Sleepy Daughter Ch. 02


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One Friday night Jennie came home sort of drunk and I heard her stumble up to her room. Since I have been having impure thoughts about my daughter for a few days now, hearing her come home drunk reminded me of my college days and my sleepy drunk roommates. I don’t know what I was thinking, I decided to see if Jennie was passed out just as hard as Jessica was 20 years ago. I went over to her room and found that her door was wide open and Jennie was passed out on her bed with no covers over her and not before she had made a failed attempt to undress. She had no bra on, the buttons on her top were all open, her skirt was on the floor and she had on a light blue thong. I closed the door behind me and walked up to her. When I caressed her hair, she woke up and asked me for a glass of water. I knew then that this was my chance. I asked her if she has a headache and she said yes. I know she had been drinking. So I told her I was going to bring some aspirin so she can feel better in the morning. I was nervous but feeling evil at the same time. This was my own daughter. Gorgeous sexy daughter nevertheless. I knew it was incest and wrong but in front of me was a very sexy gorgeous sweet naked girl and mommy needed to taste her cunt juices and tongue fuck this princess. It felt like a great opportunity because no one else was home. My other daughter was sleeping over at her friend’s house and my husband was out of the country.

I came back up to her room with a glass of water and two aspirins. Water was not pure. (evil grin) I had crushed a couple Ambien amatör porno tablets into the water. I was being a dirty bad mommy to be drugging up my own daughter so I can take advantage of her. I lifted her up so I can give her aspirin and water. While she drank her water I caressed her hair and kissed her on her cheeks. She looked down at her and smiled and said “fuck I am naked mom.”

Within 15 minutes Jennie was dead asleep and mommy was nervous and horny at the same time. I called out her name, gently slapped her face, shook her, moved her but she would not wake up. This was incredible. Here I was so horny and wet between my legs I could not see straight. This was my own daughter, my little baby girl and I was about to tongue fuck my baby girl. I was going to use and abuse my naked daughter. I was going to fuck my daughter. The thought made my pussy gush and my nipples ache. I stood up and took off my tank top. My nipples were hard and I spent a few seconds playing with my nipples. Then, without taking my eyes off of my daughter, I slowly removed my panties. As I stood there naked I gently caressed my own body, my breasts, and my bald waxed pussy. I gently slid my middle finger up and down my crack. I was on fire.

So I open up her blouse and exposed her gorgeous creamy white cleavage and pink nipples peeking at me. I gently sucked on her nipples one at a time and let them hit the back of my throat. I then moved a bit higher so I can rub my own hard nipples against my daughter’s pink ones. I lowered my crotch and anal porno started to rub my pussy against her leg. With one hand I started to rub her wet pussy mount through the fabric of her thong. Her thong was wet, very wet and it was sticking to her hot pussy lips. I pushed my finger up and down the slit. I slowly slid my hand inside her thong and Islid my finger up and down her slit. I avoided finger fucking her just yet. I rubbed her hard clit over and over again until I felt it got harder and longer. I moved down her body and slowly moved her blue thong to the side to reveal the most gorgeous bald pink hot puffy lipped teenage pussy I have ever seen. I immediately drove my tongue into my daughter’s pussy keeping her pussy open with my two fingers. For the next 15 minutes I tongue raped my daughter. Every time I say “tongue rape” it makes my pussy gush. I am such a fucked up slut horrible mother but I can’t help it. I am in love with pussy and I am in love with my 19-year-old daughter’s pussy. I slid my tongue up and down her bald slit. I pushed my tongue deep inside her pussy and fucked her good and collected all of her pussy juices onto my tongue. She tasted so good and I could not get enough of her cunt juices. I locked my lips around her pussy lips and chewed on them hard.

I sucked her very hard clit. I grazed her clit with my teeth. Her pussy juices were flowing from her pussy down to her ass hole. I gently collected her pussy juices and pushed my wet finger against her puckered ass hole. I am such an anal slut but ana breakers porno I could not help myself. I wanted to fuck my daughter’s ass hole too. My daughter came twice in her mommy’s mouth while I rubbed her puckered ass hole. I was so proud of my daughter for cumming for her mommy like this. My own two fingers were pruning from my own cunt juices flowing on them. I had shoved my fingers up my own cunt while I was abusing my daughter’s pussy with my tongue and fingers. I licked my own cunt juices and pushed my fingers back into my pussy and scooted more cum out onto my fingers. This time I took my soaking wet fingers and rubbed them against my daughter’s open pussy lips. The thought of my own pussy juices mixing with my daughter’s sweet pussy juices turned me on so much. I decided that next time I will cunt grind my daughter. May be next time I will prepare better so I can scissor naked with my daughter and rub our pussies together. Oh God!

I didn’t want this to end but I knew I was risking too much. I had to stop – at least for tonight. Before I could get up and leave, my gaze stopped at my daughter’s pink puckered ass hole. The one that I fingered just a moment ago. I have always been an anal slut and so this was the best treat for an anal slut mommy. I looked at my daughter’s pink puckered ass hole, and noticed that more of her pussy juices had been flowing out of her pussy and down her crack onto her ass hole. Her ass hole was soaking wet with her own pussy juices. And since I had been fingering it, it was a little wider than before. I extended my tongue and gave her pink puckered ass hole a few licks and I immediately came hard. I loved the taste of my daughter’s ass hole and her pussy juices. I smiled to myself because I know where I was going to spend most of the time next time I tongue fuck my sleepy daughter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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