,” Valentina wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed my nose. “You know what they say about short guys hun?”

“What’s that?”

“God put the extra inches down there.” She said looked down, grinning.

She got down on her knees and unzipped my pants, pulling out my hard my hard cock. “Yup. I was right.”

“Fuck!” I gasped as her wet fat lips surrounded my messy cockhead. Valentina instantly sucked my round soft head in her warm mouth, and I could feel her juicy, silky tongue slide around my cockhead inside that mouth. She tasted my precum and sucked out a few more drips in the vacuum between her cheeks while her hands squeezed the bottom few inches of my 7 inches.

Her eyes looked up at mine diffidently, the look of a woman in lust with a hard penis in her mouth, then her eyelids closed as she swallowed another inch or so of my erection. Her mouth was incredibly wet and warm, and with her hands clasped around the bottom of my cock, she had most of my dick surrounded.

Valentina proceeded to suck the top few inches, bobbing her pretty face slowly, sucking maybe three or so inches into her mouth, then sliding back up until just the cockhead remained inside her lips. As her lips retreated up my cock, she left behind slight glistening drips of her saliva. Her hands-on my base pumped slowly, squeezing hard, moving in unison in the opposite direction, pushing the outer skin of my cut cock down towards my balls.

Then after sucking the cockhead a second or two, swirling her wet tongue over it, she lowered her lips again and began feeing meat into her mouth while her hands moved upwards on my fat dick. I groaned when finally her lips met her hands. She had just about all 7 inches of my dick surrounded by her hands or her mouth. I felt pressure on my cockhead as it pressed against the back of her tight mouth, almost bending my dick to fit inside her mouth.

She slurped my engorged erection, slobbering on it, coating it in a thick wad of saliva. I felt her warm breath gasp over my penis as she exhaled, then she began moving upwards again, leaving behind an even more wet cock. This time her lips came all of the way off of my dick, and she sat back on her ankles, staring at my long cock in her two hands.

She wrapped one hand more firmly around my cock, her thumb trying to reach around unsuccessfully to her palm, while her other hand slipped down to my testicles. Instinctively I spread my legs even wider, almost hooking them over the armrests of my chair, and she cupped my aching balls in her other hand and felt them softly. She grinned at me, almost looking embarrassed at her curiosity, but her eyes were focused again on my rigid wet erection sticking straight up. Her hand began to pump me slowly, riding almost to the top, then pushing down to the base. Very slowly and deliberately, working me, feeling how hard and hot my cock was.

“I love your cock,” She giggled.

I couldn’t stop a cheesy reply. “It loves you.”

She giggled and leaned forward, her pink tongue sticking out. She cupped her hand around the topside of my shaft, exposing the soft underside, and she planted her warm tongue on the base of my dick down near my balls. Then in one slow, maddening motion, she moved her wet tongue up along the soft underside, going all the way to the top.

I almost cried out with pleasure, and my hips güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri rose an inch to keep her tongue on my dick just a bit longer. She laughed at feeling me move my dick to follow her small wet tongue, then as her tongue neared the top of my erection, she rose up on her knees to position her head directly above my cock. Her long brown hair spilled down, falling on my naked thighs, as she stuck her tongue down and slurped it in circular motions around my cock head and the sensitive ring underneath it. Her fist on my dick continued to pump me up and down, spreading her saliva around my shaft as a lubricant. Then I felt even more saliva dripping down my penis; This gorgeous woman was drooling over my cock, getting it extra-wet.

Valentina sat back on her heels, admiring her handiwork. Her small hand was pumping my long aching cock, and saliva was smeared all over my dick and her fingers and palm. I could feel her hand gliding now on my dick, and little squishy noises filled the room along with our deep breaths as her fingers and palm stroked my drenched dick. Her fist moved a little faster, up, and down. She smiled past my cock to grin at my face, and she blew me a precious little kiss. “You like this big boy?”

“Fuck yes,” I slurred, in a trance. Looking at her pretty face and feeling her hand stroking my lubricated erection made my balls want to explode. “You’re really fucking good, making me so fucking hard.”

“Mmm, good,” she purred, leaning forward again. She wrapped her lips around my cockhead and sucked it hard, licking the precum off again, then she held my dick upright and, for a second time, licked just the sensitive underside of my shaft. Her lips descended to the fat base, and my wet erection momentarily pressed against her cheeks and nose, getting her face a little damp.

Her fist grabbed my cock again and, this time, pulled it back, and her wet mouth moved of my hairy balls. I must have let out a little yelp that made her giggle. She sucked my balls into her gentle warm mouth, expertly rolling them between lips and tongue, slobbering on them too.

“Fuck that’s good,” I moaned, my eyes rolling at the insanely delicious pleasure I was feeling. I knew I was going to erupt with one huge orgasm, but I was trying to hold it back as long as I could.

Her mouth suckled my balls a few seconds until my thick dark hair was matted with saliva, then she moved her tongue and lips upwards again to the cockhead. Her fist wrapped around the base and just held it tightly, fingers and thumb wrapped in a circle around the base directly where it protruded from my balls. With my dick pointing upwards, she stuffed two or three inches of cock into her mouth and continued to suck it while washing her tongue all over it. I throbbed hard inside her mouth and felt her saturating my erection with a bath of warm saliva. It was an amazing feeling and undoubtedly the best fucking blowjob I could ever ask for.

Valentina was moaning over my penis, pushing as much into her mouth as she could until my cockhead was against the entrance to her throat. I wondered if she’d deep-throat me, but she wasn’t trying to. Instead, she just sucked the top part of my stiff erection inside her mouth while her hand worked the lower part, gliding noisily up and down the base as it pumped and squeezed. Each time her fist pushed down, the bottom of her hand pressed into my balls slightly, drawing a series of little pleasured groans from me.

After sucking my penis deep in her mouth for a couple of minutes, she suddenly popped off, sitting upright and sucking in air. Her thick puffy lips were drooling with saliva, which was dripping down her chin and cheeks. She looked really sexy, with her eyes full of lust. “I love your cock.” she repeated, her lungs heaving while her fist continued to squeeze and jerk my wet erection.

“Mmmh I can’t wait for you to fuck me.”

“Take your apron off.”

“You are so fucking sexy.” Valentina then stood up and untied the bottom of her apron, letting it fall to the floor. “You know, I don’t think I’ve ever been naked with a man in my kitchen. I’ve never been more ready to be fucked.

I took my shirt off, standing completely naked with her staring into her eyes.

“How do you want me?” Just then, I heard my phone ringing in my pants. I fumbled around, trying to take it out of the pocket.

“Shit! My boss is calling me.”

“Ugh! I wouldn’t want you to lose your job. Although I can totally write you a recommendation for another pizza place. What do you say?”

Goddamn, she had a way with words. I put my phone on silent and threw it onto the clothes pile.

“You’re right let’s do this! Bend over baby!”

“Ooh I love where this is going.” She obliged, waiting for my cock. I smacked her ass a little harder than last time.

“I want it so bad. Please hun.” She begged.

“I’m going to make you wait just a little longer…” I wanted this moment to last a long güvenilir bahis şirketleri time.

“Oh the things you do to me!”

I stood behind her and ran my fingers along her pussy. She trembled at my touch, her whole body waiting for my cock. I glided my hands over her stomach and squeezed her tits, my hard cock pressing against her.

“Can you please stop teasing me now? I can’t take it anymore.” Her voice a sweet little plea.

“Get on the counter.”

“Yes sir!”

I started kissing around her yummy thighs, slowly working my way to her swollen lips and clitoris. When I got to her hot steamy love hole, I very gently flicked my tongue across her womanhood patch. When I would make contact, she would whimper and shudder with ecstasy. Slowly, I pressed closer until I was sucking on her pussy lips and making her squirm from the pleasure. I licked and sucked and drove my tongue inside of her until I caused her to lose herself in another gushing orgasm.

We assumed our favorite position again, elbows on the counter as I rubbed between her cheeks. I slide my hands down her silky curves, stopping at her sweet hips. She arched her round ass goes upward. I pull her hips to me, that smoking ass perches just above my groin. In position now, I gently stroke her pulsing clit. I can feel her wetness already. She is ready to go. I guide my cock underneath her ass, the head meets her sweet pussy lips, and I drive it inside. The pleasure of entering her is insane. As she exhales and moans, I sink into her, and we grip one another’s bodies.

She rocks back, pushing her fabulous ass against my crotch, my dick piercing deeper into her sweet place. I seize her hips and pull her to me… With that hot ass in the air, she is on all fours now with that sweet wet puss fully offered to me. I thrust hard, slamming against her butt, and again, she cries out. I hump hard against her, trying to fill her with my cock, as deeply as I can possibly go. She is screaming now, and I grunt deeply and slide my hands up to her perfect big tits, squeezing them, squeezing the hard nipples as her body shakes with pleasure.

She grinds backward, gasping, as my cock penetrates ever deeper… Her head tosses back, she turns to look me in the eyes, her soft brown eyes half-closed in ecstasy, her dark hair cascading down her sexy arched back… I slide my hand across the silky skin, gathering the silkier strands of her hair… And pull it tightly, as I shove my dick deeper into the now slick lips of her cunt, she screams, and her body quivers with her orgasm. I am thrusting hard, banging against the sexy ass raised high, giving her all my lust, grunting like an animal as I keep driving my throbbing cock home… And she loves it, we both love it, she whimpers now


I slap against that ass, with a fleshy slapping sound against her now shaking booty.

“CUM, oh, baby, CUM,” she is begging now, and I feel it welling in my groin, deep within my balls, as I continue to drive my dick home. “Baby, you better fill me up,” she gasps, and my body grinds and shakes against her soft full ass.

“Fuck yes!” I shouted. I fucked her harder and picked up the pace as my cock got fuller inside of her. The sweat from both of our bodies flew all over the kitchen.

“Mmmh oh! N-no one’s e-ever fucked me this good before.” She groaned.

My breathing started to pick up. I was getting close. I fucked her as fast as I could until she started grunted and drooling. Pleasure surged through my body as my knees weakened. I finally slowed down and prepare to finish deep inside of her pussy.

“Pound my pussy and cum!” She said and then cried out with her own orgasm. Her pussy clenched on my dick, then released in a rhythmic motion. I couldn’t hold back any longer. Between one thrust and the next, my dick twitched, and I let out a stream of semen into her. Then another, and another. I don’t think I had ever cum so hard. With one last thrust, I released the last of my load, spent, and euphoric.

Valentina came a second time, her body quivering with pleasure. I slowly pulled her of her. She turned around and ran her finger over my cock.

She then sucked up my cum, smiling down at me.

“Mmmh thank you so much hun,” she said, hugging me tightly. She went to the pizza and took a slice. “That was fun.” She said with a mouthful of pizza. I began to put my clothes back on, starting with my pants.

“What about payment?”

“Don’t worry ma’am you’ve been very generous.” I said, kissing her on the lips.

“I never got your name hun, please tell me.” She kissed me back.

“Jason. My name is Jason.”

“Do you really have to leave Jason? I want to get to know you better.” She said as I put my shirt back on, ready to leave. I gave her another hug stuffing my face into her soft sweaty breasts. “Tell you what. If you order another pizza tomorrow I’ll be here.”

“What about your boss?”

“I’ll just tell him there was a bad accident and I was stuck in traffic.” I said.

“And he’ll just believe that?”

“Probably. It might work it might not.”

“God I hope so,” Valentina then kissed me atop my forehead, her soft lips staying there for a good three seconds. “I’ll see you tomorrow hun.”

I left her home, got in my car, and drove off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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