Sister’s Pleasure


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I’m a 19 year old college student living at home with my family. I live with my father John my mother Angela and my little sister Sarah, and me I’m Kyle. My father works 50 hours a week and travels a lot for business. This leaves me home alone with my beautiful mother and my bombshell of a sister. My mother is 5 foot 6 inches and stand at chest level to me. She has blonde hair to just below her shoulders and blue eyes. She keeps slim by going to the gym regularly and was a cheerleader in high school. But the real beauty of the household is my little sister Sarah. She is younger than me by 10 months; my parents just couldn’t wait to have another child. Sarah is a younger tighter version of my mother. She had a slim waste the curved out into a voluptuous curvy waist, her breasts are even a full cup size larger than my mother’s, standing tall at a proud D cup. She is also a cheerleader for the high school football team, which I was a part of during my High school career.

Because my father traveled so much for work my mother spends a lot of her time with friends, she uses them to keep her company, and most of them have been friends since high school. Most days she is out on the town spending my father’s cash and chatting with her girl friends. Growing up me and Sarah where forced to spend a lot of time together since it was just the two of us at home watching out for each other. But once my sister got to the age where she could take care of herself we stopped spending so much time together. I had active girlfriends throughout high school and she had her boyfriends. I knew she wasn’t a virgin since our bedrooms shared a joining wall and was not very sound proof.

On a Friday night in March while my mother was gone on a 5 day long trip to Vegas, I decided to stay home considering my most recent girlfriend just ended our relationship 2 days before. My sister must have been thinking the same thing as she was sitting on the couch next to me at 10 o’clock on a Friday night. I asked her what she was doing home on a Friday night and she just looked at me, smiled and said, “I just don’t feel like going out tonight.”

I mimicking her cheerful voice and replied, “Yeah me neither, I just want to sit here and watch some TV and then head to bed.”

She raised one eyebrow at me as if to question if I was teasing her or not, then just replied, “yeah me too”.

We watched TV in silence for another hour when a late night cable movie came on. It was one of those cheesy movies that only got made because they featured a pair of tits and a sex scene every once in a while. It was during one of these sex scenes that I realized how long it had been since I had been with a girl. Even though I just got out of a relationship my ex Jenna hadn’t put out for at least a month. Then I got that familiar sensation below my belt of my little friend waking up. But I just shifted in my seat and continued to watch the rest of the movie. It wasn’t until about thirty minutes later that I realized that the movie must have been having the same effect on my sister Sarah, as I saw her squirm a little and pull down the skirt she was wearing.

I instantly had a plan; I had been silently admiring my sister’s beauty for far too long. It was time to make a move, so I waited for what seemed like an eternity for the movie to end and my sister to announce she was going to sleep. I knew far too well what that meant this early on a Friday, as she doesn’t go to sleep most nights for at least another hour. And every time she went to bed early I would hear those familiar moans coming from the room next door.

So I waited a good 5 minutes before I turned off the television and walked down the hall. There was never really a reason to lock the doors in our house so they were always unlocked. I tapped on her door just loud enough for her to hear and then slowly opened the door. I could just barely catch her pull the blanket over herself and act like she was trying to lie down to go to sleep. I flipped the light on and said, “Do you mind if I come in and ask you for a favor before I head off to bed.”

She rolled over with a look as if the last thing she wanted was for me to come in at this moment, but she opened her lips ever so slowly and said, “Sure what is it.”

I walked over to her bed and sat on the edge right in front of her waist and said, “Well you know how Jenna broke up with me a few days ago.”

She replied, “Yeah what happened anyways.”

I said, “Well that’s kind of what the favor is about, she broke up with me because she said I was lousy in the bedroom”. This was of course a lie as most of the girls I sleep with always come back for more and can never get enough. “She said the worst part of it was the oral sex, she said it just never did it for her.” This was the biggest lie of all, every girl I have gone down on raved at how good I was at it. I had perfected my method over the years because I have a little thing for giving girls pleasure. The czech couples porno more a girl enjoys what I do to them the more I get turned on.

I could tell me talking about sex had some effect on her as when I started talking about oral sex she squirmed ever so slightly on the bed next to me. She looking at me, anxious for me to leave so she could relieve herself as I’m sure she was close to Cumming before I came in. It usually takes her about 6 minutes to get off while masturbating, I know this because I would often stare at my clock thinking of her body as I heard her moaning next door. After listening to me for a while she asked, “And what exactly is this favor you have for me.”

I looked straight into her eyes and asked, “Can I please practice pleasuring a woman with my mouth with you, I don’t want to lose another girlfriend because I can’t pleasure her.”

Her eyes went wide; she looked at me with a mixture of fear and this small twinge of lust. I got scared for a second; here I was laying out all my cards. The cat was out of the bag, she knew what I wanted and the ball was in her court. I was afraid she might tell our parents and I would have to find a new place to stay. She just simply said, “I don’t know.”

I acted calmly placing my hand on her shoulder and said, “It won’t be emotional just purely to help me improve my technique, please Sarah I really need your help I have no one else to turn to here.”

I could see the wheels turning in her head, and the longer at sat there the more she squirmed, desperate for some sort of relief from the pressure building in her pussy. I could tell she was thinking hard about it, when she said “ok but that’s it, then you go back to your room and we forget it happened.”

I looked into her eyes and said, “Absolutely”. I couldn’t believe it; my own little sister was willing to let her brother go down on her for “practice”. Little did she know she was about to get the ride of her life. This quickly thought up plan was actually working!

I remained calm and hid my joy from her as to not let onto this being my master plan and all. I slowly pushed her back onto her bed and removed the covers. She was wearing one of my oversized work shirts. I told her to just relax and tell me how she wanted me to do it. I slowly inched up her shirt over her stomach and then her chest. Once I got it to her neck I lifted it over her head and got my first good look at her perky breasts. The nipples where perfectly spaced and the tits themselves stood tall and firm. I slowly took her left nipple into my mouth and began to suck and nibble ever so slightly when she raised her head and yelped in surprise, “Hey you said oral sex only.”

I quickly released her breast and explained, “Sorry this is how I get ready for oral sex.”

She layer her head back down and said, “Fine just get ready quick.”

I then sucked her right nipple into my mouth and gave it the same treatment. I could tell Sarah was enjoying this as she rubbed her pussy lips onto my thigh, then quickly lowered herself back onto her bed once she realized what she was doing. I slowly licked my way down her stomach till I reached her perfect puffy pink pussy lips. She had shaven the hair down to a small strip just above her clit, which was standing tall as it had been aroused for some time now. I slowly circled the hood of her clit with my tongue, applying just enough pressure for her to feel it but still only be a tease. She tried to press her clit into my mouth by lifter her hips, I gently grabbed her hips and pushed her back onto the bed. This was not going to be a quick orgasm for her; I wanted it to build till she couldn’t stand it anymore and beg me for release.

She started to moan as I pushed a little harder on her clit and slid my tongue down into her slippery hole. I could taste her juices that must have been slowly gushing out for quite some time now, as her juices had created a wet spot on her bed. She had the best tasting juices of any woman I had yet to savor. As she started to moan loader and loader as I inserted two fingers into her tight lips and returned to tongue to her clit.

As she moaned my heart pumped blood into my slowly swelling member. The more pleasure she got the harder I got. After a good five minutes of just teasing her clit and slowly pumping her pussy, my cock was as hard as steel. But I was determined not to break my promise of only oral sex by pulling out my dick. But it was starting to push painfully into the bed as I was lying on my stomach. So I had to reach into my pants and adjust it and point it upwards, when pointing up my cock reaches a good inch above my belly button. As it stood a good eight and a half inches hard, and must have been standing nine inches tall with this much blood being pumped into it.

I could tell by the way Sarah was desperately trying to cram as much of herself into my mouth as possible that she was getting close to orgasm. But czech estrogenolit porno I was determined to make her cum harder than she ever had before. So I pulled my two fingers from inside her pussy with an audible suction noise and started to nibble on her nipples again. She quickly grabbed my head and placed me back onto her clit again. So I ran my tongue down her lips and slowly snaked it into her tight chute. I licked my left pinky and used it to trace circles around her puckered anus. I had overheard her having sex with her latest boyfriend one night and discovered she liked her back hole to be played with lightly.

When I felt she was ready I Stuck my index and middle finger back into her while pushing my pinky into her rear entrance at the same time. Then I ravaged her clit with my tongue and nibbled on it a little harder than I should have. She started screaming at the top of her lungs, “OH, MY GOD!” “Oh my fucking god!” “Make me Cum, Please let me CUM!!” “Harder Oh shit I’m CUMMMMING!” she lifted her back off the bed and rubbed against my mouth so hard I was afraid she might get hurt. Right then I felt her tight tunnel squeeze down on my fingers followed by a warm liquid running down my hand and drip off my elbow onto the bed.

I slowly stopped licking her perfect cunt until her breathing returned to normal. When she finally caught her breath again I sat up looked her dead in the eyes with her juices glistening all over my hands and face, as she rubbed her left nipple in her fingers and moaned, “Oh my god, I was not expecting that. Jenna doesn’t know what she’s talking about your amazing.”

I smiled and asked, “So you don’t have any tips?”

She smirked and replied, “Well next time you could not tease me for twenty minutes straight.”

I laughed slightly and said, “Next time huh, you really think I need that much more practice.”

She let go of her nipple and looked at me with a look of pure lust and said, “Oh no, your amazing next time is just for me to enjoy.”

I then realized just how hard my cock was, as it was pointed straight up at the ceiling in my gym shorts. I wasn’t wearing any boxes as I didn’t think I would have company tonight watching television. I suddenly got embarrassed and tried to conceal myself. This of course brought my raging member to the attention of my sister.

Sarah gasped when she saw what I was trying to hide. Her eyes opened wide and said, “Is that all because of me?”

I tried to explain to her that my biggest turn on is when a girl has an amazing orgasm because of me.

She just sat up looked at me and purred, “Well it really isn’t fair that you gave me the most amazing orgasm of my life all for nothing.”

My cock must have grown another quarter inch because it started to raise the elastic band of my shorts from my abdomen. I surveyed her still nude body lying next to me and saw that she was still leaking juices and her pussy was still pulsing a little, and her nipples stood as tall as erasers on her perfect tits.

I looked in her eyes and said, “Well what did you have in mind, and remember no emotions here we can’t get personal with it.”

She slowly slid her hand into my shorts and pulled out my throbbing cock, it stood at least nine inches long and as thick as a good sized cucumber. She gasped as she saw the entire thing standing tall with its rippled veins and thick head.

She looked straight into the eye of my cock and said, “This is what I had in mind.” She slowly slid my cock into her mouth, she gagged a little as she tried to manage the whole thing. I’ve only had two girls get further than seven inches down my cock while giving me head. But somehow she managed to slide the entire length into her mouth. It was the most wonderful blowjob I have ever received. And after having a hard on for almost forty minutes straight I was ready to burst. But I was determined to last as long as possible to savor this seemingly once in a lifetime event. She started out slowly running her tongue down the bottom of my cock and she slid my length into her mouth over and over again. Then she quickened her pace and started to circle my cock with her tongue. She somehow snaked her tongue down onto me left testicle and I couldn’t take it anymore. I told her I had to cum and she pulled her lips back to the head and flicked her tongue back and forth over my tip. I felt the pressure rise until I burst open and entire load splashed into her mouth. She started gulping with all her might and I was amazed again as she swallowed my entire load.

I fell back onto her bed and let my emptied cock pulse in my sister’s warm wet mouth. She lifted her mouth from my organ and wiped her mouth clean. I smiled at her and said, “That’s not the first blowjob you have given that’s for sure lil sis.”

She returned my smile with her own and said, “Nope, I’ve gotten pretty good at them as you now know, but I still haven’t seen a cock as czech first video porno large as yours.”

I heard this a lot from the girls I dated over the years but just the fact that my sister had said it made this time a little more special. I then looked down at my cock and realized it hadn’t gone down at all. It was still has hard as ever, I looked at my sister and said, “Sorry sometimes it take a few times for it to finally get the message.”

She didn’t really pay attention to what I had said as she was still staring at my cock. I looked between her legs and her pussy was twitching faster than it had been before and she was still leaking juices all over her sheets. She looked at me and asked, “How many times does it usually take?”

I shrugged and responded, “Usually three times but I have a feeling this time it might take a few more.” I then said, “You know, Jenna also wasn’t too pleased when we had sex either.”

My sister just looked at me with a look of passion and lust that I have never seen from her before. She slid her hand down to her still dripping cunt lips and rubbed her clit. She looked at me and moaned, “Ok, but no emotions.”

This was it, my plan worked perfectly. I had gotten my sister to agree to have sex with me, and by the end of the night I would have her begging for more. I laid her on her back with her head on her pillow and started to kiss her on the lips. We started out slow but with passion as we were both so turned on that we just wanted to fuck like wild animals, I knew and she knew it too. But I wanted this time to last; I wanted it to be special. We started kissing with a little more speed and a little more sloppily. I slid my hand down her body stopping along the way to pinch and twist both of her nipples, and slowly opened her legs wide for me to fit between her on the bed. I positioned my steel like cock at her entrance, stopped our kiss looked her dead in the eyes and said, “Are you sure about this?”

She looked like she was about to cry and said, “If you don’t shove that thing inside of me right now I will go insane.”

So I complied and slowly slid the head into her entrance. She was very tight as I could have guessed considered what she had said about my cock being her biggest yet. But she was well lubricated from the night of pent of sexual frustration I have been putting her through. I inched into her ever so slowly as to let her get accustomed to the size and let her walls stretch. She sighed and moaned as I pushed my cock in and out of her trying to work my way inside of her. The friction was causing heat and my cock was becoming warm. With only half of my cock inside of her Sarah started to come. Her pussy lips spasmed hard around my cock and I could feel her juices leak down my balls and drip onto her asshole. I started to push harder and worked my entire length into her. She was constantly moaning and screaming my name, “Oh Kyle YES! F-U-C-K, your cock feels SOOOO GOOD.”

As I started to hammer into her I pushed all the way in and held myself in her, I grabbed her hips and leaned back so that she was sitting on top of me. I let her take control and she started bouncing on my cock as hard as she could. The Head of my cock was rubbing her clit each time she raised herself off of my and then she ground her clit into my pelvis on each down stroke. The things she was screaming where becoming in comprehensible. The more she fell in love with my cock as it was hack hammering into her tight cunt the harder it became. I could tell this was the best fuck of her life because I had never heard her scream this loud or cum this many times before. She was on her third orgasm when I started to feel that ever so familiar tingle in my in the base of my cock. I pushed back in and put her back onto her back so that I could hammer into her with everything I had. Her tight tunnel was making audible slapping sounds from all the juices running out.

I grunted into her ear, “Fuck Sarah your so tight, I’m about to cum.”

She moaned back, “Fuck Kyle do it inside I need to feel your dick pulsing inside me, And besides im on the pill.”

That was all I need to hear as I increased my tempo and slammed into her at full speed. She was matching each of my thrusts with one of her own. Each time I felt my balls slap her ass her cunt spasmed harder onto my cock. My cock was pulsing with each thrust and I could feel the semen rising through it. With one final thrust I couldn’t hold back anymore. I unleashed what seemed like a endless stream of semen into my sisters womb. She came with my as I pumped my load into her. I felt her cunt grab my cock and milk it for everything it had. When my cock finally stopped pulsing I pulled out and lay next to Sarah on her bed. My cock slowly deflated after emptying such a large Load. I watched as she lay there completely worn out and scooped a glob of our mixed juices that where pouring from her cunt on to her finger and raised it to her mouth. She sucked the finger clean and then traced circles around my right nipple as we lay there.

As we lay there Sarah confessed something to me, “You know Kyle, I have wanted this for over two years now.”

I just looked at her with disbelief that my little sister had lusted over me for a full two years now.

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