Slick Undies


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The evening had started off innocently enough. An awkward first date set up with my mate’s twin sister. She was a nurse and Jim was dating her best friend. When I met them at the student nurse’s halls of residence I thought Jim’s date was really hot, Jim’s sister Chrissy on the other hand, was rather plain looking. Jim’s date was an Olympic standard swimmer with short blonde hair, a kick ass swimmers body barely concealed by a short summer dress under which there was obviously no underwear present. Chrissy on the other hand was rather plain looking; short, dark brown hair, some slight acne scarring on her face, but when my gaze wandered down her body things began to look up. She also had a lithe and beautifully formed body. She must have been working out a lot, broad shoulders, pert breasts outlined by her plain brown teeshirt, tight fitting jeans that appeared to be sprayed on her athletic long legs. I had never seen such tight fitting jeans before.

After the normal pleasantries I held the back door of the old Toyota open for Chrissy, and took great pleasure in watching her unbelievable ass wiggle its way into the tight back seat, after which I clambered in behind her.

The night in the disco was uneventful other than the fact that I got to know Chrissy quite well; I really liked her frank and open approach to things. Chrissy seemed to like me too. We even smooched a little to the one and only slow dance of the evening.

Things got interesting when Jim drove the girls back to the student residences. His girlfriend had just finished telling us that it was an all-girl facility and that boys were not allowed in after dark. She giggled then and looked over in the back seat where Chrissy and I were making out, she grabbed Chrissy’s arm and said,

“But we know a back exit where we can sneak upstairs, and no-one would know, are you up for some more late night fun Chrissy?”

Chrissy looked at me with an impish grin on her face and said,

“Yes let’s do it Annie.”

Jim parked the Toyota, and all four of us clambered out. Annie went in the front entrance and checked to see if it was all clear. Chrissy then led Jim and I round back to a fire exit door that had been wedged open. We waited on Annie’s text then the three of us scampered up the back fire escape stairs to the third floor. Annie was already there and had opened the hallway door. We squeezed through their apartment’s entrance, giggling and making way too much noise to remain discreet. We made it and collapsed in their little shared common room, cracking a couple of beers from their tiny refrigerator. Annie did not even sit next to Jim, but plumped herself right on his lap, with her hand buried in his crotch and her tongue threatening to choke him. After about two minutes of canlı bahis this, Jim struggled up for a breath, raised his eyebrow at me and hurriedly stated,

“OK we’re off to bed now; see you in the morning!” With that he carried Annie into the bedroom directly across from the common room.

Suddenly Chrissy and I were a little awkward, it was our first date after all, and although it was adventurous to sneak in here like this, neither of us was too sure of the next move.

“I guess we could go to my room if you like…?” Chrissy said in a questioning way. I already had a boner from even thinking about what was coming next, so I just dumbly nodded.

“C’mon then big guy,” she said, standing and holding her hand out to help hoist me out of the diminutive, dirty yellow sofa.

She held my hand and I trailed after her, admiring for the hundredth time, the incredible ass that wiggled enticingly in front of me.

When the bedroom door was safely closed Chrissy turned and launched herself into my arms. Her kisses were ferocious and her tongue squirmed in my mouth, wrestling mine and winning. My hands were running up and down her back, feeling the outline of her bra. I abstractly wondered what Chrissy would do if I unsnapped it. I was desperate to grab that hot ass, but something prevented me from doing that. I felt I should let her take the initiative. Hell this was turning out to be the hottest make out session of my brief dating career, I didn’t want to do anything that might blow it for me.

Chrissy just as suddenly broke our embrace and turned away from me and walked the three steps over to her single bed. She bent over and turned on the small bedside lamp. Her wonderful ass was pointed directly at me and I could plainly see the outline of her cunt under the tight denim.

“Turn out the big light Liam, and come over here with me.” She patted the bed beside where she had sat. I almost leapt the five feet to the bed and knocked her over when I got to her. She laughed and we made out passionately on the top of her bed for a few minutes, my hands a bit bolder now that we were prone on her bed, me half pinning her.

She pushed me off of her, I noticed absently how strong she was; she moved my bulk off of her with the ease of a power lifter. God she was suddenly the hottest woman I’d ever dated.

“You know Liam, I have never spent the night with anyone, and certainly never done anything like this before…”

At that she unzipped her impossibly tight jeans and wiggled her amazingly hot body out of them leaving them in a crumpled heap on the rug. My eyes were glued to her every curve as she wriggled out of those jeans. The first thing I noticed was the white French panties she was wearing, kinda like skimpy boxers, almost bahis siteleri completely transparent and made of some sheer satiny material. I swallowed hard, I ate up every inch of her incredibly long legs as those jeans slid off. I could have popped my cork right then. Incredibly hot. She then did that thing that women do when they unhook their bra under a shirt and by some magician’s trick pull their bra free from the arm. I noticed that it was a flimsy, lacy white, my mind was going a million miles a minute and it formed a perfect image of her breasts in that bra. Now though they were free, and even through the rather thick cotton teeshirt Chrissy was wearing I could plainly see her wonderfully erect nipples.

Without another word she clambered over me and got under the covers. Not knowing exactly what to do, I jumped up and stripped off all of my clothes in about ten seconds flat and then jumped under the duvet right next to her.

It was a single bed, and as soon as I cozied up to her incredible body, my hard, long dick prodded her silk covered ass. It felt delicious. For a brief heartbeat I hesitated. I didn’t exactly know what should come next. Chrissy answered my unspoken question by wriggling that incredibly tight ass against my hard on, and she kept wriggling as I grabbed her hip and ground my voracious dick against her silk covered ass cheeks. As she did my dick slipped up the crease between her tight ass cheeks, she then did something that still gets me hard to this day. She clenched her ass cheeks and my dick felt as though it had been grabbed by some gentle, but strong, silk covered hand that, as she clenched and re-clenched, gently massaged my rock hard dick.

“You know I’m a good catholic girl Liam, and I don’t want to have sex before I’m married, but if you’re OK with us doing things like this, then we can date and hang out as much as you like.”

At that Chrissy reached around with her hand and grabbing mine placed it firmly on her right breast. Massaging her breast and tweaking her nipple seemed to turn her on even more, since she stepped up the pace of her butt wiggling feat of magic. My dick thought it was in heaven as it firmly rubbed up and down the incredible valley between her ass cheeks. With her clenching trick I thought I would die as the cum rose in my ball sack.

I traced my right hand from her breast down her firm belly to her panties and traced the outline of her cunt lips. Her silken panties were soaked through and she gasped as I found her clit and gently circled my finger around the damp silk and used its gentle texture to turn Chrissy on as much as she was turning me on. My concentration on her pussy and getting her even wetter, delayed my coming for a few moments, but it was already too late to exercise bahis şirketleri any more control. I slid my fingers into her pussy under the silk underwear as I ground my cock viciously against her ass. She responded by pushing back even harder against me, meeting me thrust by thrust. My three fingers were inside her pussy now as she moaned out load for the first time.

I spasmed my jism out all over her silky drawers and as I did, she muffled a scream of ecstasy against the pillow she was holding. I kept humping and spewing for what seemed like an age, and throughout, her ass cheeks kept on milking me, how she had learned such awesome technique was beyond me, and truthfully I did not care.

She kept up her undulations, and soon my dick was rock -hard and ready for more action. This time she rolled over so that she was facing me. She grabbed my dick and rubbed it against her clit, still covered by the soaking wet silken panties. They felt like some heavenly slime as she rubbed the head of my dick against her engorged clit. She was moaning a low moan the whole time as she rubbed her clit with my dick. She then started rubbing it up and down the lips of her soaking wet cunt, clearly outlined under the now completely transparent silk, her dark brown pubic hair was soaked and plastered against the fabric, trapped under there with no way out.

I lurched over her with no grace, only animal passion. I had to get my dick inside that hot pussy. Pushing her down into the matress , I managed to get my body on top of her, her legs spread apart and me in between them. Throughout my miniature wrestling match she kept a firm grasp on my dick. Now she pulled it towards her pussy lips. She starting rubbing it up and down the length of her crack, her pussy lips were like the soft tendrils of a sea anemone as they lightly grabbed the head of my dick in their silken embrace, then reluctantly released me, as Chrissy worked my dick like her own personal dido.

She was driving me wild with desire.

“I have to get inside you Chrissy, I have to…”

“This is as far as you get buster.” She replied as she pushed her cunt against my hard dick.

Despite the wet slippery panties my dick made it past her pussy lips and a little bit inside of her cunt. Then I realized that I could go no further, the silken panties forming a soft, elastic and sensual barrier to my getting any further inside this dream come true.

Within a minute of this wet, slimy, humping I came for the second time. Fireworks erupting in my brain and in the distance I could hear Chrissy screaming as she had the most intense orgasm of her short sexual career too.

After that first night of intense sexual activity we kept seeing each other until Chrissy grew tired of me and my same old corny jokes. I am sure that now all these years have passed she is the happy mother of several crazy kids. But I wonder if she, like me, ever lies in bed some nights and recreates that night of slimy, sexy silken undies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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