Sister and Bhabhi at a Time Ch. 03


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I am Giridhari, the elder cousin of Basant. He, in ‘Sister And Bhabhi At A Time, Part 1 & 2’ narrated how he fucked my wife Manjula and his younger sister Bahar in one sitting. That day he came to know that I was estranged with Manjula. Basant intervened and I agreed for reconciliation. We four spent a night at my house during which he once again fucked Manjula while I fucked Bahar. All the three of them have insisted that I write my side of the story.

Boy, it was a unique experience; I will not forget that night of the nights. For one thing, I did not have sex during twenty days of estrangement. True, I could have relieved myself in the chut of any of the young laborer women but I did not do it because of, kind of, temporary “loss of appetite.” The hunger for a piece of an ass hit me with double force that evening when I saw Bahar.

Being my younger cousin Bahar was not a stranger to me. However, last I had seen her was before one year when she was a gangling teenager, all skin and bones. No more this time. This time she was pleasantly filled up in all the right places and had a kind of sparkle in her eyes, which you find only in nubile girls who are ready to get fucked. Whatever, in one glance I took the stock of her tits, her butt and her thighs. Add to it the fact that she was the one who opened the door when I came in and threw herself in my arms. It might have been an innocent gesture on her part but it did things to my lund that caused it to raise its head instantly.

That night I broke my sexual fast by fucking cousin Bahar. Well, I admit that I had limited experience of fucking women; in fact, Bahar’s was the third chut which I fucked. So, I could not justifiably make comparison of one chut with the other. However, fucking Bahar was a unique experience for me in several ways. First, she was the youngest of the three pussies I had fucked so far; Second, while entering her narrow chut I felt as if I was deflowering a virgin, her newly opened chut was that tight. Lastly, it was for the first time that my wife was being fucked by someone else right before my eyes while I was fucking Bahar. I did not know that the sight of another lund pumping Manjula’s chut would prove to be so strongly provocative to me. Forgetting that Bahar’s hymen was broken only recently I had fucked her forcefully to two orgasms before unloading myself. By that time Basant was also done.

We took turns going to the bathroom for wash. Basant went in first followed by me and then Bahar. Manjula went in last. Basant came out and reclined on the bed. Bahar cuddled with him, I sat on the sofa. None of us three was dressed.

Bahar said, “This should have been second suhaag raat for Bade Bhaiya and Bhabhi”

I, “I know, but I wanted you first.”

Basant, “How is that? You had hardly seen her.”

But I had seen her when Basant was sleeping and Bahar came to open the door to let me in. At first I could not recognize her. Then when I did I was surprised to see her in my house at that odd hour. And when I had an eye full, my cock jumped up to an instant hard on. She looked ravishing in that thin nightdress which did nothing to conceal the shape and size of her boobs and butts. The last straw was feeling of her pliant body in my arms when she threw herself at me. There was a riot of hormones pent up for twenty days inside my body. I had to fuck her and fuck her quick.

Bahar kept on smiling with downcast eyes, not saying anything. Basant teased her, “Little Flower, admit that your pussy also was itching for his lund.”

For this Basant received a reward of a resounding slap on his butt, from his ‘Little Flower’.

Basant ignored that and said, “Bhaiya, please don’t miss fucking Bhabhi now. If your pecker does not cooperate, show some affection, some love, which she is dieing for.”

Before I could answer, Manjula came out fully dressed in choli, ghaghari and odhani. With uncertain steps and down cast eyes she moved towards me. She was feeling shy like on our wedding night. I put out my hand, which she took and sat down on the floor at my feet with her head on my knees. I came off the backrest and ran my fingers through loose tendrils of her hair. I caressed her smooth cheeks. She covered my hand with hers and pressed it to her lips. I could see tears welling up in her eyes.

I parted my thighs a little. She put her head on the border of sofa between my knees and looked up. I am sure she could see my flaccid cock and balls underneath. She put her hands on my thighs and started caressing them gradually inching upwards. She had never been so overt in sex; usually it was I who had to coax her into foreplay and ultimate sex. May be she was feeling a little bold in presence of Basant and Bahar.

She was staring at my cock and licking her lips. Her fingers ultimately reached their destination. I was feeling tickled when she touched my lund. My scrotum contracted pulling the balls up against the root of the cock, nothing else happened, the tecavüz porno cock did not stir. She played with the limp cock for long enough but surprisingly it refused to shake its slumber.

With my limp cock hanging from her fingers she looked up into my eyes. I shrugged my shoulders meaning, “I don’t know”. She lowered her gaze and did something unexpected of her. She scooted a bit upwards, peeled off the foreskin from the head of the cock and took it in her mouth.

Now, cock sucking by the wife is nothing new just as is pussy licking by the husband. With Manjula the situation was little different. Due to some unknown reason she had developed strong aversion to oral sex. During the early days of our married life, a couple of times I had cajoled her into taking my well-cleaned lund in her mouth. She could not take it past her lips without retching. Similarly it took a lot of convincing from me before she allowed me to put my lips on her bhos. Oral sex had come to be a kind of taboo for her. That being the case it was a pleasant surprise seeing her taking an initiative to put my lund in her mouth.

Giving head on a limp cock is not easy. Simple pulling up of the prepuce is difficult and so is stroking on the shaft. But she persisted till eventually the cock started stirring. She laved the head with her tongue and exerted negative pressure of sucking. I was feeling increasing degrees of sweet tingle in my cock, making it harder by the second. Once it was semi erect she could easily slide the skin up and down on the shaft. That helped both of us. Within few easy strokes the lund stiffened to full extent. The enlarged head almost completely filled up her mouth and let out first few drops of kam rasa (love juice).

She waited for few seconds and then stared bobbing her head moving few inches of the lund in and out of her mouth. She gagged couple of times but did not back out. Her mouth secreted large quantity of spittle. Mixed with my love juices it bathed the whole length and girth of the lund and overflowed to the scrotum below.

Manjula was looking so innocent and vulnerable that I felt a surge of tender love arising in my heart. I looked back and realized that I had been treating her unfairly. Before marriage I had fucked her Bhabhi Indumati almost before her eyes. That in itself would have been a reason sufficient enough for her to annul our engagement. But she did not. And here I was accusing her of having an affair before marriage entirely relying upon the word of a known vagabond and a crook. I had not given her a chance to explain herself.

And here she was trying to appease me by any means she could including giving me a blowjob. I felt guilty and remorseful. I decided to make it up with her. I would take her to the City, buy some ornaments, dresses etc., feed her in a nice restaurant and take her to a cinema. I decided to give her a minimal of two fucks everyday for next two weeks

I would start right away by giving her a long awaited fuck.

I leaned forwards and took her face in my palms and pulled her up into my lap leaving behind my twitching lund. Her lips wet with saliva and swollen due to excitement were quivering; her eyes brimming with tears were sparkling. She was holding my wrists for support. I did not wait for preliminaries, just glued my mouth to hers. She opened her mouth as if inviting my tongue to enter. I did not disappoint her. I filled her mouth with my tongue and in the process came to taste my own love juice. Not bad.

Manjula hung on me with her arms around my neck. On one hand she started sucking on my tongue as she did on my lund and on the other she gripped my lund in fist and squeezed it. Her eyes were closed. Her breathing was getting faster. Our desire was escalating. It was uncomfortable to carry on further foreplay while on sofa. Breaking the kiss I stood her up and lead her to the bed.

I was stark naked while she was fully dressed. My rampant lund was heavy, swinging not unlike an elephant’s trunk. Bahar and Basant, still reclining on the bed shifted to make way for us and applauded by clapping, saying, “Bravo, bravo”

Basant, “Bhaiya, lund ke chhilake nikal pade tab bhi chhodana mat Bhabhi ko. (Brother, don’t leave Bhabhi even if the skin is rubbed off from your cock).”

Bahar, “Bhabhi, squeeze him dry.”

The first thing I did on reaching the bed was to remove Manjula’s clothes. She did not object. At the same time she could not control her shyness. She tried to cover her bhos and breasts with her hands and could not look at me in the eyes. She looked so innocent, so sweet, so sexy. I kicked myself for wasting twenty days. I asked her what she would like to do. She silently fell down on her knees in front of me and once again took my lund in her mouth.

I had not imagined that fucking mouth would be so pleasant. Much later she admitted that the pleasure from mouth fucking was no less intense than chut fucking though somewhat different. Both teen porno of us were novices in the field of oral sex but we made the best of it. With my hands supporting her head I could fuck her mouth with deliberate strokes. She on her part controlled the depth of penetration by her hands on my hips. The mouth and the lund were both inundated with saliva and my love juice making it smooth and easy for the lund to go in and come out, I started with shallow slow strokes waiting for few seconds at the end of each penetration to get her throat used to the presence of the lund. Gradually I increased the depth of penetration without changing the speed. More and more of the lund now could go in without causing gagging. In the end Manjula’s throat could swollow the whole of my lund without any discomfort.

When she achieved that feat she looked up towards my face and smiled. It looked so funny, smiling mouth full of lund! She also was tickled. She pulled out the entire lund and went into a spate of giggling. I welcomed the respite because I was feeling myself running rapidly to the climax. I pulled her up and wrapped her in my arms. She asked, “Pasand aaya? (Did you like it?).”

I kissed her swollen mouth, licked some spittle from her lips and replied, “I liked it very much. But, did you not feel dirty as you used to do?”

“No, it was very sweet for me. I did no know that it would be this good.”

“Love changes every thing, doesn’t it?”

“I love you so much, Giri that I would die.”

“I could see today, dear. I realize my mistake and ask for your pardon. I promise that I will not do anything which would hurt your feelings.”

“I don’t want your promises. Just love me, my dearest. Make some space for me in your heart.”

“I will, I will and I will. And as a first step I will do this ….”

Picking her up I placed her on the bed flat on her back and with her hips at the edge. She knew what I was about to do. She blurted out, “No, no . Please” and tried to sit up.

I bent forwards between her thighs kissed her on the mouth and reassured her, “It is alright dear. I have not done anything like this before, as you know, but I am sure you will like it. I will like it too.”

“But it is dirty, my ….my ….parts are not clean.”

“Don’t worry, they are clean enough for me. Now lie down relax and enjoy.”

Bahar and Basant were watching us with surprise printed boldly on their faces. Later on they told me that they were astonished at my turn around. Meanwhile they continued fucking, with Bahar sitting face to face in Basant’s lap.

I kneeled on the floor taking Manjula’s legs on my shoulders. I must at this point admit that it was for the first time that I was having a close look at her bhos. All the fucking we had done so far had been either in darkness or with partial undressing. By the same token she also had not seen my lund so far. Secondly, even though I ventured to give Manjula pussy-lick I had no idea as to how it could be done. All I knew of the process came from watching a couple of porno movies. Let’s try and see, I told myself.

I was impressed by the looks of Manjula’s bhos. I was thrilled to see this small area of three by four inches through which my lund had entered her body and had been the source of incredible joy, both, to me as well as to her. As I neared it I could smell the intoxicating aroma emanating from it and my lund jerked to higher degree of stiffness.

Reverently I touched her vulva with my fingertips and ran them up on one side of the bigger lip and down the on the other. Manjula giggled and said, “Oh, ohhh , it tickles.”

I persisted however and continued caressing for some time. Her slit between the bigger lips, about three inches long was overflowing with love juice.

Putting s thumb at the middle of each of the labia I pulled them apart. The inner pink area came into view. Everything was there as described in some of the books, the delicate inner lips looking like petals of a flower, the puckered pee hole almost in the middle; clitoris, engorged and shiny at the front end and closed mouth of her chut at the back end of her slit. The clitoris looked like a small penis complete with glans and prepuce.

Without much ado I applied my tongue to the place between big and small lips of right side and ran it upwards up to the side of the clitoris. I repeated the process on the left side. I gave five or six such swaps before touching the clitoris. There I laved the sides of the small but erect shaft and finally reached the head of the clitoris. I nibbled on it with my lips, sucked on it and caressed it with my tongue. Manjula could not bear this assault on her clitoris. She bumped and jumped, gyrated her hips, pushed her crotch into my face and then pulled away from it. She tried to shake me off by holding my head by hair, She could barely speak, “Ohhhh, pyare, ye kya kar rahen hein aap? Mujh se saha nahin jata. Kab chodenge aap? (Ohhh dear, what are you up travesti porno to? I cannot bear it. When are you going to fuck me?)”

Lastly I introduced two fingers in her chut. With the motion in and out I finger fucked Manjula for some time. All the while my thumb was rubbing the area around the clitoris. In the end I tested her opening by circular motion of my fingers. She was more than ready to receive my lund; my lund was eager to enter the chut.

I stood up and found that my lund was at a higher level than her bhos. I remedied the situation by putting a thick pillow under Manjula”s hips. By this not only the bhos was elevated but also its angle was changed. Holding my lund I directed it to the opening of her chut. All the efforts and time spent after foreplay were repaid adequately when the thick head of the lund easily could engage in the mouth of the chut. That done I wrapped her legs around my waist, bent over her and passed my arms behind and then above her shoulders to hold her firmly. With steady pressure of my pelvis I pushed my lund in her chut and stopped only when mons pressed against the mons and I could not go any further. Manjula let out a prolonged moan of satisfaction.

I held the lund deeply buried without moving. I savored the taste of warm velvety walls of vagina on the length of my lund while her chut got accustomed to its thickness. Manjula drew my head down for a prolonged French kiss.

Clapping of the hands from Basant and Bahar broke our kiss. Manjula hid her face while I grinned like a gorilla. Bahar still was in Basant’s lap possibly with his lund up into her chut.

With great love and tenderness I started to fuck my dear wife just in a way I had done on our wedding night. First few strokes were slow in and slow out from the tip of the lund to the hilt. Rubbing of mons to mons at deep penetration stimulated the clitoris at the same time it widened the chut. I varied the angle of penetration and of withdrawal lifting and lowering her thighs to change the inclination of her bhos. Time and again I pulled out completely to kiss her clitoris with the head of my lund. That kind of kiss threw Manjula into frenzy of pelvic jerks and gyrations, her hand grabbing the lund and dragging it to her chut.

While my lund was busy pounding the chut, my hands were taking care of her breasts and nipples. My mouth was glued to hers. We were not getting enough of each other. I wanted to prolong that blissful experience and hence I kept a slow and steady rhythm but what with the gentle squeezing of the lund by the narrow chut and foraging of her tongue inside of my mouth, my excitement escalated by second. I was fast approaching my climax.

I did not want to release myself so soon; I wanted Manjula to trip over first. So, I was forced to change the rhythm of my strokes. I gave her eight to ten shallow strokes in rapid succession and pulled out completely as if to air my lund. After ten seconds I pushed the lund to the hilt and gyrated my pelvis stimulating her clitoris. She responded by similar movements and Ahs and Unhs from her mouth. Then I pulled out half the length of my lund and repeated the sequence of rapid strokes and withdrawal. Later on, in moments of sanity, she informed me that every movement of my lund was generating a spark of incredible pleasure in her bhos, which was spreading all over the body.

Manjula could not take any more. Five cycles of this kind of fancy fucking and she was swept into glorious orgasm. That was where I made a mistake, or did I? I stopped pumping with the lund deeply buried in her chut. She convulsed for some time and suddenly relaxed, completely, except the spasms of her internal muscles squeezing my lund. Before I could pull out a strong orgasm engulfed me and I lost contact with the world.

A voice coming from remote source awakened me, “….to kill her or what? Let her go, you botha, you will break her bones.”

That was Basant’s voice. I opened my eyes and came to earth. I had Manjula in my arms crushed against my chest. I released my hold and she took some shuddering breaths but remained wrapped around me. I tried to dismount but she hung on and turned so that we were now our sides, face to face. Trickles of semen flowed out from her chut even while my wilting lund was still inside. In a burst of emotions I smothered my wife with thousand kisses. She responded by shading tears of joy.

Bahar and Basant, still naked, came to us. Bahar bent down and kissed, first Manjula and then me. Her eyes were brimming with tears when she said, “Oh, Bhaiya, I am so happy to see you like this. Bhabhi, you are lucky to have a husband like Bhaiya. The way he fucks! Bhaiya, before we go back to town, you will have to … to … haay haay … Basant Bhaiya, tell him.”

Basant, “No, you tell him.”

Bahar, “O.K., Bhaiya, you will let me have the taste of your … your wonderful lund?”

My wonderful lund at the moment had slipped into deep slumber and was not likely to wake up before one hour. Bahar was standing near me. With my palm on her rounded hip I pulled her nearer and planted a kiss on her sweet smelling bhos. She immediately jerked away. I said, “I will be pleased to make you happy, my dear. What do you say, Manjula?”

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